Thor: God of Thunder, Volume 2: Godbomb

Thor: God of Thunder, Volume 2: GodbombAnd here is the conclusion of the godbomb story arc Good storytelling but a little too neat in the way it was wrapped up The art is phenomenal and Ribic has quickly become one of my favourite artists This is definitely worth your time if you want a good Thor story. Yea and I did look upon thy second tome of Thor, God Of Blunders, and I was not well pleased to see logic and common sense has forsaken this story and Scribe Aaron is determinedly taking thine piss Ok I m gonna stop talking like that because I can t keep it up But yeah, this one isn t good I did read the first volume and had numerous problems with it, but fans of the series told me, no dude, you re only seeing half of the complete story you ve got to read the second volume to get how awefrikkinsome it is So I did I m an open minded guy always on the lookout for awefrikkinsome comics but unfortunately no, it wasn t better In fact it was worse because it made less sense than the first volume The story is a madman called Gorr is killing gods left and right giving him the name The God Butcher He s built a bomb to kill all of the gods and is determined to set it off, destroying every single god that ever was or will be Only Thor can stop him all three of him, past, present and future The stuff I liked as you might expect from having three different Thors showing up, time travel is a factor, and I hate time travel, but Thor does acknowledge the inherent stupidity of time travel as a storytelling concept I also liked that present Thor and future Thor got drunk and drove their space boat galactic drunk driving which was funny I liked Thor s granddaughters who re crazy and cool and should get their own series, plus Thor swinging two Mjolnirs is all kinds of awesome And lastly, I liked the godbomb itself The godbomb, when detonated, will explode through time killing every god who ever lived or ever will While it s so out there conceptually, nuts and over the top, I like that about it In a story about Thor fighting a time travelling monster through time and space, this doomsday device should be as weird and crazy as it is it s a Marvel comic after all It s like Jim Starlin himself came up with it That s the good stuff and it s mostly little things The bad stuff is to do with the bigger aspects of the story Oh, and fair warning spoilers ahead One of my problems with the first book was that Gorr Gorr gore, and he s a butcher, geddit didn t have a motivation for doing what he was doing Well, in the first chapter of this book we see it Why would a man want to kill a god It s because he believed in them and they didn t answer his prayers and let his family die In other words, bad things happening to good people Oh, boo hoo Can you getclich d How many times have we seen a man lose his faith and turn against it Like Jason Aaron s version of Thanos origin, recasting him with a serial killer mindset, it s unoriginal and deeply unimaginative For some reason there s a lot of Christian imagery in a book without any Christians I get that many people in real life believe in the Judeo Christian god, but we don t see him or any Earth deity besides Thor in the story so why all the Christian imagery Gorr crucifies gods left and right Jesus death , he allows his god slaves to rest on the seventh day the Creation myth , Thor dies and is resurrected three days later like Jesus , and there are three Thors the Holy Trinity It s a contrived idea because these things would mean something to many readers but nothing at all to any of the characters in the book why is Gorr so enamoured with the Christian religion above all others We don t know, but we do know he s obsessed with Thor so why don t we see any references to the Viking religion What is a god Is it just a being with superpowers like Thor who is worshipped by lesser beings are the X Men gods Why do gods need to be worshipped Why is this concept of a god universal to billions of star systems in the universe This is inherently a humanistic concept isn t it And why is there a God of Bombs Are bombs sentient Do they worship Shadrak, the God of Bombs Did he give himself the title What makes him a god What makes any of them a god There must be varying levels of powers, so Thor is obviously a god to humans but what about other alien races to whom he might be less powerful and therefore not a god In a story where there are literally a billion gods, are they all of the same power level as Thor If not, why are they considered gods If Gorr is able to time travel whenever he wants to, why not travel to when Thor was a baby and kill him then Why wait until there are three adult, fully powered Thors to fight and defeat him The god slaves have somehow secretly built their own bomb without Gorr knowing about it When past Thor throws this bomb at the Godbomb, he suddenly appears on the ship with present and future Thor how But probably the most damning plot hole in the book is at the end when present Thor is killed but brought back to life by future Thor This is why I hate time travel stories if present Thor died, future Thor would ve died as well, right They re the same person after all Future Thor should ve disappeared rather than stuck around for three days, giving him the time to raise present Thor back from the dead I really tried with this story but I honestly don t know what people love about this comic Verily it is terribly overrated Somewhere At The End Of The Time, All The Gods Of The Universe Are Enslaved, Working To Build A Machine That Will Forever Change The Face Of Creation What Is The Godbomb And What Can Thor Do To Stop It As Gorr S Master Plan Continues To Unfold, All Hope For Divinity Is Lost As Thor Finds Himself In Chains Alongside His Fellow Gods As The Dark Origin Of Gorr Is Revealed, Along With The Truth Behind His Bloody Quest To Butcher The Gods, Three