風の海 迷宮の岸

風の海 迷宮の岸 An International Bestseller, This Spectacular Fantasy Epic Makes Its US DebutBorn In Japan And Raised As A Human, Taiki Is Overwhelmed When He S Brought Back To The Kingdom Of Tai, Where He S Told He S A Kirin With Little Knowledge Or Guidance, He Must Trust His Latent Instincts To Choose A King For The Kingdom Of Tai From Among Dozens Of Men And Women Who Seek The Position Will The Frustrated Taiki, Who Can T Even Figure Out How To Transform Into Animal Form, Make The Right Choice And Important, Will He Discover The Kirin That Lives Within

.Fuyumi Ono , Ono Fuyumi is a Japanese novelist who is best known for writing the Twelve Kingdoms , Juuni Kokuki series, on which a popular anime is based Her name after marriage is Fuyumi Uchida , Uchida Fuyumi , but she writes under her maiden name.Ono was born in Nakatsu, ita, Ky sh in 1960 She graduated from tani University in Ky to with a degree in Buddhist Studies, and in 1988 was employed by the publisher K dansha Her debut story is titled Sleepless on Birthday Eve.Ono is married to Naoyuki Uchida , Uchida Naoyuki , a mystery novelist who writes under the pseudonym Yukito Ayatsuji , Ayatsuji Yukito.Before she started work on Twelve Kingdoms, Fuyumi Ono wrote The Demonic Child , a horror novel about a boy from another world She later worked certain events from this novel into the Twelve Kingdoms series Short stories set in the various kingdoms include Kasho, Toei, Shokan, Kizan and Jogetsu In February, 2008, the first new Twelve Kingdoms short story, Hisho no Tori was published in Shinchosha s Yomyom magazine.According to an interview at the Anime News Network, she is currently rewriting a girls horror series she wrote long ago Wikipedia

[Epub] ❦ 風の海 迷宮の岸 ➜ Fuyumi Ono – 502udns.info
  • Hardcover
  • 317 pages
  • 風の海 迷宮の岸
  • Fuyumi Ono
  • English
  • 06 January 2019
  • 9781598169478

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    1 7 18 Just finished my most recent reread of this book It s both one of my top favorite books in this series and one of my favorite books period I consider it a comfort read, even though the comfort is a little muffled by the knowledge that the book s happy ending turns sour really quickly in the series timeline During this reread, I realized that I really connect with Taiki s feelings of self doubt I also found myself angry at Gyoso than I was during past readings of this book view spoiler Not long after admitting to the oracles that he was worried about Taiki s future since Taiki was so riddled with self doubt and couldn t consciously access his tremendous power, he decided he d give up his sagehood, leave Tai, and become a mercenary He was too ashamed of the fact that he hadn t been declared the new king to stick around, even though he d have been a great help to Taiki and his future king hide spoiler

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    softly crying Oh Taiki, you precious, precious creature About the book While the first one carried action, this one was used as a helpful guide to further expand this world of the 12 Kingdoms It was a quick read, so much shorter than the last, yet the character development of Taiki was remarkable You were really rooting for the little kid, and for the friends he makes along the way The last few chapters are, of course, the best and really build on a climactic ending and resolution that you don t exactly see coming A plus side it can be read as a stand alone Just as with the first, while there are similarities and you may lose out on the connections between the books like King En, Enki, and Keiki , you don t really need to carry anything further than where it already exists.

