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Westering Women From The Bestselling Author Of Prayers For Sale, An Inspiring Celebration Of Sisterhood On The Perilous Wagon Trail WestIf You Are An Adventuresome Young Woman Of High Moral Character And Fine Health, Are You Willing To Travel To California In Search Of A Good Husband It S February , And All Around Chicago Maggie Sees The Postings Soliciting Eligible Women To Travel To The Gold Mines Of Goosetown A Young Seamstress With A Small Daughter And Several Painful Secrets, She Has Nothing To LoseSo She Joins Forty Three Other Women And Two Pious Reverends On The Dangerous , Mile Journey West None Of Them Are Prepared For The Hardships They Face On The Trek Through The High Plains, Mountains, And Deserts Or For The Triumphs Of Finding Strengths They Did Not Know They Possessed And Not All Will Make ItAs Maggie Gets To Know The Other Women, She Soon Discovers That She S Not The Only One Looking To Leave Dark Secrets Behind And When Her Past Catches Up With Her, It Becomes Clear A Band Of Sisters Will Do Whatever It Takes To Protect One Of Their Own

Award winning author SANDRA DALLAS was dubbed a quintessential American voice by Jane Smiley, in Vogue Magazine Sandra s novels with their themes of loyalty, friendship, and human dignity have been translated into a dozen foreign languages and have been optioned for films.A journalism graduate of the University of Denver, Sandra began her writing career as a reporter with Business Week A staff

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  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Westering Women
  • Sandra Dallas
  • 09 January 2019
  • 9781250239662

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    I couldn t help but like these women from the get go The women who took up the opportunity when they read this If you are an adventuresome young woman of high moral character and fine health, are you willing to travel to California in search of a good husband Not all of the women, however, were looking for husbands One was trying to escape an abusive husband who may or may not be alive One was trying to forge her own way when held by societal views in the 1850 s that women can t own land even though she did Another was escaping physical and sexual abuse These women who were told what there place was, with no one to turn to for help in their circumstances, hoped that leaving for California would be their answer It s a rough road for these thirty seven women traveling the hard road, walking The wagons carried supplies, pulled by oxen, driven by the women who walked Accompanied by a minister and his wife as well as the wife s minister brother, they face hardship, death, loss, warrior Native Americans Anything that could go wrong, of course went wrong, and it felt like a bit much at times and there were times I couldn t help but wonder if this was worth it for them, but we are frequently reminded of the reasons why they left Illinois for California, as they encounter their past along the way The loyalty and concern for each other that grew every day they were on the journey was heartfelt They would lie to protect each other, even the minister s wife, and they would kill to protect each other if they had to They became a band of sisters, a family I became invested in these strong, courageous women of conviction and was moved by their journey for a better life I received an advanced copy of this book from St Martin s Press through NetGalley.

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    In 1852, Maggie decides to respond to a broadsheet advertising for strong and good Christian women to embark on a 2,000 mile journey to find a husband in California Running from her past in Chicago, Maggie hopes no one will recognize her along the way Shortly after they begin their travels, the group of women led by two pastors experience countless hardships, loss, and sacrifice Sometimes the unknown ahead is preferable to the known we have left behind Misogyny, disparity, and injustice are revolving attributes surrounding the myriad of stories told by women that Maggie encounters on the Overland Trail We see a period of inequality for women that often approved of domestic abuse if the reasoning was passable for example, if the woman said something the male did not like Women are not as smart as we are Who knows what will turn their heads They can be foolish Why was it all right for him to beat her so savagely but wrong for her to fight back Thematically, the Overland Trail represents a multitude of symbolic comparisons As the story progresses, such as life, values and priorities of the women on the journey begin to change based on new experiences and developing circumstances Chapter by chapter, history is felt during the excursion in the setting, the environment, and the harrowing situations the women face along the way The devil designed the trail You must travel through hell to reach California The language was appropriate for the time period, though sometimes dry I did not feel too emotionally attached to the characters, and think maybe it was because there were so many women involved in the story that it was hard to attach myself I could relate to them, but I couldn t connect with them. There were some gripping twists along the way, but I also felt like some of the story could have been condensed My technical notes The first 13% sets the foundation for Maggie s background, the qualifications for signing up, and prerequisites for the journey The journey to California then begins at chapter 4 or 13% and continues until 94% of the book Thereafter, the last 4% of the story 94 98% loose ends are tied up The chapters are told chronologically by date, and the dates range from February 22, 1852 September 30, 1852 On their journey they stop at a fair number of landmarks and notable sites along the way including but not limited to Independence Rock, the City of Rocks, Gold Rush Alley, Ft Kearny, Ft Laramie, and the Sierras.3.5 stars Overall, I liked the novel and think the story of what emigrants encountered on the western trails that is fictionally mirrored through Maggie s tale is astounding I recommend this to advocates of feminism and 19th century historical fiction readers Thank you to St Martin s Press, NetGalley, and Sandra Dallas for this copy Opinions are my own The trails western emigrants took during this period In this novel, the women did traverse on the Mormon Trail and the California Trail which can be seen on the map below.

