Valefar Vol. 1

Valefar Vol. 1 The VALEFAR VOLUMES Tell The Story Of Collin Smith And Other ValefarIt S Days Before Ivy Loses Her Soul To A Demon Kiss And, Collin Smith, The Most Powerful Valefar This Side Of Hell, Wants His Soul Back He Thinks He Ll Get It Too, Until A Bargain With A Powerful Demon Proves To Be Costly Than He Hoped As His World Shifts, Collin Tries To Protect Ivy, But He Knows He Can T Be With Her Torn Between His Affection For The Girl And His Loyalty, Collin Is Forced To Be The Evil Creature He Tries So Hard To Deny A Valefar AuthorHMWard Text HMWARD to 24587 and get a text reminder on release sale days.

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Valefar Vol. 1  By H.M. Ward –
  • Paperback
  • Valefar Vol. 1
  • H.M. Ward
  • English
  • 10 May 2019
  • 9780615573588

10 thoughts on “Valefar Vol. 1

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    i think its AWESOME LOL

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    I am really glad the author wrote this book I really enjoyed reading it First, it s from a a guy s POV, which is not very often that YA authors do this It gives you a better understanding on who Collin is, and how he became a what he is being the only Valefar with a piece of soul in him It was interesting reading how he started being friends with Ivy and began to feel the pull between them The book tell of his journey, if you wanan call it that, in trying to free himself from Kreterus bind to him, and to do so he has to find the Prophecy One and kill her I was shocked to read that he was there the day Ivy s sister was killed not wanting to spoil anything for readers, im leaving it like that I kinda did feel a bit bad for him at the end when he realized the reason for Ivy s sadness, and what he had done So looking forward to the next one

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    it was so good the ending was so i have no words to describe it Collin killed ivys sister i feel that technically he didn t he just led the mission but still its bascilly the same i can t believe he hid that from ivy all along he saw her blame eric for the death of her sis when collin had equal blame.Collin is my favorite character in the books which is why i hate to say that but thats what i think

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    I love that Ward wrote this novella It helps tie up a few loose ends and helps you see things from Collins POV Thanks Holly

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    The first novella in the Demon Kissed universe This time from Collin s point of view The events here take place before Demon Kissed 1, but unless you want to get spoiled, don t read it until after Demon Kissed 4 Here we see Collin in his element, as the leader of the Valefar, and we see his budding love interest for Ivy We also learn about Collin s past, what makes him different from the others, why he struggles with guilt and emotions Valefar aren t supposed to feel, and why it is so important for him to kill the girl who will become the new demon queen We also learn Collin s terrible secret, an act that will haunt his relationship with Ivy.A little short, but a good addition to the series 3 stars.

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    Yes FINALLY something in Collin s point of view, yes this is like a prequel kind of to Demon Kissed but like not really Which means sleazeball Jake is in the story too ugh hated him in Demon Kissed still hate him before Demon Kissed Geesh even before he realized he had feelings for Ivy, he had feelings for Ivy totally didn t make sense in how I typed it but I swear it made sense in my mind They stared at each other in silence neither of them willing to move and break whatever was happening between them Collin felt it before, but this was the first time that Ivy felt the attraction I loved getting insight on Collin his life and getting into his mind.

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    Loved this novella, great addition to the Demon Kissed series Told from Collins POV about some of the events leading up to a turning point in Ivy s life It was nice to see that Collin was feeling things for Ivy aswell and that he was fighting who he was and what he wanted for her, trying to keep her safe by keeping a distance between them Still got my heart going and makes me want to re read Demon Kissed Make sure you dont read this before the first 3 books in the series though or you will find yourself with info you shouldnt have until later.

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    This was a nice background to the Demon Kissed story I would have liked it earlier in the story and why it is split into two novellas is beyond me I am not a fan of novellas in general as they are too short for my tastes and never tell enough of the story For instance, Jake could have been fleshed out as he was an important aspect of how this all began But I enjoyed it just because it gave me to a series I have enjoyed thoroughly.

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    I loved all of the Demon Kissed book and was very happy to seek this spin off showing Collin s side or point of view.It was great to find out what happened with him before everything that occurred in Demon Kissed Great story

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    Great lil novella gives some insight to the bigger story

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