When You Loved Me

When You Loved Me OMG WOW This book turned out to be absolutely nothing like I expected It is an heartfelt love story with a major twist.Okay, so the story starts with Girl thinks her happily ever after is hereBoy says sorry met someone new Life goes on, Girl is reunited with the crush from her youthGirl reminisces.So here I was thinking current guy Peter is an ass and breaks Brooke s heart I figured okay so she has to mend her heart and move on Big brother Landon takes her back under his wing and helps her to get her focus back on her career writing songs and figures that the perfect guy for her to do a duet with is his best mate Tristanand her first loveWell with Tristan on the scene I figured we would hear why he walked away all those years agoBrooke would forgive him and they would live happily ever afterBUTI was at 50% and realised that there was soooo muchto this story.So I read on and, again, OMG what a freaking twist The secrets that unfold I sooooo did not see comingand they keep coming and comingand just when you think that s it there cannot be any BAM another twisted turn in the story.I absolutely adore Brooke she is not some whimsical woman waiting for Prince charming BUT she does not what her heart wants Landon is the adorable big brother that every girl wishes she had Tristan is quite the enigmathough we gradually but never quite completely get to know who he really is I hated him and I loved him, I was frustrated with him and then felt great compassion for him.Ms Lorin has written an amazing story here, I promise you that you will want to read and read and read because you just have to know why and how and who it s just that kind of book An awesome read that will stick with me for a very long time I was given this book to read in exchange for an honest review This book had everything I love in a good book, love, of course , mystery, angst great characters You will fall in love with the lead female, Brooke I was rooting for Brooke from the beginning and she was a strong female character, which I love, too So, In the beginning she finds out her fiance is cheating on her She starts getting in to writing music to ease the pain and move on Then her brother has her first love come after not seeing him for 3 yrs, to help her with a duet I don t want to give too much away, but things were left unsettled between the two and a lot has happened in the time they were apart, A LOT We get to have a glimpse in the past of when they were teenagers, which I love, also Like I said, a lot happens and it s intense, but exciting and was a great storyline With a great ending I definitely recommend this book WARNING If You Don T Want To Have The Plot S Curve Balls And Twists And Turns Ruined For You, Please DO NOT Read The SPOILERS No Matter How Tempting It May Be That People List In Their Reviews The Experience, Thrills, And Heartbreaking Moments Of The Story Will Be Totally Ruined For You, If You Do Just A WarningUnconditional Love Is A Very Rare Thing, But The Few Who Live It, Know What True Love IsSongwriter Brooke Davenport S Fianc Has Left Her For Another Woman She S Devastated, But This Is Not The First Time A Man She S Loved Has Broken Her HeartTristan Jameson, Her Brother S Best Friend, Crushed Her Dreams On The Seventeenth Summer Of Her Life When He Disappeared Without So Much As A Phone Call Or Note To Her, Or Her Brother What Could Ve Happened That He Left In Such Haste Especially After Finally Winning Him Over To Confess His Love For Her Now He S Back In Town And Brooke Wants An Explanation Will She Be Able To Forgive Him After Having Been Jilted Twice By The Two Men She Trusted Her Heart To, Will She Ever Give Her Trust And Love To A Man Ever Again Much Less To One Who Hurt Her Once Before As Brooke And Tristan Record Her Duet Song Together, Memories Flood Her Mind And Sensual Desires Surge Through Her Body For The Man Who She Had A Crush On Since He Was A Boy Her First Love The One No Girl Ever ForgetsGet Ready For A Roller Coaster Ride With Curve Balls And Twists And Turns As Mystery And Suspense Come Into Play In This Endearing Story Of True Love And Romance No Cliffhanger HEA Ending Word Count Approx , So basically I finished this book in a day Not because I loved it but because I really hoped that the ending was good Sadly I was disappointed I mean I hated the fact that there were to many twists to the story and it became very ridiculous at some point And then near te end when Tristans life is changed with his new addition of a son that is not Brookes I mean I hated that part And that Brooke was so okay with it I mean come on that does not happen in real life It definitely does not No women in her healthy mind will except what she did As much as the author tried to make Brooke a true hero the thing is that it just made her look dumb Inthan one part of the book The story should have been left at Ayonas return with no baby That was just too much I am sorry but I hated that twist I would have felt better if Tristan and Brooke worked on their relationshipthan having all those twist I did not feel their connection at all So to summarize I will not be reading this book again I do not recommend it to people that want a true love story. For a full review go to story has lots of interesting twist and turns but I did not like it overall The twists kept adding up and I stopped buying into them after a while My biggest issue though was I cannot connect to a self sacrificing, mother Teresa character who keeps getting screwed over in life but continues to make selfless choices Please check out my full review as I explain my thoughts in adetailed manner This was not a bad book but was simply one I did not enjoy. This book was a decent read The plots and twists were twists alright and I just kept thinking Are you serious So, unfortunately, it just became too much for me, especially near the end I found the POV