The Steel Kiss

The Steel KissNew York Times Bestselling Author Jeffery Deaver Returns With His Next Blockbuster Thriller Featuring Forensic Detective Lincoln RhymeAmelia Sachs Is Hot On The Trail Of A Killer She S Chasing Him Through A Department Store In Brooklyn When An Escalator Malfunctions The Stairs Give Way, With One Man Horribly Mangled By The Gears Sachs Is Forced To Let Her Quarry Escape As She Jumps In To Try To Help Save The Victim She And Famed Forensic Detective Lincoln Rhyme Soon Learn, However, That The Incident May Not Have Been An Accident At All, But The First In A Series Of Intentional Attacks They Find Themselves Up Against One Of Their Most Formidable Opponents Ever A Brilliant Killer Who Turns Common Products Into Murder Weapons As The Body Count Threatens To Grow, Sachs And Rhyme Must Race Against The Clock To Unmask His Identity And Discover His Mission Before People Die This is the first Deaver Rhyme book that I have read I wasn t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised I thought that The Steel Kiss started off a little slowly, but when the crimes link together and Rhyme and Sach s join forces, I became hooked The novel is packed with surprising twists and revelations Be forewarned, there are some gory moments I didn t feel lost having never read a Lincoln Rhyme mystery however, I do have several questions that I think will be answered if I read the earlier books in the series I cannot wait to read the next book in the series I highly recommend I won this book as a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.. It s been a while since I read a Lincoln Rhyme book I have actually missed reading the two previous books in the series But nerveless, it felt really good to return to this series since I like the main characters so much There is some friction between Amelia and Lincoln in this book She is upset that he has quit the force to work as a teacher, and she also has some personal problems with her mother being ill Lincoln has taken on a Juliette Archer as an intern, and I was a bit worried Deaver was setting up this to be some kind of love triangle And, then Nick Carelli, Amelia ex boyfriend showed up in the story, and I was really worried this would turn into a love drama But I needed not worry THE STEEL KISS is a Deaver book, and he know what he is doing.READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION This is the 12th book featuring the quadriplegic criminologist Lincoln Rhyme and his partner in love and work Amelia Sachs In each book we are able to watch an unusual and enterprising criminal murder some of New York s inhabitants often in bizarre and clever ways whilst Rhyme and his crew analyse data and trace evidence in an attempt to track him or her down Rhyme is a former forensic analyst with the NYPD and the police now hire him to support their efforts when they believe the addition his skills are likely to be particularly advantageous to their investigations In his endeavours he is routinely supported by Thom his carer , Mel Cooper NYPD forensic analyst and Lon Sellitto NYPD homicide detective Fans of this series will be used to the byplay between these characters the technical debates regarding the sifting of minute particles of soil or fluid edging them ever closer to the vital finding.The crew all feature here but from the start two new elements are introduced 1 Rhyme is no longer working on criminal cases he s quit His time is now spent lecturing on his area of expertise And a new character is introduced, a second wheelchair bound sleuth who he has agreed to mentor Will this all end in tears 2 The ex lover of Sachs makes an appearance, fresh out of the clink He professes he never did the crime Is he to be trusted Quite how these elements knit together I ll not divulge, but suffice to say it s a satisfying mix It s also good to see a variation on what can at times be quite a samey series Certainly the new faces and the added complexities they bring to the story liven up the book But the real interest and enjoyment for me is in the discussion, the banter between the brusque Rhyme and his cohorts It s clever and often funny and I love the way Deaver gives the reader just enough information to allow us to be surprised and impressed by Rhyme s deductions.It s a worthy addition to the series and I d even go as far to say it s a book that might draw in some readers who have become jaded by the somewhat repetitive nature of the books I hope it does and I, for one, can t wait for the next instalment My thanks to Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for providing an early copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Honestly Jeffrey Deaver is better than this book He didn t follow up on events from the last one, he had Sachs and Rhyme at odds for tension and introduced one new character and someone we heard about just to make us readers think could Sachs and Rhyme be done It was eyeroll inducing because it wasn t even believable And to start off with Rhyme feeling guilty about a case so much he is done working for the NYPD wasn t to be believed This book felt light on evidence and also Rhyme may need a body guard due to the constant criminals breaking into his home to off him.The 12th book in the Lincoln Rhyme series rivals The Empty Chair for my least favorite at this point Maybe because none of the characters were shown well in this one The book starts off with Amelia Sachs being very angry, we don t find out why for a while, but when we do, we find it s because Lincoln Rhyme has decided that he will no longer consult on NYPD cases and he s going to go off and teach Now it takes a long winding road to get there, but we find out on the last case that Rhyme worked on somebody who appeared to be innocent ended up going to jail for a case that he was working on I don t know, I just didn t find it believable that Rhyme, who has been an a throughout this whole series decides he s just not going to