The Orphan and the Thief

The Orphan and the Thief A Middle Grade Adventure That Will Keep You And Your Kids SpellboundToad Thought It D Be Easy To Steal From Mr Edward P Owl Unfortunately For Toad, He Isn T The Best Of Thieves Caught In The Act, He S In Trouble Than Ever Before Now To Save His Hide, Toad Must Track Down Five Rare Potion Ingredients For Mr Owl Or ElseAll Melena Snead Wants Is Her Family Back, But After The Miggens Street Fire, That Isn T Very Likely Orphaned And Miserable, Forced To Work In An Apothecary, She S Determined To Find Milo, Her Missing Brother No Matter WhatWhen Melena Finds Toad Ransacking Her Apothecary, Toad Gets A Nasty Shock Apothecaries Don T Carry Mr Owl S Ingredients Luckily, Melena S Willing To Help, For A PriceWith Melena S Pet Spit Fire Dragon And Toad S Enchanted Talking Beer Mug, They Embark On A Fantastical Journey, Traveling The Country In Search Of The Potion Ingredients But Can They Gather All Of Them In Time, What With Monsters, Pirates, And Axe Wielding Thieves And If They Do, Is There An Even Greater Danger Waiting For Them At The End

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Orphan and the Thief book, this is one of the most wanted M.L. LeGette author readers around the world.

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  • 250 pages
  • The Orphan and the Thief
  • M.L. LeGette
  • English
  • 16 March 2019

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    I received this book for my child in exchange for an honest review These are the words of my 12 yr old son This book was about a thief who broke into a mans house to steal a statue made of emeralds and shaped like a dragon This guy was named Mr Owl, who in my opinion was a jerk The thief tried to steal the ingredients from a shop The orphan worked at the shop None of the ingredients were there, but the thief lied to the orphan and said he was getting paid to find them So they teamed up and went in search for them These ingredients were very hard to find, considering one of them was a unicorns hair In their search to find these rare ingredients, they were up against a cave blob monster, a unicorn, a roc, an ogre, and many This was a very adventurous book that I really liked and was one of the best books I ve read The ending was a real surprise Thanks for sending it to my mom for me to read.Some of my fave parts are In the light from the rising moon, a miniature statue shimmered on a pedestal a statue of a dragon, carved from an enormous emerald He nearly tripped over his own feet in his haste to reach it He stretched out his hands His mouth went dry A dazzling light flooded the room as a door swung open Toad froze His stomach dropped through the floor His arms were still raised, inches from the statue, but his eyes were transfixed upon the giant figure standing in the doorway very descriptive The next second a great blast of hot light erupted over Toad and Jed, but they didn t stop Toad was trying to punchevery bit of Jed that he could reach There was a great howling of fright and a heavy booted foot nearly missed Toad s fingers Jed knocked Toad off him and rose to his feet He swung his foot back, readying to kick With a roar, Hazel flew at Jed Her sharp claws latched onto his back, piercing through the leather vest Jed roared in pain His hands scrabbled for Hazel, but she flew in the air, beating her wings against his face With a bellow, he turned on his heel and raced out of the pub this was awesome and action packed Lady Guave Mystical Fortuneteller is a jerkymcjerkysonHair from a Unicorn booyah A creature a frightfully, awful creature was mere feet from her Its eyes were enormous, the size of goose eggs and milky white Its gray, slippery skin was stretched taut upon its face Its mouth was wide and full of needle teeth Its hands rested on the rock, hands that were webbed and huge with each finger ending in a sharp, curved nail It was as tall as a human man, yet oddly shrunken and hunched he had the whole page highlighted so I cut it down he says this was super descriptive Slinkwing Dragons odd nameMr Owl was standing before them, blocking their progress, a pistol pointed at Jack s chest Why just WHY does he have a pistol in a midevilish book I mean seriously why why why Wonderful I m stranded with the least creative Ramblers that s funny There was another thing he wanted to share, but I m trying to teach him spoilers aren t cool lol Thanks so much for sending this book for him to read He said please send 3 He really enjoyed your story

