Two Lies and a Spy (Two Lies and a Spy, #1)

Two Lies and a Spy (Two Lies and a Spy, #1) Kari Plunges Into The World Of Espionage On A Mission To Save Her Parents While Trying To Impress The Guy She S Been In Love With ForeverWhen Sixteen Year Old Kari S Dad Sends Her An Unexpected Text, She And Her Brother Immediately Go Into Hiding Because When Your Parents Are Superspies And Your Dad Declares A Code Black, It Can Only Mean Something Bad Very BadKari Soon Discovers That Her Parents Have Been Disavowed And Declared Traitors, And She S Determined To Clear Their Names Breaking Into The Agency Seems Like A Reasonable Plan, Especially With The Help Of A Team That Includes Her Longtime Crush, Luke, As Well As Her Two Best Friends An Expert Hacker With Attitude And A Master Martial Artist And Luke S Popular, Vindictive Twin Sister Oh, And A New Guy, Who S As Cute As He Is Complicated

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Two Lies and a Spy (Two Lies and a Spy, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Kat Carlton author readers around the world.

[Read] ➵ Two Lies and a Spy (Two Lies and a Spy, #1)  ➼ Kat Carlton –
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Two Lies and a Spy (Two Lies and a Spy, #1)
  • Kat Carlton
  • English
  • 07 February 2018
  • 9781442481725

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    STRAP IN I GOT A RANT COMINGListen, I don t do these much because I really can t conjure up the energy to care that much but HERE WE ARE because every now and then a book comes along that just gets you fired upAnd listen I know y all thinking 2 things1 Why did you read this in the first place DID I KNOW IT WAS GOING TO PROBABLY BE BAD YES I KNEW buuut I read it for Around the World in 52 Books so you can t judge me gooooodbye2 if you hated it so much explain how you read it in one sitting THIS IS A FAIR COP But do you know that feeling when you re like oh my god this is so bad I have to stop reading watching but as you say this you re hitting next episode that was me okaySo I guess I can t say the one good thing about this book is that it s really addictive Like I read it all in one sitting so I can hardly fault it on that front BUT OH MY GOD THIS BOOKYou know how we need to leave 2012 in the past because it was a a weird and unlawful time y e a h I know this is a 2012 book because it literally has every 2012 trope these is Love triangle yes Girl on girl hate yes Boys with eyes that can change 12 different colours depending on their mood ye s the sort of abusive boy who s abusive traits are somehow supposed to be hot ye boiTHE LOVE TRIANGLEAh on page 2 we are introduced to our love interests There s Luke tall, 8 packed, tanned, grey eyes that sometimes go blue Rich, nice, sexy dimples He smells sporty and sexy direct quoteThen there s Evan rough around the edges, super great body also, funny , mysterious, blonde, a bit of a bad boy Probably has gold eyesREAD THIS FOR YOURSELF view spoiler hide spoiler

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    This ended up being a pretty great read It was intriguing It was thrilling It was FUN And, it surprised me in ways than one and did not end up the way I thought it was going to.Before I start, I wouldn t say the espionage plot was out of this world Kari s parents are missing they re declared traitors she and her brother are on the run and she and her friends try to clear her parents names There are some spy stuff, as well as a few fight scenes But it was written in a way that didn t make you take it way too seriously to the point where you re thinking, C mon on This is BS It just sort of worked really, really well.The characters were really great I really liked Kari She was spunky, but not in an annoying way a thin line many authors often cross My admiration for her is most comparable to the way I feel about Katarina Bishop in Ally Carter s Heist Society.Charlie was amazing Luke is adorable And I LOVE Evan Yeah, I can see how he would annoy the crap out of someone, but I could tell there was to him, and his bickering with Kari kept me entertained Rita and Kale were typical sidekicks And even though Lacey was a bit over the top, I really liked her too because her ridiculousness made me chuckle.I had expected to pick up a espionage story that would most likely try too hard to make the spy scenes thrilling and exciting hey, you are writing for young adult after all So I was prepared to nit pick BUT I was totally blown away by how much I enjoyed reading this Carlton just had a way of making the book serious, yet light and fun at the same time, and it s been a while that I can say that I just thoroughly enjoyed reading a book instead of grading its merits.

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    A Quickie in the Corner Review Great I open my mouth to say it, but am suddenly spun by the shoulders and slammed up against the wall Mr Pretentious Pits, Man of the Designer Deodorant, growls, You sexy little troll He covers my mouth with his obnoxious one and the next thing I know, he s kissing me.Kissing Me.3.5 starsThe plot was fast paced from the beginning and Kari has become one of the most bad ass chicks from YA that I ve read about in a while Like kick ass She was fantastic and sassy and all around a big ball of awesome sauce Can she be my new best friend But then Lucas wasn t around in the novel nearly enough for me to get attached so I have fully jumped on the Evan bandwagon and all his British glory Also Charlie is in his own league of bad assery He makes me wish my brothers were that cool at 7.The whole Tinker Spy Parent Traitor deal was sort of predictable with Sophie though, and the ending was way too boxy for me I was actually kind of hoping for some big whopping cliffhanger and was severely disappointed with the somewhat uneventful ending.Can t wait for a sequel though.Naughty Parting ThoughtI totally think the random guy on the Harley who saved her from Mitch when she left the hotel is coming back to play a role He was too mysterious not to be important than he was made out to be I also kinda lusted after him a bit even though he was a blink in the book, which has totally never happened to me before Impressions matter

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    I love this YA book it was what basically started my reading addiction lol This book is one of my top 3 favorite YA series to be ever written in my opinion I loved the suspense and the humor Oh my I laughed a lot during this book.

