The Power and the Glory (The Marshalls, #2)

The Power and the Glory (The Marshalls, #2) Introducing The MarshallsA Rich, Powerful Family That Mixes Business, Politics And Pleasure If The US Had A Royal Family This Would Be It Any Red Blooded Woman Would Kill To Be Handcuffed To Political Hotshot Brady Marshall, But Campaigner Aspyn Breedlove Wants To Raise Awareness Not Her Own Acute Consciousness Of Those Delicious, Iron Hard Muscles Beneath Brady S Expensive Suit But In A Shock Move, She S Made A Part Of The Marshall Re Election Campaign Aspyn Hopes She Can Dance With The Devil And Create Change From Within But What Chance Does She Have When That Devil Is Sex On Legs Brady Marshall And As Christmas Closes In, She Wants To Do Considerablythan Kiss Him Under The Mistletoe

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Power and the Glory (The Marshalls, #2)
  • Kimberly Lang
  • English
  • 07 February 2018
  • 9780373528448

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    The Marshalls A rich, powerful family that mixes business, politics and pleasure If the US had a royal family this would be it Any red blooded woman would kill to be handcuffed to political hog shot Brady Marshall, but campaigner Aspyn Breedlove wants to raise awareness not her own acute consciousness of those delicious, iron hard muscles beneath Brady s expensive suit Overnight she s an internet sensation, and in a shock move she s made part of the Marshall re election campaign Aspyn hopes she can dance with the devil and create change from within But what chance does she have when that devil is sex on legs Brady Marshall and she wants to do considerably than dance with him This is one of the rare examples when I actually increased the rating of the book after letting it rest for a while Most of the time, I go back and lower it, after realizing that some things just make no sense, and that the hero did act like a douche bag after all.But this time, I understood their actions better after thinking it trough.Aspyn is a truly optimistic person, full of ideals and hope for the entire world Don t get me wrong, she s aware that the world is not a nice place, but she simply doesn t let it get her down That s why her attraction to Brady is so unusual.Brady is a politician trough and trough Part of the famous Marshall clan, he never even thought about doing something else with his life He even likes it most of the time, but sometimes he get disillusioned by the not so moral things he has to do Case in point, Aspyn He dislikes deceiving her, but what needs to be done Of course, falling for her is definitely not a part of his plan, but he simply can t resist her She s a breath of fresh air, after all the woman who want him for his money or pedigree.The thing that bothered me when I first rated the book is Brady deception He lies to her when her job is in question, but he continues to do so even after they start to sleep together And it bothered me that Aspyn had to change so much, I kind of missed her joy in everything she did.Of course, later I realized Brady simply didn t see it that way and he did grovel nice , and that Aspyn had to evolve Those are the thing that made their HEA even convincing.All in all, an enjoyable book I hope that Ms Lang writes the story of the remaining Marshall brother, Finn Rating 4 stars

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    The second book in Kimberly Lang s Marshall trilogy and I have to say I m now in a bit of a quandary, because I don t know which one I love the most While Lily and Ethan s story in The Beautiful and the Damned was a great bad girl good guy romance with some really sexy dialogue, I have to say that I m now leaning towards Brady and Aspyn s story fickle moi The opening is a cracker, when Aspyn a passionate, determined and provocative political activist is accidentally handcuffed to Brady Marshall his senator father s campaign manager and a total studmuffin in a three piece suit But it s once those handcuffs are unlocked and Brady is forced to get inadvertent internet sensation Aspyn a job on the campaign staff that the sparks really start to fly These two were both such well rounded engaging characters but than that they are both individuals well used to the cut and thrust of political debate so when they engage on a personal level it adds a wonderfully powerful and emotive dynamic to their um Debates Lang s prose is beautifully subtle and sophisticated but it s her dialogue that really comes into its own in this story especially as they both begin to realise that they haven t got everything as well figured out as they thought If I have one criticism though, it s that I would love to have seen the two of them handcuffed together on the cover, but maybe a bit of light bondage is a step too far for HP And now I m gagging for Finn s story.

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    Rating 3.5 Second in the Marshall series and quite good.The book was good kind of different since it had a heroine named Aspyn who was kind of a hippie, activist and a true believer and her ideas well weren t something we normally hear.Brady on the other hand is a Marshall and when Aspyn comes in the way of his father s senatorial campaign, she is roped in much to his chagrin He doesn t like deluding her into believing she is being heard but it is not his choice though he tries hard not to give in to the chemistry between them.I liked how Aspyn was so comfortable in her own skin and discovered that things weren t so cut and dried in politics and I appreciated a heroine who kept the hero on his toes with her talk of not wanting a commitment from him etc.And I loved how Brady had to be the one to chase her.