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    Originally posted at DJ s Book CornerI m pretty sure the itty bitty dragon on the cover is what attracted me to this book If you don t know by now, I adore dragons and the dragon in this book was about as adorable as dragons come Add on the great lead characters and the magical adventures, and you have a really great book Let s start with the characters Toad was the thief in the book and my favorite from the very beginning His ignorance and denials were just too cute He was spunky and stubborn, and that just led to loads of fun for me when Melena, the orphan, entered the picture She too was stubborn and quite the know it all Hermione Granger, anyone She also had an ignorance about her and the two kids together were just the perfect pair Melena was book smart Toad was street smart Perfection.Hazel, Melena s Spit Fire dragon YAY was like I said, adorable But it was the talking beer mug, Joe, who most often stole the show He was a total creeper, but could do magic that saved the hides of our hero and heroine than a few times Other characters that I really liked Izzie, Becky and Horace I won t say too much about them, but they were definitely nice additions to the story.The magic and adventure were really great in this book and I think young people would have a lot of fun with it if I did, they definitely would The world building was what I would expect of a fantasy book and the writing was superb The story was fast paced and never really slowed down I will say that a problem I had with the book was that everything was so tidy Each problem had a solution and the solution was easily obtained I can t say that s how middle grade books are because I ve read others with complex problem solving, like The Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A Nielsen But that was my only peeve about The Orphan and the Thief Otherwise, it was well done.Overall, this book gets a recommend from me It s fun, hilarious, and even sad at times Both of our heroes have troubled backgrounds and stories and they pulled at your heartstrings a bit Would I read by this author You better believe it I d suggest you go and pick this one up now

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    Wow Now this is my kind of story When I go searching for a book down the aisles of a bookstore or library, this is the type of story I hope to find With lovable and odd characters and an adventurous story line, this tale has all the qualifications for being an extraordinary classic.Come journey along side Toad, a thief, and Melena, an orphan, their sidekicks Hazel the tiny spit fire dragon and Ol Joe, a cheeky talking beer mug Trust me, it s an enchanting ride, facing magical and thrilling obstacles that will bring you to a surprising conclusion.Creative, Crafty and Captivating M.L Legette s whimsical writing has topped my list to become one of my favorite story tellers I look forward to reading of her work and hopeful a sequel to the book

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    I am so excited to announce that I will now be posting my fiction online in chapter by chapter installments Find me as mlegette Expect a new chapter every Sunday on Royal Road Legends, FictionPress, and Wattpad Thank you everyone for the love and support.xMelissa

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    Talk about a jolly good adventure I loved that while this is a good clean young readers book, LeGette doesn t shy away from how evil some people can be The threat Owl presents isn t some silliness to be laughed off, but a real villain that would strike fear into any other supposed bad guy, such as the Ramblers But Owl is just the beginning, the real story is the growth that Toad goes through He goes from being a boy that just wants to impress the Ramblers on what a good thief he is, to being a guy that wants to be someone that Melena can rely on, because she s the first real friend he s ever had The same goes for her, she gets to discover the world and how to be strong in her own way And it is an amazing world, full of magic, dragons, and pirates Each ingredient they go for is a new adventure filled with monsters and endless discoveries Now all I can ask for is I want to know where Joe really came from, what s Izzie s back story, what is the rest of this incredible world like A wonderful story altogether.

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    M.L Legette conjures up a captivating magical tale in The Orphan and the Thief I loved this story and I could not put my Kindle down until I finished the last page I hope there is a sequel It is a beautifully told and written story I fell in love with the characters, especially little Hazel, the Spit Fire tiny dragon Each charming character created by the author is so brilliantly drawn that each one captures the imagination and draws the reader in from start to finish This charming story is so good that it may very well become a classic.In the imaginary land of Calendula is thirteen year old Melena, the orphan, who has a talent for mixing magical potions and has been indentured for most of her life to Mr and Mrs Bell, the cruel owners of an apothecary shop A twelve year boy named Toad, an irascible thief, has lived with a band of thieves, called the Ramblers, since he was a toddler Together Melena and Toad embark on a quest, along with Melena s irresistible little Spit Fire dragon, Hazel, and a strangely charming and enchanted beer mug, called Joe that has the esteemed title, The Thief Lord s Beer Mug Melena s greatest desire is to find her long lost brother, and Toad s greatest desire is to save his hide from the likes of the evil Mr Owl and his henchman, Mr Ogg Along the way, during their perilous quest, they were snatched by a Snatcher, barely escaped being eaten by Ogres, nearly drowned by a Slinkwing dragon, and almost murdered by Mr Ogg Fortunately, Agatha, a time warping spider, and Joe, the Thief Lord s Beer Mug, help Melena and Toad out of their most treacherous predicaments In this enchanting tale, The Orphan and The Thief, we find that Melena and Toad discover a secret they never could have dreamed of and you will not want their story to end This enthralling magical tale is chock full of unforgettable characters that will warm the cockles of your heart.