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    what to say what to say I LOVED IT it was a read full of awesomeness and fun giggling and gasping and fan girling and screaming and swooning and eye rolling and laughing and fist pumping and nail biting emotions disbelief dislike some serious like love suspense and i should rather type the whole book out shouldn t i DI was hooked from the first line and it keptme glued to the Kindle the writing was awesomethe perfect mix of spy mystery humor wit that i just lovethe plot was really good as well a few surprising twists loved loved the characters they were all so sarcastically kick ass kari a character that reminded me of Toby from Perfect Cover who is one of the most awesome YA girl characters shes up there with Katniss and Tris Evan evan evan evan he was like annoying fly that keeps buzzing in your facebut a gorgeously witty view spoiler undercover spy hide spoiler

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    Actual rating 3.5I had a grand ol time with the sexual tension and banter between Kari and Evan HILARIOUS The spy aspect was cool too And I adored Kari s genius little brother, Charlie

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    I hadn t heard anything about Two Lies and a Spy before I began reading it, but I m so glad I didn t miss out If you like books with teenage espionage and a hint of romance, I m sure you ll be loving this book too Kat Carlton s debut Two Lies and a Spy is pure fun A single text message from her father sends Kari Andrews and her younger brother, Charlie, on the run in this fast paced thrill ride Kari s spy parents have been captured and accused as traitors, but she s willing to do whatever it takes to prove the Agency is wrong, even if it means some computer hacking and breaking into one of the most secure buildings in the world with the help of her friends.Kari is an awesome protagonist She s headstrong, tough and knows how to protect herself in a fight, yet there s also a vulnerable side to her as well that she tries to hide Under the circumstances, it would be understandable for Kari to crack and shatter as her life falls apart around her, but she remains steadfast and pulls herself together After all, Charlie may be an adorable seven year old genius, but he still needs his big sister to look after him.Kari may find herself in the serious situation of trying to rescue her parents and clearing their names, but Two Lies and a Spy is actually pretty cute and light There were some really funny laugh out loud moments, especially in the form of trying to disguise identities And Kari may have a crush on Luke, but her snarky banter with hottie British transfer student Evan will have you jumping ship to Team Evan at the first opportunity.The execution of the plot could have been complex to add a greater sense of danger and intrigue, but nevertheless, Two Lies and a Spy was an entertaining read from start to finish After learning some very difficult truths about her life that will surely impact her actions in the future, I can t wait to see what s in store for Kari when the sequel is released next year

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    I love YA espionage books I loved The Gallagher Girls I liked The Heist Society The Specialists, The Squad, Also Known As, and Digit were okay.But this This was not up to par.Yes, the heroine was kick ass but not smart Was she really given lessons by her spy parents When you go under Code Black or whatever name you call your highest level emergency, You Don t Trust Anyone Ever Kari was doing well, giving the school the slip, rounding up her little brother, dodging agents and following the family protocol but then she goes and make contact with her friends There s nothing wrong with getting help from your friends but effing hell You re Trained By Spies Act Like One Seriously Kari blabbed everything to her motley group including that her parents were spies and she wanted their help to break into Langley Ahahahahahahahaha See the major breach here And when they entered Langley, Kari had this small, niggling thought that everything was too easy then it probably was which it was A trap, too I mean, highly trained agents could apparently be distracted by jiggling set of bazoongas Come on Pffftttt.Then, the mission itself Proving Kari s parents were not double agents Nice, nice vehicle for action and conflict view spoiler Finding out that they re really double agents hide spoiler

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    Evan s in my face again Insult me one time, just so I know you re going to make it I try to come up with another bad word, but my brain doesn t cooperate And then it sort of does because I realize that for the first time ever, I want to say something nice to Evan Kincaid This is totally shocking, but true Let me have it, Kari I m grinning under the oxygen mask I can take it C mon With a superhuman effort, because they re so heavy, I manage to lift my left arm and hand and knock away the oxygen mask F f Oooh Now you re playing hardball, he says Friend, I announce.For a moment there s dead silence.Then Evan laughs, long and hard I think I m going to faint One of the paramedics pushes the oxygen mask into place before I can say Me too And darkness closes in around me once again.

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    Read of my reviews at Nick s Book Blog.I love a good spy book and Two Lies and a Spy caught my attention with its fun looking cover and the pretty awesome title As soon as we enter the book, we are on an action packed adventure along with Kari and an amazing cast of secondary characters Kari was a main character who was a badass who was ready to do anything to help save her parents What I liked mostly about her was her ability to think through any situation before making a decision She was head strong, level headed and smart, which can be a rarity in YA heroines As much as I loved Kari, it was her friends and little brother that made this book a success for me I loved the interactions they had and they were so funny at times As far as the plot goes, it was highly entertaining and it did take a turn that I didn t foresee at the end, which made me like this book even I have to admit that you have to suspend your disbelief and forget about logic when it came to this book, because it did have scenes that were over the top, but that didn t mean the book was any less enjoyable There also seemed to be a budding love triangle, which I honestly did not approve of, but on the romance front, nothing much happened in the book, so I was able to forgive this book for it s love triangle The next book will probably define it a bit All in all, if you are a fun of the movie Spy Kids or are looking for a book that is fun, entertaining and light, I recommend Two Lies and a Spy wholeheartedly

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