The Templars: The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God's Holy Warriors

The Templars: The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God's Holy Warriors When It Comes To Rip Roaring Medieval Narratives, Jones Has Few Peers, And In The Templars He Finds The Perfect Subject Thewarrior Monks Have Always Appealed To Conspiracy Theorists, And Although Jones Strips Away The Myths, He Has Great Funrecounting Their Bloodthirsty Crusading Exploits The Sunday Times, History Book Of The Year Dan Jones Gives No Credence To The Conspiratorial Fantasies That Have Been Spun Around The Templars Over The Years His Aim Is To Present A Gripping Historical Narrative, And In This He Succeeds Religions Collide And Atrocities Abound Cries Of Allahu Akhbar Pierce The Din Of Battle The Power Of States Is Threatened, Or Seen To Be Threatened, By Unaccountable Forces With Global Tentacles Information Is Unreliable And Easily Manipulated, Allowing Conspiracy Theories To Take Root And Spread Cullen Murphy, The Washington Post Dan Jones Has Created A Gripping Page Turner Out Of The Dramatic History Of The Templars, From Their Spiritual Warrior Beginnings Until Their Tragic Destruction By The French King And The Pope It Is Genuinely Moving And A Chilling Contemporary Warning About The Abuse Of Power Through Persecution And Lies Philippa Gregory, Author Of The White QueenThey Combined The Warrior Code Of Aristocratic Knights With The Poverty And Religious Devotion Of Monks In Joness Bravura Account, This Tension Between Aristocratic Killer And Humble Monk Shadows The Templar Story Joness Fast Paced History Is Laced With Tales Of Blood And Bravery, Disaster And Victory Drawing On Christian And Muslim Sources, He Carries The Templars Through The Crusades With Clarity And Verve This Is Unabashed Narrative History, Fast Paced And Full Of Incident The Sunday TimesGripping Jones Tells The Story Of The Templars With Energy And Verve, Regalling Readers With Well Chosen Details And Anecdotes The Templars Became Poster Boys Of The Early Middle Ages, Famed For Their Piety And Their Military Prowess It Was An Intoxicating Combination The Authors Ambition, He Says, Is To Write A Book That Will Entertain As Well As Inform He Has Done Precisely That Peter Frankopan,The Telegraph Business Chiefs Listen Up, Especially In The World Of Big Tech Where Egos Are Becoming Rather InflatedThere S A Vital Message For Those Who Get Too Powerful Tuckedinto This New Book One Day You Ll Draw The Ire Of Someone Powerful, And They Will Attempt To Destroy You The Caution, Although Not Explicit, Comes In The Epic Story Of The Warrior Monks Known As The Knights Templar Whose Activities Have Given Rise To Much Speculation And Theories, Some Reasonable And Some Absurd Expert History Writer Dan Jones Digs Deep For The Facts And Chronicles Their HistoryJones Recounts The Gruesome Battles In The Holy Land Where The Warriors Fought To Either Take Or Hold Key Positions If You Have Any Illusion That War Was Ever Glamorous, Then These Passages Should Be A Quick Antidote Simon Constable,ForbesThe Story Of The Templars, The Ultimate Holy Warriors, Is An Extraordinary Saga Of Fanaticism, Bravery, Treachery And Betrayal, And In Dan Jones They Have A Worthy Chronicler Templarsis A Wonderful Book Bernard Cornwell, Author Of The Last Kingdom This Is A Fascinating Story Of Fanaticism, Set In A Land Still Known For Its Brutality And Strife Jones Is An Entertainer, But Also A Fine Historian Who Knows How To Render Serious Scholarship Into Accessible Prose Seldom Does One Find Serious History That Is So Easy To ReadThe TimesLondon A Fresh, Muscular And Compelling History Of The Ultimate Military Religiouscrusading Order, Combining Sensible Scholarship With Narrative Swagger, Featuring A Cast Of Exuberantly Monstrous Sword Swingers Spattering Christian And Islamic Blood From Spain To Jerusalem Simon Sebag Montefiore Author Of Jerusalem The BiographyIn This Thrillingly Lucid Account, Dan Jones Demystifies The Templars In A Story Spanning Hundreds Of Years And