The Pink Smoke

The Pink Smoke Game changer A book that talks about everything and i mean everything College, Bangalore, First Love, First Addictions, First Rebellion, First Strike of Fate, The First Time , E v e r y t h i n g.You ve gotta read it A very average story with a promising outlook Nothing new in it to talk about It s a boy s struggle in his college and love life and other problems too The narration is good but the plot has not that convincing power in it It could have been made better as it didn t turned out to be a mind blowing one Disappointed. The venture that he started is fresh,the mind of every youth he captured and presented in a very subtle way,the book is worth in every sense of the word and a must read for youths to get a good hold on there life,enjoyed the writing Starting with the story line ,it was well depicted and the characters were very much connected.Specially the Ashish character wassensual and friendlier The author has done a brilliant job in writing with well portrayed protagonist And about, Bhilai may be its a small town,it was beautifully articulated and some moments were nostalgic,thanks Shom for that.And it was youthful and I was really hooked Waiting forof your work and All The Very Best the author is second to none other than Chetan bhagat stunningly awesome reality at the pages.looking forward The only thing that kept me going was the writing style of the author Story was pretty weak and that nothing to bind you till the end I had lots of expectation from the author but this fell short of it I ll now pick up his another book because I do know that he is a fabulous writer but this book wasn t of my taste. A decent read. N u r bound to read it in 1 go Trust is a crucial factor for a relationship to survive This trust should neither be excessive nor mediocre At adolescence, an attraction for opposite gender is very casual Attention of youngsters tend to get distracted to several other things as they enter a world with less restrictions andliberty Teens start feeling that they are heroes and nobody other than them is accurate enough This age is pretty tender and several teens end up making blunders in life.In the course of life every individual learns something new each day Instances in life teach us several things We tend to forget a few but many lessons leave an indelible mark on us I am done reading this amazingly written novel, The Pink Smoke by Shomprakash Sinha Roy Siddhant Roy is the protagonist of this story Belonging to a Bengali family, Siddhant lands at Bangalore for pursuing his Engineering studies Despite of heavy investment made by his parents, Siddhant is not really interested in engineering He works upon a manuscript of his own novel which indicates that he loves writing Well, initial days at university pass away ordinarily and then he comes across a girl through social networking A girl, who befriends him for inquiring about a friend of his, plays some magic over Siddhant s heart Nikita Sen, as her name goes, is also an engineering student from Bangalore Talks about a third person a friend of Siddhant brings them closer From acquaintances, they move a step ahead to become friends and this friendship soon transforms into a relationship They hangout together, fondle and cuddle each other, and discover delights of love But with time, people change What change will this relationship undergo all of a sudden Well, I can t reveal the story beyond this as you will have to discover the crucial part as well as the in depth story yourself So, go ahead and get yourself a copy of The Pink Smoke Over all The cover of the book is captivating and charming The title is thought provoking as you must have never heard of Pink Smoke The narration style of the author is too good and it completely mesmerizes a reader The plot of the story and the characters perfectly match up with the narration The story moves at an easy pace, letting a reader comprehend everything Speaking about its limitations, the story is an ordinary love story of a college teen It is a familiar story for those who have read too many books and at the same time something new for those who have just started reading books But the narration style of the author gives this casual story a hatke effect It plays wonders and engrosses a reader in the story I would call this one an ordinary story which is well narrated.Keeping everything in mind, I would rate the book with 4 5 Congratulating the author, I would wish him good lucks for his future endeavors. The Pink Smoke Is A Novel Set In The Backdrop Of Bangalore, India It Traces Siddhant Roy S Journey As He Tries To Adapt Himself Into An Alien World Of Love, Lust, Addictions And Unnerving Degrees Of Friendship He Gets Guided By Two Contrasting Elements Saahil, The Perpetually High Philosopher And Ashish, The Sane And Balanced Advisor His Ambitions And Desires Duel It Out Inside His Head And His Love For Nikita Fireball Sen Drives Him Over The Edge As He Begins Experimenting With Every Social Norm, Until His World Comes Crashing Down Will He Survive Will He Make It Through College Or End Up Picking Up The Broken Pieces Of His Soul In The Sunbathed Streets Of Bangalore Read The Book, To Find Out The Story Has Been Placed Amidst Varying Shades Of Emotions, Questions The Authenticity Of Every Feeling That Is Akin To Love The story starts with a prologue where the protagonist, Siddhant Roy narrates his life to Anil Roy a stranger whom he meets just some while ago Set in the backdrop of Bangalore this story takes you back to your engineering life If you are an engineer too.Siddhant Roy never wanted to be an engineer rather he wanted to be a writer In fact he was working on his manuscript Touchdown since his school days His parent might have never allowed him to go Bangalore if he had wished to pursue anything else but Engineering So to dream a life in the so called Electronic City of India he chooses Engineering.His life wasn t a fairy tale and it wasn t that bad either until he broke up with the girl, Nikita Sen He met her through a social network and soon their text conversations changed into phone calls They got committed, made love as if there is no tomorrow and when everything was going good, Nikita s past intervened their relationship.To Read my full review, click here

Shomprakash Sinha Roy Born October, 1990 stays in Bangalore and works as a Content Developer at Dell Inc He is the author of the popular novels The Pink Smoke Life Served Hot The Backbenchers 3 Days of Summer He loves books, and has a fantastic collection of classics and contemporary hits He joined engineering in 2008, but eventually dropped out, owing to a difference in

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  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Pink Smoke
  • Shomprakash Sinha Roy
  • English
  • 19 September 2018
  • 9789381841310

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