do cases any And don t even get me started on the fact that we just ignore how something that Rhyme did previously in this past The Bone Collector ended up affecting his present Deaver doesn t even call that back to why Rhyme may be gun shy.So Sachs is looking for an unsub who is suspected of a couple of violent crimes That all gets thrown into the wind when a man on escalator gets trapped and killed due to the machinery malfunctioning.So Sachs leaves that case to Rhyme with him pulling in one of his student s to assist Cue tension, this student is smart, attractive, and also in a wheelchair Cue plot point you start to have Rhyme thinking of her I don t know, I think Deaver s thinks that we re too stupid to realize that these characters that we get introduced to in this book are red herrings At no point was I concerned that Rhyme is going to fall in love with his student because they have a similar disability Nor was it a concern when Sach s ex boyfriend Nick finally gets out of jail coming to her to plead his innocent.There were at least three, possibly four distinct plots in this one and none of them hung together very well And then when things somehow loop together it was just a joke.I feel like if Deaver really wanted to touch upon Sach s and her relationship with her ex maybe that would have made for a good short story I just really don t buy that all the stuff that was going on And per usual Deaver just pulls out of his butt something to just hinder Sach s in her career I don t know just made me roll my eyes it was really dumb it didn t make any sense and just kind of just happens.We get the usual suspects in this one Pulaski, Lon, and also our favorite FBI agent Delray.I was happy though to see some call back to what Lon went through in the last book but other than that there s very little continuity besides a couple references here and there that you might not realize unless you re a longtime reader.The setting in this New York feels artificial and sterile at times I don t know, I just really miss Deaver who used to go into the history of a thing, a city, a street, a chemical, etc and it was very light on the foresnics in this one.Even the criminal in this this one wasn t that very interesting and I was bored by all sections of the book that delved into his point of view He just felt unnecessary considering everything else that was going on.So in the book and we re giving I think what Deaver considers a startling revelation about a new change in Sach s and Rhyme s relationship I just felt very annoyed and just cheated because I definitely think we should have gotten that scene and not heard about it told to us via them telling it to a third character. I can t believe this is only the second book I ve read from this popular author I need to rectify this.I really was taken with this style of writing that immediately drew me in.I m not really into James Bond so I hadn t connected the author to that I must bury my head in the sand.This story features the well known paraplegic forensic detective from a previous book.We all like our technology With some, we cannot live without it Used for the correct purpose its fine, helpful and fruitful but, put it into the wrong hands and we have problems Each item of technology can cause chaos, fatalities and murders.When Amelia gives chase in a department store after a killer, the escalator malfunctions, the stairs collapse, a man is viciously mangled between the gears Made my stomach churn imagining that The killer escapes as Amelia is trying to help the mangled hurt man But was that an accident Just common everyday technology can be turned around to harm, to kill This is only the beginning of a long line.It s a race against time.Just who is the killer.Bit gory in places but just had to be done It s a fast paste hard hitting thriller.My thanks to Louise at Hodder for my paperback copy to read. The Steel Kiss is the title of the manifesto of a domestic terrorist, a man who is brutally murdering those he calls Shoppers by using the intelligent data chips in their own consumer appliances against them and sending rants to the newspapers about materialism and greed It s a harrowing thought, when I look around me at all the appliances in my own home that have the potential to be misused let along going outside Cars, elevators, escalators, buses, trains, planes, the equipment I use at work, computers, microwaves, ovens, heating I am surrounded by technology and so are those targeted by the killer The way in which he kills is chilling and disturbing, since he also delights in causing pain, and watching suffering Forensic scientist Lincoln Rhyme and detective Amelia Sachs must analyze the clues, and attempt to get into the mind of the killer, before he can kill again.Returning to Sachs and Rhyme is a delight for me, as I am a big fan of the series this is the twelfth book and all the characters within I already know that I love Deaver s writing style, but for those new to the series, you ll find fast paced action, intellectual and witty dialogue and realistic, detailed investigative procedures and science without ever leaning towards being boring You could read this book as a standalone, but there is so much history, character and backstory in this series, I d strongly recommend reading at least the first book in the series, The Bone Collector first.The Steel Kiss manages to be creepy, suspenseful and action packed, with twists and turns and then twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat It also wove in the complexities of the continuing relationship between Amelia and Lincoln, brought back an old character in the form of Amelia s ex, Nick Carelli who is asking for her help in proving he was innocent of the crime he just did time for, and a vibrant new character in the form of Juliette Archer, Lincoln s new intern This is one of the few series that for me does everything, mystery and suspense, drama and character, and The Steel Kiss lives