Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate Joanne Was A Shadow Of Her Lovely MotherEverywhere She Went, Clea Thorpe Was The Center Of Attention And Joanne Had Been Content Enough Living In Her Shadows Until Ben Norris Arrived At Their Villa In NiceHe Seemed Drawn To Clea, Even Offered To Back Her Latest Film But His Motives Were Not As Simple As They Seemed The Day Joanne Discovered His Real Feelings Was The Day She Decided She Never Wanted To See Him AgainNow, After Five Years, She Thought She D Got Him Out Of Her System Then She Opened A Hotel Room Door To Suddenly Find Herself Right Back At Square One

Sheila Holland,

❆ [KINDLE] ✿ Twist of Fate By Charlotte Lamb ➟ –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 190 pages
  • Twist of Fate
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 28 May 2017
  • 9780373103584

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    This one was terribly hard to rate The writing is beautiful In some ways, I feel it is the best CL has written She poured her heart and soul into this and her main protagonist, Joanne, is an unusually complex, interesting and sympathetic character.However, the feeling I came away with at the end was extremely bleak The male protagonist and the rest of the secondary characters are sick fucks CL s world building in this one is at its most cynical, ugly, and hopeless It reminded me a lot of Anne Rice s depiction of plastic Hollywood people in Belinda, another beautifully written novel filled with trash view spoiler The story starts out as a revenge scheme The hero targets the heroine s fading film star mother because he believes her adulterous affair with his father decades prior caused his own mother to become an alcoholic and die prematurely Basically, he plans to pump and dump his father s ex mistress to score points against both of them The heroine s mom is than willing and not at all bothered by the fact that she is nearing 50 and he is half her age, nor that her plain daughter, the heroine, is crushing on the guy She thinks she is still in her glory days and the world revolves around her Her entourage of hangers on, sycophants, servants and her own daughter have all been trained to cater to her as their goddess and allow her to maintain her delusions of grandeur Heroine, at 21, still dresses like a plain, introverted child in order not to steal her mother s thunder and maintain the illusion that she is the ugly duckling to her beautiful swan mother Hero doesn t notice her from the wallpaper at first but later on, when he catches her in an unguarded moment swimming in the pool, he is suddenly very, very interested But not in a genuine, honorable way He just figures he can use mother AND daughter in his sick revenge scheme Heroine senses his dishonorable intentions although she is not privy to his past connection with her mother or his revenge scheme But her instinct tells her he is up to no good and she is wary Unfortunately, she is also a sheltered, virginal young woman who for the first time has felt some romantic stirrings for this gorgeous looking bad boy The hero s dad eventually stops his son s scheme before he has a chance to get either heroine or her mom into bed by showing up and whisking his ex away Hero then tries to avenge himself on his target s daughter, by attempting to rape her, hoping that the scandal not only destroys heroine but puts a wrench in his dad s plan to marry the heroine s mom But heroine thwarts him when she jumps off the ship he has forcibly taken her to and into the Mediterranean Sea, where she would surely eventually drown before reaching shore Her would be rapist, in a short lived bout of remorse, or maybe because he wouldn t want to be arrested for homicide, ends up rescuing her and putting her to shore safely.Like I said, he is a sick fuck and he never apologized, let alone groveled at her feet for what he tried to do to her, not then, not weeks later when he ran into her at their parents wedding, nor five years later when they coincidentally meet again in London.The coincidence thing was another thing that bothered me CL might have saved the hero for me if at least, like many HPlandia heroes, he had planned and contrived their accidental meeting or shown any effort made to grovel and woo her, or show that he is a different person now, worthy of forgiveness and loving But he was just as much of a rude, thoughtless, arrogant ass the second time around I think him wooing heroine away from her fiance was a game and ego gratification for him for the one that got away I never felt like he cared, especially when the heroine then catches him in his hotel room with HER MOM In his bedroom Sick fuck I told you.By that time, I had no interest in his cock and bull story about why HER MOM just happened to be there nor could I believe my eyes when a couple of baskets of red roses sent to heroine s flat convinced her to take him back.The heroine has gotten her HEA at the conclusion but at what cost As a reader, I neither forgave nor liked the guy she ended up with They both had similar childhoods, neglected and hurt by selfish monster parents But while she grew out of this dung heap into a sensitive, beautiful flower, he came out as gnarled and twisted as his creators He made her suffer so badly and I never felt that he redeemed himself The heroine was so hopelessly brainwashed all her life to take abuse, betrayal and neglect from everyone around her, that she just succumbed I felt extremely sorry for her Even at the end, the hero leaves her alone to deal with her crazy mom, who has gone into an apoplectic jealous rage when she finds out her daughter and her stepson have eloped Heroine has to endure just the most terrible lunatic rantings and ravings of a madwoman who calls her own daughter an ugly, plain tart who got herself pregnant to trap the man who was really in love with his fifty year stepmother and other garbage While the big wuss just hid in the garden waiting for the storm to end What a man After a lifetime of being used by a vile succubus of a mother, then passed on to a vague, judgmental dad, martyr heroine got herself another undeserving lame duck to pamper and protect to the end of her life Well, I guess that made her happy but it just made me sad hide spoiler

