We Got Zombies On The Lawn Again, Ma (Ax Handels Special Zombie Notebooks Book 1)

We Got Zombies On The Lawn Again, Ma (Ax Handels Special Zombie Notebooks Book 1) I instantly fell in love with this book The characters are engaging and completely mental Funniest thing I ve read in a long time Ax Handel is not your typical hero, or typical anything He s a guy trying to make a buck while his world crumbles When his girlfriend leaves him and aggravating zombies try to eat him, he does the thing we like to think we d all do if we were in his shoes put on a grin and kick ass Smith challenges the notion that all zombies are alike, and makes a believer out of you while making you laugh till your ribs ache. There are a lot of zombie books out there, but maybe none as funny as this one Best of all, it s uniquely refreshing in its irreverent treatment of the genre The segment with the radio talk show conversations is sidesplitting frequently the callers questions are ignored and instead they re ridiculed by Ax and his hilariously psychotic father And Axel s ideas on the origin of the zombies and their intentions are absurdly funny. This is a very funny book about zombies, but what made me laugh the most were the delightfully humorous exchanges between the main character Axel and his estranged, caustic girlfriend, Zenobia Her bitterness nearly drips off the page, and when Ax playfully provokes her it brings out the worst and funniest in her I don t know which of Axel s associations is dangerous, the one with Zenobia or the one with the zombies His relationship with his girlfriend is already dangerously strained, but thankfully she has no filters, and her devilishly biting sarcasm is hysterical and left me wanting Those two need therapy Axel s awkward nervousness around her, along with his explosive intolerance of the zombies, results in many uproarious moments throughout this book Worth reading twice If you want to laugh, pick up this book The story is told by Ax Handel, a nineteen year old with no pretentions or excuses for not having all the answers or using the write words to tell his tale He simply goes about his business the business of taking his yard back from zombies while trying to benefit from it Along the way he takes a ton of grief from his mother and ex girlfriend, who do their best to keep Ax Handel in check, as if that s even possible Funniest is his father, who has a hard time staying focused and is seemingly constantly on the run from a plethora of unknown pursuers I couldn t get enough of the descriptive action scenes where Ax fights the zombieshis emotions are hysterical Guaranteed fun If you like zombies and you love to laugh, this book s for you Especially if you get a warm tingly feeling every time a zombie gets put in its place The details make this book go, and it flies It was nonstop hilarious much better than most other books in this genre Readers who love to laugh will enjoy the very real personalities of the living, breathing characters and their earthiness, which makes for cheeky and hysterical dialogue Most refreshing and thought provoking was their often dangerously casual indifference toward the zombies I was intrigued by the fascinating main character s frequent nonchalance regarding the zombie menace, and I was continuously surprised by his sudden comical outbursts and antics nothing is out of bounds when it comes to the way Ax Handel treats the irrepressible zombies I can t remember the last time I laughed so much It made me wish I lived next door to the dysfunctional Handel family so that I might get a closer glimpse at what goes on over there Hope there s a sequel Hilarious Literally laughing out loud I think I may have gone to high school with Axel. Smith has created something new and different here, and it s absolutely hilarious His main character, Ax Handel, is an oddball independent thinker with an unflappable burnt out mother, a spaced out father, and a spiteful girlfriend from hell And that s not all One day he finds he s got zombies running amok in his yard That would be enough to make anyone run for the hills, but Ax is not a quitter, and while most people would view his situation as hopeless and dangerous, he sees opportunity I love the way Ax Handel narrates the story outrageously down to earth He s the kind of guy you want for your best friend, but every once in a while you want to flip open that little door on the back of his head to check inside and see if some of the wires aren t crossed This book is Dave Barry funny. I m glad I picked up this very funny book it s really not quite like any other zombie book I ve read At one point I laughed the gum right out of my mouth and my boyfriend gave me the strangest look It s told by the main character, Ax Handel, who s got one or two screws loose, which makes him the perfect guy to fend off the zombies he unexpectedly finds himself living amongst I loved the funny zombie scenes, but the thing I liked the most was the entertainingly unstable relationship Ax has with his angry ex girlfriend it s hilarious In This Humorously Irreverent Take On Zombies, Ax Handel Is A Present Day Nineteen Year Old Pizza Delivery Guy With A Short Fuse Who Is Determined To Take Control Of His Wildly Unpredictable Life His Comical Attempts To Make Sense Of His Relationships With His Outrageous Family Members Usually End Up In Disaster Suddenly, His Life Changes Possibly For The Better When Zombies Stumble Out Of A Nearby Cemetery Life Has Never Been Easy For Ax And His Mother, And They Refuse To Be Scared Off By A Horde Of The Dying Impaired Without Any Help From Ma, Whose Hard Living, Heavy Metal Past Has Left Her Strangely Sympathetic To The Plight Of The Zombies, Or His Volatile Ex Girlfriend, Zenobia, Who S Certain He S A Head Case, Or Even His Zoned Out Fugitive Father, It S Up To Ax To Protect His Little Town Of Karbunkle And What Little He Owns, While Getting Revenge On Some Bad Mannered, Lumbering Stiffs I love the pacing of this book and how the dialog has it moving right along, from one funny part to another, to another, to another Before I knew it, I was halfway through it I couldn t stop laughing at the very detailed humorous observations of the main character, Ax Handel I ve known one or two guys like him and they are all hysterical in a psychotic yet only slightly dangerous way My favorite parts were the sidesplitting conversations between Ax and his hilarious girlfriend I want to be her friend she is one tough lady

Donnie Smith is a former writing teacher with degrees in education and history from the University of North Dakota who recently published his first book, We Got Zombies On The Lawn Again, Ma CreateSpace, November 2013 It s the first in his three book series, a humorously irreverent take on zombies starring the indomitable Ax Handel Donnie began as a storyteller by swapping dark and funny tales

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