The Red Rider

The Red Rider Little Red Riding Hood Is Heading Back Into The Woods To Meet The Big Bad Wolves But She S Not Little AnyWhen She Was Seven Years Old, Helena Basque Was Attacked By A Savage Wolf That Killed Her Grand Mere Helena Survived With Triple Scars That Disfigured Her Face, And Strange Tales Of A Wolf That Stood Upright And Spoke To HerNow At Age Sixteen, She Knows It Was No Wolf And It Was Not Alone A Pack Of Similar Animals Banded Together To Kill Francois, The Woodcutter Who Saved Her From The First Wolf These Creatures Now Threaten Helena S Family And Everyone In The French Province Of La Rue Sauvage To Stop Them, Helena Must Do Things She Never Planned To Do, And Become Something She Never Planned To Become Donning A Red Hood And Cloak Like The One She Was Forbidden To Wear After The First Attack, She Arms Herself With A Repeating Crossbow And Other Assorted Weapons She Then Wages A Private War Against The Wolves, Refusing To Stop Or Slow Down Until She Wipes Them Out She Only Hopes She Can Somehow Defeat The Monsters When She Confronts Them Whatever They Actually AreE RED RIDERThe New Action Adventure Fairy Tale Thrillerby Randall Allen DunnCome Along For The Ride send comments or feedback to Randall

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  • The Red Rider
  • Randall Allen Dunn
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  • 11 January 2017

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    When I started this book my first thought was Oh no Not another first person female POV I had read so many lately, and I was hoping for a change But, to my surprise, Red s voice wasn t annoying, and she easily pulled me into her story The book is well written a retelling of the old Red Riding Hood story with a twist and a much stronger Red The action was steady and built to a good climax I did have a hard time with the amount of death that surrounded Red and the devastation to her spirit I also questioned the level of maturity and language usage of Red and her little sister at quite young ages Other than those two sticking points, I enjoyed the story and would recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal thrillers or reimagined fairy tales.

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    In kindle speak, a real screen swiper.I woke up too early this morning to go back to sleep, so I started this book to pass a little time, then never put it down till I finished it Missed breakfast and lunch, except for a handful of almonds and pistachios and a couple of glasses of water.I can t wait to see what new inventions Pierre comes up with to help his favorite werewolf slayer.

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    Very loosely based on the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood.In this story, Red Helena grows up and takes revenge on the wolves who scarred her, killed her Grand Mere, and then the rest of her family.The Red Rider is dark, action packed, and suspenseful It has many twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.Red is a strong and determined character, but she also has an innocent and vulnerable side I was rooting for her from the beginning of the book right up to the last page, and am looking forward to reading book 2 of the Red Rider saga, Red Rider Revolution.

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    I loved that the main character, while definitely not perfect, was of such a strong character that she took on what was basically a suicide mission, to save a town full of people that really just seemed to want her dead And the fact that she found someone who loved her seemingly for the reason everyone else hated her, it was great I loved all the danger and action And I always love it when the main character is the hero who everyone underestimates until they witness their strength and ability first hand.

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    The Red Rider was different from most of the fantasy I pick up, but it was a fantastic adventure Helena, the protagonist, is an engaging heroine, and I really enjoyed the relationships she had with others in her community Those relationships evolve considerably over the course of the story, and seeing how people respond to Helena coming into her own was quite rewarding While I guessed the nature of Helena s enemies early in the story, the battles that resulted between Helena and the wolves were well crafted, and I found myself turning well, swiping each page eagerly

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    Fantastic, suspenseful brilliant retelling of Red Riding Hood How the beautiful, innocent child Helena, becomes the scarred, determined, skilful hunter of wolves How the stuff of nightmares becomes reality for a whole community, and a young woman s strength and overwhelming desire to completely destroy the terror that haunts her dreams and waking moments A dark tale of wolves and black magic.Powerful imagery, wonderful storytellingI was given this book for an honest review, and thoroughly recommend it

