Volume One (The Gate Series 2 Book 1)

Volume One (The Gate Series 2 Book 1) Not Recommended For My Readers Under Strong Language And Sexual Situations Warning For Entire Series A Reverse Harem Story Sandra Serling Genius And Moody Girl Of The Century Finds Herself In An An Alice And Wonderland Esque Situation When The Utterly Sexy Steampunk Knight Stillan Comes Blasting Through Her Closet Door While She S In The Middle Of Changing Clothes She Isn T The Brother He S Looking For What Will They Do When The Timer On His Portal To His Country, Miltic, Runs Out And He Accidently Takes Her Barreling Back With Him She Can Only Stay So Long In Miltic Before Too Much Time Passes By In Her Own World And She Won T Be Able To Return To The Life She Knew Before But After Getting To Know Stillan, Desen The Sky Pirate With All The Charm Of Jack Sparrow , Tylek Stilan S Brother , And Faust The Steambike Riding, Pub Crawling Humakat Will She Want To Return After All, They Ve Awoken A Part Of Her She Never Thought Existed, But Will That Part End Up Killing Her When The King Of Their Land Figures Out Who And What She Really Is

I never really know how I should write these things Do I go the professional, but boring route and talk about myself in the third person which feels unnatural , or do I do first person, like a dating site Sadly, second person doesn t work here, that would be cool Something like You are looking at the profile of GoodReads author A.S Oren You know she is a cat person, and owns three of the lit

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 77 pages
  • Volume One (The Gate Series 2 Book 1)
  • A.S. Oren
  • English
  • 17 March 2017

10 thoughts on “Volume One (The Gate Series 2 Book 1)

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    I was given a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review Yay 4 stars This book was really fun to read It was short and fast paced without the feeling of being rushed I found the substance that I have been looking for in the first Spearwood Academy of Ms Oren Congratulations I sooo love the straightforward approach of the characters The way Sandra s questions were immediately answered by an honest and rightful knight It was amazing that she was rational with the turn of events I would have been freaking out _ was refreshing as compared to all the intriguing and complicated secret hide and seek games played by most Of course, it was so direct to the point and it was less confusing, but it still got the mysterious quality without all the melodramatic scenes.The protagonist was very interesting Her arrogance, was endearing, which shouldn t be happening by the way The same applies to her indifference and snarky attitude I guess this is probably because of the way the author s reasoning was delivered Sandra s character development is something I m anticipating for And while waiting for the gradual arrival of the better and sensitive Sandra for the upcoming books, I will be so hooked up with of the provocative banters between Sandra and Desen I just bet Lol I d also like to mention how dumb Tyler was What the heck He might have good intentions, but the mental image that I currently have is him being a jerk jock A respectable one in Miltic sense, though..Also, the setting was cleverly constructed I got the feel of it even if it was only written in a brief manner.Other than typographical errors which made comprehension a little bit of a problem, I have no qualms about the book Why is it not a perfect score, though I guess I m generally short for short books. I ve got a question, though How did they learn French and Korean when they can only spend a limited time because of barriers opening and closing at different times and rates For that matter, how were there half koreans in Miltic Shouldn t their concept of race be different from those of Earth Thank you Ms Oren for the copy

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    It was a decent story, the characters were fun to read about and entertaining I feel like for a protagonist that is 17yo, this scenario was a little adult for her I enjoyed the plot, it was different and quick paced.I wish the author would create of an environment though, to give her readers a visual on the mood, lighting, and scene that she is trying to portray.Now one of the things that bothered me the most in this short read were the errors, grammatical or spelling It was infuriating at first because it pulls you away from the story completely Especially when it happens nearly ever turn of the page It spoils the fun of a good book I would recommend that the author revise her story to prevent small errors, they are easily overlooked but the end result matters, if you re like me who flinches at every spelling error Then it just became comical, some of the word errors transformed the sentences into something the author didn t mean and it came across funny, which also pulled me away from the story I understand it s an indie read but I am paying money for a quality story.The short read literally the shortest book I have ever read, didn t even take half a day was chalk full of spelling and grammatical errors, but at least the read was entertaining.I did enjoy the story, and would recommend it because it s different, the characters are unusual and attract your attention It does draw you in, the author did an exceptional job of pulling me, the only reason I m giving this three stars is because of the spelling errors As much as the author pulled me into her story, I d get sucked right back out by spelling error which became increasingly frustrating when trying to enjoy a story Maybe I m just a grammar nazi, who knows But thank you for the read, Ms Oren

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    3 StarsI m going to give both books 3 stars because the story is good But I wanted to DNF is many times because of the editing problems So many mistakes There were times I had to read a sentence repeatedly to figure out what the author meant Again, this story is a very interesting story just needs some betas and an editor.

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    Story is great, but don t read this if you are a grammar nazi.I love the story line and where it is headed, but all the typos and missing words are killing me I hope there is a way to fix them retroactively.

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    Good but has typosI like the theme of the story and the details Had a lot of typos though and could use a good editing for that reason.

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    Good book, butThe grammatical errors are too hard to ignore I would enjoy this book once the book has been reviewed by the editors and fixed.

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    The grammar is awful The author needs a native English speaker to proof the books in this series That said, I was still totally hooked on the plot This is a 5 star book in need of an editor.

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    Interesting story, butThe story and characters are interesting, but this definitely needed to be checked for spelling and grammatical errors It was also very short I hope greater care is taken with future books and possibly a revision of this one.

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    Short and a little slow

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    Good concept I enjoyed this book and thought it had a good concept That was decent character development but there could definitely have been a lot The storyline is fun and kept me captivated I only gave it three stars because of basic vocabulary and grammatical errors It doesn t take away from the story line but kind of frustrating.

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