Wildes Meadow (Darkness Falls, #3)

Wildes Meadow (Darkness Falls, #3) Happy Endings Are Hard To Find, And Even Though Katriona Is In The Middle Of A War With Someone Who S Already Stolen Than She Can Replace, She Aches For A Positive Future With Her Dra OchtansArmed With Hope, Confidence In Her Abilities, And A Strange New Gift From Her Mother, Kate Ventures Into The Darkness To Defeat A Fallen GodLosses Add Up, And New Obstacles Rise To Stand In The Way Is The One Determined To Bring Encardia Light Strong Enough To Keep Fighting, Or Will All The Sacrifices To Stop Those Who Seek Domination Be For Nothing

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  • Paperback
  • 225 pages
  • Wildes Meadow (Darkness Falls, #3)
  • Krystal Wade
  • English
  • 07 May 2019
  • 9781620071090

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    EDITED 11 05 12REVIEW I can t believe I m still crying sob.sob.sneeze.sob.again It s been 4 days since I finished the final installment of the Darkness Falls series and yet, I still can t get over it sob.sob Reading the Darkness Falls series is by far the best action packed Paranormal Romance I ve read in 2012 Oh yes It is breathtaking, magical, astounding, jaw dropping, tear jerking, heart pounding, bone breaking, hair falling, book throwing READ.IT.NOW.AND.YOU LL.KNOW.WHY Oh, look at that I run out of words to describe it Wilde s Meadow is the best book in the series I hardly finished the book because of the twist at the near end, but I was deceived It was stunningly a series of twists and it was GREAT I can t stop crying when it ended because the book was well thought of Every detail has a meaning or symbol or story attached to it.I ll definitely miss Arland please give me tissue.sob.sob He s the man any girl would want to have I know that in God s perfect time, He will give the man for me and he will be better than Arland AMEN Anyway, sorry girls you can t have Arland He s already to married to Katriona, who indubitably deserves him Speaking of Katriona, she s the best heroine that I ve encountered She endures anything She sacrifices for the common good She committed herself to the greater good She loves her family Oh, you ll love her Wilde s Meadow picks right up where Wilde s Army ended Katriona and Arland are preparing to leave for the most awaited battle in Encardia the battle to kill Dughbal The preparations for the battle was epic I didn t see it coming Sorry, I can t explain what it is You ll just have to read the book, but it involves portals, weird spells, and vomiting Lots of vomiting Anyway, I just thought that the roles of the creatures from the portals were not fully emphasized I was also surprised that killing Dughbal wasthat easy You read it right easy I was expecting for something different The deaths oh yes, death with s were heartbreaking Why did they have to die sob.sob HOWEVER, don t you worry because it didn t make the book anything less than marvelous In fact, the deaths were nothing but ASTOUNDING The meaning behind their deaths were so perfectly knitted I m not sure, but it seems like an allegory I mean, I believe the whole series is an allegory An allegory of the sacrifice of Christ Because of the sacrifice of someone, the curse was broken and they were given life that will never last It was awesome, but I m not sure if Krystal Wade meant it to be like that I don t know how to put my emotions into words This book blew me completely I ll have to read it againand againand again Thank you Krystal Wade for this awesome series Thank you Curiosity Quills Press and NetGalley for my copy You guys are awesome For the complete review of Wilde s Meadow, come and visit my blog at Wilde s Meadow Here s my review for Wilde s Fire Darkness Falls 1 and Wilde s Army Darkness Falls 2 Enjoy reading God bless you

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    This review also appears on my blog at So much happened that I m still struggling to process all of it In a nutshell, Wilde s Meadow was an epic ending I honestly needed a few hours after finishing the book before I was able to process everything that had happened.I don t even know where to beginLet s just start with my favorite part Kate and Arland s relationship As always, they were the most adorable couple ever, the most perfect example of true love It just made me smile to read about their relationship Both characters grew so much throughout the course of the book Kate was forced to mature quickly after seeing the brutal reality of the war and shouldering the guilt of having some of the people in her army killed But she handles it admirably Arland was just as amazing as always So sweet, determined, strong, protective, sacrificing He s just freaking perfect There is just no other word to describe him And, their relationshipescalates I ll let you puzzle out what I mean by that before I m tempted to give away a huge spoiler.Perth is one character that really grew on me The first book, he was awful The second, he got better, but I was still kind of unsure This one, I adored him He definitely redeemed himself and proved to everyone that he is a strong, capable leader I ended up with him as one of my favorite characters.There are A LOT of deaths in this book And not just random strangers that we don t know about, but some of the characters that we all know and love Somehow, it wasn t sad And before you go wondering why I would think that a favorite character dying isn t sad, I can t give that away without spoiling the whole book You ll have to read it yourself to find out But they did make the war feel real I remember JK Rowling once saying that she would kill off favorite characters so that readers could truly feel the horror of a war And that worked with Wilde s Meadow Having some favorite taken out made the war seem for read and tangible And I can appreciate that Realism is always good in a book.The plot went at breakneck speed It begins with the last night Kate spends in the city before she has to leave to fight for Encardia It hits the ground running, then shoots forward, leaving absolutely no dull moments, just continuous excitement, twists, surprises It was a whirlwind The ending was perfect for the series It gives an epilogue a few years after the end of the fighting So we get to see what the future has in store for our lovely characters Wilde s Meadow was absolutely epic If you liked the previous Wilde s books, you will adore this conclusion.5 5Thanks to Netgalley for a copy