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    A partly sentimental rating and rating, because I absolutely came to admire and adore these women Twenty seven women, leave from Chicago to head to the good fields of California to become the brides of men they haven t yet met They all have different reasons to leave the lives they are currently living, some we don t find out until later in the story As we go along with the women on their journey we, with them, encounter danger, pasts catching up with the wagons, illnesses, Indians, and deaths I loved watching as these women bonded, became a family, each other s support systems They grew, became confident, took on responsibility and became people who knew they could take control of their own lives The two preachers who accompanied them also changed and their admiration for the pluckiness of these women was wonderful to see A solid, good read.ARC from Netgalley.

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    Westering Women by Sandra Dallas is an enjoyable historical fiction account of forty four women, one four year old girl, and two ministers that undertake the journey from Chicago to Goosetown, California The women are search for husbands in gold country or are they Sandra Dallas does a great job of painting the picture of both the women as well as the lands and people they encounter along the way It is 1852 and there are hardships and triumphs along the way as they cross rivers, high plains, mountains and deserts Who will survive What are their secrets Do they find strength or do they falter Maggie Kaiser is our main character and the author does a great job in developing her character.The plot was heartbreaking at times and heart warming at other times The prose was expressive and skilled Dallas did a great job in researching this era to make it realistic The story includes the themes of loyalty and friendship as well as suffering and heartbreak.I recommend this novel to those that enjoy historical fiction I won a copy of this ARC in a Goodreads Giveaway Thanks to Goodreads, the publisher, St Martin s Press, and the author, Sandra Dallas, for this opportunity to provide my honest review.

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    3 stars I ve always been fascinated by the western trails and learning about the life and times that those people lived When I saw this book on NetGalley, I really wanted it and was excited to get into it once I was approved I ve never read anything by Sandra Dallas, so I didn t know what to expect The book was very easy to read and I liked her writing style Unfortunately, I just didn t absolutely love it While I know times were much different back then, there was just too much death in this book Animals and people death after death in every chapter I expected some, but constantly reading about it was just depressing Lots of triggers too including physical abuse, sexual abuse including children and rape Lots of others adored this book Therefore, if you re considering it because this topic interests you, please read it I tend to be a mood reader and it s very possible that I just wasn t in the mood for something like this I did really enjoy the ending I liked reading about what happened to the women and learning about their lives long after their arrival in California Thank you to NetGalley, St Martin s Press and Sandra Dallas for my advanced copy to read and review.

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    The first thing that caught my eye about this book was the cover It is absolutely gorgeous and suggests a sweeping epic inside When I saw the page count I was a little perplexed at how a story of this nature a group of women traveling on the Overland Trail from Chicago to California during the 1850s could be so short Still, this isn t a topic I know anything about and I wanted to learn Plus, the story sounded so interesting and it s unique The beginning was good enough, but it quickly dissolved for me after about the first 60 pages What follows is my very disappointed feelingsThere are a sea of four and five star reviews for this book so I clearly am in the minority, but I was very disappointed and I hope you will consider my review and not immediately discount it The author s note at the end helped clarify one point for me the length , but it really seemed that this novel was chopped up so much that it took a lot of the strength out of it It also seemed very rushed and due to the nature of breaks in time I lost my emotional connection with the characters The story mentioned several times of the bond that formed between all of these women, but I felt no connection to them or could understand that bond Yes, they went through terrible things over and over again, but I didn t feel it So when the story progresses and challenging times occur with likely injuries sicknesses deaths I was left mostly unbothered That s a problem.My second concern is something else mentioned in the author s note, but the author clearly doesn t care about it given her response The pattern throughout this novel of men being abusers, drunks, rapists, etc was confounding There was little to any balance and it almost became comical at just how terrible these men were I have never read a Sandra Dallas book before though knew of her as an author and would still try another book If you re on the fence about reading this, I encourage you to give it a try As previously mentioned, almost no one agrees with me on these points so I probably in a room all by myself Thank you to Netgalley, St Martin s Press and Sandra Dallas for the opportunity to read this book and provide an honest review.Review Date 01 06 2020Publication Date 01 07 2020

