The Other Side (Island Girls, #1)

The Other Side (Island Girls, #1) Lara Reddy Is Fleeing London After Her Husband Dumps Her And She Bumps Into Him And His Pregnant New Missus, She Jumps On A Prestigious Job Offer The Kicker The Job Is In Mauritius, The Homeland Of Her Indian Origin Parents, And A Restrictive Society She Ran Away From Over A Decade EarlierDivorce Paints A Scarlet Letter On Her Chest When She Returns To The Culture Driven Island Once There, Lara Has No Escape Not From The Gossip, The Contempt, The Harassing Matchmakingand Certainly Not From The Man She Hoped Never To Meet Again, The Boy She D Loved And Lost White Mauritian Native, Eric MarivauxIn The Past, Fear Of Social Repercussions From The Sectarian Crowd Her Family Belongs To Kept Her From Giving Her All To Eric Will Standing On The Other Side Be The Impetus She Needs To Take A Chance On Eric And Love Again

From always choosing the storytelling option in English French classes to sneaking a MillsBoon romance under the desk at school, Zee went on to make a career out of writing the kind of emotional romances all young girls junk on.Her Mauritius and Indian based romances have all the classic makings of Bollywood type drama overbearing mothers, matchmaking aunties, proper eligible suitors

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  • The Other Side (Island Girls, #1)
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  • 08 June 2017

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    In many cultures divorce is frowned upon simply because it is either not allowed or no one else in the community or family has ever dared to even utter the word.So what do you do when you are one of those outcasts that has dared to step over the fine line between tradition and choosing to listen to your heart in order to free yourself from bonds you never should have been bounded to in the first place Annoyance, embarrassment, anger, hurt, despair are only a few of the emotions that the character of Lara has to face, overcome and handle in anyway possible when she returns to her parents homeland , Mauritius Here tradition and family mean everything and leaves her as a walking scarlet letter for the world to see.In between all the gossip and matchmaking, yes everyone is on her case in good and bad ways, she finds herself trapped in a different kind of web then the one of just trying to push through each day and get her work done.The web is none other than the powerful magnetic pull of her teenage love Eric Both being adults this time around it seems that it should be easier than the first time around right Only when the same issues from the past and of Lara s marriage come into play it all seems so much complicated then a teenage love gone wrong and letting go is the hardest step to take for this couple.The characters of Lara and Eric were both really well written, the author gave each one their own unique brand of flair, that as reader absolutely thrilled me to bits, for so many times in the past I have reads books where the characters are so much alike as in other reads and only the setting or situation is somewhat changed, driving me to the point where I quickly lose interest and hoping that the author will surprise me with a sensational shocker moment to bring my attention back, which sadly almost never happens The secondary characters from this read were intriguing and gave the read a sense of family and friends yes criticising at times but also truly showing that love cannot overcome the need to give support to those around us in need.The backdrop setting was all romance and described with such emotion that it felt like I could touch the colours and feel the wind in my sails I loved how the author let the cultural influences play a part in the read, I have not yet seen it done in a book before so it made it fresh and very entertaining.I am taking away a message of when life gives you a battle that seems bigger than you, stand up , stay strong and push to find your heart s desire I highly recommend this read for any fan of romance reads with deep emotion with a twist, you will for sure take away a powerful message and a love story that will stay with you for a lifetime Hang on for the other side is where you want to be Well done Zee 4.5 star review She is falling off the cliff, he is her saviour and together all they needs is their love