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    The hero Brady and the heroine Aspyn meet when they are accidentally handcuffed together by an over zealous member of Aspyn s environmental activist groups This event and some of Aspyn s comments are picked up by the media and begin to have a negative effect on the re election campaign for Brady s Senator father Brady is forced to bring Aspyn into the campaign as a publicity stunt, and she is led to believe that all the information she collects will be passed on Brady doesn t agree with the stunt and lying to Aspyn, but is overruled, he also realises that he is attracted to Aspyn and he never mixes business and pleasure so he tries to stay away Aspyn, surprisingly, enjoys being part of the campaign and learning about the inner workings of politics She also finds herself drawn to Brady, and the feeling is mutual Their eventual affair is hot and heavy and completely no strings However, the closer they become the Brady realises he is falling for her, and his guilt over deceiving her is only made worse by his new found feelings and his admiration for how much of herself she has invested in the campaign.Oh, how I enjoyed this let me count the ways I was absorbed in this book from the very first page, all the way through to the end Aspyn has to be one of my favourite ever heroines, I simply adored everything about her from her eternal optimism, to her belief in change, and her rather refreshing views on sex and marriage She is brilliant portrayed And Brady, sigh, is a great hero a little buttoned up, a little stressed from his career, and gloriously intelligent Kimberly Lang has crafted a wonderful love story that takes place in such an exciting world, and it is full of charm The balance between the love story and the political setting, which can, let s face it, be confusing, is perfect There is as much sexual tension between Kimberly s characters as there is between Josh Lyman and Donna Moss from The West Wing one of my favourite shows , it is simply delicious And believe me, when everything blows up in Brady s face it is spectacular This book is original, honest, and so entertaining A must read Originally posted at

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    THE POWER AND THE GLORY by author Kimberly Lang is an harlequin Presents release for December 2011.Aspyn Breedlove has come across many things as an activist but being handcuffed to the hot, gorgeous campaign manager of a Senator s election was a first Brady Marshall had a strict no entanglements policy with a staff working for him By a quirk Aspyn ends up working for Brady Will there be an exception to Brady s rule now Will he act on his attraction to Aspyn What will happen when Aspyn walks away after finding out Brady committed the sin of omission by not telling the full truth about this job especially created for her Aspyn does not believe in the institution of marriage, so will this be Brady s hardest campaign yet THE POWER AND THE GLORY is a well written romantic tale with exceptionally drawn characters and unique absorbing plot In Brady we find a wonderful full blooded hero and Aspyn is a beautiful warm heroine Kimberly Lang has written a fast paced and sensual romance which will keep a reader absorbed from the first page

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    Handschellen und Hippies im Wahlkampfb roDie Umweltaktivistin Aspyn und der Sohn des Senators, Brady, k nnten unterschiedlicher nicht sein Brady steht f r Alles, wogegen Aspyn k mpft dennoch f hlt sie sich sofort zu ihm hingezogen, als sie bei einer Demonstration von einem bereifrigen Demonstranten mit Handschellen aneinander gekettet werden Als Bradys Vater Aspyn eine Stelle in seinem Wahlkampf Team anbietet sie soll die Interessen der B rger vertreten , glaubt die junge Frau an die Chance, das System von innen zu ver ndernDie Geschichte ist ziemlich vorhersehbar, aber solide geschrieben und seicht unterhaltsam Der typische Konflikt zwischen Heldin und Held steht ein scheinbar un berbr ckbares Hindernis l st sich f r meinen Geschmack allerdings etwas zu schnell und problemlos, und das Happy End scheint nicht so recht zu Aspyn zu passen.Dennoch, f r langweilige Stunden im Wartezimmer, der Bahn oder in der Badewanne bietet das Heftchen nette Unterhaltung.

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    I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway and I m so glad I did This was such a sweet love story I finished it in just a few hours.I loved the main characters, Aspyn and Brady Kimberly Lang wrote some wonderful scenes between them Especially their first kiss It was so beautiful I also really enjoyed the setting of this story I ve never read a love story set amid politics, but I really liked how it all played out.I d totally recommend this story to anyone that loves a good romance

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    I found Aspyn s and Brady s story warm and enduring Who knew that an activist might just catch the Senator s son, Brady s attention who is also his campaign manager Of course the story is unlikely to happens in real life but Aspyn s passion and belief that she can change the world is rather naive I was once like that before becoming realistic like Brady At least the book remind me of my age of innocence before I have to realistic about the world This story is my break from reality I would like a Brady, please.

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    Too much political crap, too little romance.Maybe it s just me, but I found nothing exciting, romantic, intriguing, or sexy about either character Aspyn Breedlove is a supposed activist that gets handcuffed to a politican s son and campaign manager, Brady Marshall For an activist, Aspyn is totally clueless on politics, and Brady is shockingly, a political guy that does what the party needs to keep her silent I really did not enjoy this Maybe in a non political year, maybe, but the whole concept just fell flat for me.

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    I really enjoyed this book I ve read a lot of Harlequin Presents and found this one different from most in several ways It takes place in the United States, rather than the usual England Europe And it deals with a political election campaign the setting is in Washington, DC.And I loved Aspyn s character she is so honest and quirky and has a unique take on political action There are also books about Brady Marshall s brothers which I ll be looking for too.

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