Countless Rulers, Knights And Archbishops, A Seemingly Disproportionate Number Of Whom Ended Up Beheaded Anyone Who Has Read Joness Earlier Medieval Chronicles Will Know What To Expect Here Fast Paced Narrative History Depicted With Irresistible Verve, Bloody Battle Scenes And Moments Of Laugh Out Loud Wit There Are Contemporary Parallels, Too, With The Templars Eventually Being Laid Low By The Medieval Equivalent Of A Kind Of Fake News Anti Templar Propaganda Spread By The Church This Is Another Triumphant Tale From A Historian Who Writes As Addictively As Any Page Turning NovelistThe GuardianThank God This Book Is Sane Jones Tells The Engrossing Story Of An Ascetic Order Of Warrior Knights Chiefly Dedicated To The Defense Of Pilgrims On The Road To Jerusalem Templars Is Based On A Wide Ranging And Thorough Research And Relies Overwhelmingly On Primary Sources It Reads Like A Morality Tale Robert Irwin, Literary ReviewAn Up Close Look At The Legendary Band Of Crusaders Jones Examines The Storied Templars, An Organization Of Quasi Monastic Warriors Who Rose To Fame And Power In The Midst Of The Crusades, Only To Rapidly Collapse In Questionable Scandals A Meaty, Well Researched History Replete With Primary Source Quotes And Accessible To General Readers An Exceptional Introduction To The TemplarsKirkus Reviewsstarred With Engaging Liveliness Jones Chronicles The Templars Actual Record Of Great Military Achievement, Fiduciary Responsibility, Exceptional Faithfulness, And Lasting Cultural SignificanceBooklistPraise For Dan Joness The PlantagenetsA Real Life Game Of Thrones, As Dramatic And Blood Soaked As Any Work Of Fantasy Fast Paced And Accessible, The Plantagenets Is Old Fashioned Storytelling And Will Be Particularly Appreciated By Those Who Like Their History Red In Tooth And Claw The Wall Street Journal The Plantagenets Is Rich In Detail And Scene Setting The Plantagenets Saga Is The Story Of How English Monarchs Learned, Or Failed To Learn, How To Be Kings, And How The English People, Commoners And Barons Alike, Learned How To Limit Their Powers USA Today Jones Has Brought The Plantagenets Out Of The Shadows, Revealing Them In All Their Epic Heroism And Depravity His Is An Engaging And Readable Account Researched With Exacting Standards A Compelling Reading The Washington Post Outstanding Majestic In Its Sweep, Compelling In Its Storytelling, This Is Narrative History At Its Best A Thrilling Dynastic History Of Royal Intrigues, Violent Skullduggery, And Brutal Warfare Across Two Centuries Of British History Simon Sebag Montefiore, Author Of Young Stalin Some Of The Greatest Stories In All Of English History Rich In Pageantry And Soaked In Blood Lewis Lapham, Laphams Quarterly Dan Joness Epic Portrait Of The Medieval Royals Is A Timely Reminder That Things Havent Always Been So Rosy For Those On The Throne GQ Praise For Dan Joness The Wars Of The RosesExhilarating, Epic, Blood And Roses History Thrilling There Is Fine Scholarly Intuition On Display Here And A Mastery Of The Grand Narrative It Is A Supremely Skillful Piece Of Storytelling The Sunday Telegraph An Engrossing Read And Thoroughly Enjoyable The Spectator If Youre A Fan Of Game Of Thrones Or The Tudors, Then Dan Jones Swashbucklingly Entertaining Slice Of Medieval History Will Be Right Up Your Alley Every Bit As Entertaining And Readable As His Previous Blockbuster The Plantagenets Daily Express Jones Is A Born Storyteller, Peopling The Terrifying Uncertainties Of Each Moment With A Superbly Drawn Cast Of Characters And Powerfully Evoking The Brutal Realities Of Civil War The Evening Standard Jones Tells A Good Story That Is A Good Thing, Since Storytelling Has Gone Out Of Favor Among So Many Historians His Delightful Wit Is As Ferocious As The Dreadful Violence He Describes The Times London Praise For Dan Joness Magna Carta Lively And Excellent The New York TimesExcellent And Very Well Crafted The New York Review Of BooksDan Jones Has An Enviable Gift For Telling A Dramatic Story While At The Same Time Inviting Us To Consider Serious