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    Most of us have probably come across the story of Little Red Riding at some point during our childhood The Red Rider can be read as a legitimate sequel that takes things in an entirely new direction Get ready to see the classic tale reimagined as you ve never seen it before What if the wolf was something else entirely Something far sinister and only one of many What if Red Riding Hood hunted werewolves The above premise is what instantly drew me in to this book I consider The Red Rider an outstanding example of what Hollywood screenwriter John Truby calls undercutting the genre Basically, every story genre makes use of a symbol web composed of images symbols with special power that has value to the audience Arthurian lore, for example, has the recognizable symbols of the Round Table, Excalibur, etc A masterful storyteller can take advantage of audience familiarity and twist these symbols around so they defy expectations in this case transforming a children s fairy tale into a supernatural action thriller with a Zorro style vigilante The idea of re purposing classic stories is one that has always fascinated me what if you allowed a reader to simultaneously experience a familiar childhood wonder right alongside the heightened emotions of the thriller genre I hope to explore this concept in my own writing someday, and I congratulate author Randall Allen Dunn for blazing the trail.A werewolf theme actually fits quite well with the original Little Red Riding Hood story when you think about it The Red Rider further expands things by taking the werewolf legend itself back to its original roots Hollywood has so transformed the concept in modern times that we often entirely forget that the werewolf of historical folklore is not the unwilling victim of a curse but a sorcerer acting out of malevolence The book is therefore not simply a monster story but an epic clash of good and evil portrayed in overtly Christian spiritual terms I was reminded at many points throughout the narrative of the following passage from Proverbs There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men Proverbs 30 14 In my view, a well written monster or horror story takes the imagery of this verse and portrays it in concrete terms Taken literally, terms like teeth as swords and jaw teeth as knives imply an image quite close to things like vampires, werewolves, and all manner of imagined beings It illustrates a key point all these things are merely externalized manifestations of the evil existing within human beings.The narrative itself immediately drew me into the heroine s story Haunted by a nightmarish encounter with a wolf that spoke Red Riding Hood Helena carries physical scars marking her as an outcast in her village community She soon becomes the only one who can defend her home against a monstrous force the same that devoured her grandmother and marred her own face The character s arc is well drawn and compelling One can literally feel her frustration and rage at the passivity of those around her in the face of evil running rampant This actually made the book itself a somewhat frustrating experience due to the constant resistance the protagonists faces from those on her own side Ultimately, there is only one person with the will to stand up and fight back Helena herself It reminded me of a point I ve made elsewhere horror is passive outrage is active.One other thing I appreciated is that the story avoids reliance on profanity or graphic sexual content there is one scene where a villain character is clearly contemplating rape, but that s as far as it goes There is a high degree of violence, which sensitive readers might find to be a bit much, but I wouldn t call it gratuitous.I do have some quibbles, of course The characters dialogue tends to lapse into 21st century language and terminology, which lessens reader immersion in an otherwise well constructed setting 18th century France with some obvious historical liberties It was clear at times that the characters were taking certain actions because the author needed them to instead of as a natural extension of who they were Key plot elements were revealed rather quickly, such as the identity and nature of her enemies, which affected narrative tension and drive The main villain s plans and motivations came off as slightly cliched These are all ultimately minor details, however, in the grand scheme of the story I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good action thriller with spiritual overtones and some balanced elements of horror I look forward to cracking open the next installment in this saga.

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    We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but this dark tale paints Red in a new light Helena has every reason to hide in a corner and never go outside again Instead, she s tough and determined, even as a child, and becomes even so as she moves toward adulthood As I ve come to expect from this author, The Red Rider is packed full of heart racing, edge of your seat action But, it s so much than that The story is quite dark and heartbreaking with Helena losing so much, but her fierce determination and bravery in the face of so much loss is inspiring This is not a book that s easy to set aside while you get your work done, nor is it one for the faint of heart The tale is bloody and the author is quite descriptive in the telling of some truly disturbing and gruesome scenes, especially when you consider the people involved and how they affect our heroine Helena s story is one of heart wrenching loss, terror, and betrayal, but it s also one of family, loyalty, bravery, and hope Dunn s talent shines in this thriller with its whiplash inducing twists and nail biting suspense and action This is one that I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good heart pounding thriller.

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    SPOILER ALERT The Red Rider is an intriguing reimagining of the tale Little Red Riding Hood Well, of an extension of that story since Dunn s retelling begins after the events in the original children s story.This book also asks the questions What if the Big Bad Wolf wasn t a true wolf, wasn t a lone wolf, and what if the Big Bad Wolf wasn t the biggest, or baddest wolf in the neighbourhood Q Who is the Big Bad Wolf pack afraid of A The Red Rider Can Helena, the little girl that becomes The Red Rider , prevail despite all of the betrayals, losses and heartbreaks that happen to her, with the odds stacked heavily against her I strongly urge you to get a copy of this book and find out for yourself In the interest of transparency I was given a copy of this book This is my own honest opinion.

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    Helena has been ostracized by the townspeople because of the gruesome scars across her face When she was younger, a wolf killed her grandmother and scarred her for life Helena knows the wolves are unique but no one seems to believe her story More and people are found dead, partially eaten by the dangerous creatures but there doesn t seem to be anyone with enough courage to fight back After losing nearly everything, Helena takes up the red riding cloak, seeking vengeance.Helena is a wonderful, heroic character who you can t help but cheer for The story started somewhat slow for me but soon picked up and I became completely engrossed in her daring quest to rid the area of these strange wolves Great adventure.

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