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Thoughts Are Things Prentice Mulford Was One Of The Leaders Of The New Thought Movement Mulford S Book, Thoughts Are Things Served As A Guide To This New Belief System And Is Still Popular Today Thoughts Are Things Will Help You Use The Power Of Your Thoughts To Improve Your Life And To Bring Yourself Peace Of Mind Learn How To Think In A Way That Will Help You Succeed And Make You Happier In Every Aspect Of Your Life The Inclusion Of Mulford S Brilliant Essay The God In Yourself Makes This The Definitive Edition

Prentice Mulford was a literary humorist and a co founder of the New Thought movement.

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  • Thoughts Are Things
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  • 11 September 2019

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    Have you ever thought about some of your BEST 1.00 purchases 99 cents to be exact My dollar spent and 2.5 hours of my time reading this book.was a valuable purchase I already shared my thoughts with a friend this morning even debated about writing a review but let me give it a try I felt energized from reading Thoughts Are Things It was a great antidote reading about our material mind vs the Spiritual mind , after recently reading about a man s mind that was suicidal, in Halibut on the Moon , by David Vann.I told my friend Sharon, thank you Sharon , this morning how this recharged my inner strength and power It s not that I have never heard some of the concepts in the book.but by being presently engaged with these enlightened ways of being, and thinking, I felt myself RISE UP I bet you want to say, you go girl.haha I became clear I DON T want to spend the remainder of my life feeling as if age old age sickness and slumpy negative moods are inevitable It s just NO FUN I was reminded AGAIN.about the power of our words and the difference we CAN make to experience the gifts of life My muscles instantly felt stronger and my chubby fatty spots on my body melted away I know everyone would read this book if their fatty spots instantly melted away DON T MIND ME.I m in a goofy mood ITS THIS BOOKS FAULT Getting serous now ha The book talked our our two selves Our lower self can only live and exist as men and women have lived and existed before us The higher self craves freedom from the limitations, pain and disabilities of the body Much is said about our lower and higher selves..and as we follow along it s as though our WHATEVER MIND WE ARE LISTENING WITH , is really getting it.It all sounds abstract, yet at the same time we understand, are getting it We are like a magnet to THIS INVISIBLE SOMETHING WE JUST KNOW It s EMPOWERING The author talked about the material mind and how it judges entirely from a material or physical standpoint The physical mind sees the body as an instrument for the mind or real self to use in dealing with material things The material mind becomes sad when we think about our body decaying The spiritual mind attaches little importance to decay knowing in such decay that spirit or the moving force of all things is simply taking the dead body or the rotten tree to pieces, and that it will build them up again as before temporarily into some other new physical form of life and beauty.The author has a lot to say about raising children ways they come into the world with their own self He talks about older parents who are supported by their adult children He says that if the adult child is merely giving from a sense of duty, the parents have their spirits wounded and starved because they feel they are endured encumbrances Unless real love goes with the gift or service everyone is suffering Genuine heartfelt love is literally life giving.Prentice Mulford first book I ve read by him , offers valuable powerful motivating advice for lack of a better contemplate This is not a foo foo touchy feely book Very sound insightful wisdom Mulford has A LOT to say about all the important things in life.a child s mind, sickness, uncompromising opposition, our thoughts and how to manage them, thinking negatively, blame, aging, happiness, the protesting mind, suffering, success, worries, hindering thoughts, moderation, eating moderately because great pleasure comes from moderation, gentleness, kindness, loss, grief, death, healing, and love.AND MORE Mulford says, we need to be careful of what we think and talk Because thoughts runs in currents as real as those of air and water Of what we think and talk we attract to us a current of thought This acts on your mind or body for good and ill.He also talks about our relationship to nature Trees are always giving out an element of life as necessary to man as the air he breaths Communion with nature is something far above a sentiment It is a literal joining with the Infinite Being The element received in such joining and acting on mind and body, is as real as anything we see or feel LOTS MORE ABOUT HOW CRUCIAL NATURE IS TO OUR WELLNESS This small book is PACKED FILLED WITH VALUE A READER COULD HIGHLIGHT SOMETHING ON EVERY PAGETHIS WOULD MAKE AN INTERESTING BOOK CLUB DISCUSSION It would bring out personal conversations of everyone s life journey I think most us us DO KNOW when we are being self damaging too critical of thyself or another We also DO KNOW when we CHOOSE TO RISE OURSELVES HIGHER.but I m not so sure we are confident in re directing negative thoughts easily HECK.I COULD write pages on this book It was written in 1908 A man ahead of his time Buy your own copy if interested It s a quiet gift for YOURSELVESNobody calls you Dear Cheryl Strayed did so lovingly in Tiny Beautiful Things.but if you liked that book I loved it then there is a great chance you ll like this too.I FEEL KINDA POWERFUL TODAY I m also satisfied with daily accomplishments exercise, diet, work chores done, inner voice is happy.even time for an hour soak with my Audiobook companion. This book contributed to my well being Wishing wellness and joy to all my friends and to those who aren t

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    Why, human thought is a real element, a real force, darting out like electricity from every man s or woman s mind, injuring or relieving, killing or curing, building fortunes or tearing them down, working for good or ill, every moment, night or day, asleep or awake, carving, moulding and shaping people s faces and making them ugly or agreeable I read and re read each chapter of this book There s a great deal of wisdom in it and I love Mulford s writing style and train of thought I shall definitely be reading it again at some point it needs to be read with an open mind.

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    Timeless, a must read This book will forever change the way you think about life

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    There are some moments where this work dates itself especially when Mulford talks about the powers or spiritual practices of the Indian or Chinaman He was referring to those folks in the vernacular of his day, but I still found some of those passages cringe worthy.If you can get beyond that, he has some solid ideas and practices in this work Read it if you want to know about the power of thought and belief from one of the founders of the New Thought movement.

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    This is an intriguing book, first published in 1889, that puts other Law of Attraction style books of today in the shade This book is not a fast read for you find yourself pondering awhile about what you just read not just because it strikes a chord, but also because the writing style is fascinating too.

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    Thoughts are Things was written in 1889 and having read it, I m totally amazed by it Yes, the writing is old fashioned, but once you get past that and into the meat of it, you will find food for the mind and spirit An amazing read.

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    Thoughts are things is a rare find It was defiantly thought provoking and powerful Every chapter hit home I found it so interesting, ahead of its time and extremely well written Loved it, I gave me a new perspective on a few concepts Looking forward to reading it again.

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    Very captivating for a book published in 1889 Books like The Secret and E squared are spinoffs of this book Reading it with the Patanjali yoga sutra ,it s completely astounding to see the concept of duality well defined as the mind of the body and mind of the spirit While in Hindu scriptures the aim is towards transcending dualism towards oneness, this book explains the material mind as the slave of spiritual mind Interesting read.

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    read it 2 yrs ago and as i was going through some changes and looking for things and thinking alot How nice when just the right things show up at just the right time.

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    Great book about the power of thoughts written in the late 1870 s and is a precursor to The Secret and all that bull Prentice Mulford is right on, instead of talking about the law of attraction and how to become rich he talks about spiritual transmutation Read it.

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