Topics Like Liberty And The Seeds Of Representative Government Antonia FrasierDan Jones Is An Entertainer, But Also A Bona Fide HistorianSeldom Does One Find Serious Scholarship So Easy To Read The Times, Book Of The YearA New York Times Bestseller, This Major New History Of The Knights Templar Is A Fresh, Muscular And Compelling History Of The Ultimate Military Religiouscrusading Order, Combining Sensible Scholarship With Narrative Swagger Simon Sebag Montefiore, Author Of Jerusalem A Faltering War In The Middle East A Band Of Elite Warriors Determined To Fight To The Death To Protect Christianitys Holiest Sites A Global Financial Network Unaccountable To Any Government A Sinister Plot Founded On A Web Of LiesJerusalemA Small Group Of Knights Seeking A Purpose In The Violent Aftermath Of The First Crusade Decides To Set Up A New Order These Are The First Knights Templar, A Band Of Elite Warriors Prepared To Give Their Lives To Protect Christian Pilgrims To The Holy Land Over The Next Two Hundred Years, The Templars Would Become The Most Powerful Religious Order Of The Medieval World Their Legend Has Inspired Fervent Speculation Ever SinceIn This Groundbreaking Narrative History, Dan Jonestells The True Story Of The Templars For The First Time In A Generation,drawing On Extensive Original Sources To Build A Gripping Account Of These Christian Holy Warriors Whose Heroism And Alleged Depravity Have Been Shrouded In Myth The Templars Were Protected By The Pope And Sworn To Strict Vows Of Celibacy They Fought The Forces Of Islam In Hand To Hand Combat On The Sun Baked Hills Where Jesus Lived And Died, Finding Their Nemesis In Saladin, Who Vowed To Drive All Christians From The Lands Of Islam Experts At Channeling Money Across Borders, They Established The Medieval Worldslargest And Most Innovative Banking Network And Waged Private Wars Against Anyone Who Threatened Their InterestsThen, As They Faced Setbacks At The Hands Of The Ruthless Mamluk Sultan Baybars And Were Forced To Retreat To Their Stronghold In Cyprus, A Vindictive And Cash Strapped King Of France Set His Sights On Their Fortune His Administrators Quietly Mounted A Damning Case Against The Templars, Built On Deliberate Lies And False Testimony On Friday October , , Hundreds Of Brotherswere Arrested, Imprisoned And Tortured, And The Order Was Disbanded Amid Lurid Accusations Of Sexual Misconduct And Heresy They Were Tried By The Pope In Secret Proceedings And Their Last Master Was Brutally Tortured And Burned At The Stake But Were They Heretics Or Victims Of A Ruthlessly Repressive State Dan Jones Goes Back To The Sources Tobring Their Dramatic Tale, So Relevant To Our Own Times, To Life In A Book That Is At Once Authoritative And Compulsively Readable This author does not disappoint a great discovery for me based on a terrific recommendation The author Dan Jones placed a fact based History to the telling of the Knights Templars When I ordered this book in early August prior to its September 2017 release, I had no idea that the book would also be a backdrop for Knightfall on the History Channel beginning 6 December I have seen enough commercials and watched Dan Jones hosting 2 minute infomercials on the series on my History Channel App on my iPhone This wasof a pleasurable shock than anything else The focus on this work by Dan Jones however, is sincere Facts to History is what the author sticks too with an acceptable level of intelligence and he takes nothing for granted however, in my opinion it also not only a story worth telling it is a story that needs to be told Far too many myths exist, some started centuries ago some are myths based on Hollywood movies Sad matter here is that some people only get their History from movies, whether they are factually based or not I am still looking for my money back from that lousy movie Pearl Harbor starring Ben Affleck btw As with The Plantagenet s , this book was tough to put down I found myself waking up at night with the book as I lay in bed with the book folded open to where I dozed off to sleep This