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    GAH Well, it s happened folks The last book of a fantastic series has been devoured I m both ecstatic to have read it, and devastated that it has ended But, with that said, I have only great things to say about WILDE S MEADOW though I imagine you knew that was coming I obsessed over the entire series and read the first two in about two days Anyway, I just finished WILDE S MEADOW, and can say that though there is an influx of tragedy and drama which you can foresee by looking at that powerful blood red cover , Krystal Wade manages to leave us with hope and happiness She manages to leave the impression that though some things may finish, they never truly END Some people may be gone to us on this earth, but they live on in the love and memories they leave behind And that s all I have to say about that, because I don t want to spoil anything WILDE S MEADOW was fast and action packed from the get go There was Kate and Arland Mmmm, Arland ,as well as the characters you loved instantly Flanna, Brit , and those you learned to love over time Perth, Rhoswen All in all, I d say this was a wonderful wrap up to a fantastic series I can t wait to read what Krystal writes next cough cough hurry up cough cough

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    For a in depth review, head on over to my blog Picking up where Wilde s Army Darkness Falls Book 2 left off, Kate and Arland are setting off with their army to seek out the evil god Dugball and his hoards of daemons They must meet the god in the Meadows, but getting there will be risky despite fighting off daemons, they also have to fight their own fears, gain the trust of other worldly allies and not starve in the process And even if they beat the evil God, who is to say that the ending will be happy My thoughts Once again, Wade runs you through the whole gamut of emotions Fear, nerve wracking anxiety, sadness, and bittersweet happiness I loved this final installment in the trilogy Battling through the caves was brilliant and my very favorite part I enjoyed her battle scenes, but than that, I loved the ending Bittersweet and touching, I unashamedly cried like a baby It s hard to say goodbye to such wonderful characters, but I am happy that their stories wrapped up so satisfyingly.

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    OMG What an ending I won t lie to you, there were tears Many, many tears But somehow the ending managed to warm my heart and heal the pain The love between Katriona Arland is simply amazing, and they are both truly honest and good to all the people around them They make incredible sacrifices for their people Once the rest of Encardia s eyes are open to the truth, some of them turn out to be very brave worthy of all the sacrifice The bad guys are definitely bad to the bone, but its easy to keep faith when the good guys are as great as these soldiers, friends, and children This is an amazing series and one I will absolutely read again and again.

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    YAY Okay I had to start this out with a burst of excitement Honestly, I was beyond excited when I saw Wilde s Meadow by Krystal Wade on NetGalley.com I was all resigned to wait until it comes out November 5, 2012 but then I was checking out the new books added like I do every single day and spilt some of my water down my top I was so excited I saw the cover before I saw anything else and didn t need to know anything else I just clicked and was approved I downloaded it on Halloween night, though sadly didn t get to read it until last night due to work So a special thanks to NetGalley.com, Curiosity Quills Press, the amazing author Krystal Wade, and whoever else for my ARC Now down to business Like the other 2 books Wilde s Fire and Wilde s Army, Wilde s Meadow has a beautiful and captivating cover The first is still my favorite but this one is red and has our heroine sword in hand looking down at a body Gasp Do you wonder whose body she is looking at like I did I agonized over it so much so even as I was reading the book Now we have our beloved characters Kate has been through so much and is bound to the man she loves and has her army and a clear goal She is still terrified that all the visions she s had of Arland s death, of those she loves, will come true Still she has no choice really but to fight and trust things will be okay We get of Perth as well as he tries to make up for the sins of his past and be the better man Kate believes him to be We also get to know others who are so much fun to love and hate New creatures from different worlds and the same creepy and deadly deamons Visually this book is like the others with it s vivid details that make the world so amazing I could see everything they saw in my mind as I read I could see the icky creatures sorta wish I couldn t , could see the power of Kate s light and fire, the connections between everyone The pain as people are lost in the war With war also comes lots of action and fighting both magical and traditional Yes, I should warn everyone here have tissues on hand I admit I m a girlie girl sometimes especially when I get really invested in a story or characters I was reading this book and had to stop for the night at one point because I couldn t stop crying and well it was rather hard to keep reading as my eyes went from watery to burning my eyes are strange and 75% of the time I cry they burn no idea why So I went to bed and tossed and turned wanting nothing than to know the end, to know if I would keep crying or not This is war after all and there are bound to be causalities or it wouldn t be believable I have given this book a much deserved 5 Stars Now this is where I would normally put in any complaints with the book and past experience has been that I have to wait for the next one, however, Wilde s Meadow is the last in the series No waiting I guess that would be my only tiny complaint, yes as much as I hate waiting for , endings are sad and final I think this book gives a fitting end to the story and I love this series and will recommend it to anyone and everyone So people keep your eyes open for this trilogy Wilde s Fire Wilde s Army are already out and the conclusion of the series Wilde s Meadow comes out in 2 short days Check it out There is an amazing interview with the author herself on Sus s blog Also note my excitement as she waves when answering my question hehe.