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    This is an intense revenge story as well as a mother daughter rivalry for the same man Strap up, because Charlotte Lamb is going to take you on a hell of ride.Aging actress mother and plain 19 year old heroine are in the South of France for the mother to network and get funding for her latest project The hero is offering to finance her film, but it s all very suspicious because he is the son of one of the actress s former lovers There s a ton of backstory here but the upshot is that the seven year old hero s life was ruined when his alcoholic mother committed suicide after his father took up with the actress The actress went on to marry the heroine s father, but it didn t last long The hero is here to revenge himself on the actress by having an affair with her, publicly jilting her, and then not giving her funding The hero looks just like his father at the age he had an affair with the actress and the heroine can see her mother falling under his spell.The hero s father gets wind of this revenge idea and shows up at a party to sweep the actress back off of her feat They decide to marry Foiled, the hero decides to take revenge on the heroine who has given herself a makeover by raping her on a boat I remember reading this one when it came out I would have been 17 I was so proud when the heroine dove into the water to swim to shore that was at least two miles away rather than stay and be the hero s play toy The hero has to fish her out of the water and he takes her home, still a virgin, to not be seen again for five years.The second half of the story is the heroine growing up away from her mother and a chance meeting with the hero who regrets what happened five years before The heroine is engaged to a wimpy guy and the hero quickly dispatches him All seems to be heading toward a happy ending for the H h when the heroine s mother makes an untimely appearance Seems she can t handle a daughter who is happy or is captivating a man she still wants sigh In the actress mother, CL creates a portrait of narcissism and borderline personality disorder that is very astute The mother never atones for her sins because she is incapable of changing her ways The heroine still loves her mother but realizes she has to set up boundaries in order to survive in this case the hero and heroine move to California and vow to love their crazy parents from a distance Right after this story I read Sara Craven s Unguarded Moment, which is also about an actress who is interested in the same man as the heroine This actress just has homegrown vanity and insecurity issues and is capable of change hence the optimistic tone at the end CL is much realistic in showing what kind of damage narcissists can do and how you have to deal with them Notice how the would be rapist hero does less damage to the heroine than her mother ever could that s some complex writing for an HP

