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The Pilates Class Roger Is A Down To Earth Builder Type, Judy Is The Harassed Single Mother Of Four Teenage Boys, And Thelma Is A Librarian Who Usually Looks As Though She S Been Sitting On A Wasps Nest For Most Of Her Life Neville Is On The Lookout For A Woman Any Woman Will Do , And Julian Just Wants To Be Young Again Edie Is The Wrong Side Of , And Roz Is A Size Zero Fitness Queen These Characters, Together With One Very Overweight Alice, All Meet Up For The First Time At Their Local Pilates Class Petra, The Class Instructor, Has No Idea What She Has Let Herself In For

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  • 06 April 2019

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    Petra s Pilates class sounds like one I would join with no hesitation Full of delightfully diverse, riveting, real life characters it made me feel as though I was there, a part of the fun, the bubbling interaction, the feisty dialog As I read I found myself giggling, or laughing out loudly, or just nodding vigorously in agreement as all those quirky characters, don t we meet them all too, on a daily basis A fun, wonderfully entertaining read

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    A really good read Never read author before but the writing was short sharp and to the point A look at the relationships within the people who join a pilates group Really well done.Anyone who likes looking at people and interactions would enjoy.

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    Extended review can be found on Unleashed Speaks on The Pilates Class I was first introduced to this writer when she submitted her work, The Porn Detective for The Review Board to review Not too long ago, I saw her latest work, The Pilates Class was available so I decided to grab it based on my enthusiasm for her previous work Disclaimer Slight spoilers Blurb The Pilates class is a humorous look at the lives and loves of several different characters attending a Pilates exercise class for the first time.There is a bit than meets the eye with this blurb, and that is what I adore about this short, yet delightful write.Plus so much Pleasant Hook I really like how the author doesn t waste any time in luring the reader into the story, yet she is able to outline each of the main participants in the story without it feeling overly rushed.Consistent Conflict Amidst the comedy, there was quite a bit of individual conflict with the characters as well as group conflict once certain characters began getting deeply involved with each other.Engaging Characters I really like that a lot of the characters went beyond how they were stereotyped by Petra the fitness lady I loved Roger He was rough around the edges, yet I really adored how down to earth he was He never censored himself for the sake of others I had a lot of respect for Neville s character You hear so much about guys that don t care about the substance of a woman if she tends to look good He really seemed to know what he was looking for I m also glad that the author dared to make him a virgin You rarely hear about guys his age being one Each character invoked some type of emotional response from me, and that is a sign of awesome writing.Setting Mood As I was reading this work, I found myself trying to pull in my navel and my pelvic floor Well, the mental image of me was trying to That is how engaged I was in the book I was actually at the Pilates class, watching Roger tumble off his ball, and Edith looking in disdain.The comedic value, intermingling storylines, and inviting characters make The Pilates Class a definite win for me Although it is marketed as women s fiction, I could see something in there for the men, too, due to how narrative strength of the male characters.From her bravery to address the issue of pornography in The Porn Detective to the lighthearted zeal of The Pilates Class, Stevie Turner is effectively demonstrating her range as a writer She is definitely an indie writer to be on the watch for, and I will wait in anticipation for her next work.

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    I received this book for free, in exchange for an honest review Who knew a Pilates class could be so interesting Each person who attends Petra s Pilate class at the local gym has their own story Their own reason for being in the class Roger and Julian their arms aren t working properly and they need to stretch it Judith because she needs to get away from all the boys in her life Edie, she needs something to do Neville to pick up chicks cause he is striking out Thelma, because she is a spinster who needs to get away from her mum Roz, well because she is addicted to exercising But as the book goes, their lives entwine The people change from resistant to the Pilates class to enjoying it because they have grown Each character has their own wit and charm I love Roger for being a clout The things that he thinks of in class are a RIOT His part alone made the book I was upset that Edie just faded away, I thought for sure she d be in the thick This is a quickie, but a good quickie I was surprised at some of the ending Not shocked, just didn t want it to end that way.

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    LOL Once again, Stevie Turner did not disappoint with THE PILATES CLASS I just love her sideways take on reality This novel is chock full of humorous characters that will have you laughing the moment you crack the book With the aim of rehabilitating his injured shoulder, Roger Harvey s doctor prescribes several free sessions in a Pilates class, and this where the fun begins You will totally relate to the varied and idiosyncratic personalities of the class members This read is definitely worth your while.

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    A quirky story with quirky characters that we can all relate to in a setting that would otherwise be mundane You should always write about what you know and Stevie Turner has done it again with an easy to read story that is fun with well developed characters such as Thelma who definitely reminds me of somebody An excellent read.

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    Having recently enrolled in a pilates class, I found this read to be so much fun The author has done a great job of avoiding clich s and stereotypes, and as a result, I found myself being able to relate to most of the characters in the story In this humorous book, we get a glimpse inside of characters that are very much like you and me They all have their strengths as well as weaknesses, and everything that falls in between those two polarities If you re in a pilates class, this is a hilarious read and definitely something that could brighten your day What made me rank this book so high is merely because I found the storyline to be so unique, as well as the author s ability to convey ordinary, mundane, yet complex feelings and emotions in a clear and relatable way I m glad I got to read this one in exchange for an honest review.

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    Humorous light reading Four characters meet at a Pilates class Roger, Thelma, Judy, Edie, Roz, Julian, and Neville You expect Neville and Roz to get together, but I won t tell you if they do These characters range from predatory male to fitness queen, librarian, mother, and The glue that binds these characters into a story is that they share the same instructor, called Petra.Not the most subtle look at everyday life and the humans who you d find at a Pilates class, but engaging and easy to read.

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    This charming and witty book made me wish I was in the Petra s Pilates class with Stevie Turner s delightful characters and their snappy dialogue An irreverent and humorous ensemble tale that s sure to delight lovers of lighthearted fiction.

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    Stevie Turner is a great author and always enjoy reading her lovely books This read is so much fun with twists and turns that kept me reading on Humorous and light reading Loved this book Gifted to me for an honest review

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