Though My Heart Is Torn (The Cadence of Grace, #2)

Though My Heart Is Torn (The Cadence of Grace, #2) Wow I haven t had a book affect me like this in a very long time It s beautiful It s heartbreaking You will be drawn in and captivated by the characters and their struggles Lonnie and Gideon have tough choices to make and a hard road ahead, but God will see them through I don t want to give anything away, so I can t give details, but this second book in the Cadence of Grace series will capture your heart and not let go Looking forward to book 3 Enjoy. Were you ever so much a part of someone s story in life that you felt their every heartache deeply, rejoiced with their every victory greatly Joanne Bischof takes us to this level of intimacy with her characters In Be Still My Soul book 1 of the series , my heart became entwined with the story of Lonnie and Gideon When I picked up Though My Heart Is Torn, after months of anticipation for its release, I was immediately plunged right back into that deep connection with the characters And oh, what a story it is Both Lonnie and Gideon find themselves in the last place they d ever imagined they d be after having come so far in book 1 and without tiny possible spoiler alert even the comfort of one another I longed for them to find their way back to each other, but as the story unfolded I began to see what Bischof had in store for her characters even through their darkest hours, when all else had seemingly fallen apart, God never left them They each begin to glimpse this too, and in this raw and tender telling of their tale, I began to yearn most of all for them to grasp onto the comfort found in their Lord And they did In the most realistic, tender journey, they each rose up to meet the road they found themselves on Your heart will ache as you read this, your joy will swell with pride for them at the hard won moments of sacrifice and honor And when you close the cover, you ll find yourself thinking How in the world am I supposed to wait until October for the rest of their story Having put his sins behind him, Gideon O Riley is eager to follow a new path with his wife Lonnie and their son Jacob, but finds that he s left one detail undone Cassie Allan claims to have been legally married to himto still be married, in fact But where does that leave Lonnie and the baby Reminiscent of the Jacob, Rachel and Leah story of the Bible, Gideon is caught between two women and the legal consequences seem to conflict with what is right morally and emotionally Because the outcome was impossible to guess and I tried, believe me, I tried I wanted to skim pages to get to the conclusion, but I couldn t help but linger over the rich language and the exquisite descriptions Bischof writes beautifully and expertly places her characters in an impossible situation What I love even is that I wasn t sure what I wanted to happen She avoids the clich by making her most of the characters sympathetic victims of the circumstances or of their previous decisions It would ve been easy to create a villain, but Bischof lets readers care about everyone in the story Truly, my heart was torn, too.And it s not over I m doing my best to beg, borrow or steal a peek at Bischof s third book in the series before October That s just too long to wait. There s only one thing I could possibly say that I didn t like about this book the fact that I have to wait for the next in the series Just as she did in her first, author Joanne Bischof completely swept me away in this book First of all, the storyworld is fabulous I felt like I was in the Appalachians the whole time I was reading Lonnie and Gideon are as sympathetic as ever and it was fun to see them mature further in this book, even as they face what seems like a hopeless situation Joanne Bischof has such a wonderful writing voice, as well I also enjoyed the introduction of a third POV character Cassie Cassie in this book reminded me of Gideon in the first book Watching her change and grow as a person was one of my favorite parts of the story.I m definitely antsy for the third book in this series An Emotionally Rich Story of Hearts Torn AsunderGrab some tissues, because you ll need them Sweet Lonnie and wayward Gideon O Riley, an unlikely couple forced into a shotgun wedding in the first book of Joanne Bischof s Cadence of Grace series, Be Still My Soul, endured hardships and heartache Just when they ve grown to love one another, his past threatens to tear them apart Cassie Allan claims Gideon is married to her, requiring Lonnie and him to travel back to Rocky Knob, where they must face a heart wrenching truth that tests their love as well as their faith.Having witnessed the journey this couple took in the first book, I ached as I watched them meet a challenge far greater than anything that had come their way before I hurt not only for Lonnie and Gideon but also for those who care for them, including several kindly characters who long to spare them pain As a fan of romances with happy endings, Bischof s moving tale of a couple pulled apart by circumstances beyond their control moved me to tears many times While the story starts off slowly, the pace picks up when the couple is confronted with Cassie s claim, resulting in an emotional read that will keep readers turning pages as they hope for a miracle The end of this book wasn t what I expected and left me wanting I ll be reading the third book in the series, that s for