The Lupus Encyclopedia – A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families

The Lupus Encyclopedia – A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families AWESOME, AWESOME BOOK My husband and I each have our own bookmarks init as he reads anything that I put in front of him that has to do with my illnesses, medicines and treatmentsI am straddling 35 meds day and 10 auto immune disorders I also just ordered this book today for my Parents EVERYONE with Lupus or any of the other many associated auto immune diseases disorders should have to read and use as a reference I brought into my Rheumatologist s when I went in for my Rituxan treatment They LOVED it and were going to order 1 or 2 to have onsite for patients to use read while they where there getting any of their numerous treatments Also, this book is VERY inexpensive for being a 900 page bookunbelievable I pre ordered mine in February 2014 and finally received in June 2014WELL WORTH THE WAIT Rare Book I was recently diagnosed with lupus I had read many books and research papers before getting to The Lupus Encyclopedia It is my number one go to resource for my disease Dr Thomas has put together a clear, but not dumbed down, resource about lupus and what you need to do to manage it as well as communicate well with your health team He is up to date with the most current information about treatments and recent new understandings about how the disease works It s great having it all in one place I would recommend this book to any one who has the disease or has a loved one with it Lupus takes a lot of management and understanding the trade off of the decisions you have to make This is the only book that has actually helped me become a better member of my health team. I have not fully read in the past few weeks It s a BIG book I have already looked through it for specific info I wanted I will continue to use it as a wonderful reference book, and get to solidly reading parts that pertain to what my illness is doing Some parts I likely won t completely read I like that this book is organized that way Again, it s big and has tons of information What I ve read so far is informative, beyond what I ve read in other books And our doctors never have time to get into everything with us I can learnand when needed it should help me understand what it is I m trying to ask my doctor about. I have read just about every Lupus book out there from memoir to treatise, from books aimed at neophytes to those targeted at the experienced patient At this point I could probably write one of my own But I keep reading rather compulsively, hoping to learn something new that will prove helpful Usually this task proves rather Sisyphean.But I struck gold when I read this book, far and away the most lucid treatment of the disease I have ever read Anyone who has Lupus should read it, highlighting it as I did on my Kindle Anyone who cares for, lives with, or loves someone with Lupus should read it And unlike other Lupus books anyone who treats Lupus patients as a physician or nurse should also read it It is jam packed with tons and tons of very helpful advice and medical information.However, if you do not have any biology background as I do you may find certain portions of the book a bit hard to understand Just skip them They are not important anyway The advice sections, which are extensive beyond belief, do not require any knowledge of science and are very clearly written I do like that Dr Thomas has not watered down his book as other physicians do, and that he assumes that Lupus patients can choose to read those sections or not.I hope he realizes that by writing this volume, he will empower the Lupus community which is huge Armed with an extraordinary amount of his medical advice some of it granular and some, not patients can go to their physicians to ask for critical lab tests and game changing medications Many Lupus patients are not fortunate enough to have access to quality medical care, for one reason or another This book may further propel them to be their own medical advocates, and substantially improve their health It is a must read. Fabulous book Very informative, but still readable Author explains very complex medical information in understandable ways Lupus is a very illusive, and misunderstood disease, even by most doctors My wife was finally diagnosed properly 12 years ago, and has received excellent care from a rheumatology specialist who has greatly improved the quality of her life Unfortunately, she went for another 15 years to doctors who did not recognize her symptoms, and diagnosed her with pretty much everything but Lupus I wish we would have had a resource like this back then Become informed, and seek out specialists who undersatnd Lupus and are up to date on state of the art treatments After reading this book you will knowabout Lupus than most of the doctors you see We had two different doctors tell my wife that she was just depressed, and needed to get out in the sunWell, with Lupus, that is the worst thing you can do Bottom line, educate yourself, and shop wisely for medical care, and this disease can be successfully managed.

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre The Lupus Encyclopedia – A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Donald E. Thomas auteurs dans le monde.

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