Wishing on Willows

Wishing on Willows Does A Second Chance At Life And Love Always Involve Surrender A Three Year Old Son, A Struggling Caf , And Fading Memories Are All Robin Price Has Left Of Her Late Husband As The Proud Owner Of Willow Tree Caf In Small Town Peaks, Iowa, She Pours Her Heart Into Every Muffin She Bakes And Espresso She Pulls, Thankful For The Sense Of Purpose And Community The Work Provides So When Developer Ian McKay Shows Up In Peaks With Plans To Build Condos Where Her Caf And A Vital Town Ministry Are Located, She Isn T About To Let Go Without A Fight As Stubborn As He Is Handsome, Ian Won T Give Up Easily His Family S Business Depends On His Success In Peaks But As Ian Pushes To Seal The Deal, He Wonders If He Has Met His Match Robin S Gracious Spirit Threatens To Undo His Resolve, Especially When He Discovers The Beautiful Widow Harbors A Grief That Resonates With His Own With Polarized Opinions Forming All Over Town, Business Becomes Unavoidably Personal And Robin And Ian Must Decide Whether To Cling To The Familiar Or Surrender Their Plans To The God Of Second Chances


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  • Paperback
  • 306 pages
  • Wishing on Willows
  • Katie Ganshert
  • English
  • 02 February 2018
  • 9780307730404

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    That ending wipes away tears This was a beautiful story, but there were a few things that bugged me about it Once again, I was swept away by Ganshert s beautiful writing style Just so beautiful If I wrote books, this would be my writing style It alone entices me to read the book, regardless of whether I find the story or characters interesting The characters were interesting This book was actually rather unusual in the regard that throughout much of the book, you didn t really like the MCs Robin was rude, unkind, and stubborn, and Ian was cocky, annoying, and also stubborn Yes, they had their redeeming qualities, but overall throughout much of the book, I really didn t like them By the end of the book though, I really liked them and was very attached to them Robin s son, in particular, was a fantastic character Ganshert knows how to write child characters They are so realistic in their words and actions The storyline over all bugged me in certain places, as I felt we were spinning circles By the time I got to about 2 3 of the way through, my interest was completely captured, and I couldn t put it down The last section was definitely the best, and I may or may not have cried in the last few chapters Not my new favorites books, but I definitely enjoyed it Recommened for ages 16 for mild romance, grief, view spoiler very brief and not described mentions of sex, basically just the use of the word and trying to get pregnant hide spoiler

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    This novel was a feel good kind of novel I especially enjoyed the first half when there was banter between Robin and Ian I loved that she called him condominium man in her mind Wishing on Willows was a nice conclusion to the series.

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    You know you re invested in a book and in its characters when you start trying to figure out possible solutions for the problems they re facing I really liked this sequel to Wildflowers from Winter I enjoyed getting to know Robin as she tried to save the cafe that had been her dream with her late husband I also liked Ian s character as well how he was sincerely trying to do the right thing by everyone involved.I really liked how both Robin and Ian needed to learn how to let go of the disappointments of their past and trust in God I especially appreciated Robin s dad s insight about the Israelites fear to leave the wilderness after 40 years of wandering, and how they needed to trust that God s plans for them were good, even if they were as yet unknown.

