The Plains of Passage

The Plains of Passage Jean M Auel S Enthralling Earth S Children Series Has Become A Literary Phenomenon, Beloved By Readers Around The World In A Brilliant Novel As Vividly Authentic And Entertaining As Those That Came Before, Jean M Auel Returns Us To The Earliest Days Of Humankind And To The Captivating Adventures Of The Courageous Woman Called Ayla With Her Companion, Jondalar, Ayla Sets Out On Her Most Dangerous And Daring Journey Away From The Welcoming Hearths Of The Mammoth Hunters And Into The Unknown Their Odyssey Spans A Beautiful But Sparsely Populated And Treacherous Continent, The Windswept Grasslands Of Ice Age Europe, Casting The Pair Among Strangers Some Will Be Intrigued By Ayla And Jondalar, With Their Many Innovative Skills, Including The Taming Of Wild Horses And A Wolf Others Will Avoid Them, Threatened By What They Cannot Understand And Some Will Threaten Them But Ayla, With No Memory Of Her Own People, And Jondalar, With A Hunger To Return To His, Are Impelled By Their Own Deep Drives To Continue Their Trek Across The Spectacular Heart Of An Unmapped World To Find That Place They Can Both Call Home

Jean M Auel, n e Jean Marie Untinen is an American author best known for her Earth s Children books, a series of historical fiction novels set in prehistoric Europe that explores interactions of Cro Magnon people with Neanderthals As of 2010 her books have sold than 45 million copies worldwide, in many translations Auel attended University of Portland, and earned an MBA in 1976 She receiv

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  • The Plains of Passage
  • Jean M. Auel
  • English
  • 15 June 2018
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    During the Ice Age when temperatures plummeted and the two human races, a few scattered nomads, desperately struggled to survive the big freeze, in future Europe, there was no love lost between them Competition may be fun in sports and other contests of muscle or brain, but slow starvation is no joy, neither is becoming hard as a rock, though made of flesh once Our great ancestors if any other form of humans still exist, excuse me , would undoubtedly consider the Neanderthal, roaming beasts and they the first inhabitants think us the interlopers, devils for sure , after all living 200,000 years is quite an accomplishment in this captivating, exotic paradise nevertheless in fact a treacherous territory, the hairy men had a right to that opinionobviously we prevailed I thinkJondalar misses his family, wants to go home, Ayla has none , and will follow she needs a place to settle down in The endless journey of discovery, meeting bands of interesting people, especially pretty women, he the woman, good looking or exciting men, rules must have been very loose then for loving couples, implored to stay often, however they always leave their new friends All the fascinating unseen before tools and weapons, to abide in the constant harsh atmosphere, of the land of the blue glaciers , just to see another sunrise, no place for the weak Ayla and Jondalar find better, easier ways of hunting and fishing, so they will not become extinct Still in starts to get tiring, the years slowly pass The amorous duo, Ayla and Jondalar have many cold rivers to cross, the distinguished Danube in particular as a guide, with the magnificent, huge sturgeon fish swimming graceful below the surface, traveling west the wet waters are painful, down to the bone, mountains to climb, the mind chilling traversing of an awe inspiring glacier too, with their menagerie of two horses they ride and a wolf, Ayla s precious pets who also likes to hunt as much as the loversYou can image how frightened strangers are seeing what looks like humans on top of a horse, impossible, arriving these people must be evil spirits and the vicious huge canine, these animals will someday become the modern dog many flee for their lives Quite an adventurous trip, for anyone inclined to learn about cavemen in the very distant days of the impressive Mammoths stomping the plains of southern Europe You will soon begin after reading a few pages to feel the frigid weather, as the relentless blizzards hit and soak the skins of the indomitable couple, to crush them, but they go on, the numerous exotic creatures long gone eating in the vast grasslands, some dangerous, others only beautiful and peaceful Weird plants, gigantic trees, gaudy flowers yes it sadly has disappeared and can now only be enjoyed in books today.

