The Middle Ground

The Middle Ground The Middle Years Of Kate Armstrong Are Caught Between Parents And Children And Are Free Of Neither Relentlessly Good Natured, Surprisingly Successful, Lapped By The Affection Of Her Children And Friends And Intidily Folded Into The Clutter Of Her Overflowing House, Kate Is Now Suddenly In Her FortiesMargaret Drable Takes Kate S Predicament When Kate Is Forced To Make A Reconnaissance Of The Middle Ground Of Her Life And Turns It Into A Wise, Witty And Ebullient Novel

A.S Byatt The pair seldom see each other, and each does not read the books of the other.

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  • The Middle Ground
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  • 21 September 2018
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    OkWellWhat.I assume Margaret Drabble was experimental than I had thought, but I am not sure what she was aiming to achieve.I am not even sure if I can honestly refer to this book as a novel, but in any case it s central figure is Kate Armstrong, I think she is a journalist of some kind which may or may not be relevant, it is hard to know In any case the book begins and ends with her and we are mostly with her.It is not that strictly speaking the novel is Kate Armstrong s stream of conciousness, it seems to be the stream of conciousness of the omniscient narrator and the narration is a at first an intense dance through character after character from Kate we leap back to her parents, her elder brother who apparently sends not very anonymous threatening letters to her, to her paternal grandfather, to people she knew at school to her first husband who she meet at someone else s house and all the other people she meet there at this point about a quarter of the way through the book I thought to myself there is no way all these characters can feature in this book of only 272 pages view spoiler they don t hide spoiler

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    The Middle Ground is basically a novel without a plot, a book driven by the characters A middle aged group of British spouses, lovers and friends seeks to find their ways through mid life crises time Kate, a journalist, sees her job changing and maybe going away she has been a writer of pieces about women, their problems and how society is wronging them She had a liaison for many years with the husband of her best friend, with the blessings of said friend, as said friend didn t want to have sex with the man any longer That s over now Her children have grown up and no longer need her What is next for her What is next for her friends, who are also at changing points in their lives While mainly about the changes of middle age, this novel was written from a feminist viewpoint in the era when so many authors were writing feminist novels Thankfully, this one has men who are not all selfish idiots Well, her ex lover is a selfish idiot, but the others aren t Everyone in this story is flawed but with a basic core of decency and respect for others this is not a book of good and evil caricatures but of realism The book follows them as they go about their everyday live, lives full of the same pains, problems and joys we all share Though far from being Drabble s best work, Middle Ground is a warm paean to friendship and survival.

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    Maybe it was just because I haven t got to the stage in life that this book is all about, but I didn t enjoy this as much as some of Drabble s other novels I m assuming this is because I just didn t have enough in common with the main character but I kept on reading in the hopes that it would get going, that some plot would emerge, and it really didn t There wasn t much character development either I definitely wouldn t recommend this to anyone trying Drabble for the first time.

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    Inspired by a conversation with a GR friend that made me realise how minute a fraction of Margaret Drabble s writing I actually was aware of, I decided to improve my knowledge, and embarked on my very own Drabble adventures The first stop on my journey is The middle ground and here are a couple of my short reflections.Kate, is your usual Drabble heroine An independent woman, leaving of her writing, navigates among her friends and family, children, parents and an assortment of ex husbands and lovers She is about 40, just as Margaret Drabble was at a time when this novel was published But those of you who read books for their plot and a consistent story might want to look elsewhere This is all about life relationships, reflexions, and a picture of life as it was there and then.But most of all, there is this intoxicating quality to Margaret Drabble s writing The text, that tends to flow in an almost unbroken stream The intrusions, as if a single flow of thought wasn t enough, branch out here and there, loop around a while, and then join in smoothly back again into the main thought The sentences that continue far beyond their logical length and the thick paragraphs that are told on a single breath, that will make you dizzy and want to gasp for air But somehow, if you give it your undivided attention the experience will be magical.

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    Like Radiant Way, I ve downgraded this novel to three stars Same complaint about tangents By the end I was happy again, but the middle ground of Middle Ground was too full of people whose lives don t matter to the plot but do serve to paint a broad portrait of a period.

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    I am finding the book quite absorbing, although, since it was written in 1980, the feminist and political views expressed by the characters seem rather dated, in the light of hindsight I expect they were considered quite unusual at the time Later I am afraid that as the book progressed I began to lose interest in the main character s increasingly peculiar life, friends and acquaintances I finished the book with difficulty and was very disappointed in it as Margaret Drabble has written some excellent novels and is usually one of my favourite authors I fear this book is not in the same class as others she has written or perhaps I lacked the intellect to enjoy it.

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    Interesting characters Not much of a plot line, just a period of time in the life of the people around Kate, a middle aged author of liberated women s articles Written in 1982, it captures a time in English life that is interesting, even when not much happens.

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    Picked it out of my stack of Drabble s books as I read the first page and found it quite funny More to come.

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    Earnest and intelligent, but also a bit stuffy and claustrophobic.

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    I picked this book up in a used book store It s a fairly enjoyable read where nothing much happens to mostly pleasant characters Don t expect plot it s really a detailed character study and social urban commentary set in 1980 Though not a long book, the last 50 or so pages, where the author also studies all the secondary and tertiary characters, could easily have been cut.

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