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    I was completely captivated by author Katie Ganshert s debut novel, Wildflowers from Winter , and I looked forward to reading works by this talented writer Now that I have read the sequel, Wishing on Willows , I am a Katie Ganshert fan for life The writing is virtually seamless, the story line flows, and the characters are defined with an immediacy of emotion and physicality The plot revolves around a development company that wishes to build upscale housing in the little town of Peaks, Iowa to provide homes for the employees of a large company which will be locating in the area The mayor and quite a few other residents of Peaks are all in favor of the changes that will be made to the town, even if it means the closing of some local businesses to make way for the construction The Willow Tree Cafe and the One Life Ministry are the two holdouts in the way of progress , and the pressure is on for them to give in to the majority rule However, there is than brick and mortar involved in these two establishments there is also heart and soul, and hopes and dreams The Willow Tree Cafe is owned and operated by Robin Price, a young widow with a small son The cafe was the dream of Robin and her late husband, Micah, who died without knowing that Robin was to bear his child With the help of Micah s brother, Evan, and other family and friends, Robin made her husband s dream come true Even though her heart was breaking, and pain and heartache were constant companions, she forged ahead, taking comfort in her sweet baby boy, Caleb When developer Ian McKay offers to buy her cafe, Robin refuses How could she let go of such a large piece of her heart Ian is intrigued and attracted by Robin, but he is the son and heir of the development company s owner, and he is feeling the weight of his father s edict to make the construction deal a reality His own family business is depending on the high dollar contract, and his mother s cancer has returned, making emotions run even higher Robin had clung to the memories of her life with Micah, and she is torn between the past she knows and the future of which she is unsure Would she be untrue to Micah if she dared to love again As tensions build, and life changing events occur, will faith be strong enough to guide and comfort Robin and Ian Is there a way to resolve the situation for the good of all and save the cafe and the ministry both places of refuge for many community members who seek spiritual healing In the midst of all the politics and personal problems, have two hearts found an unexpected love First read Wildflowers from Winter , and then follow up with Wishing on Willows Your emotions will be touched, your faith will be reaffirmed, and your spirit will soar Review Copy Gratis WaterBrook Press

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    Wishing on Willows is a great follow up story to Wildflowers from Winter Now, I fully believe that this book can be read even if the first hasn t been The author sets the stage by letting the reader know what has happened in Robin s life to bring her to this point HOWEVERthis story will mean so much to you if you read Wildflowers from Winter first, because Robin s back story is an integral part of that book.Both books are wonderful and I found myself not wanting to put either book down In Wishing on Willows, I will admit that it took me a long, long time to begin to like the hero, Ian McKay It wasn t until the second half of the story that I began to feel for him and hope that all would work out for these two.This book deals with deep grief, moving forward, regretvery difficult topics which are handled gracefully by the author I wish there had been an epilogueI really, really, wanted an epilogue that would have shown what was happening say one or two years in the future for the two main characters That would have ended the book perfectly for me And I also wish there was a book out there or a novella that shows what will happen in Amanda s life But other than those two little details, this was a very enjoyable story.

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    I loved this book I loved the characterization, the setting, the feel, the romance, everything This book did take me a while to get into but once I was attached to the characters, there was no putting it down The premise and thematics of this novel were AMAZING A woman pursuing her dream in the form of owning her own coffee shop where she keeps her piano and plays for customers whenever inspiration strikes I just LOVED it The depth in Robin s character from her flawed and beautiful motherhood, to her longing for Micah, to her tender growing love for Ian created a living, breathing fictional character I loved And Ian was another phenomonal character because he was one I hated at the beginning I really did not like him and wanted him to LEAVE But by the end I was rooting for him It takes very impressive talent to pull off these type of character arcs, but Ganshert nailed it The plot could be seen as a little slow, but it was yet definitely there, pulling us along even when we couldn t even see it entirely I never once grew bored Her fight to keep the cafe was honestly so inspiring, and the whole story, despite its depth one aspect is Robin recovering from her husband s sudden death was yet so sweet.Negative Content Notes This is an adult book There are mentions to adult things, though not in the wrong light, and it never goes into anything in detail Nothing that waved a red flag for me, the content was just a little mature.Overall Altogether, this was an incredible book The setting was unique and sentimental, the depth was masterfully painted, the characters alive and breathing, and a gentle yet intriguing plot guiding it all together to create a truly beautiful tale Highly recommended.Rating 5.0 5.0Recommended to Ages 14 up.Like my reviews Follow my blog jcbuchanan.com

