The Princes Consort (Chronicles of Tournai, #1)

The Princes Consort (Chronicles of Tournai, #1) Legends Tell Of Large Cats Defending The Principality Of Tournai, But Such Creatures Have Been Lost To Time Or Have They Prince Philip Inherited The Throne At A Young Age, And Since Then, His Life Has Centered Around Ruling His Country And Resisting Those Pressuring Him To Take A Wife And Conceive An Heir Forcing Him To Hide His Attraction To Men When Kind Hearted Amory Is Offered To The Prince In Exchange For Time For Amory S Father To Complete A Commission, Both Philip And Amory Are Horrified But Philip Agrees To Keep Amory At The Palace, Where They Gradually Become Friends, Then Lovers For The First Time In His Life, Philip Is Free To Share Not Only His Heart, But The Magical Shape Shifting Ability That Runs In The Royal BloodlineNeither Amory Nor Philip Imagined Falling In Love, And They Certainly Don T Expect The Lengths Those Who Oppose Their Relationship Will Go To Keep Them Apart Maybe Even Resorting To Murder 3.5 stars rounded upI ve had this on my Kindle for quite some time, but cracked it open the other day and found myself enjoying this very sweet, romantic story It was the just the low angst, low drama book I needed to read right now.Recommend if you need something a little sappy Wait for a sale, though, because the publisher has set the ebook prices quite high. The first chapter, maybe part of the second too, was great I thought the book was promising, but as soon as the prince why was he a prince and not a king.o took Amory into his chambers for a talk, that was it Insta love with myriads of kisses from there and on.Nothing s happening in the first part of the book, while the second is full of drama don t do it, you ll die and no I have to do it or you will die and I can t stand to see you die and I have to do it, even if I die, cause no one else is here to help with slight variations The MCs are constantly injured and spend weeks in bed suffering their suffers and doing nothing The world building is non existent.The cat shifter element is close to non existent.The MPREG element is minimal Amory got pregnant, he had some morning sickness we were told , he was uncomfortable, he had a baby painlessly, no less.If you are a fan of male pregnancy, let me refer you to Black Snow Not only it has world building, real adventures and characters with personality, but the significant portion of the book is devoted to Snow being pregnant Descriptions are vivid, details are plentiful and very close to the real non male thing Just a little warning the medical tools are somewhat modern And the Cover Love the Cover Another rec if you want a book matching it s cover and the other way around , read Queer Magick Good start for this author I m looking forward to reading the next book. Reviewed on The Blogger Girls.Phillip inherited the throne at a young age and lived his life around the country When Amory s father offers Amory up as a pardon for a late commission both of them are mortified but that doesn t stop Phillip from actually considering it After all, if Amory won t be his lover, he could always use a friend When Amory says yes, their whole lives change for better and worse and as time goes on, their feelings for each other get deeper and deeper Unfortunately, some people don t like the fact Amory is Phillip s lover and are determined to get rid of him at all costs With the threat against his lover s life, Phillip has to make some hard and selfish decisions.I m conflicted with this story I enjoyed the premise and ultimately the characters but I had issues As for the characters, I really liked that Amory was so sweet and kind but also had a backbone If he didn t really want to do something, he wouldn t which I found endearing when it came to sticking up to his father I also really liked Phillip and the fact he had no issues about being a little selfish when it came to Amory To be honest, I didn t expect him to be a cat so that was a pleasant surprise and I really liked that Amory was so understanding and accepting of Phillip s shifting What I really adored, though, was where the story eventually went I had a few suspicions but didn t really expect a publisher like Dreamspinner to publish a certain thing so I was definitely pleasantly surprised by it As I mentioned, I had a lot of issues with this one My two biggest issues, though, was how much sex there was way too much for my liking and also how much telling there was This book had so much potential but the fact the author decided to tell the story instead of show it really hurt it, IMO I wanted to see the characters get to know each other not be told they talked all night and learned so much about each other Add to that, there were some secondary characters I found annoying Phillip s sister could she be any immature and selfish and felt like the ending was way too easy and predictable.In the end, though, I liked the premise of the story and loved where this author took it There s not many mpreg stories out there which reminds me was this the first one DSP published and I liked that Phillip finally decided to be a little bit selfish instead of succumbing to everyone s wishes of marrying a female I ll most likely read from this author, in this series, because I m interested to see a few of the other male characters get their stories I really enjoyed this one I wasn t sure because it was fantasy and a new author to me But it sounded good to me and I m glad I took a chance I loved Phillip and Amory from the beginning They were so sweet together I love when a new author and new book works out for me I was in the mood for a fantasy romance