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    In Zee Monodee s The Other Side, she paints a brilliant scene in the reader s mind of what life on the island of Mauritius might be like We read of beautiful sunsets, to the sound of the waves washing ashore It had me longing for a trip to this stunning island.When Lara Reddy doesn t agree with her husband to start a family, he dumps her and moves on to a woman that will give him what he wants Coming face to face with her now ex Roy and his wife Preety and seeing her carrying their child sets into motion a change for Lara She decides to take a new job offer back on the island Mauritius The only problem will be dealing with the shame of divorce and an out of control controlling mother Also back on the island is Lara s first crush Eric Marivaux Eric is now a pediatrician at the local hospital He left Mauritius and never looked back But sometimes things are not as they first appear And he has never forgotten Lara And he wants back, that which he once loved Lara I felt the love connection between Lara and Eric And the passionate scenes were well written, including a quickie up against a wall I love the second chance story line And I was happy to see some things cleared up from their past But will they be accepted into society were Eric and Lara will be seen as a mixed race couple I also like the change in attitudes by some in accepting the relationship.This story also dives into the history of Lara s mother and how she over controls her daughter s She has the best of intentions but she is overbearing in her matchmaking She demands they do things and it is expected of them to drop whatever and wait on her I did like that Lara and her mother s relationship improved later into the story The problems I had with this story are as follows.Throughout the book Lara was always putting herself down, that she was not good enough for Eric Also the author repeated referred to others with their model good looks But the most disturbing part for me It appears Lara has an eating disorder and it is pretty much glossed over Yes her sister and best friend Sam are there for her, but what about Professional help Why think that someone goes off the rails and starts vomiting, that friends and family can help clean them up and all is well Don t misunderstand my comments please I still believe this a brilliant story worth the read and would recommend this to any romance lovers out there But as a reader I had a couple of problems with it.Favorite line from the story Damn it all the hell She hated losing control, especially over her own emotions, and Eric made her lose her marbles every time she saw him 4 5 starsI received a copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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    The one thing that I love about Zee Monodee s stories is they always portray the culture of the place they are set in so well With The Other Side, Ms Monodee pulls the reader into the heroine s Indian family, and lets us experience the same frustrations that Lara does as a recent divorcee Everyone is trying to marry Lara off, not accepting her independence But the last person she expects to meet is her high school flame, the guy from the wrong side of the tracks who left her long ago.With fabulous development of the characters and setting, this is one read that is sure to pull you in and keep you turning the pages until the very end.

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    Zee Monodee has delivered everything one would expect in a story set in Mauritiusand then some Descriptions allowed the setting to become a part of the story in such a way it felt like a major character in the story, as did the cultural aspects The Other Side is such a colorful read filled with wonderful people, and the dynamics between the heroine and her close friend and family members trying to marry her off are both amusing and realistic The Otherside is delightfully charming A must read.

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    I really enjoyed this book and i m not sure whether it is my pregnancy hormones or not but i may have a couple of tears towards the end as both Lara and Eric struggled to work things out.

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    This book is a must read I ve read several books from this author and this one is the best one yetthe others are super, so be sure to download them The author weaves a tale of young love that is lostand then found It s a sweet story with rich and well developed characters with a tightly woven plot.The characters are so good..Lara as she is going through a metamorphosis from a wife into a woman of her own, Eric as he realizes that life is not as bright as he would like without the love he lost Roy, Lara s former husband who wakes up a bit late Sam and Diya as Lara s supportive ones, and the aunties and overbearing mother.The author has done a fab job of telling this story and the title is rich with meaningLara and Eric, Roy, and even Lara s mom are all faced with one that got away While this book is a great feel good book with a HEA ending, the family drama, past playing out in today, and warmth of tight knit supporting family and friends all play out so well.If you are looking to be introduced to characters that will warm your heart and cause you to want to either cheer them on or turn your back, this book is for you

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    UNFORGETTABLE Talk about a walk in the park This is one incredible tale that will steal your heart and run with it I was lost as soon as my eyes caught the first words A page turning wonder that took me on a very interesting adventure I laughed and I cried, the emotions flowing from the pages were so sincere and heart warming, I felt everything as if I were experiencing it all first hand I was so caught up in the world Zee created, absorbed so deeply, I was lost as the tale unfolded Mesmerized as Zee brought life to the characters in such a personable and realistic way, it completely blew my mind The scenes were laid out so vivid and detailed it paints such a perfect backdrop that really makes the storyline pop With all of the twists and surprises, drama and suspense, heartbreak and soul searching, Zee totally nailed this bad boy I would recommend this read wholeheartedly to any one who likes a little spice and steam See really did a remarkable job bringing this read together beautifully An exceptional job Zee, thanks for sharing this little jewel with us.

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    Marie s Tempting Reads ARC Review A COLORFUL, DELIGHTFUL, BRILLIANTLY WRITTEN ROMANCE FROM ZEE MONODEE I have VERY much enjoyed previous books by Miss Monodee, but this one gives you a powerful punch of emotion and trials and what it means to overcome it all for a love unlike ANY other The One That Got Away made me feel so good There was emotional twists that make you want to tear up but there were many moments of life changing goodness with characters that just capture the heart I fell hard for this romance I found it unbelievably moving and with an amazing message that readers will just fall head over heels for Its fun and sexy and downright appealing I am IN LOVE with this new series The One That Got Away gets a UTTERLY ENCHANTING FIVE GLORIOUS STARS

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    This is a great second chance romance Lara and Eric have great chemistry, they fell in love when they were in their teens but after a misunderstanding Lara agrees to an arranged marriage Life gives them a second chance but they still have many hurdles to overcome before they get their HEA There are lots of great characters to meet along the way.

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    The One That Got AwayWow what an emotional read, good characters and an interesting story from start to end

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