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    Summary Ayla and Jondalar travel to his homeland.Oh, you wanted me to be a bit specific Okay.Summary Ayla and Jondalar head out to his homeland because while Ayla is supposed to sacrifice her newfound family, the Mamutoi, Jondalar can whine and complain to get what he wants They stumble upon Mammoths having sex, the Sharmudoi and the Ramudoi who almost immediately induct Ayla into their clan, a group of Femi Nazis aka, what many conservatives think Feminists are , a couple of Clan people, the Losadunai, and Jondalar s sister s people whoever the hell they are In the meantime, Ayla and Jondalar cross rivers, have lots of sex, chase after their damn animals, and talk about where babies come from actually, it s Jondalar doing a lot of the wondering where babies come from Ayla must have FINALLY come to grips with it.NOTE I listened to this on audiobook and am a super lazy person, so I am not even bothering with getting all the new names of peoples and places correct.This book is a perfect example of what happens when you write a novel and don t have a plot to fill it The book becomes just a volume of people going here and there, bumping into random tribes for the hell of it, and studying in excruciatingly textbook detail the flora, fauna, and biosphere.In some ways, this book is actually an improvement over the in my opinion dismal Mammoth Hunters We don t have any stupid Big Misunderstandings, we get to meet a lot of new peoples and customs, and journey stories are some of my favorites That said, this book is something that I definitely couldn t call Mammoth Hunters and that is BORING.Journey stories are inherently tough and not everyone is going to like them I think a good journey story is than just Character X has to get to Point B A good journey story will have the CHARACTER undergo a change, some sort of trial, in the midst of the external journey By the time the character reaches the end of the journey, something should have been learned, characters should grow, knowledge should be gained.None of that happens in this journey At the end of the book, Ayla and Jondalar are the same vapid, 1 Dimensional Mary Sue and Marty Stu they were when they started this book Ayla is perfect in every way every man wants to tumble in the furs with her, she is the most gorgeous woman ANYONE has ever seen and EVERYONE will let you know it , everything she does is perfect and wonderful, she can win over people who hate the Clan and anyone associated with it, she can heal a rape victim with a few sympathetic words, she can save a village from Femi Nazis but come out without having shed ANY blood, she teaches people how to sew a skill that apparently NO ONE ELSE is capable of learning , and she can get ANY tribe to almost immediately want to have her join their clan If Ayla has a flaw, it is the I don t realize how beautiful I am curse yes, even after all this time with Jondalar and the bajillion men saying how gorgeous she is, Ayla still thinks she is Big and Ugly Or the I have to save someone no matter the cost but don t worry unlike in Clan of the Cave Bear where Ayla wasn t able to save someone, Ayla never has that problem here Both of them are Mary Sue checkmarks in my book.What makes Ayla irritating in my book isn t her Mary Sue qualities although, damn, they were enough to make me want to hit something What makes me upset is how Ayla falls for the trap so many novels featuring a female protagonist fall for Ayla gives up EVERYTHING for Jondalar She even jokes, Well, I belong to you, don t I image error

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    Normally I don t bother with reviews but I decided this time I would I give this book 4 stars because despite so much repetition it was still a good read and I am eagerly getting to the next one After I read the last book and read some quite funny reviews about how often things were mentioned like we d forget I decided to keep a tally list for this book for some of the most frequently mentioned things Enjoy.7 x we are told Ayla can control whinny with her muscles in her legs.8 x we get long descriptions of trees.7 x we are told how subtle clan language, nuances etc.14 x we are reminded of the terrible pain Jondalar feels for Thonalon5 x we are told of Ayla s staggeringly beautiful smile.10 whole scenes of pleasures Urgh.9 x we are told Ayla perfectly mimics animal sounds.9 x we are told Ayla left Durc behind.7 x we are told Ayla is cursed.10 x we are told that babies come from a man s organ.And probably the two of my least favourite repititions throughout the series 22 x we are told of Ayla s strange accent.A whopping 29 x we are told that Jondalar s eyes are blue My goodness you d think no one ever had blue eyes Very fun read none the less

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    4 STARSAnother fabulous saga from Jean Auel s Earth s Children series I m really enjoying my trek across ancient Europe with Ayla and Jondalar, long as it may be And I never dreamed I d learn so much about glaciers Even though a good bit of this story took place between Ayla and Jondalar, alone as they made their way back to Jondalar s homeland, they did encounter several groups of people along the way Some good and some not so good But the two managed to get even closer to each other, and come to depend on each other in ways they had not done so before Also, they depended on their animals, and supported them throughout their journey I have a feeling that some serious issues are soon to follow, when they finally reach the land of the Zelandonii Like Ayla s acceptance I hope Jondalar is strong enough to stand up for the woman he loves Especially against his own people Looking forward to book 5

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    Okay, good I liked this one slightly better than the last one Ayla and Jondalar have kissed and made up and are on their way back to his home in Zelandonii They meet some people, have some laughs, do it in the bushes, and show everyone they meet how awesome they are Also Ayla s superwoman transformation is complete The girl can learn languages almost immediately, control horses and wolves, she practically invented fire, sewing needles, is a master at her weapons of choice the sling, she can imitate animals, is a doctor pharmacologist botanist, she is absolutely stunning and all men desire her but of course she is humble and a dynamo in the sack, she is super strong and highly observant due to her clan upbringing I know I am forgetting something Oh Ayla, you obviously have me under some twisted spell I only have one book and I am through with you.

