The Posse (Crystal Cove #1)

The Posse (Crystal Cove #1) Being A Widow At The Age Of Forty Four Was Never In Jude Hawthorne S Plans After Her Husband S Death, She S Left With Her Family S Beach Restaurant And Two Nearly Grown Children The Last Thing She S Looking For Is Another Chance At LoveHowever, If Her Husband S Best Friends, The Posse, Have Anything To Say About It, Love Is Just What She S Going To Get The Posse Is Determined To Take Care Of Jude, And When They Decide The Best Way To Do That Is For One Of Them To Sweep Her Off Her Feet, Three Begin To Vie For Her Affections But Only One Can Reach Her HeartIn A Story Of Friendship, Loss And Second Chances, Jude Will Learn Her Life Is Far From Being Over When Jude loses her husband Daniel his friends rally around her, now two years have passed and the Posse the school group they were all apart of have decided it is time for her to love again Each of the guys in the group will try to date her and see where things go Jude thinks that with her bar that she runs and her kids she doesn t have time for dating Logan watches as each of his friends date Jude he is burning with jealousy will he get up the nerve to tell her exactly how he feels and can there be a place for him in her life and family This is a wonderful sweet romance that will tug at your heart strings I highly recommend The PosseBy Tawdra KandleI was give this book to read and review I rated Five Stars I fell in love with this book because the characters are mature and funny Ms Kandle has created a heartwarming storyline The dialogue is hilarious, witty, engaging and fascinating I felt like I knew who Jude would end up with because Tawdra left little clues here and there It was amusing to read each man step up and make their play for her They were awkward, funny and of course one was enough to make you fall in love again.The Posse is Jude and Logan story Jude husband passed a year ago and The Posse has decided that they need to take care of her Because they don t her to fall in love and move away from them The Posse is a group of guys who have been friends since grade school They arethan friends, they are family Daniel, Jude s late husband, was a member of The Posse They all mourn his death but they could lose Jude from their group also and they don t want too The men come up with a plan that the three single members of the group should step up and court her At least one of them can win her heart and she would be content to stay with them forever The Posse is like a close knit family and they were delightful By the end they each had someone There will be some twrist and turns for Jude and her family in the past two years You couldn t help but want to cry with her whenis piled on top.This was a remarkable romance with just the right twists and turns It was refreshing to go thru falling in love all over again With seamless writing, a nice paced plot and characters you will love, The Posse is highly recommended It s only 0.99 right now, so I suggest grabbing it while you can and sinking into a love story you won t soon forget What an amazing story I loved Tawdra Kandle s King Series and was surprised when I learned that she was going to write a contemporary romance novel This story will have you thinking about you would expect to happen to you if your significant other passed away Jude s husband Daniel, a man that she loved from childhood and had never thought to see anyone else as a potential suitor, died of cancer a year before this book takes place These two were your picture of to people who were always meant to be, but now she has to learn to live without him Thankfully, his group of friends, which had become hers as well, step up to make sure she s ok She never expected though that the unmarried ones would take that to mean that they should try to take care of her inways than friendship The Posse, as they called their group, made a deal to try to woo Jude and see if anyone would be a suitable fit for her as a companion, possibly even lover The first half of the story is about their attempts at figuring out if anyone can actually think of Jude asthan their best friend s widow or as a sister The second half will have you grinning and crying from the obstacles that face Jude and her friends It s such a touching story that I couldn t put it down It s extremely believable Honestly, I can only hope that my friends or my husband s would be so nice as to think of me like the Posse thought of Jude We actually have a group of friends like the one in the book, so it s possible that it could happen That just made this book touch home evenfor me I loved it.Readreviews at Identity Discovery Blog. I liked this a lot We don t get enough romances about people in love in their 40 s so this was nice There was little drama in this story, for which I am glad not that there weren t many occasions for this, but sometimes you just want an evenly paced romance.Jude is a widow and a year after her husband s death his best friends aka the Posse are concerned that she might meet someone and move away so they make a pact to see if she might fall in love with one of them so that she ll stay and because they promised her late husband that they d look out for her and that premise, frankly is AWFUL but well intentioned She s got two kids in college and a diner to run, so really, what were they thinking Without spoilers, she does fall in love with one of them and it s pretty easy to figure out who it will be It happens fast, but not really since they ve known each other since they were young It s just getting the rest of the the family and town on board and that s not without some hiccups.But there s a great HEA, no guilt or angst Just love.

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❮Epub❯ ➣ The Posse (Crystal Cove #1)  ➢ Author Tawdra Kandle –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 174 pages
  • The Posse (Crystal Cove #1)
  • Tawdra Kandle
  • English
  • 09 April 2017

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