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    Summary Robin Price has lost plenty Her husband Micah s death 4 years ago is something she has never really gotten over Raising their son Caleb alone and running the dream cafe that she and Micah always talked about is than enough for her When developer Ian McKay comes to town, he wants to buy out the cafe to build condos that may revitalize this small town of Peaks But will Robin give up her dreams to let him do that McKay has his own past to deal with as he pursues this venture, and it rears it s ugly head as he tries to push his way through to close the deal.This book is a companion story to Ganshert s Wildflowers in Winter Robin made a secondary appearance in that story with the loss of her husband being a factor that drew Bethany back to Peaks Now it is Robin s grief and circumstances that have the reader s attention.Again Ganshert gives us a character full of emotion Robin is still grieving, not only her husband,but the loss of the life she should have had She is on auto pilot doing what she needs to do for her son, her cafe and the ministries she is involved in And while she has friends to help her out and push her along, she feels like she doesn t need pushing Her one outlet is playing the piano, where she fully lets her emotions swirl.Ian McKay is supposed to be the dirtbag developer money grubbing But when we get a peek at his character, we realize he too is broken, going through the motions and has his ladder on the wrong wall Even his bid to make the deal is to save the jobs of others in his company How can we dislike him I love Ganshert s small town charms and characters the place where everyone knows your name and your business No one plays games, it s all out in the open The Christian theme of this story is really God will provide in all things We see each of the characters having their own faith struggles in trying to understand circumstances and make decisions even minor characters Church and ministry are front and center here.Overall this was a wonderful and feel good read, one that will make you believe that good things can come out of bad things and that time can heal wounds I would call it light christian chick lit The message was not new, but a pleasant reminder that sometimes what we want is not always what we need I look forward to future books in this series and am guessing that Amanda s story will be next on the list for this inspirational author.Recommend for Lovers of Christian chick lit.Note I was provided a review copy by the publisher All opinions expressed are my own.

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    My author friend Katie Ganshert really is an ARTIST She strings words together in the most lyrical, fresh, and heart touching ways My hat s off to her This story picks up the tale of Robin, who some of us were lucky enough to meet in Wildflowers from Winter Robin is a widow who adores her three year old son and is still struggling to recover from the devastating loss of her husband When developer Ian comes to town with plans to re purpose the space where Robin s beloved cafe is located, Robin is forced to take a journey of the heart and decide what s best for her, for her little boy, and for her town Wildflowers from Winter is touching and emotional, real and relatable Written with grace and skill Well done, Katie

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    Katie Ganshert is a well loved author in the Christian Fiction Devourers group, and after reading book 1 and 2 of this series, I think she definitely deserves all the love Characters are real with no draggy moments,I give this a solid 5 stars.Fans of this book can give Melissa Tagg a try too, she s another contemporary romance author that I enjoy

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    Several of my friends have been attacked by grief this past year Buckets of tears have been shed for mothers, fathers, husbands, brothers, grandparents, and even a beloved pet or two All are loved All will be missed None will be forgotten.Due to the quantity of sorrow within my circle of friends, my heart felt a massive connection to Wishing on Willows, Katie Ganshert s poignant sequel to Wildflowers from Winter This follow up book gave voice to the ache in my heart I felt for my grieving friends, yet failed to find the proper words to express I believe this novel to be an impactful tool to piece together broken hearts and shattered dreams in such a way as to renew your hope and refresh your outlook on life.In Wishing on Willows, widowed Robin Price juggles a struggling cafe, a grief support group, and being a single mother to an energetic almost four year old As if her plate wasn t full enough already, attractive developer Ian McKay struts into town with plans to knock down her beloved Willow Tree Cafe which would demolish the dream she shared with her late husband and build condominiums in its place As Robin fights to save her cafe and the integrity of her town, she finds herself battling a deeper, even personal battle grief When everything piles up and towers over her, will Robin be victorious in sending the developer packing Or will she discover that sometimes all we need is a tangible reminder that God can bring sweetness in the midst of pain Quote from page 75 If you find yourself in the throes of grief, Wishing on Willows might be just the story you need to boost your confidence in God s unfailing love When we struggle with emotions we aren t equipped to understand, the Lord is there to wrap us up in a spiritual hug and whisper assurances that we do not have to face our rock bottom moments alone He is our Rock We may lean on His strength when we have none of our own.Wishing on Willows by Katie Ganshert will be available on March 19, 2013 To learn about Katie Ganshert, please visit her website www.katieganshert.com You may read the first chapter of Wishing on Willows at received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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