Time Bending Thors Unite To Lead An Army Of Slave Gods In The Fight To Save All Of Divinity But Will It All Be For Naught As The Clock Ticks Down And The Massive Godbomb Is Triggered At Last And After The Dust Clears, What Will Be Left Of The Universe S Divinity Collecting Thor God Of Thunder Thorhear my prayer Hear the prayer of Odin Do not fall, my son Be the savior of us all Be the God of GodsThe story of the God Butcher concludes, and what a journey it has been.The first issue in this volume gives the readers a glimpse of the man that Gorr once was It justifies his actions to a little extent, but as the story progresses, the readers start seeing the madness in him.This story is about the haughty Thor, the mature Thor and the All Father Thor all coming together to stop Gorr, before he wipes out all the gods from space and time The dialogue exchanges among the three are funny and also sad at times The Thor from the future looks at his younger selves and thinks about the failures they are about to face and the losses they are about to suffer In one panel he asks the Thor from the present to be a better Thor than he ever was These moments make the book all theenjoyable Gorr s origin story is drawn by Butch Guice, while the remaining issues are drawn by the inimitable Esad Ribic. The second volume collection of the continuing God Butcher epic murder mystery is Godbomb which revealed the accumulation of all of the villain Gorr s plan from the beginning ever since he started his personal crusade of wiping out every living god in existence Comprised of issues 6 11, Godbomb has all the essential elements to increase the stakes and fairly conclude this arc, and some of its important parts did manage to deliver a solid ending but there are details across said issues that make less sense once examinedcritically Still, this volume is what the first one s set up was eluding to it was brisk and exciting filled with great action sequences and small crowning moments of awesome among the three versions of Thor and their roles in the story.The sixth issue focused primarily on Gorr s origin which was emotional and believable enough to accept He was an ordinary being from a harsh environment who lost his wife and unborn child to unfortunate circumstances Even with the worsening conditions, his wife remained faithful to the higher powers, often lecturing and assuring him that the gods are looking after them Already an aspiring atheist, Gorr questions her religious allegiance and after her tragic death, he began to outwardly and passionately despise the concept of gods in general and so began his lifelong hunt to exterminate every kind of deity across the universe.The one god who struggled to find a way to prevent this is Thor and all his past, present and future incarnations gathered together because each version feels responsible about Gorr in some way, and the strength in their number should be enough to overcome the god butcher s ill intentioned and widespread hate mongering disease All three of them though initially uncomfortable with each other arrive to a common goal to destroy Gorr and his malicious plan to render all godly creation null with this bomb he created as reinforced by the surviving gods he had managed to acquire and enslave for his own personal use His personal army, the Black Berserkers, meanwhile, face the Thors from every counter point holding them back until the climatic confrontation with Gorr himself Thor God of Thunder is spectacular because it was every bit of fantasy and mythology fiction that I have always wanted from a character I am slowly and steadily growing to love and look forward to The story was uncanny and unlike anything I would have believed is possible to read in a Thor title It was a haunting tale about the myth of gods and why people need to believe in a higher power as well as what happens when that faith is taken for granted and betrayed such as the case with Gorr I didn t personally connect with him as a villain but I thought he served his role well enough for the plot The three Thors fighting alongside together was always a hoot and I especially love future Thor the most I like glimpsing into the possible king and leader Thor will become someday He was a prissy, cranky old man, sure, but you can tell he knows what he s doing and why he must do it The overconfident version of him as the past Thor was oddly endearing, though, and present Thor was possibly the Thor I m most closest to because I do believe he s in the middle of an important transition at this point, and seeing him interact with his past and future is rather intriguing.I found this moment between him and past Thor moving It s an eye opening moment for both Thors Young Thor aspires to be just like Odin, his father, but the future Thor invalidates this and tells him for his own good that he will never be the son Odin wants him to be and there s nothing to fear or be ashamed of in understanding this truth Future Thor is also admitting this for himself for so long, whatever kind of man he shaped himself to be was dictated by what his father wants but not this time, and he hopes his past version would fare better by imparting him this knowledge Perhaps Thor needs to come to terms with this by himself though.I m so excited to read the next issues for this series there are 25 of these by now Overall, The God Butcher and Godbomb are worthy installments that you should pick up if you like mythology stories that feature the Mighty Thor Somehow, his characterization for this series needswork but I m confident that both Aaron and Ribic s collaboration will haveways to move forward and improve.RECOMMENDED 9 10DO READ MY REVIEWS AT Gorr is an asshole, but a believable one Forged in the crucible of cruel fate, he makes enough sense that this story isn t just an excuse for Thor to man up Speaking of which, I ve always wondered at these