sure.I have three suggestions for those eager to enjoy this story 1 Read the first book in the series, Be Still My Soul, so you get to know Lonnie and Gideon and understand why their love is so precious 2 Before you begin reading Though My Heart is Torn, be sure you have tissues handy 3 Be prepared to buy book three, My Hope is Found release date October 2013 so you can find out what happens next, because you ll want to know I guarantee it. Though My Heart is Torn, Book 2 in the Cadence of Grace series, does a wonderful job of carrying the series forward no sagging in the middle here The characters are written with such raw emotion and they are so real that if you told me they were based on true life, I would believe you The prose is lyrical and beautiful and the central theme that God s grace for us persists despite our failings and sins remains consistent all the way through If a reader starts the series with this book, the author gives just enough details to get you up to date, but this book will so much richer if you start with Book 1 Both books are amazing portraits of hope and how it can survive no matter what pain or trial someone might experience I highly recommend these books. I said it about Joanne s first book in which we first meet Lonnie and Gideon and I ll say it about this one, too This was such a beautiful book The best part was receiving it in the mail and diving right into the first page Right from the start, you can tell something big is about to go down Something s going to happen that is going to shatter the shaky peace achieved at the end of book one no spoilers for those of you who haven t yet read Be Still My Soul And does it ever It was partly my fault for not flipping the book over and reading the back cover, but I had no idea what was going to happen and then it did and wow, just wow.Hope that wasn t too confusing Just know it s an excellent, intriguing, good grief, how is this going to work out beginning.Then it continues Hearts are broken, lives are changed, separation ensues, hurtful words are spokenit s a heartrending journey that is riveting in its intensity.What I Didn t Like As MuchThe ending Meaning it ended I milked the ending of this book I can t remember ever having done that before, but I clung to the excuse of school tugging at my hours and made the last three pages last two days Book Three can t come fast enough for me Why I Recommend This BookThough My Heart is Torn is lovely and lyrical I think what I love best about Joanne s writing is that she conveys so much with just a whisper of a movement or an echo of a heart s thought I realized that halfway through this book She doesn t overdo emotion and that is what makes you feel.If you love historical fiction that offers a glimpse into a forgotten time when life was simpler and at the same time so moving, pick up the Cadence of Grace series. The second book in the Cadence of Grace series is a real page turner To say this is an emotional story is an understatement The continuation of Lonnie and Gideon s story is very heart wrenching, suspenseful, and so hard to put down At the end of the first book, Be Still My Soul , this young couple have finally seemed to find their way in love and settled down to really begin living their life with their new son Now, in this book, something from Gideon s past comes back to shatter their peace and threatens to destroy what they have begun to build together The author, Joanne Bischof, writes in such a way as to show the complete humanity of all her characters She also allows the reader to see how God can work in even such a seemingly impossible situation, to bring about His perfect will I know you will love this book as much as I did Honestly it s a five star book The writing is stunning as is always the case So why four stars Emotional trauma deductions. Gideon O Riley Has Two Wives But He Doesn T Know ItSettling Into A Simple Life In The Majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, Lonnie And Gideon O Riley Have Finally Found Happiness After The Rocky Start To Their Marriage The Roguish Bluegrass Musician Has Fallen In Love With His Gentle Wife And The God She Serves, And Lonnie Rests Secure In His Tenderness For Her And Their Young Son Then A Heartless Ruse Interrupts Their Peace, Bringing Them Back To Rocky Knob And Forces Them To Face The Claims Of Cassie Allan, A Woman Who Says She Is Gideon S Rightful WifeAs Gideon Wades Into The Depths Of His Past Choices, Lonnie Is Stunned By The Revelations She Has No Choice But To Navigate This New Path, Knowing That Surviving The Devastating Blow Will Take Every Ounce Of Strength She HasWhile Gideon S Guilt And His Bitterness Towards Cassie Threaten To Burn Up His Fledgling Faith, Lonnie Wrestles To Find The Courage To Trust The God Who Brought Them Together In The First Place Will Their Hard Earned Love Be Able To Conquer All Lonnie Only Wanted Her Husband S Love Now That He Belongs To Another, Can She Surrender Gideon To A God With A Bigger Plan

An ECPA Christy Award winner and an ACFW Carol Award winner, Joanne Bischof writes deeply layered fiction that tugs at the reader s heartstrings Joanne s 2016 novel, THE LADY AND THE LIONHEART, received an extraordinary 5 Star TOP PICK from Romantic Times Book Reviews among other critical acclaim Joanne has a long standing passion for romance and a budding fervor for theology She is and m

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