rather boring In fact, I was annoyed by Brooke several timesespecially during the flashbacks when she was younger It was like she was talking to me and I didn t like that so much Some parts of the book felt rushed I could have usedof an explanation about Peter and his being involved with the heroine s parents There weren t too many typos, which is a plus The storyline was great It just needs a littlehelp with the flow and I felt like half of the book was informing us of the past I also felt like some chapters were broken up just to break them up The flow from chapter to chapter could be better.The Tristan and 2nd life scene and it being brought into the present towards the end of the book, I didn t care for In fact, i found myself annoyed There were too many twists and I didn t like the plot twist I didn t really see or feel the love between her and Tristan, so maybe some editing on that part would be something to work on And Peter..how in the world did he flip from sweet Peter to scary Peter right back to sweet Peter My major issues with the book were not feeling the love between them and the POV I would def still readfrom this author. received a copy via the author from a giveaway in exchange for an honest review He needed to mend before he could move on with his life, to become sane and whole again, before he could love another woman even if that woman was me This was a departure from the typical new adult romance I ve read as of late Some crazy things happen, which I don t want to spoil, and some cute things happen as well I did enjoy this, but there were some explanations that were missing Having read so many first in series books lately it was nice to read a standalone that actually had a conclusion There is of course opportunity for a sequel, but it s not necessary He may possess my heart, but he wasn t going to possess my life Brooke is a songwriter who seems to have her life together She s engaged and has a career she loves Then, her fiance leaves her and drama ensues A past love is brought back into her life anddrama ensues Eventually everyone crosses paths and even explains things that happened in the past One thing I loved about this book is when Brooke was experiencing an OMG moment, she said OMG It was definitely relatable as I was thinking the same things at the same time She also tells us the story of what happened when she was 17 with Tristan At times it seemed like Brooke was just telling us what had happened as opposed to living it even in the present.Landon is what I imagine a good brother to be like He really cared about Brooke and reacted understandably to the situations It was a good family relationship that was believable Peter seems like a dick, but once you find outabout him, you realize he actually isn t a horrible dude I wish his decisions and statements were a bit better explained instead of him just being thrown in there Tristan was awesome While there were some of the same concerns, with his statements and actions not fully explained, he was still a really good guy He was able to really pull through with being there for people he cared about He was just a general sweetheart.Overall this was a good read I wish there wasexplanation about Peter and Tristan s decisions and what not sorry for being vague don t want to spoil anything , but oh well Despite that it was cute and definitely made you feel for the characters This review andat my blog Listful Booking. 3 1 2 stars BEWARE OF SPOILERS IN REVIEWOverall I enjoyed this book I liked the concept of the story line and I liked the characters The book starts off at the end of Brooke s engagement to Peter her 2nd love Peter breaks of the engagement because he met someone else This was the supposed reason You read about how they met and their relationship in the first few chapters I personally didn t need all the info given on Peter and Brooke but that was me A important info would ve been enough for me.You learn later in the book that this was all a lie and a cover The book then goes into Brooke healing over losing Peter and her first love, Tristan showing back up Tristan was her love from childhood who suddenly up and left with no explanation The book recaps Brooke and Tristan s road to love and then moves into the present when Landon her brother bring him back to help her sing a duet Brooke is a songwriter From here you see them trying to find their way back Tristan drops a bomb on Brooke about being in love with another and that she was murdered and pregnant He also tells her his story of why he disappeared and that his dad was also murdered The twist in the story w all the CIA and secret agencies was a little confusing for me on who was involved in what and why Later in the book, Brooke and Tristan learn that his 2nd love and his child are alive as she comes back and of course she is dying and wants Tristan Brooke is selfless and gives him back for this short time In the end you get the HEA with a few tears or for me there were I did feel parts of the book were rushed Especially towards the end where I would ve likedetail, such as the cover ups and the Peter situation in his apartment The relationship and dialogue b t Brooke, her brother Landon, and Tristan is great I enjoyed the banter and conversations they would have. I consider myself a good person I help when I can and I don t get on the way if I can t offer help But I m not a selfless person and neither a martyr I don t have a Mother Teresa of Calcutta syndrome so no, I would never offer for my husband to go back to his ex because she got back with a terminal disease The best I could do is tell her to find a good doctor, hospital or hospice Sorry but NOT sorry The doormat here seems she s all the things I am not and I mentioned above I can t relate to these kind of people. WTAF This girl is a doormat female Don t waste you time with this one

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