The Pit (Falaha's Journey, #2)

The Pit (Falaha's Journey, #2) THIS EDITION IS PAPERBACK ONLY THE PIT Is The Second Installment Of Falaha S Journey, A Xenocentric Science Fiction Trilogy Length Approx Words The Books Of The Series Are Not Stand Alone And Should Be Read In Numbered Order The Young Danna Couple, Along With Their New Companion, Continue To Discover The Truth About Their World And Themselves In Their Search For An Opportunity To Save Their People Family Secrets Slowly Surface, Hidden Feelings Are Revealed, And New Ones Emerge Ambitions And Desires Are Fueled With Every Passing Day, Which Could Be Their Last Answers Bring Questions, Solutions Problems, And Life Goes On, Even If Time Is Not Their Ally Will Luck Abandon Them Again Or Take Their Side In The War That Might Wipe Out Their Entire Race


❮Read❯ ➪ The Pit (Falaha's Journey, #2) Author Jeno Marz –
  • Paperback
  • 196 pages
  • The Pit (Falaha's Journey, #2)
  • Jeno Marz
  • English
  • 02 April 2019
  • 9781489597816

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    The second book of the trilogy delights us with a deeper insight into characters, their cultures and motivations, and the overall conflict A very intriguing and complex story with lots of character development and building up to something huge in the final book.Characters view spoiler Enter Falaha, a regular Danna child Our main five year old narrator Not a superwarrior, not a damsel in distress, not a princess, not any of those archetypes you might expect from a young alien lady Her amazing character is what makes her stand out She is a kid with all the feelings a kid usually has Though she s introverted and doesn t have a habit of voicing her thoughts for others to hear, her actions as well as the fierce fusion of strong mind and burning heart is what captivates people around her She s also flawed and insecure at times, but she definitely can keep things under control She is very mature for her age, which is the case with girls a lot of times.Girly by her culture s standards Yes Flirty Absolutely.Warm, affectionate, and lovely The epitome of that She s touchy She likes people And she s likeable Knows what she wants You bet Get in her way, and they will never find your body.Now, Eyuran, a boy 4 years older than Falaha and another main character is a striking contrast to the girl He s a typical young Danna guy a bit slow on the trickster side, but very loyal and hard working Despite being straightforward compared to a Danna female I m guessing a work of thousands of years of their species evolution girls are shifty in a positive sense , he is very observant and sensitive to Falaha Being over the head in love with her, he sometimes steps into the overprotective zone, which pisses off the girl But she deals with that in her own way.Despite seemingly possessing the characteristics of being one, Eyuran is definitely not a follower the guy has his feelings, interests, ambitions and desires Just as Falaha he is a well rounded character The two make a deadly combo well, they definitely would when they grow up, but they have to survive first This guy will probably appeal to the romantically inclined readers Baro He is a bit old to be put into the same category with the kids above 38 years old yet this guy is priceless If you have read the first book, you know how he ended up together with the kids Another introvert, just like the two above, he still makes a well balanced asset to their team Tho team is a bit stretched, because they still have a long way to go truly to be one When their communication fails, hilarious misunderstandings ensue.Just like the girl, this guy is working things out in his head There s this feeling like he s not sure he should be there, but you later feel as if he knows EXACTLY why he s there For a lot of the story he seems like he s in the background because he wants to be there.He narrates his parts of the story, yet he s someone to be figured out.Falaha and Baro compliment each other intellectually a combo that can kill you with their brains probably I d even say he met his match, but sometimes she is too much even for him.Kieren, Falaha s father We finally get to meet her dad Larger than life and full of emotions, he cares a lot for his daughter and he s a very huge figure in her life But she is definitely not his shadow, though the two are very much alike Another powerful combo, father daughter this time.Dorgu and Shaamta The source of all troubles for the main characters and their people Have their own agenda and mercilessly carry out their plans They briefly come to light in the beginning episodes, yet the range of their actions and ambitions spans across time and space definitely not the enemy to trifle with.Other characters There is one character who plays big part in this story, and several secondary ones, all of which are also good But I will leave that for the readers to discover hide spoiler

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