The Nightlife Series Omnibus

The Nightlife Series Omnibus Not many books reach my Wow shelf Travis you have reached it twice I first read Blood Slave as part of a book of the month for one of my groups As I read the book my mouth was permanently in a dropped jaw position as I devoured each page I knew I had to read the rest of them I had the wonderful opportunity through PNR NaUBA read to review I jumped at the chance and I am oh so glad I did NIGHTLIFE NY, LA and Paris follow the lives of 2 vampires, Michelle and Aaron They take us into the dark underworld of these fabulous cities The things most of us don t want to think about let alone read Many romance novels about vampires are similar in that they focus on a fantasy world regarding the vamps, their lives and mates These stories are erotic, raw and touch on themes to real life that are well Very real, abuse, molestation, sex rings, prostitution, drugs Although classified under paranormal romance, I would call these dark erotic thrillers Blood Slave, although part of this Omnibus is a separate story to itself You can read my review for that book here guess its needless to say I loved the books 5 stars for well written characters, storyline and shock factor I can maybe get some sleep now Nopages to turn book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group Author Reader Exchange for an honest review First I would like to thank the author, Travis Luedke, and Lovers of Paranormal LoP for the opportunity to read The Nightlife Series Omnibusfor my honest opinion.Although I have yet to get to Blood Slavewhich is the fourth book in the Omnibus I wanted to hold off on this review until I had a chance to read it Since The Nightlife was a series I would like to focus on those three books.The first word that I will can say is WOW I think this is the first time I have read a book written by a man with so much sex in it and WOW was there sex The first of the series started in NEW YORKAaron is your typical 22 year old man trying to make it work in New York City after losing his father and basically being kicked out of his house by his mother He is working and making ends meet until one fateful evening he comes to the rescue of a beautiful female being harassed by undercover detectives He is shot and dying Michelle is a beautiful vampire who takes care of him and against her better judgment turns Aaron into a vampire to save his life Aaron and Michelle s story is a beautiful story of master and servant where she does not want to repeat her past and falls in love with Aaron I loved Aaron s acceptance of his new destiny and learning to become a vampire and all of Michelle s rules It was a short story with some intrigue, danger, corrupt cops, love, sex, desire and Man Oh Man I was dreaming of just one bite from Aaron After running into problems in New York, Aaron and Michelle need to leave and decide to go to Las Vegas.LAS VEGASWhile in Vegas Aaron thinks he has found his niche in life He can read minds and this comes in very handy when playing the odds of Vegas and especially card games I would like to again thank Travis Luedke for sharing some probably well known gambling techniques on how to beat the odds In Vegas Aaron runs into Anastasia Ana and falls for her and turns her into a bloodslave, one of Michelle s No No Rules Ana has problems of her own and although I was rooting for her to kick her habits and live happily ever after with Aaron and Michelle.Once again the corruption that was in NY is also found in Vegas with drug lords, a crooked security officer and lots and lots of drugs Again the sex did not disappoint with this story having evenaction and suspense As you guessed they run into problems leaving bodies behind and flee to Michelle s home of ParisPARISAaron and Michelle arrive in Paris and find out Michelle s past and that she was born in 1919 and her privileged background, her master Julian turning her and his demented treatment of her and also the German occupation of France thru Michelle s eyes I loved Michelle s story and felt for her and all that she has endured and what would have turned a typical person bad she has succeeded in my mind Aaron however does not take her story as a testament of her endurance and survival and in a fit of anger leaves her Michelle is attacked and their special bond is broken Aaron in his grief of losing Michelle falls into the arms of an entity who I am hoping we will find outabout in future series She helps Aaron meld his vampire side and his predator side.This series end with Aaron again finding Michelle and the three leaving to I am assuming LONDON Can t wait for the next installment in this series LOVE LOVE LOVE Jeanne I received this book in exchange for an honest review R2R Lovers of Paranormal.Let me start by saying i really did not know what to expect with this book But i liked it alot At first i had some troubles with the feelings of Aaron He is too easy manipulated by Michelle, and she definitely has issues The only thing i really had troubles with which i realised in the last book was reading a book through a man s perspective Also there was a lot of sex in the books, don t get me wrong don t mind it but i thought some scenes where unnecessary I missed dept sometimes This totally changed in books 3 and 4.Nightlife Paris caught my interest I love the feel of the story, back in time Stories about the war and jews and German I am Dutch so we where in the middle of the war It felt good how it was told Also getting to know Michelle made the first two book better, put themin perspective Book 4, Blood Slave was just the best of all the books The craving and feeling It sucked me right in Read it in a day and would love to readof these kind of books A crazy bitch messing everything up, makes me want to read and read Because your guts tell you not to trust her A definite must read if you love paranormal 18 book I received this book from the author in exchange of a honest review on the Lovers of Paranormal group I originally read book one by Travis a while ago I was so happy when I got my hands on all of the books Travis is a amazing writer His books are action packed, and they will keep you on the edge of your seat I will only review the overall series here I will review the individual books, and go in depth about them later I think my favorites would be a tossup between book