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    Thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press for an egalley in exchange for an honest review Margaret Maggie Kaiser and her daughter,Clara need to stay as far away from abusive husband and father, Jesse But this is Chicago in 1852 and what can a woman do But in Chicago there are adverts that are encouraging the women in the East to migrate to California to marry Maggie finds herself attending the information meeting and befriends Mary Soon they find themselves joining the wagon train of women and it soon becomes clear that Maggie isn t the only person that is running away I have never been able to resist a wagon train story and I have enjoyed a few of Sandra Dallas s books The trials and tribulations of women setting out to travel across America s terrain is a very inspiring story There is brutality, death, and a testing of faith as the women have to learn to work together to reach their goal I know that I have said this than a few times before but favorite book of 2019Goodreads review published 05 11 19Publication Date 07 01 20

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    Good people are like candles they burn themselves up to give others light.Sandra Dallas presents a thought provoking novel encompassing a very different Western movement in America It s February of 1852 in Chicago with fierce winds propelling off the lake and bone chilling rain soaking the brave souls who venture out onto the wooden sidewalks and muddy terrain.Maggie clutches the hand of her four year old daughter and reads the bulletin tacked to the outside of a meeting hall It s an ad calling for good Christian unmarried women with high moral character to make the trip to Goosetown, California The gold fields are filled with men who made the prior journey and are seeking wives for this community Two ministers will accompany the women on this long and arduous trip over land treacherous by Nature and, so, by the unknown.Dallas will introduce us to these women who will bring the basics of necessities along with them But we will come to find that they all carry the oppressive weight of their secrets and their past lives Prior incidents will never stay buried in Chicago, but will accompany them on the harsh trails step by step leering in the shadows As the journey begins, the women feel out of place with one another and react to the hardships as individuals The time period never prepared women to work together as a productive unit As the journey progresses, they are forced to rely on the strength of the group made up of varying untapped skills and talents I almost shook my head to think that times haven t changed much Women still have difficulty putting aside the power of one to the power of many.Westering Women is a deep character study of the human spirit under the most dire of circumstances It shines a light on the dynamics of bravery and self sacrifice that one can only imagine during the Western expansion..with some mighty female voices in the mix.I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest opinion My thanks to St Martin s Press and to Sandra Dallas for the opportunity.

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    I was so excited to be given the chance to read Westering Women by Sandra Dallas I live in Australia, for years I have looked at her books on and I have never had the opportunity to read one.Chicago February 1852, Maggie Kaiser reads a notice about a wagon train leaving soon, it s traveling to Goosetown in California She s a struggling young mother, with a young daughter and takes in sewing to make ends meet Maggie joins 43 other women who are looking for a new start, they begin the long grueling 2,000 mile journey west where there s a need for women who want to get married and start families.The women aren t prepared for the hardships they will face on the trail as they travel through the high plains, mountains, and dry deserts Due to the distance they need to not over burden the oxen, they can only take with them the necessities such as food, cooking utensils, clothing, tents and they also have to walk They need to take turns cooking over the open fire, collecting fire wood, getting water, looking after the animals, they also need to learn to defend themselves and shoot a rifle.As they travel west they soon notice a trail of discarded belongings from previous travelers and so many lonely graves.They need to cross rivers, endure traveling in all kinds of weather, some days it s stinking hot, others its freezing cold and raining The constant worry about danger, Indians and illness takes it s toll Soon all the women are sun burnt, exhausted and tired of eating the same bland food.As Maggie gets to know her fellow travelers she soon discovers that she s not the only one looking to leave her past behind and they all have secrets During the journey the women become friends, they share a strong bond, they do things that most men would struggle to do and they also have to deal with the harsh reality of how dangerous it is.I loved Westering Women, it s a brilliant story about women traveling west by the overland trail, their courage, determination and spirit.I gave the book 5 stars, I shared my review on Goodreads, Twitter, Barnes Noble and my blog.https karrenreadsbooks.blogspot.com

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    Fascinating story It s hard to imagine a wagon train full of women in the 1850 s heading across the west to California Because of an advertisement wanting eligible women, a group of 44 ladies join in on the journey west Each one seeking a better life, many leaving behind painful memories and terrible secrets, they are willing to face the hardships of the journey in hopes of a brighter future.Maggie, a young mother with a 4 year old daughter, is escaping an abusive husband In fact, Maggie is not even sure he s alive If he is dead, she fears she will be accused of his murder.Mary, a large woman that is disrespected by her family, is looking to leave and make her place in the world a place where she is valued and loved Another woman is looking to escape a life of prostitution and another wants to find her brother who is working in California These are just some of the reasons the women are willing to risk such a dangerous journey.They set out with two ministers and a team of men hired to do the work women are believed unable to do, such as taking care of the oxen, driving the wagons and making repairs along the way By the end of the journey, only the two ministers and the women arrive at their destination.Along the way, a few lives were lost and some harrowing incidents occurred, but in spite of all the adversity they endured, the women were able to work together, support each other and keep their spirits up in order to reach their goals.I was riveted by the story and look forward to reading of Sandra Dallas My thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press for allowing me to read an advance copy and give my honest review.

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