Thor: Ages of Thunder

Thor: Ages of ThunderAs The Mighty Thor Reclaims His Rightful Spot In The Marvel Pantheon, We Join Matt Fraction And Patrick Zircher As They Examine The Triumphs And Tragedies That Have Befallen The God Of Thunder Across The Eons As All The Things He Holds Dearest Are Threatened By Unimaginable Forces Of Evil, Thor Must Rise Up, Again And Again, To Hold The Line Against Terror And Chaos As Only The God Of Thunder Can Plus, For Countless Millennia, Over And Again Has The Mighty, Thunderous, Impetuous, Petulant God Thor Raged And Rebelled Against The Leadership Of His Father And Lord, The All Powerful Odin The Capricious Tantrums Of A Selfish Titan, Spoiled By His Own Power But ODIN HAS HAD ENOUGH And So As The Cycle Is Repeated In All Ages, Thor Must Ultimately Face The Fullest Wrath Of The Enraged All FatherCollecting Thor Ages Of Thunder, Reign Of Blood, Man Of War, God Sized Special If you want young douche Thor done right read Thor God of Thunder This series is super OOC for everyone, not surprising seeing that it s Fraction He s a great writer, but he s not the man for Thor and Asgardians His run on the Mighty Thor still gives me a headache because it was such a mess and it ruined so much history and what happened in JMS s run I m getting off topic, but my point is that he can t write Thor. Ages of Thunder collects what were once four single issues The first three, Ages of Fire, Reign of Blood, and Man of War, retell Norse mythology with the Marvel version of the gods Mostly, it s a series of short myths that all feature Thor, and end with Thor s banishment to Midgard I have to say, Fraction really nailed the style of a teller of epic tales here One could very easily read these issues over a flagon of mead, pausing to quaff at key moments Granted, I m not as familiar with the Norse pantheon as I am with the Greek, but I really like what was done here.The final issue, the God Sized Special heh doesn t connect at all And you would really need to read at least Straczynski s Thor, Vol 1 to understand why, amongst other things, Loki is now a woman It s a decent enough story, but it really pales in comparison to what went before Besides, theconventional storytelling style makes for a bit of a jarring contrast My guess is that Marvel really wanted to collect Ages of Fire, Reign of Blood, and Man of War, but were leery about putting out a three issue collection I have to say, I m really glad we got those in a trade, so I can t complain about the extra story. This is a good collection of 4 Thor stories by Matt Fraction You can see why they d put him on the main ongoing book after this, it s just a shame his run on the main book was never quite as good as anything here A couple of stories about Thor and his life in Asgard Really good graphics for most parts Enjoyed the stories. Awesome That s it It s A W S O M E Fraction captured the language of the gods Beautiful story telling I don t want to NOT mention the illustrations and their magnificence I changes from story to story, but still compliments the writing. I must admit that I didn t quite enjoy either the story or the characters in this one, so I most likely won t continue on with the series. 2.5 stars A solid well told series of one shots All except the special Seemed so out of place All in all a good book. Longo sem deprecia es e p gina conclusas a parte da Deusa do gelo foi uma demonstra o aparte de todo titulo , contudo a mehor HQ DO ANO.

Alex Pham Los Angeles Times.

➠ Thor: Ages of Thunder Ebook ➦ Author Matt Fraction –
  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Thor: Ages of Thunder
  • Matt Fraction
  • English
  • 01 October 2018
  • 9780785135678

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