superhero physiques especially the divine ones Does Thor lift He s got those ridiculous garden hose veins on his bicep, like what you see when Hugh Jackman went nuts getting cut for the last Wolverine movie Compare Jackman only got that way through some extreme jacking and day before shooting dehydration So it makes me wonder does the Odinson do boulder curls, then go on an epic whiskey binge the day before battle It s hard to believe he needs to work out, but then if he has superhuman strength because he s a god, why couldn t he just be a scrawny pencil neck and still pull the same stunts Wouldn t that be evenawesome Thor, God of Adrenaline Car Lifting Forget that though, have you seen Thor s granddaughters The Goddesses of Thunder Now that is a trio worth trading in the Warriors Three, Power Pack and even numerically challenged the Sinister Six not to mention the Holy Trinity of DC This is a story that reaches for the epic and with a few hot flickers of humour to boost it, becomes one of the great stories that balances the bombast with the profound narrative and a respect for the reader I m not used to reading in Thor I m hairy eyeballin you, JMS.That was worth every brain cell I just sacrificed on the insane altar to Jason Aaron I have blessed with my bodily fluids. Guess I m all alone here, but I just didn t think Godbomb was all that great.I m giving it 3 stars instead of 2, because I can t get my hands on Thor God of Thunder 1so maybe I just didn t understand what was going on in this volume Maybe volume 1 was stuffed full of awesomesauce Also, I m not a fan of Thor in Asgaard I like the Avenger version, not the one where he does all the viking stuff So three time traveling Thors try to stop an alien who is trying to kill all of the gods I found that to be a bit confusing I mean, how are they meeting up Does one of them have a time travel machine or does one of them have special powers that lets them do that Again, maybe this is because I didn t read volume 1, so I m trying not to be an ass about it.Still.I thought the concept of a god of bombs was dorky Sorry, but I giggled instead of gasped when the little green god finally told the librarian guy who he was But since this volume is named Godbomb, I guess I should have expected that there would be a, um, god of bombs.The art was very cool in spots, but at times it felt a little too watery for my taste I guess that was the point, but I didn t love it.Not my cuppa, but most of the other reviewer s loved it. Wow Just wow This is my new favorite series And that s the first time I ve said that about Marvel, coming from a diehard DC boy Jason Aaron with Esad Ribic s stunning illustrations has created a mind blowing and balanced tale of epic violence and existential contemplation Gorr s tale and motivation is a classic revenge story but new with a twist of deep existentialism That fury that we as humans or creatures, in his case have for a higher power when we suffer tragedy As if we are unrightfully being punished Which is something that I think most people myself included feel at some point in their lives That s true in the case of Gorr Loss after loss on a tidally locked planet of arid heat and total sunlight He seeks revenge on the gods that abandoned him, instilling us with sympathy for a murderous and tragic creature Volstagg the Valiant makes a great point that, for all of Gorr s hatred for gods, he himself has become a god that punishes and destroys And we see just how hypocritical that is in the end. Gorr, the God Butcher, builds a bomb designed to travel back in time and kill all gods The present day Thor and the All Father Thor united to stop him But can two, or even three, thunder gods be enough Wow The three Thors vs the Butcher of Gods It reminded me quite a bit of the Elric tales when multiple versions of the Eternal Champion would team up against some huge menace Whereas the first volume was mostly setup, this one was all payoff, like a porno that s entirely money shots.Aaron brought forth his A game in this one It was everything a cosmic fantasy tale should be The three Thors kicked serious ass and ended the menace of the God Butcher The carnage level was pretty huge but it seems to me that a story headlined by so many gods should feature wholesale destruction.The interplay between the three Thor incarnations was worth the read alone I like that this tale is how the young Thor finally become worthy to wield Mjolnir Old Thor drops some tantalizing hints of things to come, hopefully during Jason Aaron s run.Four out of five hammers. The origin of Gorr the God Butcher is revealed His family died trusting in gods that couldn t be bothered to help So Gorr has devised his own plan with the help of time travel He created a godbomb to annihilate every god who ever has and ever will live across all time in an instant.The only thing left standing in his way are three Thors from different time periods.Godbomb was a good conclusion to the tale of Gorr the God Butcher It s easy to see why Gorr turned out to be the way he was and how he grew to despise all the gods He s truly sympathetic because all he sought was help and what he got in return was seeing his entire family including his children die in front of him.The three Thors were interesting I really wanted to seeof the All Father Thor because he s the character who has been seen the least among the three.Godbomb had some solid writing and I definitely enjoyed it.

Jason Aaron grew up in a small town in Alabama His cousin, Gustav Hasford, who wrote the semi autobiographical novel The Short Timers, on which the feature film Full Metal Jacket was based, was a large influence on Aaron Aaron decided he wanted to write comics as a child, and though his father was skeptical when Aaron informed him of this aspiration, his mother took Aaron to drug stores, where h

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