Venom, Volume 1

Venom, Volume 1Venom Is Back In His Classic Form, And Deadlier Than Ever The Symbiote You Know And Love Has Returned To New York City No Agent Of The Cosmos No Lethal Protector It S Time For A New Venom, And It S Great To Be Bad But Now That Venom Is Back On Earth And Back In The Gutter, Just Who Has Bonded With Him And Turned Him Back Into The Slathering, Fanged Monster Collecting Venom I give some credit to Mike here He tried to introduce a new character to take Venom over However, he failed to give us a character we can like Venom isn t a easy character to nail When he s the main character it s even harder So far only Rick s run on Agent Venom really worked for me So this story is about Lee, who gets to try on the venom suit Instead of a internal struggle with who takes over who it s a physical one half the time with Lee able to hold off Venom with ease It s pretty stupid as Spider man, a extremely super powered superhero had trouble doing this Even so it just becomes a flat story about betrayal and who s going to cross who Good The idea of it is cool I also liked that since Venom had been a hero so long he doesn t want to do bad any Bad The dialog ranges from okay to bad The fight scenes are extremely underwhelming Lee is a boring one dimensional character The storyline itself is poor and cliche as could be good Overall venom isn t worth much of your time It s not the worst book I read but it s pretty uninspiring I can t give it over a 2. I couldn t be less excited about Eddie Brock getting the symbiote back But Eddie Brock doesn t even show up until the end of the book when he s working for the FBI Because you know, they hire serial killers Some new psychopath, Lee Price, bonds with the symbiote and exerts influence on it to make it kill people The story is overly complicated and nonsensical Gerardo Sandoval s jagged, dark art looks terrible, like something Image would have produced in the 90 s.Bring back Flash Thompson His character was at least interesting. I m sure a lot of old school Venom fans will be overjoyed by this return to the status quo for Venom but I m not one of them I only started liking Venom when Flash Thompson became the symbiote s host so, for me, this marks the end of Venom s interesting years The book s really not good, either. Without a doubt the best Venom comic I ve read so far The symbiote is actually given characterization in this comic, and is really of the main character than the new host is I enjoyed the power conflict of the new host Lee Price and the symbiote, and I appreciated the art as well The ending however was disappointing, as Eddie Brock is coming back I would have preferred the new character to remain as Venom, but who knows Either way, it s a big improvement over earlier Venom titles. 3,5 5 The Venom symbiote returns to Earth in a weakened state, mysteriously separated from previous host Flash Thompson It soon finds a new host in Lee Price, a low level criminal with military trained mental resilience, resulting in an interesting subversion of the symbiote s controlling ways, Lee instead plotting to use Venom for illicit gain.Some of the plot threads are intriguing I liked the FBI agents and would be hero Venom s resistance to Lee s darker ideals and Costa s dialogue has it s moments, too Gerado Sandoval s art isn t really to my taste, but his sharp lines, bulging muscles, and macho fight scenes suit the story well, so it wasn t a dealbreaker.Although fairly by the numbers, Homecoming is a solid read overall Considering it was an impulse purchase after seeing the recent Venom movie which I enjoyed , it sated my desire for symbiote action. Read as single issues After a good few years of highly successful stories featuring Flash Thompson as Agent Venom, first on Earth and then as a member of the Guardians Of The Galaxy and his own series as a Space Knight, the Powers That Be have decided that Venom will now be back on Earth and rebond with Eddie Brock But first, we get a six issue story featuring one of the least likeable characters I ve ever met, Lee Price.Lee is a damaged man after spending time as an Army Ranger and suffering injuries that make normal jobs difficult now that he has returned from service, he finds himself both part of the Black Cat s criminal underworld and the newest host of the Venom symbiote In an interesting twist, Lee is the one exerting his influence over the symbiote, much to the symbiote s chagrin The transition from Space Knight to this series is shaky even with a bridging story in the recently released Venom 150 , but at least the symbiote s new state of mind as a hero remains intact, even if Lee does his darnedest to break it.The story is up and down for the most part, and the eventual reunion of Eddie Brock and Venom is a means to an end, but it s not particularly bad The artwork is the real saving grace, as Gerardo Sandoval continues on from Space Knight as the ongoing artist here, his dark, sketchy, anime like proportions a perfect fit for Venom s world.Not the best, but a decent story that moves the Venom symbiote away from one familiar status quo to another I do wonder if writer Mike Costa had plans for Lee Price, but for now, I guess we ll never know. I couldn t care less as I m not a fan of either Venom or Eddie Brock but it should be noted that the cover of this book is misleading Eddie, the most infamous host of the Symbiote, is reunited with Venom, they re saying We re Back and the subtitle is Homecoming , so Eddie Brock Venom fans there must be some should reasonably expect this to be about the pair Venom being just one example of Marvel probably deciding to go back to the classic incarnation of the character after seeing how returning to the status quo in Rebirth made DC a pile of cash Except it s not really about Eddie and Venom they re actually only together for a handful of pages at the end Most of this one is about some nobody piece of trash called Lee Price who stumbles across the Symbiote and gets embroiled in some convoluted and tedious blackmail scheme with Black Cat, Scorpion and the Feds It doesn t help either that the comic is drawn by one of the worst artists working today, Gerardo Sandoval, whose busy 90s pencils make everything look flat, jagged and ugly He s done worse elsewhere his work on the Secret Wars tie in, Age of Apocalypse, is heinous but it s still really bad here I suppose it s interesting that after all the years of nonsense this character s gone through as Agent Venom, a Guardian of the Galaxy and his latest role as Space Knight , the Symbiote is now inclined towards good hosts and wants to be heroic rather than villainous Venom actually has some character development for a change but it s small beer in a book that s mostly dreary reading Venom s just another decent supporting player antagonist who can t carry a solo title Maybe there s a good Venom comic out there probably not but this ain t it. It s not an excellent book story wise Lee fails to impress as a host frankly speaking, he s dull and there s nothing new about the I don t want to kill but I m killing moral dilemma Same old, basically.But it still gets three stars from me for three things I did like about it 1 tiny Venom is so a d o r a b l e Perhaps it might not be the word you usually use to describe our favourite symbiote and yet there he is super adorable Especially when he s sitting on the bench next to Lee I love that panel So cute 2 Peter Parker wasting time on social media, talking nonsense abut frenemies Absurd and fun 3 the art The character design is very basic but the colouring looks fabulous, especially on pages with fire flames and there are quite a few in the book Full page pictures of Venom are also a real treat do not be misled by the cover it s the only one that s meh if you like that shiny black skin and sharp teeth as much as I do So, to sum it up, it s not great but I had an insanely stressful and tired day what I was looking for was a bit of entertainment, not a complex, memorable plot and depth Or, if I may be honest, I was in a mood for Venom and he was so adorable Sometimes it s all you need.

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[Read] ➵ Venom, Volume 1 By Mike Costa –
  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • Venom, Volume 1
  • Mike Costa
  • English
  • 14 September 2018
  • 9781302906023

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