one and book two Book two was very intense, but I really liked it This is not your average vampire book It is sexy, but dark at the same time Michelle and Eric were too amazing creatures that I just couldn t get enough of The sex between them, was hot Michelle is classy, but dangerous She required attention, and she made sure she got it Eric on the other hand, was a sexy male that commanded power I am glad I got the chance to read this awesome series If you are a fan of sexy and dangerous vampires, make sure to pick this book up and give it a read I received this book in exchange for an honest review R2R Lovers of Paranormal.Okay, LOVED the fact that all the books were in one, made it much easier to go through First book NLNY was a bit slow at times and Aaron was a bit too much of a pushover for me, but I m happy I kept reading The books did get better, but there was a little too much sex at times For me, too much sex makes me skip over parts I like a little sex to my storyline, but in some parts it was nonstop Maybe it s the prude coming out in me, LOL If you like vamps, sex, and action this should be up your alley I received this book in exchange for an honest review LoP or Lovers of Paranormal I enjoyed the book overall It was a very quick paced story and kept me going trying to see what would happen next Michelle was a very complex character Aaron was such a kind character when he met Michelle It was intriguing to watch his changes as time went on Some of the support characters were wonderful, however a couple made my skin crawl I will be looking to see if there isin the series It was interesting to read. I received this book in exchange for an honest review LoP Let me start by saying i really did not know what to expect with this book but in the end I absolutly loved it The book is very sexual, but don t get me wrong it s still a very good book.Book 4, Blood Slave was just the best of all the books The craving and feeling It sucked me right in Read it in a day and would love to readof these kind of books A definite must read if you love paranormal 18 book The Nightlife Series Is Violent, Sexy, And Occasionally Violently Sexy Vampires, Strippers, Escorts, Night Clubs, Pimps Dirty Cops The Nightlife Series Is Never BoringCan Decadence, Corruption And Prostitution Go Hand In Hand With Self Control Over Indulgence, Illegal Activity And Vampires Lurk In Darkness When Night Falls On The CityThe Nightlife Series Explores The Sexy, Dangerous Misadventures Of Vampires And An Interesting Assortment Of Wickedly Corrupt Men And Women Of The Night Gangs, Pimps, Prostitutes, Cartel, Mafia, Drug Dealers, Addicts, Alcoholics, All Those Wonderfully Colorful People You Find Rubbing Elbows In The Back Alleys, Night Clubs, And Strip JointsThese Creatures Inhabit A World Of Constant Blood, Sex, And Arousal The Act Of Feeding Is Highly Erotic, Victims Often Experience Multiple Orgasms A Vampire S Bite Is The Most Powerful Drug Imaginable, Ecstasy, Euphoria, And An Ever Present Potential For Addiction Lethally Violent Predators, They Can Cut Through Flesh Like A Hot Knife Through Butter They Slip Through The Nightlife Quietly, Unobtrusively, Until Cornered Then It Gets Ugly, People DieThe Nightlife Series Includes THE NIGHTLIFE NEW YORK THE NIGHTLIFE LAS VEGAS THE NIGHTLIFE PARIS BLOOD SLAVEThese Wicked, Pulse Pounding Novels Drag Readers Breathless Through One Cataclysmic Event After Anotherte Into Your Copy Today Well hello friends Today I have to share with you my reading experience for the Nightlife series I read the omnibus copy so I got to read 4 books back to back The great thing about this series is that Travis could have ended the series with any of these books and I would have been ok with that being the end I say this not because I was over the characters and story by the end of the book, but because he did such a wonderful job with each ending He has a great way of leaving you enough room to really be ok with that being the end but leaving himself room to grow the story The other fantastic thing he does is manage to not make the characters dull over time, you never get tired of reading about these people I feel it s only right to warn you that these books are in no way for the faint of heart There is serious violence and intense sex but it all fits so perfectly with the world he has developed it doesn t at all seem out of place Out of respect for your time fellow readers I m going to keep my review of each book a little bit shorter since you are kind of getting four reviews for one New York We meet our main characters in New York and our first taste of a different spin from the vampire books I ve read lately Poor Aaron is just trying to do the right thing and for his troubles get shot Michelle does something she has sworn she ll never do and turns him We find out a big chunk of Michelle s back story in book three but there are hints why she is so against turning someone The world Travis takes us to is heavily drenched in sex and violence We learn that a bite from these vampires is the purest form of ecstasy so once again guys the sex makes sense Travis does a great job with his characters making them fun to follow for a few hours In this mythology when you turn someone you kind of make them your lapdog if you want The bond between sire and progeny is almostlike master slave, or has the potential to be if abused and it s really seem less the way we follow both Aaron and Michelle struggle with that power Travis strikes a really great balance between the character story and the angst of the original attackers plot line I ll say it right now I love Talco, he was so much fun It was really great to see a different side of Aaron towards the end of the book as well.Las Vegas We meet up again with Aaron and Michelle right before Aaron takes a blood slave A huge no no as far as Michelle is concerned Humans are cattle to her and one doesn t play with their food long term When Michelle realizes there is no way to stop Aaron s decision she does decide to make it as easy as possible Ana was such a wonderful addition to the story and really keeps us on our toes The change in dynamic is really an refreshing twist on the characters we feel for already at this point There is a heavy drug aspect that I ll be honest I was sure I was on board with It totally makes sense for the story and maybe I