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    I like Taiki He s a complex character, and an unusual hero I can see how his personality isn t to the taste of some readers, but I found myself empathizing with him quite a bit Ono s characters overall really shine It s easy to populate fantasy worlds with cookie cutter characters, but Ono deftly rounds out even minor characters with sparks of individuality I think the way Ono handles the backstory of other characters, Keiki in particular is a nice touch It doesn t distract from the overall story, and adds subtle texture to what we know of Kei from the first volume I ve seen the anime, and I vaguely recall that there was to Taiki s story presented in the anime I m happy with the way this volume ended, however And now I m eagerly awaiting the third one

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    SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN T ALREADY SEEN THE ANIME.Volume 2 in the 12K series This one tells the story of Taiki the kirin of Tai It is quite different from the anime in some respects so it s best to just let go of the anime and approach this with an open mind This story is referred to in the first volume but from a future looking to the past perspective So the events in this book occurred before Yoko came to the twelve kingdoms.It tells the story of Taiki up to the point where he has chosen the King and ascended to Tai and is having doubts about his revelation As in the anime, Keiki, Enki and the Ever King help him and that is the end of the book So this book does not go as far as the anime although the first book references that something bad happens to Taiki and the King of Tai The anime goes farther than this book but not far enough to explain what went wrong and why they disappeared So you won t find an answer here either Hopefully we will in a later book I actually found that I enjoyed the book version of this story over the anime version In the anime, they felt obliged to have flow early in the stories and so created them in a way that the anime characters from Yoko s story would cross into this story After reading the book, that seems completely unnecessary now and I think the book has power describing a completely separate but loosely related event.Again, I thought this book was just as good as the first and moved on immediately to the next one.

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    Tiny, apologetic boy becomes godlike Tears ensue Then MONSTERS Woo Did you like book one Here s info about kirin and kings Did you not read book one That s cool book two is it s own story.Not picaresque, like the first, but the geographic stationarity allows for lovely description of where the hey you are instead of no time to look at junk I ma get killed as in the first Also, though the pace is a little slower, the book s also shorter There aren t as many characters, but we get to know them better This is a different story from the first, but just as good.

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    A bit slow, but I still enjoyed it a lot Taiki was adorable, but good lord, sometimes I just wanted to smack him Not, you know, to be mean or anything like, JESUS CHRIST, GET A GRIP, SON.

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    It s been a long time since I finished a book in such a short time I am really not sure the book trully deserves 5 stars since I loved the anime before reading the novel, so being able to finally read it is something I ve been longing for many years.I started reading the second book, skipping the first one I am sure that the first one is necessary to get in context with the Twelve Kingdoms but, as I said, I already have this knowledge from watching the anime.This season was my favourite and I wanted to read the novel to go deeper in the characters Indeed, reading the thoughts of Taiki adds something Taiki is an insecure kirin which tries to understand this new world and his duties Also, when he choses the king of Tai, in the anime you get the feeling that something is wrong since you only see Taiki s view while, when reading it, you can forsee all the clues that Taiki doesn t get when he meets Gyoso and that he misunderstands.But, generally, the anime is a really good adaptation, except for the beginning and ending I don t get why they made up that the Taiki return to Hourai when in the novel such a thing doesn t happen trully, I ve wanted to read the novel to understand why he came back and it ended being something that never happened Which suits the story better.Now, I am eager to buy and read the third book, although the story of Taiki is not continued in any of the next novels, I think It will be a difficult task since they are discontinued and I depend on the second hand market with impossible prices, with these novels But I ll keep my hopes on

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    This story conveys the mental agony people sometimes feel when they feel they do not deserve the kindness that others show them Not worthy of kindness, and so guilty that they are receiving it Sent back to a world he belongs to but does not know, to a destiny out of context with anything he s known I was recently re watching the anime of this, and found myself wanting to know about Taiki s story, so I searched out the novels, which are somewhat difficult to find The anime stays remarkably true to the novel, though it is told in retrospect, but through the book, we can feel specifically Taiki s point of view, so there is a greater emphasis on what he feels I enjoyed it, and have ordered book 3 from the library.

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    This book was definitely happier than the first volume Taiki had it pretty good once he came from Japan, unlike Yoko who went through hell While I found the previous volume pretty depressing for most of it, this one was decidedly light hearted in tone, which I appreciated Otherwise it was a good expository volume by fleshing out of what the role and importance of the kirin in the world of the Twelve Kingdoms.

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