up to my expectations. This is the 12th book in the Lincoln Rhyme series by Jeffery Deaver and although it is a decent read it is not one of the better ones in this series The characters are very familiar so the book flows well but I did find it a little too busy with all the side plots and thought it could do with a little editing.Lincoln Rhyme is a consultant for the NYPD and investigates an escalator malfunction on behalf of the widow of the man who died in the accident It soon appears that it may not have been an accident and he leads the search of a serial killer who is turning everyday appliances into deadly weapons As I previously said the story is a good one and well developed but I felt that there was generally too much else going on which in the main was unnecessary and distracting.I am not put off reading this series or any other Jeffery Deaver books and for me with a little editing this one could have been so much better, But who am I to question the successful and talented Jeffery Deaver. 3.5 starsThis is the 12th book in the Lincoln Rhyme series, but can be read as a standalone without missing much As the story opens, quadriplegic, forensic criminalist Lincoln Rhyme has given up being a police consultant and is teaching forensics One of Rhyme s students thirtyish, wheelchair bound Juliette Archer asks to be his intern, and Rhyme agrees.Meanwhile, Rhyme s professional partner girlfriend, NYPD Detective Amelia Sachs, is on the trail of a murderer called Unsub 40 Sachs spots Unsub 40 on the street and follows him into a mall, where the perp orders lunch in a coffee shop Amelia is watching the Unsub and waiting for backup when loud screams erupt from the escalator which has popped open and swallowed a man named Greg Frommer When Amelia rushes over to help doomed Frommer who s practically bisected by the escalator machinery Unsub 40 disappears.After learning that Frommer s widow and young son are almost destitute, Amelia convinces Lincoln to help an attorney file a civil suit against the escalator company and anyone else who might be liable Intern Juliette helps Lincoln research grounds for the lawsuit.Every book in this series features a clever perp who has some bizarre modus operandi In this book it s Unsub 40, who s learned to sabotage devices that use smart computer technology, like escalators, elevators, cars, industrial machines, household appliances, etc Imagine your electric carving knife suddenly attacking you The Unsub is determined to get revenge against Shoppers , and takes credit for each of his kills, calling himself The People s Guardian Parts of the book are told from Unsub 40 s point of view, which provides insight into his thinking and history.As things play out Lincoln s inquiries for the civil suit dovetail with Amelia s hunt for Unsub 40, and the duo plus Juliette collaborate on the forensic analysis of evidence such as dust and debris at crime scenes glass fragments wood splinters furniture glaze food wrappers and napkins the Unsub loves White Castle hamburgers and so on.There s plenty of excitement as Unsub 40 tries to elude the cops, who are close on his trail An added element of suspense is the killer s girlfriend, an apparent survivor of domestic abuse, who seems to be in danger from the Unsub.There are a couple of subplots to add to the excitement Amelia s former boyfriend, ex cop Nick Carelli, has been in prison for robbery and assault Released after five years, Nick claims he was coerced into confessing, and implores Amelia to help him clear his name And Officer Ron Pulaski who sustained a serious head injury in the line of duty is secretly trying to buy a powerful new street drug from gangbangers In Deaver s thrillers things are not always as they appear, and I wondered about what was really going on I also thought there might be a rearrangement of romantic partners Lincoln and Juliette Amelia and Nick Lots to speculate about as I sped through the book.I enjoyed this fast moving suspense thriller but was a little disappointed with the denoument, which was rather abrupt.all of a sudden the perp is in custody Still, a good addition to the series Highly recommended to mystery fans.You can follow my reviews at Master of suspense Jeffery Deaver returns with the latest gripping thriller featuring paraplegic forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme The hardback contains an exclusive, never before seen leaked memo from the Lincoln Rhyme case files I have read quite a few of Jeffery Deaver s thriller books What I like about Jeffery Deaver is that he is never afraid to push the boundaries for a thriller He is most certainly one of the best plotters in the world He is a master at keeping us on the edge of our seats Every book that Jeffery Deaver writes he delivers a new topic, that what makes him such a good author Amelia Sachs had been driving when she spotted the suspect The suspect who beaten to death his victim, didn t know there was a witness He was now entering a five story shopping center What was the suspect doing in a shopping center He wasn t getting away not this time Amelia Sachs planned to take him in Starbucks but he wasn t there A piercing scream from on the top of the escalator a man was trapped in the gears of the motor The gears dug deep into his body, suffering in his last fifteen minutes on earth The Steel Kiss is not to be missed The story contains an exclusive leaked document from the Lincoln Rhyme case files I loved reading every page of this new 2016 Lincoln Rhyme thriller.

1 international bestselling author of over thirty novels and three collections of short stories His books are sold in 150 countries and translated into 25 languages His first novel featuring Lincoln Rhyme, The Bone Collector, was made into a major motion picture starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie He s received or been shortlisted for a number of awards around the world.

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