was just too invested in these people when I started screaming at my kindle We seeof the darker half of Aaron which is great but also sad since we have come to love the sweet caring side of him, but boy does it stay fresh The mythology of this world is definitely opened up and it s so much fun to see Aaron growing along with Michelle Her relationship with Ana was really interesting to me The way the dynamic change between all the characters was so well done that you could really see people living this way, minus the bloodshed of course And Travis sets up book three so well I couldn t have been happier to have the next book at my fingertips.Paris Here is where we really get to know Michelle We have been reading up to this point from different points of view but we really focus on Michelle The really awesome thing is that we see it truly as she did and by the time we switch back to Aaron I had kind of forgotten he was in the beginning We meet a new villain in this book and I will be totally honest, I wasn t sure how I felt about them I can tell you this you won t love to hate Michelle maker, you ll just hate him There is a new element of the super natural that we meet up with towards the end of this book and I m interest to see if it will make an appearance in later books There is a great way that an element from each book is carried one through the next to make the story really seem less Aaron is really struggling hard with some issues in this book and the predator side of him seems like it is going to get the upper hand a time or two There is a great set up for a fourth book about Aaron and Michelle and even though Paris ends on something of a cliffhanger if Travis never wrote another words about them I could totally have inferred my own ending for these characters and been ok with that.Blood Slave. Here we get to read about a whole new set of characters I have to say as much as I loved Aaron and Michelle these two really stole my heart Blood Slave takes place in the same universe but we don t ever see those two pop up I don t know if I loved Hope and Enrique because they are fantastic or their story was just amazing We have seen blood slaves before but Ana wanted to be a blood slave Hope doesn t have a choice, as a matter of fact she barely knows Enrique before he gets her hooked on his bite The characters are a little bit heart breaking, you really find yourself hurting for Hope She almost never stood a chance in life The story is told through Hope s eyes and it is so refreshing at this point of the series to see the blood slaves point of view As much as you can see the love Aaron and Michelle have for each other I really feel like this is a love story This is probably my favorite book of the series There is a lot going on and I have to say for as outrageous as this series is because of the plot material after the first few paragraphs the supernatural aspect slips into the background and you just get sucked into the story Bottom line, there is a Nightlife London coming out in the future and it is going on the to read list If you are into supernatural stories you have got to read this one Just don t forget there is a serious amount of sex and violence so if that s not your thing just turn around now If however you don t mind a little sex and blood this is a must read for you.Happy reading, Notte I thoroughly enjoyed this 4 in 1 set by Travis Luedke The unique writing style peaked my interest while I fell for the charactersandas I devoured New York, Las Vegas, Paris and Bloodslave While I loved Michelle and Aaron in these, Hope captured my heart in the final installment Her connection and Travis s world blew me away Left me wide open and wanting .In New York, we start with Aaron and while his life is an average life of a lonely young man in the beginning, he soon finds his world turned upside down after he makes the decision to rescue a damsel in distress Michelle swore off ever putting another what she had survived years past when Aaron walks into her life On the brink of death, Aaron is saved and Michelle his angel Whether or not Aaron wanted the life of a creature of the dark, the bond he shares with Michelle is overwhelming to say the least She has a power over him that he cannot deny or fight Her only understanding of being a Master was inhumane torture but when feelings arise between her and Aaron there s little they can deny from each other through their psychic bond.In Las Vegas, both Michelle and Aaron are on the run, settling down only to lay low Their past left in New York as well as their mistakes made When Anastasia walks into their lives Aaron claims her as his Sharing the life of the night Ana cannot deny herself the life she s known she s always meant to have The life of a Bloodslave is exciting, intoxicating and sensual in multiple ways With a few hills to hurdle Michelle and Aaron have to climb to mutually agree on a few concerns but in the end, they know what will happen and who will survive.In Paris, Aaron s loss has him grieving and fighting his demons daily Michelle wants nothingthan to rebuild what they lost in hopes of finding the Aaron she once knew With the beast lurking within, the traps around every corner, it gets harder and harder to control his reactions but will Michelle be able to reach Aaron before it s too late In Bloodslave, we get a glimpse into the other side, a new world Travis has built for us to explore His unique writing style and amazing written characters come to life and there s no turning back Hope s life laid out on the line, the connection is great The story remarkable, the sensual scenes hot and dirty, the life altering situations and circumstances keep the pages turning When there s nothing left will there be anything to bring Hope back with the lifeline she has to hold on to

Luedke is a NY Times USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance, best known for his violently sexy NIGHTLIFE SERIES Find Travis catching a third degree sunburn with his wife and children in San Antonio, Texas, while plotting world domination through erotic paranormal badassery.Most famous for his Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives vicariously through his writings He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.Feel free to stalk Travis Social Media Hub

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