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    I m still at the very, very beginning of the book, but see that one little star That s because the book essentially opens with an extremely graphic mammoth sex scene.Oh, Jeanwhat am I going to do with you

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    I get it The struggle of the longest journey The challenge came once I read it for the 3rd time yes I love the series that much.then I realized I had to skip over 10 chapters, 13 23 as I flipped and scanned it was all a tedious and meticulous description of the landscape The same animals that roamed the stepps, from mammoths, to horses onagers, aurochs, deer, and mouflon, etc I enjoyed the natural geographic studies of these sections, as I would anybut I d already read it in the first three books and several times already in this one Although I agree with most people on the redundant quality of the descriptions presented here, I have to admit, it was necessary I mean, Ayla and Jonadalar were just as tired of traveling as the reader was It was needed to relate to the next book, to be ready to settle into a hearth Just finished this book, for the um teenth time, and about to start page one of The Shelters of Stone.

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    The books are published in this series, the less magical the life of Ayla and Jondalar becomes to me First of all I have the feeling that whole text passages are just copy pasted from a previous book s into this one, because in my opinion there is a lot of repetition These books are quite unique, and therefore it is not neccessary to repeat so much It is disturbing the reading process and has no use no book at least not one that I read or heard of looks like these There s no chance that one could mistake Ayla s journey with another main character s journey Apart from that, once you got into the books, there s no way that you could forget the main stream plot Here and there a detail will get lost, but not the overall picture.It is a pity to me that the author choose to do so Or, if Auel chose different words or scenes and did not repeat this many times, it may be the translators I still wanted to know what happened to Ayla, so I kept on reading Not so eagerly as before though.

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    Next in my reread of this series, and this is where I intended to stop I think I will go on with Shelters of Stone though, because I just don t feel done yet I will have to see how I feel about the final, dreaded book though.I loved this one again, even if it is the travel book Jean has a tendency to info dump, something I didn t even know the meaning of ten years ago I still enjoy these, even without them really moving the plot forward Mostly I looked forward to when Ayla and Jondalar were among other people, and the unexpected encounters there These books follow a formula than I realized too, but there is an odd comfort in that.I m going to add this is the first book I ve read on my new Kindle Paperwhite, and I ve got to say I did like the new backlight and generally feel of the Kindle It uses battery than my old one, even in Airplane mode though that s the only disappointing thing I m going to leave my old review down the bottom here too, to show the passage of time You get some real revelations in this one, the travelling book of the series Jondalar and Ayla learn about their world and the people within it For many years, this was it This was where I ended the series in the wait for a new book, and I think I was content with that I ll have to read this again to get full details for my review, but I adored this series, so hopefully you do too

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    This book should ve been called How to Pleasure Your Way Across Europe, Righting Injustices Along the Way.I ve been meaning to do this write up since I finished the book over two weeks ago , but kept putting it off The Plains of Passage comes in at just under 800 pages, but they re 800 pages in which nothing much happens It s meant to chronicle the trip Ayla and Jondalar make from Ukraine to France on foot, across a glacier that takes over a year You end up feeling like you re there with them the entire time because it s so much nothing happening If you take out the minutiae of the scenery and plants and the Pleasures bits , I d be willing to bet this book would be less than 200 pages That s a whole lotta nothing, guys.The book starts with a mammoth pr0n scene By this, I don t mean a lengthy scene with much lasciviousness, I mean actual mammoths having actual sex In great detail For many pages I m talking all the gory details about scents and what the male mammoth smanhoodlooks like it s really too much I almost put the book down right then, but I had to keep reading because I know you guys are expecting me to See how much I heart you More nothing happens for a while, then they come across a herd of funny looking animals and Ayla asks her One True Love what they are He tells her that they re onagers and she laughs at the funny name and the funny sounds they make, and even wonders why she s never seen them before This part made me super annoyed Why Because with as much research as Ms Auel does for her books, she can t remember that she s mentioned the stupid onagers at least five times already, including the time that Ayla hunted them because she wouldn t kill horses any They were what she was hunting when she found Baby They passed massive herds of bison, and giant deer with huge palmate antlers, horses, onagers, and asses CotCBandOnce the pitfall was prepared, Ayla whistled for Whinney and circled wide to get behind a herd of onagers She couldn t bring herself to hunt horses again, and even the onager made her uncomfortable VoHandThen she poured water into a cooking basket from the large onager stomach waterbag that was hanging on a post, and she put some cooking stones in the fire to heat VoHSo, yeah I was only, like, 6 chapters in and I already wanted to punch someone.Rest of review with pictures and awesome hovertexts can be found here.

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