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    Oh my goodness I loved this book I know that it s mostly geared towards middle grade children but even adults would enjoy this story I was completely entertained and captivated by this book.The story itself was quite fun Here we had two kids, Malena and Toad Malena was an orphan who was looking for her brother and Toad was a thief who was terrible at his job These two encountered each other and joined together to seek mythical items for a potion Along the way, Malena and Toad came across different obstacles These obstacles as well as the journey, were described in a light and humorous way As I read Malena and Toad s story on how they gathered up the ingredients, I found myself grinning from ear to ear This book made me quite happy after a long day of work.Next, the characters were lovable I was not able to pick a favorite since I simply enjoyed reading them all Malena was the sweet and innocent girl who learned how to be confident and become adventurous Toad was the clumsy boy who wanted to prove himself in being the best thief but ended up growing in a much different way Then there were Hazel, Joe, and Agatha Hazel was Malena s pet dragon, Joe was an enchanted beer mug yup , and Agatha was a time warping spider These side characters really helped out Malena and Toad in their quest and reading how they did so was incredibly amusing.As a whole, this was such a great book I was not expecting it to love it so much I don t think I have smiled so much when reading a book in a long time I loved the story and I loved the characters I highly recommend this book not only to kids but also to adults.

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    I read The Tale of Mally Biddle by M.L Legette last year and loved it so I was excited to see that she had a new book out This is another hit for me Toad is tough and says whatever he needs to in any given situation, which gets him in trouble sometimes He s devastated when he gets tossed out of the Ramblers, his band of thieves, and wants to prove he belongs with them He only knows the life of a thief so has no problem lying to Melena to get her to help him The ingredients they need to find for Mr Owl are all rare so they have some crazy adventures on the way to collect everything Melena searches for her brother, Milo, the entire time She was separated from him after a fire and just wants him back in her life Toad comes in possession of Joe, the enchanted beer mug excerpt below , and Melena thinks he s creepy and wants nothing to do with him Over time, as she realizes what Joe can do, she softens towards him Hazel, Melena s miniature Spit Fire pet dragon and Agatha, the spider, were also great characters and added fun elements to the story There s plenty of action and they get in a lot of tight spots The solutions were creative and I was interested to see what would happen next M.L does a great job of moving the plot forward so it s never stagnant and there were parts I couldn t read fast enough I didn t have time to read it with my kids before my review but it s a great middle grade read and one we will add to our stack Mel s Shelves

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    Young Toad might be excellent of snatching a meal when he is hungry but he has been the downfall of several thefts when he is finally thrown our of his beloved Ramblers, a gang of thieves Melena Snead, raised in an orphanage and adopted out to be a servant in an apothecary shop, just wants to restore what she can of the family she lost in a house fire when she was only 3 years old Fortune puts this unlikely pair on an adventure to track down ingredients for an obscure potion With a talking beer mug and a pet spit fire dragon the pair race to collect the ingredients that Toad has convinced Melena will make them a fortune Melena seems to know where to find the ingredients This book is full of action and adventure It pulls together 2 apparently mismatched young teens who both have a wish to belong There are also plenty of mysteries what happened to Melena s brother Milo, will Toad find his father who left him with the Ramblers, what the potion the ingredients make do, and how did a beer mug get enchanted in a world with little or no magic I would hand this book to tweens and teens looking for a fantasy adventure I would also suggest it as a family read aloud with any school aged children.

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    The Orphan and The Thief is a YA fantasy tale which was a delightful read even as an adult Toad is a thief and a member of the Ramblers, a notorious gang Forced to part ways with the gang, Toad is determined to prove himself, landing in a sticky situation he manages to get a very important job for the sinister Mr Owl.Melena is an orphan who works for an apothecary, she is quick to study potion making, but her whole life surrounds her need to find her long lost brother Milo Toad and Melena become unlikely partners in an adventure to collect a list of rare potion ingredients They meet some wonderful characters and I particularly enjoyed reading about the game of cards and skill called Bloodroot and Toadstools A well written book with a tale full of magic, potions and adventures.

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