The Night (Love in OLeary #5)

The Night (Love in OLeary #5) One Night In Vegas I Gave Him My Heart One Day Later, He Broke It Look, I Ve Never Claimed To Be A Nice Guy I Don T Do Pretty Words, I Don T Give Polite Smiles, And I Refuse To Be Sucked Into The Sappy Bucket Of Sentimentality That Is Christmas In Small Town O Leary Smiling Neighbors, Overly Decorated Trees, A Town Parade, A Santa Contest Ho Ho No I Do Shifts As A Firefighter, And I Go Home Alone I Fell Into The Trap Once That Stupid Night In Vegas Of Believing There Was Out There For Me I Took A Chance On A Guy With Magical Green Eyes And A Gorgeous Smile The Next Day, Liam McKnight Was Gone He Took My Heart With Him And Left His Wedding Ring Behind Except Now My Once Upon A Time Husband Has Reappeared With A Kid In Tow, And There Are Carols, Lights, And Cookies Everywhere I Turn And Worst Of All The Spark Between Us Burns Brighter Than Ever, Because Whatever Happened In Vegas Definitely Didn T Stay There Liam Came To Town Looking For An Ending, But What S Building Between Us Feels An Awful Lot Like A Beginning Too Bad It S Going To Take Than A Dozen Interfering O Learians To Convince Me To Take A Second Chance On Heartache, On Love On Us Note While The Night Is Very Much Liam And Gideon S Story, Characters From Past Books Do Make An Appearance, And You Ll Enjoy The Book Exponentially If This Isn T Your First Trip To O Leary

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  • The Night (Love in OLeary #5)
  • May Archer
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  • 03 February 2017

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    3,5 starsUnfortunately, I totally missed the 5 sign in the title I personally blame the Gl hwein and the number of Christmas biscuits I had to sample for quality control in the last few days So, to make this crystal clear although I m pretty sure everyone else has caught on to this this is part of a series One I haven t read Inevitably, the onslaught of multiple couples from previous books blew my little hazy brain Of course, if you ARE familiar with all of them, this is surely book heaven I did enjoy the banter and humour here, the characters and the scenario are fun, and if there is a little town somewhere in this universe as gay friendly and homey and picture perfect as O Leary, then the magic of Christmas will truly have happened.On my Grinch side, I have to admit that a 7 year old behaving as if she s going on 35, is simply not my thing For me Hazel, Liam s daughter, acted way beyond age, particularly when she handed out life advice to her dad.So, between getting a bit lost in a maze of people, some crazy Christmas ongoings in O Leary and a slightly overbearing child, the romance fell a teeny bit short I really liked both MCs, but grumpy firefighter Gideon stole my heart Fabulous character I would have loved to hear about.I had a hard time rating this, as it s really neither the book s nor the author s fault I fell into this totally unprepared And the writing was very enjoyable If I should read this series one day, I will return to adjust my review

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    Very cute Christmas story.

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    This was a fun, quick read, I really liked this.It went by a little fast, but that is kind of the nature of Gideon and Liam s relationship Five years prior, Gideon and Liam met and within about a day of knowing each other, they got married And then about two days after that, Liam left and they were over But it was complicated than Liam just leaving, as we find out in this book, with it being 5 years later and Liam coming to O Leary after tracking down Gideon intending for Gideon to sign divorce papers But the meddling town of O Leary will not be deterred, no sir Gideon and Liam aren t in the best of places at the start of this, but some meddling from the town makes sure they re near each other and pretty soon things change, and quickly The meddling of the town sure can be annoying, that s for sure But then if they hadn t meddled, Gideon would have signed the papers, they would have gotten a notary to sign off on in, Liam would have left, and these two men who are the loves of each other s lives wouldn t have found their way back to each other And Liam would have gone and tried to be with Scott, his friend, who was not so great But these two fairly quickly rediscover their love I mean, for them it kind of makes sense and it kind of worked, but also at the same time it made this story go by really quickly, like it felt quick and like all the sudden I was at %50 and I was like wait, already and it started to feel almost like a novella instead of a full length novel While it was a little too quick for my tastes, I didn t mid too much overall I did want Gideon and Liam to have time together before committing to their relationship, just to build it up, but it going fast didn t make it not work either because these two already did love each other and we got good scenes between these two to show that love Also, I adored Hazel Grace, Liam s daughter, she was great.So overall I enjoyed this, and while a little too fast, that didn t make me hate this or anything I still quite enjoyed it So I definitely recommend it

