The Mystery of Hidden Valley (Mystery #3)

The Mystery of Hidden Valley (Mystery #3) Are You Up For A Thrilling Adventure When Twelve Year Old Joe And His Two Younger Sisters Are Invited By Their Friend Will To Go Camping In Wales, It Doesn T Take Them Long To Stumble Across A Long Lost Tunnel That Leads To A Valley Full Of Secrets And Surprises Follow The Children As They Are Imprisoned In An Old Farmhouse, Discover A Hidden Cave, Sabotage A Plane, Rescue A Missing Man, Undertake A Perilous Climb, And Book In The Mystery Series, This Adventure Novel Is Set In S Britain And Will Suit People Who Enjoy Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys Or The Famous Five

Paul Moxham hails from Melbourne, Australia He s best known for his children s mystery series which follows Joe, Amy, Sarah, and Will as they have adventures in 1950 s Britain.

[Reading] ➻ The Mystery of Hidden Valley (Mystery #3)  Author Paul Moxham –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 114 pages
  • The Mystery of Hidden Valley (Mystery #3)
  • Paul Moxham
  • English
  • 08 July 2018

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    Great book My personal favorite so far The mystery series is packed with action and fun for kids and teens I really liked how they were trapped in a valley this time and how they escaped Paul Moxham does a good job packing in as much action as he can and I admire how he does that The only thing which could be a let down to some people didn t bother me personally is that sometimes it doesn t feel like they are British kids, and the end felt like it got a bit long But all the action and suspense made up for this, and I can t wait to read the next one

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    Another fun mystery by Paul Moxham Some of the kids escapades were hard to believe, but it s all good entertainment and adventure for young readers And the young at heart.

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    This is a great children s mystery series set in a simpler time I really enjoy the childrens adventures, and how they solve the mysteries.

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    This is book 3 of The Mystery Series, although there are other adventures called Short Stories in between the books The series is set in England in the 1950s and are much like Enid Blyton s series In this book, Will s author father is going to a remote section in Wales for peace and quiet to write a book and Will invites his friends, Joe and the younger sisters Amy and Sarah along The boys are 12 It s a mystery to me why the man thought he could write in peace and quiet with 4 pre teens hanging around but luckily for him, the kids decide to go camping Unsupervised, of course They meet another boy, Tom, who is their age and he loans them horses He also tells them about a hidden valley where an ancestor of his lived The passage to it was buried in a rock slide many many years ago It s rud that there is a cave tunnel that leads to it People have searched for it for many years but it has never been found Of course, the kids discover this cave and tunnel that very day and traverse it to the hidden valley where they find the old house occupied What are these rough men, who arrived by a small plane, doing there Once again the children are chased, trapped, threatened, and through sheer ingenuity manage to elude their captors and stop a traitorous plot There are currently 10 books and 13 short story adventures in this series.

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    I don t do book reviews like you keep seeing, as I find that some give too much of the plot away and I personally hate that, as it makes the book not worth reading I much prefer to take the authors back cover write up as a review as it can either intrigue you enough to read the book of provide you enough information to make you decide that the book is not for you.My review rules are The stars, the I liked it.If there are too many typos or errors the less stars I giveIf the storyline or plot is poor or contains too many errors, the characters are too weak, the ending lacking something, then the less stars I give.Simple, uncomplicated and to the point without giving anything away.Some of the books I read have been given to me by the author as a pre release copy and this does not bias my reviews in any way

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    My 9 and 11 year old sons enjoyed The Mystery of Hidden Valley It s a cute story and, while it refers to previous adventures presumably from other books, you don t need to read the others first I recommend this book as a family read aloud

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    A good seriesMy kids are really enjoying me reading these to them at bedtime They are fun stories A little far fetched that these kids run into every crook in the area, but fun anyways.

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    This was a cute mystery, but there were random descriptions of wildlife that seemed unnecessary I did jump into the middle of the series so maybe there is a reason that I am unaware of.

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    Another hair raising adventure Where are these children s parents

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    The Mystery of the Hidden Valley Paul Moxham 25 chapters June 10 13, 2017This is a full length story intended for middle grade readers, but older adults, with an open mind, can enjoy this story as well These full length stories from Paul Moxham are fleshed out and encompass adventures by the kids as well mysteries usually one smaller one and one larger one A middle school reader probably could read this over the weekend an older adult in the afternoon This book wasn t neither as tight nor as enjoyable as the previous books I have read The kids are trapped in a secluded valley and must solve a mystery concerning a famous person A new child is introduced in the beginning, disappears in the middle, but then reappears to help the gang solve the mystery.I was troubled by some of the plot twists to advance the story They were always when the boys didn t listen to the girls and in doing so, they get in trouble This story truly is like Nancy Drew Hardy Boys, but with not much adult intervention at all I find it hard to believe, this being set in the 1950 s, that the kid s parent s would keep allowing them into this sort of mischief I also find it hard to believe that the constable would allow a child to accompany him to capture the bad guys But I also realize this is straight out fiction This is normal for all the books But I am finding I like the short stories better A few grammatical punctuation errors here and there.Three stars.

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