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    I know I am going to hate myself when this all over.This is another book that could easily be filed under suspense horror The slow development of horror, suspense and mood reminds me of an old David Niven Deborah Kerr horror movie set in France called Eye of the Devil.Not very many likable people in this book as in none.Joanne, the h, lives with her man eating mother Unlike most man eating mothers this one is soft, sweet and gentle Unlike most in the romance genre, she actually wants her daughter around Her daughter knows better than to try and compete with mom as she never wants to know what it would be like to lose a man to her mother.Past history on her mother She s gorgeous, known as The Face , but not really a great actress on the screen In real life she s Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA gold Before the h was born, two men dueled, yes dueled over the wench, on the beach The winner was Athos the h s father Now divorced from the mom, he faded back to England, literally and figuratively, where he married a kinder, gentler, blander woman The h never sees him as her life evolves around her mother in an island somewhere Porthos the loser in the duel left and went back to his wife and child Too bad he left as he was apparently the better man the better man as long as fidelity is not a qualifier Shades of Mommy Dearest Everything is sunshine and daisies between actress mother and daughter until the h decides to actually dress her age, 20, rather than as a young teen In response to the mother s fury over her daughter looking attractive, Mumsie s sycophantic caretaker says, Our girl is growing up, she said in her gruff voice Of course, she ll never be another Clea Thorpe, but we love her just the way she is, don t we And we re off to the races Everyone, at all costs, makes Clea s life a little easier.Ben, Porthos the dueling loser s son, arrives to kneel at the altar of mom, but seems to have an agenda Ben plays both sides of the game as he woos the h if you can call luring the h on to a boat and promising to rape her wooing Risking her life to escape, she jumps the boat and swims to shore It sounds funny, but it s not The H made it obvious that while he lusts for her, the bigger game is revenge on Mom for wrecking his life as a kid Ben s dad, the first dueling cavalier comes back, and he really is better at handling the mother so the h leaves for England The h gets engaged to Ralph Ralph s name is Ralph and he s a bean counter Need I say Ben ends up in Joanne s life again and drama and angst than you can shake a stick oozes out Wait, it gets worse, or better view spoiler The couple finally cave and are at the same place at the same time They are stuck together kind of like thunder and lightning They tell NO ONE they are getting married and have to strategically decide the best place they can live without upsetting the apple cart Why all the subterfuge Because Clea, the h s mother goes ballistic when she finds out that her daughter married Mom s younger faux swain Chewing scenery, she tells her daughter that she wanted Ben, and her daughter stole him out of spite The couple are too afraid to tell her about the potential pregnancy and leave it to the H s dad to tell her some day If they are smart that some day will be when the kid can defend him or herself for Grandma Despite leaving, the h really loves her mother and feels pity for her as she is soooo empty Clea is getting older and is slipping into, what, selfishness, psychosis Who knows, but is was creepy and well done, I mean really, well done One of the regrets mentioned in several reviews is the mother doesn t get her due I think she does She is getting older She now has second best in terms of lovers instead of the young stud, she has his older and now health challenged dad, even if was one of her first loves She has now lost her daughter as yet another worshipper at her shrine, and it is only going to get worse What really did it for me was the slow setup of the mother from a shallow, self involved but rather sweet mother into a Venus flytrap that would take down her daughter, husband and whoever just to have some new blood Awesome psychological drama hide spoiler

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    This was an intense revenge story,Ben Forris hated and wanted to destroy Clea who destroyed his mother so he has this plan hatched and starts successfully implementing it,but as he starts to flirt with Clea and gossip starts which is all a part of his plan he notices Joanna who is Clea s daughter she is quiet beautiful but in front of Clea she has always melted in the background Joanna is somewhat atracted to Ben but she knows who he is and she is confused as to what is he trying to do and has her doubts on Ben Clea.From childhood Joanna has witnessed all her mothers affairs and she has made strict rules never to be like her but as she is seeing of Ben she is falling for him but it seems he is taken by Clea Then arrives Ben s father who knows what is Ben s plan and wnats to stop it and he still loves Clea so now he wants to marry her and tie her to him so that she is not able to go away again,both spend time and are happy to get married,he is a father whom Joanna never had and is glad for themBut at the same time Ben has drawn his own cruel conclusions about Joanna Like mother like daughter and now that his father has ruined it he will take his revenge but now it will be Joanna and in this process he really hurts her badly and she goes away They meet again after 5 years in this years Joanna has completely stood on her feet is financially independent and is engaged to a man and then she meets Ben again and from there on starts again her fight to hide her feelings for Ben,but he is not going to stop this timeOverall this was a good read obviously had bitch slaps and some very cruel moments but Ben Joanna find their HEA,enjoyed this journey which started out with revenge but ended with a beautiful HEAWhat i did nt liked was Clea even after marrying Ben s father and being happy with him when she comes to know about Ben Joanna she is jealous,cold and mean to Joanna accuses her of trapping Ben and asks her point blank what was it she did seduced and got pregnant and told her how can she take Ben away from her cause he is the only man who really cared for her not her beauty.So basically for this 5 years she was with Ben s father but secretly pinning away for Ben,this left me grossed so cut 1 star