is always the telltale sign of a book worth reading In its History, the Knight Templars would have a total of 23 Masters of The Order of The Temple Beginning with Hugh of Payns 1119 1136 , to Arnold of Torrolla 1180 1184 , to Gerard of Ridefort 1184 1189 , to the last Master James of Molay 1292 1314 The order was fully disbanded thanks to King Philip IV of France We now know where bad luck Friday the 13th began it begins Friday 13 October 1307 with the mass arrest of Templars throughout France James of Molay would be put to the flame in 1315 in a time where due process existed only in name and not in any sense of royal court Magna Carta or no Magna Carta in British realm King Philip IV was the self proclaimed Christ King The Muslims, Mamluks, Mongols all who fought the Templars were formidable foes to say the least Saladin was certainly a thorn in the side however one cannot overlook his ability to fight, defend, thwart, and or otherwise upset plans established by an honorable Knighthood whose original intentions were to protect pilgrims visiting the Holy Land The Temple of Solomon, Al Aqsa Mosque the Dome of the Rock was once the home to Templar Knights and Hospitallers The Mosque stands today where it is in Jerusalem though there is a West Wall for believers of another faith.Many interesting persons of History throughout this book the most interesting to me were King Louis IX of France and King Richard I Coeur de Lion Both equally effective leaders of their time, both quality representatives of what being on the Throne of a Kingdom meant The author encapsulated their existence with exquisite poetic detail and equally managed to not linger beyond the information needed for the interested reader.Interested readers of this time frame will not be disappointed with Dan Jones he comes through here swimmingly in educating the 21st century reader As an American and with the sort of work I do it was of additional interest to me that the author references modern day uses of The Knights Templar Particularly that of drug cartels south of the American border One in particular that has been gaining strength not only in Mexico but in El Salvador is Los Caballeros Templarios simply put they are nothingthan another group of drug runners, extortionists, human traffickers, and other deeds of ill repute It was refreshing to see the misuse of modern times to the cause that was once so just and unjustly removed from existence.After having read The Plantagenet s , The Magna Carta , and now this book I am forever glad I took a detour before tackling The War of the Roses It has helped to formulate the background in real Historical terms terms that are descriptive without being phony. For once, a very readable history of the Templar order They served Christian pilgrims on the perilous voyage to the Holy Land, and protected them all the way to the Holy places in Jerusalem for hundreds of years he Templars chose to serve good as a Christian fighting order They wore white tunics emblazoned with the famous red cross Renowned for their discipline, courage, and fighting prowess, they would train in the way of the martial arts of the Temple from a very young age The Pope granted them a charter and the right to collect taxes without paying tribute to rulers of the land where they had their land holdings and forts The Templars acted as early bankers, helping to transfer wealth through a system of treasuries and promissory notes This was a very advanced banking concept for the times, and helped make travel much safer as travellers could carry paper instead of gold and silver The templars were made rich and powerful through ownership of land and trade and sometimes through armed protection of powerful individuals Unfortunately, over time they became too rich and powerful This made them the target for avaricious kings and rulers, and a threat to their competitors The Order of the Temple came to a sad end with the burning of their last Grand Master in Paris The book is a great read.

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