The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love (English Edition)

The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love (English Edition)A Companion To We Real Cool Black Men And Masculinity, Hooks S Rd Book For Adults Is A Fierce, Quirky Denunciation Of Patriarchy And A Clarion Call To The Uncommitted To Align Themselves With Visionary Radical Feminism InSlim Chapters, Hooks Examines The Stages Of A Man S Life, From Babyhood Through Boyhood To The Teenage Years Into Manhood She Finds Patriarchy Plays A Role In Most Socio Sexual Ills, As Boys And Men Seek Alienating Sex As A Substitute For The Love That Often Seems, Because Of Demands On Families That Destroy Them Or Keep Them From Forming, Unavailable To Men Sex, Then, Becomes For Most Men A Way Of Self Solacing It Is Not About Connecting To Someone Else But Rather Releasing Their Own Pain The Men Who Can Lead Us Out Of Patriarchal Chains Are Men Of Color From Poor Countries, Men Who Live In Exile, Men Who Have Been Victimized By Imperialist Male Violence The Dalai Lama For Example While She Calls Will Smith Films Such As Men In Black And Independence Day Tools Of The Patriarchy, Hooks Saves Her Big Guns For JK Rowling S Harry Potter Books, Scornfully Exposing Them As Foisted On Us By Rich White American Men And No Than Updated Version Of The British Schoolboy Books That Fueled The Fantasies Of Victoria S Empire A Better Book To Buy For Children, She Suggests, Might Be Her Own Recent Be Bop Buzz Hooks Is Always Readable, But Her Takes On Mass Media Here Have A Retro Ring To Them Copyright Reed Business Information, A Division Of Reed Elsevier Inc All Rights ReservedPublishers Weekly A Fiercedenunciation Of Patriarchy And A Clarion Call To The Uncommitted To Align Themselves With Visionary Radical FeminismGeorge Weinberg Author Of Why Men Won T Commit A Compelling Study Of The Culture S Unfairness To Men This is one of the most important books I ve read, and I ve read a lot bell is so right that patriarchy has no gender, and I don t see how we fix things until we get this concept in it s full depth and with all it s implications What astounds me is the extraordinary generosity of this book as a white man from New England, this black woman from Kentucky, who s background could not bedifferent from my own, she has taught me a very great deal about the core issues in my life, family, and culture I would also suggest reading Carol Gilligan s The Birth of Pleasure, which covers similar ground from a different angle and is just as good. This is reallyof a feminist ramble than anything else Hooks doesn t really construct arguments or cite anything but anecdotal sources In most of the book, she constructs images of truly brutish men, then contrasts this against her vision of feminism As a man, reading this is kind of a beating, but I guess men weren t really her intended audience for this book If you want to learn about masculinity either spiritually, historically, or in any other sense, I don t recommend this book Even if you want to learn about feminism or the feminist take on masculinity, I would suggest seeking somethingcoherent. Growing up in a conservative, religious environment, I was often taught to stay away from feminist books, with the caution that they would poison my mind Contrary to that advice, I have found nothingliberating than to read books that validate my experience, and interrupt the silent hatred that has bubbled in my being as a result of witnessing the patriarchy at play.In The Will to Change, bell hooks isn t spreading concepts of feminism through a binary lens of men vs women She claims that believing in a concept of male supremacy is as erroneous as spreading ideas of female supremacy In order for the feminist movement to progress, we need men Period She posits that women need a space to process the experiences of living in a patriarchal society, and that we need a space to acknowledge and expose the feelings that arose and still linger as a result of said experiences We need to engage in our own healing so we can form alliances with men Patriarchy has no gender, y all We are all victims, and must work together to dismantle it.

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love (English Edition) , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés bell hooks auteurs dans le monde.

[LIVRES] ✮ The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love (English Edition) Par bell hooks –
  • Broché
  • 208 pages
  • The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love (English Edition)
  • bell hooks
  • Anglais
  • 13 June 2019

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