so I decided to try a new to me author while I was at it Loved the writing style, the world, and the characters The plot is both the romance and palace intrigue stuff which was great The two main characters their relationship was sweet and slow burn stuff which was perfect and believable The book got slow at times, but was overall an engaging read Looking forward to the next book in the series. An enjoyable book I liked the main characters I liked that the took things slow There is much going on, and it felt a little drawn out.But I loved the detailed kissing Do not go in to The Prince s Consort thinking high fantasy and lots of world building because you ll be disappointed Go in looking for a character driven alt historical fantasy romance with lots of kissinglots of itand hand holding, with a little bit of steam only a little bit and you ll be much happier I downloaded a sample before I bought this book and based on the sample, and my mood, I liked it enough to purchase it and I can obtain DSP e books as review copies, but I wanted to add this one to my personal folder If you re interested, then I suggest you download a sample and see if it grabs you too because the sample is pretty indicative of the rest of the book Nice romantic gay fantasy reading.More in depth review at There are various reasons for taking and ways to obtain a royal consort, should one be desired In Tournai, a small country in a richly developed fantasy world, it used to be common than it is in the period of this story but it is by no means unheard of What horrifies Prince Philip when the opportunity is offered to him is the way it happens Amory, the young man who is to become a bribe so his merchant father has time to finish a chandelier the prince commissioned, is shocked when he figures out why his father took him to the palace Philip is extremely interested in Amory, but he will not force him to stay, so he pulls him out of the business meeting and discusses the situation with him Their first interaction sets the tone for the remainder of the novel their entire relationship is built on mutual respect, an exchange of opinions, and support for each other no matter what fate throws at them The result is a sweet, romantic story that is not without conflict and suspense, but, after the initial get to know you period, the issues are all external.Prince Philip is incredibly lonely His parents died when he was still very young, but he has learned to rule his country with a minimum of help Others, especially his overbearing uncle, continually offer mostly unwanted advice because they think they know better, but Philip knows what he wants and will fight for what he believes in Marrying to produce an heir is not the top item on his agenda even though his family sees that as his main purpose in life When he meets Amory he feels the need to get to know him better, and once the awkwardness of the initial situation is dealt with, Philip dedicates a lot of his time to do exactly that Deeper feelings follow quickly, and despite all the negativity from his family, a few protests about him taking a male lover, and than one assassination attempt on Amory, Philip perseveres with what he knows is essential if he wants to find any balance in his stressful life And that is Amory at his side.Amory is the second son of a wealthy merchant, rejected by his father for reasons that are less than clear, and a talented artist He also has a minor magic Talent and a kind heart He has never been allowed near his father s business despite the fact the chandelier to be produced for the prince is his design When he and his best friend are caught kissing, Amory fears the punishment, but instead his father takes him to a business meeting at the palace and pretty much whores him out to the prince Amory is angry at his father but likes the prince immediately, so he decides to stay at the palace He is not in love with his friend, and he does not want to go back home with a man who sees him as a commodity, so what has he got to lose Amory has a lot of change to deal with, but he takes it all in stride He falls for Philip quite quickly and is determined to stay with him even if he has to marry a woman at some point What happens instead is not at all what Amory expected, and it turns his life upside down in than one way.Royal secrets, old magic and spells, jealous ex lovers and political enemies alike kept me entertained and glued to the pages of this very imaginative story It is a fairy tale in ways than one, and I loved the world building, the characters, and the various surprises sprinkled across the pages I am glad this is a series one visit to Tournai just wouldn t be enough for me.If you like fantasy of the varied kind shifters and magic included, if two men from different worlds learning to make a new life together sounds interesting, and if you re looking for a read full of sweetness, charm, and royal intrigue, then you will probably like this novel as much as I did.NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

Antonia Aquilante has been making up stories for as long as she can remember, and at the age of twelve, decided she would be a writer when she grew up After many years and a few career detours, she has returned to that original plan Her stories have changed over the years, but one thing has remained consistent they all end in happily ever after.She has a fondness for travel and a long list of

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  • The Princes Consort (Chronicles of Tournai, #1)
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  • 16 August 2018
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