What To Do Before Your Book Launch

What To Do Before Your Book Launch What To Do Before Your Book Launch Is A Guide For Authors, Covering Everything From Working With Your Publisher, To Reading In Public, To Help For Publicity And Marketing, To Using And Misusing Social Media, To How To Dress For Your Author Photo And Far , Including Cautionary Tales, Worksheets, Timelines And Etiquette Tips

New York Times Bestseller, M.J Rose grew up in New York City mostly in the labyrinthine galleries of the Metropolitan Museum, the dark tunnels and lush gardens of Central Park and reading her mother s favorite books before she was allowed She believes mystery and magic are all around us but we are too often too busy to notice books that exaggerate mystery and magic draw attention to it and re

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  • What To Do Before Your Book Launch
  • M.J. Rose
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  • 24 August 2018
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    M.J Rose and Randy Susan Meyers don t pull any punches about the limited marketing support publishers give most authors Instead of whining about it, they say authors should set realistic expectations and then, working with their publishers marketing and publicity departments, create a plan This book offers a solid layout for creating that plan Although it s aimed at traditionally published authors, the advice will work just as well for those going the indie route I appreciated the plentiful, from the trenches advice gleaned from the authors experiences and those of several other authors.Before reading this book, I didn t realize the difference between marketing and publicity So many people use the terms interchangeably People talk about books getting discovered through word of mouth recommendations reader to reader , but, as the authors make clear, no reader can recommend a book she hasn t heard of This concise, little gem of a book, complete with a launch checklist and worksheets, guides authors with a direct, positive approach that I really enjoyed Disclosure Co author MJ Rose was one of about 30 speakers at an online writers conference I recently attended She offered a free copy of this book to any participant who wanted to email her She did not ask for a review positive or otherwise I don t know her personally and am reviewing this book because I want to help spread the word about a wonderful resource If you have a chance to hear her speak, I encourage you to do so She s extremely knowledgable and inspiring.

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    I m a fan of Randy Susan Meyers Ever since I heard her speak at the 2010 Backspace Conference Here first novel, The Murderer s Daughters, is exquisite I m 100 pages in and I can t wait to get back to it So when I saw she co wrote What To Do Before Your Book Launch I had to pick it up.Randy Susan Meyers and M.J Rose provide an intimate portrait of what happens to a writer during the book launch process It reminded me of what Anne Lamott s book Bird By Bird does for the writing life.They provide real life examples and insights from insiders in the business They help authors manage expectations and learn when to speak up and how to put their best foot forward.I appreciated their chapter on manners for authors it s really about being nice Genuinely nice.The writer s launch ten commandments are rules every author should live by.Once my book is published, I know I ll be re reading her chapter on consolation for bad reviews, where she doesn t shy away from talking about the pain of reading them and how hard it is to not be hurt by them.Many authors will find her timeline for the year before publication useful If you re not a great planner, it s an indispensable guide to when things need to happen.

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    This book is an outstanding resource There are so many things authors have to keep track of in the lead up to publication How fortunate to have them all in one place Meyers and Rose are authors who ve learned the ropes on how to prepare and promote their books, and how to succeed in a tough industry at a tough time Lucky for the rest of us that they ve decided to share what they ve learned.

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    Great book with wonderful advice given with humor and understanding And it s fun to read even if you don t have a book to launch Now I have re read it with a book to launch and I still love it Full of wisdom, good advice, and comfort.

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    This needs to be required reading for every nail biting crazy busy author working up to his her launch A fast, informative, honest, wise, and actually very funny read that wastes not one word What a gift Thank you thank you thank you Randy Susan Meyers and M.J Rose for putting this together.

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    The rating is pretty personal I ve re read this twice lately, like a bedtime story, to soothe my nerves Goodnight galleys, goodnight blurbs, goodnight mysterious readers in the suburbs.

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    It s good to plan ahead What To Do Before Your Book Launch helps you do just that Hot links in the Kindle Edition are a great addition.

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    If you have a book coming, want a book coming or are interested in how the business works.

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    Lots of helpful infoLots of helpful info although most of it doesn t apply to authors who have just been signed with a small press, which is what I was looking for Nevertheless, it is full of useful advice and information.

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    Required readingThis is an honest look at the publishing business with plenty of practical advice every author or potential author can use.

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