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    The Darkness Falls series takes a darker turn in book three That might seem a difficult thing to pull off in a book where there is no sunlight, but Ms Wade pulls it off with a lovely opening sequence But first, let s go back to Wilde s Army for a minute.The engagement between Kate and Perth Dufaigh became a moot point after she married Arland on the sly, which did not go over well with Perth s father BUT, there are higher powers in Encardia than scheming High Leaders and they don t much care what Dufaigh thinks Now, back to scene in progress.Kate, Arland, and their ragtag army will head back out into darkness soon and they re taking advantage of their time as newlyweds properly should Then, there s dancing It s a tradition in Encardia to celebrate life before sending brave souls to their deaths Told you it was lovely, which is nice for the reader, because that s when things turn dark.So far, in the first two books of this series, the reader has been overwhelmed by darkness and glimpsed the dangers that lurk just beyond sight In Wilde s Meadow, Ms Wade leads the way into a wasteland of putrescence, misery, and despair Here, the beasts that Kate has learned to fight are not all that stands between her and the light of day The blanket of darkness that shrouds this world is mirrored by the sins of its past and present Like a hasty tower of blocks assembled by a toddler, one wrong move could bring this world down on itself.Wilde s Meadow plays with the stages of grief Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance Kate s army, each soul among them knowing he could die at any moment, works its way through them With the focus of the story on Kate, her power, and her destiny, I found that Brit Wilde represented concerns that the reader might otherwise forget while worrying about whether Arland would live or die Each person in this world has a prophecy Each has a part to play in whether Kate ultimately wins or loses, and Brit shoulders a burden heavier than most everyone else.I must say that as a whole, I enjoyed the Darkness Falls series Krystal Wade s use of magic is very simple, and it is very consistent through all three books Her prose is unpretentious Her characters are honest, even the devious ones, and allowed to grow naturally within the confines of their storylines At it s core, it is a story about love and courage in the face of impossible odds, and I would recommend it to an older teen audience.

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    Wow I can t believe this trilogy is already overit seems as if I only JUST barely started the first one OH And if you ve read this far without realizing, THIS IS THE THIRD IN A TRILOGYas in THE END So if you haven t read Wilde s Fire yet, go grab it, devour it, same with the sequel then come back and see me, mmkay I loved the first two books in this series They were brilliant fantasies with characters that I adored, the kind of novels that I would like to write someday Engaging, entertaining and with great romance I didn t love Wilde s Meadow quite as much as the first two, but I still really liked it.I wanted time with the characters, despite the fact that I kept having to put this one down because of finals or chores or whatever else bogged down my reading time this novel still seemed to go by in the blink of an eye AND THERE WAS SO MUCH GOING ON IN STORY There was so much going on with the characters, so many new elements, so much to do with the various prophesiesand it was just one thing after another I wanted time I needed time I m definitely going to have to reread this one, probably the entire trilogy, at some point to grasp everything I think Kate could have benefited from some time too Two hundred and twenty five pages just isn t enough time to practically bring Encardia light, you know Then again, in NaNoWriMo you write an entire novel in a monthguess its not that crazy Saving a world and creating onetotally the same things Close enough anyway xDWhen everything is said and done I still really liked this one, it was a solid ending with everything that I was looking for Albeit a bit faster then I would have thought Definitely recommend this trilogy to fans of fantasy, particularly fantasy that is heavy on the romance.

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    Here are just a few thoughts from the first two book reviews I did for this trilogy The monsters in this story were unique and creative The author weaved a very different story that reminded me of no other story I tore through the pages from beginning to end in haste Wilde s Fire I have a hard time saying anything negative about this book because there just wasn t anything The story was engaging and fast paced It was everything I look for when settling down for a good read Wilde s ArmyWilde s Meadow This was such an awesome conclusion to Katriona and Arland s story.Why An epic love story like no other So many sacrifices were made for the good of all.An incredibly satisfying conclusion to the trilogy Tears So many darn tears The emotion was intense Sadness A lot of the characters died in this installment Only thing I didn t like The bad guys, VERY bad guysMy thought on this book Wilde s Meadow was the epic conclusion readers have been clamoring for and the author delivered it in spades.

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    I loved this book, I was SO sad the series was over I can say this author did not pull any punches whatsoever, when there s a war, bad thigns happen I really appreciated that while this is a fantasy, these didn t just happen, the made sense A definite read, but start from the beginning with Wilde s Fire or you will really not grasp the full effect of the story Disclaimer I work for the publishing company that released this novel I read this book of my own volition and in my free time, and review novels only when I am interested, actually read them, and can do so honestly.

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