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    In my opinion, rapists belong in jail So let s save everyone one of my rants by not trying to read this

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    Before i started reading this book i read some of the reviews to this one and they actually scared me half to death They got to me so well that i actually made myself ready to some crazy thriller feeling.But godthis is the LAST time i will ever read ANY reviews before i read the books Well as usual we all know how scary Charlotte makes her bodice ripping story,mostly because her heroes are so vindictice,brutal and dangerously out of this world in their own way.The hero in this story,Ben Norris has topped the list of all Charlotte s heroes i have got to know in her books.He never slaps or rapes the heroine,as her heroes do in her other books like Disturbing Stranger , Storm Centre and Pagan Encounter that one was a classic.But oh GOD What a Dark air he has around of himself,and the scenes with him and heroine in the beginning left me with a cold feeling.The scene where he kidnappes her to make love with her GAVE ME THE CREEPS I won t say rape but forced seduction because he knew she also wanted him and his BIG FAT EGO wouldn t take having sex with someone who wouldn t feel any pleasure if ya know what i mean But i was instantly impressed by the heroine Joanne Thorpe at the way she escaped his clutches and i was like GO GIRL But through their miserable pasts and the now growing powerful love between them i was glad that Ben decided to win his woman,HUH HOW RELIEVED I WAS when she finally broke up with her fiance,he was such a bore Really love Ben s and Joanne s relationship together,especially after their marriage.Through all the turmoil of extreme emotions they felt all their life,they finally found peace in their love in each other.

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    Twist of Fate is the story of Joanne and Ben.Joanne is the daughter of famous actress Clea, and has always lived her life in the shadow of her much famous mother without any demands All is well, until the handsome stranger Ben enters their life, and Joanne realizes he is the son of Jeb, her mother s ex lover and someone who publicly had an affair with Clea despite having a wife and child.Soon Ben is seen everywhere with Clea, but he also starts pursuing Joanne, much to her excitement and chagrin Lots of bruising kisses and one rape attempt later, Joanne realizes his true intentions and once Jeb and Clea reunite, she leaves to make a life of her own..5 years later she is mature, cool and confident until Ben re enters her life and skunks over everything I didnt like anyone in this book tbh Loads of drama, angry kisses, non consensual attempts at sexual contact, maternal jealousy, OW OM drama fill this book.OK at the best.SWE Unsafe1.5 5

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    this book bothered me a lot now than it did when i first read it over 30 years ago the hero was a flat out jerk, no matter that he did have a terrible childhood, and seemed to think he deserved to bed the heroine, despite the fact that she was an innocent, so when she could have died escaping from him, he still failed to see that what he did was wrong the heroine was a bit of an enabler for her narcissistic mother.

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    Joanne was a shadow of her lovely motherEverywhere she went, Clea Thorpe was the center of attention And Joanne had been content enough living in her shadows until Ben Norris arrived at their villa in Nice.He seemed drawn to Clea, even offered to back her latest film But his motives were not as simple as they seemed The day Joanne discovered his real feelings was the day she decided she never wanted to see him again.Now, after five years, she thought she d got him out of her system Then she opened a hotel room door to suddenly find herself right back at square one

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    This is the best she has written though it s not my favorite I tend not to like things that makes me feel too much it becomes painful lol Anyway Twist of Fate is depressing that about sums it up You get the HEA but stillCharlotte Lamb showed her excellent writing skills and character development in this book, it s greatly written and boldly told.

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