The Tomorrow-Tamer

The Tomorrow-Tamer 1 The Drummer of All the World2 The Perfume Sea3 The Merchant of Heaven4 The Tomorrow Tamer5 The Rain Child6 Godman s Master7 A Fetish for Love8 The Pure Diamond Man9 The Voices of Adamo10 A Gourdful of Glory Margaret Laurence is one of my favourite Canadian writers and I ve read all her Manawaka books which are set in a fictional town based on Neepawa, Manitoba which is only a few hours from where I live This collection of 10 stories set in Ghana is Laurence s first published work and I was pleased to discover that it is not just because of the previously familiar setting that her writing appeals to me I loved these stories which showed the clash between cultures, between education and lack of education, between religious beliefs, between the European and the African, the expatriate and the native, at a time of transition from colonialism to post colonialism. I taught short stories from this book to my post colonial English class One in particular about an English boy named Matthew who lives in Africa, feels he is African until upon reflection when he is older and telling his story , realizes he never belonged and was just borrowing the country and that he was like all Brits taking what he wanted and leaving the remains Poignant and insightful Godman s Master is the best short story of the bunch Interesting stories from a time when Ghana was obtaining its freedom from the British Empire. Read in jail. I was surprisedThe Stone Angel , 1964 and its counterparts were preceded by short stories about Africa, while Margaret Laurence and her husband lived there I hastened to read The Tomorrow Tamer , 1963 next There is no shortage of fiction about Egypt and the north, nor diamonds and politics of the south I possessed no concept of West Africa, except that my brother has travelled there This compilation of Margaret s overseas magazine articles is a valuable quencher of curiosity Our author sketched an educational and well varied tableau.A few aspects are expected a primitive, hard working way of life It was lamentable to read that the average family expects to bear some children who don t survive The unrest of a village on the threshold of progress, a change that doesn t immediately resemble a blessing, is tangible to the reader We are additionally dismayed by the automatic division, even hostility between neighbours and family, if some members possess mixed heritage or have been living in a city The sense that returning to the atmosphere of your upbringing is lost, after you have lived away from home, or progress has reached your village, is conveyed clearly.We learn Christian missionaries left a mark on the west A wonderful balance is accomplished with this book because many of the perspectives belong to transient residents It is easiest to understand how it felt for them to adapt to West Africa how they perceived its mannerisms Christianity converted many but a thought is conveyed, that this may only reflect West African open mindedness towards any solution that might improve life West Africans were just as likely to experiment with other mysticism, blessings, or rituals It s encouraging that their old traditions survive modernism and pushier religions I especially enjoyed learning West African words and a sample of family life. The Ten Stories Gathered Together In The Tomorrow Tamer Are Margaret Laurence S First Published Fiction Set In Raucous And Often Terrifying Ghana, Where Shiny Jaguars And Modern Jazz Jostle For Eminence Against Fetish Figures, Tribal Rites, And The Unchanging Beat Of Jungle Drums, The Stories Tell Of Individuals, European And African, Trying To Come To Terms With The Frightening World Brought About By The Country S New FreedomWith The Same Compassion And Understanding She Would Bring To Her Later Fiction Set In Canada, Laurence Succeeds Brilliantly In Capturing The Atmosphere Of A Continent And Of Individual Men And Women Struggling For Survival Under The Impact Of The Wind Of Change

Margaret Laurence was born Jean Margaret Wemyss on July 18, 1926 in the prairie town of Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada Both of her parents passed away in her childhood, and Laurence was raised by her aunt and maternal grandfather.Laurence decided in childhood that she wanted to be a writer, and began writing stories in elementary school Her professional writing career began in 1943 with a job at the

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