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    Top read of 2019

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    2.5 starsi love second chance stories and I enjoy this series so I thought this would be a slam dunk It wasn t though The meddling of the town was ott and while I don t usually mind books with kids this one drove me nuts It s not good when stories make me want to punch kids The Santa part and the scenes from when they first met were the only parts I really enjoyed.

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    This was delightfully OTT and perfect for a Christmas story Going back to O Leary is like slipping into comfy pajamas.Liam was a good character but Gideon was great I have a huge soft spot for big gruff guys who melt for their men and children I KNOW Hazel was too precocious for her age but it worked for the story at least for me.The town s meddling was unrealistic but sweet nonetheless.I don t know how many books Ms Archer has planned for this series but I will keep reading them if she keeps writing them.

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    Another perfect holiday romance.I walked away from The Night with a huge smile on my face I adore the town of O Leary and it s wonderful inhabitants who have hearts of gold I always walk away wanting .Right off the bat, I adored Gideon I have a thing for grumpy men with a sweet side and Gideon was exactly that He comes off as this grumpy Grinch who doesn t seem to want any type of relationship of any sort His heart was broken five years prior and he isn t looking for a repeat In walks, Liam Liam is the single father of an adorable little girl and is just trying to end something that had barely even begun.I really enjoyed how meddling towns people of O Leary and how everyone worked together for this couple s happy ending This was quite a charming Christmas romance that left me with a big smile on my face and ready to spread Christmas cheer.The Night is truly a story for everyone It has the perfect amount of pining, sweetness and just a touch of angst to tie it all together From a charming town of selfless people, a sexy as hell Grinch, a loving dad, an adorable little girl who has everyone wrapped tightly around her finger, maovaries exploding everyone, some very steamy fa la la ling and of course a satisfying happy ending no matter where you look you ll get something that ll make you fall in love with this couple and this town Five fa la la ling points 3

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    I always have the best time visiting O Leary and its inhabitants, so I was SO excited when I managed to snag an early copy of May Archer s holiday book And OMG I was not disappointed Gideon and Liam s story was everything that a holiday story should be full of light, love, Christmas decorations up the wazoo, kind friends and neighbors, the holiday spirit, and Santas Lots and lots and lots of Santas I was really bracing myself for some Class A level angsting when I realized what the premise of the story was, but of course this book is just as delightfully full of fun and whimsy and hot, hot romance as all the others have been Whatever hurt and anger exists between Liam and Gideon, it doesn t stick around too long, and the reader is left cheering them on as they work through the misunderstandings that separated them, and, importantly, find new ground to lay the foundations for a future together Gideon and Liam s chemistry, even after five years of separation, is absolutely off the charts Not only that, these two really appreciate and bolster each other up, even when they should be angry or upset at one another AND did I mention the adorable Hazel Everyone is in love with Hazel, and rightly so.I also should mention that all our favorites from the other O Leary books came back to help get Gideon and Liam together, and it is hilarious I found myself laughing out loud throughout much of the first third of the book Overall, simply the perfect holiday read to make you BELIEVE in the true spirit of Christmas Highly recommend.

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    Lifetime Christmas movie style of book Real life escapism at its best BUT if precocious children annoy you don t bother There s a main character that s seven but speaks like 30 year old sassy woman.

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