The Twelve Kingdoms: Skies of Dawn

The Twelve Kingdoms: Skies of DawnAs with the other books in the series, it is awesome and fantastic, with an immersive world down to creating units of measure and new birthing techniques with the social repurcussions , a big over arching plot of the troubles of ruling a kingdom, with the personal stories of three very different girls who converge at the height of the conflict.I knocked a star off because this is by far the worst editing job Tokyopop has done to date The other books had typos as well, but this one really surpasses them Names are mixed up, particles are dropped scrambled, words misspelled.but the worst part IT IS MISSING A WHOLE CHAPTER.Between chapter 16 and 17, there is a bizarre plot skip Though the story survives without it, I felt a little weird until I searched online and found a fan translation of it by Eugene Woodbury.Very bad, Tokyopop Will they ever fix it in the next edition Who knows I m irritated that my nice hardcover of cheap paper is hiding pieces of poo in it s depths, but this series is fabulous enough that I would pay for the paperback too to make it right. This book is by far my favourite in the series, absolutely amazing in terms of both plot and especially character development Which is why I feel it would be unfair to lower my rating because of the quality of the translation editing, even though it was quite outrageous whole words and, I hear, in the case of the hardback edition, a whole chapter missing So there, five stars no thanks to TokyoPop, and I recommend double checking dubious passages with Eugene Woodbury s online translation. I would have given this book a 2.5 However, I went with a 3 since the world the author created is amazing Here are some of the problems I found with the book This book was a difficult read for me I struggled to keep track of all of the people, provinces, kingdoms, etc The heroes, aside from Yoko, aren t likeable Even though they overcome their flaws, I didn t find myself rooting for them I much less even cared about them In addition, my opinion is that since the author took too much time for the characters growth, it left the ending rebellion rushed and seemingly too easy.What I enjoyed about the first three books was how much of a climax there was The ending of this book made me feel rather disappointed Don t get me wrong, winning the rebellion was important, but I just felt that something was missing from the end.Lastly, the ending was way too predictable The three girls become friends and they all work in the palace together Give me a break Three girls have praaaaablems One s spolit, one s weak, and one s incompetent What ll fix it I know Let s go see the Glory King When you are the Glory King, that s pretty easy, yeah Along the way, everybody learns Valuable Life Lessons And overthrows a corrupt government When the government is yours, that s not so easy, yeah Skies of Dawn is a good blend of the politics, action, intrigue, annoying people with hearts of gold who turn out okay, and wacky anthropology we ve grown to know and love from the Twelve Kingdoms The main characters travel a lot in the first half of the book, so we get to see of the other Kingdoms.This volume suffers from the English edition being a double volume instead of two books as the Japanese was originally published Characters spend much of their time explaining their life stories for those readers who would have had time between books one and two to forget who all these people are And there are a lot of people Many of the people and places are also confusingly named There is a Kei province in the kingdom of Kou, for instance.Also, the editor needs to be strung up I m talking about you, Kara Stambach If this wasn t a rush job, I ll eat my hat Many grammatical problems, misplaced words, and in one spot, they apparently forgot that there are usually kanji spread about I wouldn t be surprised if this the cause for the confusing names, either These books have taught me that in Japanese, writing down a word doesn t mean you transmit how it should be pronounced Most egregiously, I ve read some other reviews of this book and discovered there s a whole chapter missing.Anyway, Fuyumi Ono, please But I do hope that the next volume changes things up a little I m getting a little tired of Valuable Life Lessons for annoying people with hearts of gold who turn out okay. Thoroughly enjoyed this book The worst part about this series is having to wait another year for the next book. Although I really love the Twelve Kingdoms series, Skies of Dawn, was my least favorite The editing was horrible and overall, the story didn t pack the magical punch of the other three books. There are 4 books published in english and I find this one to be the most weak of them all I do like Yoko how credible her character is being a poor king because she knows nothing about the Twelve Kingdoms and how she struggles to know her people and to rule properly and Suzu and Shoukei two common girls with opposite feelings towards the Glory king that finally change completely due to the events and lessons they get through their lives.But even though the idea sounds good this book has corruption, rebellion, Rakushun again 3 , I don t think it is totally well constructed and many events have such coincidence that they lack credibility even in a magic word with kirins and babies growing on trees.But again, I do love this series and I find myself with the last book published in english out of 8 published in Japan I really want to know about Yoko and the other kingdoms and now I will finally start the story I don t know a thing about For High Schooler Yoko Nakajima, Life Has Been Fairly Ordinary, Until A Young Man Tells Her That They Must Return To Their Kingdom Whisked Away To An Unearthly Realm, Yoko Is Left With Only A Magical Sword, A Gem, And A Million Questions About Her Destiny This took me forever to read My least favorite of the series Too long apparently in the original Japanese it was split up into two volumes, which would have been easier to manage , and the constant shifting between three different story lines interruption every couple of pages made it hard for me to stay interested for any length of time Found some of the plot and character development hard to believe Suzu and Shoukei went from selfish, whiny, utterly useless sacks to hxc rebel fighters in the space of, what, a couple months unsure of the time span of the novel Both of them having royal passes was too convenient Also found the idea of the king fighting undercover with rebels to defeat small fry local government agents to be ridiculous Eh Wish this wasn t the last translated volume kind of a disappointing finish I ll try to read some of the later volumes online. The character development and world building are amazing Though some parts are a bit ngh.All the names are way too similar for me Maybe they re not confusing at all in the original, but all the Shou s, Kei s, Sai s something were too much I was on page 400 and would still mix the names of one the heroines and one the villains I can t remember them even now, and I just finished it Thank God for context.That aside, I don t think it s fair of me to judge some narrative elements of a story that was translated from a language I can barely undersand Suffice to say if this was in my mother language, 4 stars would be way too generous.But it isn t, and I love it

.Fuyumi Ono , Ono Fuyumi is a Japanese novelist who is best known for writing the Twelve Kingdoms , Juuni Kokuki series, on which a popular anime is based Her name after marriage is Fuyumi Uchida , Uchida Fuyumi , but she writes under her maiden name.Ono was born in Nakatsu, ita, Ky sh in 1960 She graduated from tani University in Ky to with a degree in Buddhist Studies, and in 1988 was employed by the publisher K dansha Her debut story is titled Sleepless on Birthday Eve.Ono is married to Naoyuki Uchida , Uchida Naoyuki , a mystery novelist who writes under the pseudonym Yukito Ayatsuji , Ayatsuji Yukito.Before she started work on Twelve Kingdoms, Fuyumi Ono wrote The Demonic Child , a horror novel about a boy from another world She later worked certain events from this novel into the Twelve Kingdoms series Short stories set in the various kingdoms include Kasho, Toei, Shokan, Kizan and Jogetsu In February, 2008, the first new Twelve Kingdoms short story, Hisho no Tori was published in Shinchosha s Yomyom magazine.According to an interview at the Anime News Network, she is currently rewriting a girls horror series she wrote long ago Wikipedia

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  • The Twelve Kingdoms: Skies of Dawn
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