The Long Surrender

The Long SurrenderShould She Accept This Second Chance Three Years Before, Selina S Brief And Diastrous Marriage To Ashley Dent Had Ended In Divorce Now He Had Turned Up And Was Pressuring Her To Marry Him Again If You Thought I D Gone Out Of Your Life For Good, You Were Wrong, He Informed Her Menacingly I Don T Give Up Anything Without A Struggle Circumstances Had Changed And Selina Was Forced To Consider His Proposal She Had Never Stopped Loving Him But Could She Overcome The Terrible Fear That Had Ruined Her Marriage The First Time

Sheila Holland,

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Long Surrender
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 10 June 2019
  • 9780263728170

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    Right I am loath to actually admit that I read this piece of complete and utter fucking shit My real rating for this book is minus a hundred fucking stars and a death sentence.What s that Tell you what I really think Well sit down, IT WOULD BE MY PLEASURE.This book is what could possibly be described as THE WORST ROMANCE EVER WRITTEN IN THE HISTORY OF TIME AND SPACE, though if she s written anything else like this I could be wrong As a human I feel I must disagree with everything it represents, and as a female especially I feel know I am compelled to warn all of you.I just don t understand how something like this came to be written for people s enjoyment Traditional romance was obviously waaaaaaaay too boring for good ole Chaz Lamb I can only imagine this to be a somewhat accurate portrayal of her and her editor s though process C.L I feel like I need to break outside of the cube that is my writing as a romance author A meeting of the minds Pffffft Authentic happiness OH NO YOU DON T Mutual agreement THATS SO SILLY I need to push the darn envelope Widen my reader s understanding of love in all its forms But how shall I ever do it Editor Uhh, I can t actually write your books for you CharlotteC.L I know I ll make the Hero a rapist.Editor Brilliant.So basically what we ve got here is a deranged stalker rich businessman I mean really, that shit goes hand in hand, right who finds no compunction with the physical and mental abuse, rape and objectification of his love He is also chronically unfaithful and has a room wallpapered with photos he got someone to take of her for three years without her knowledge.No really I m not joking.There are no redeeming qualities to this this thing. Let s not pretend ladies and gents, coz by no stretch of the imagination will I willingly call this a book.The plot goes a little something like this Girl s ex husband of three years is reported dead He s not Girl s brother has problem gambling Girl needs money to pay back brother s debts Ex husband is rich Ex husband wants her back Ex husband uses money to buy girl 10 000 if you re curious as to how much girls are worth Girl agrees Cut to honeymoon Reveal angst creating device Girl was sexually and physically assaulted by her stepfather and thus terrified of physical intimacy Ex husband promises not to hurt her Husband slaps her Husband rapes her Husband gets jealous over a cool smile Husband flirts with other woman Again And again Girl see s her stepfather s lawyer who raped her publicly Girl feels pulled to him Husband is jealous Husband hurts girl Girl is on beach, tells lawyer she was thinking about killing herself Lawyer kisses her Lawyer exit stage left Girl tries to kill herself Husband rescues her Husband slaps her Cut to home Husband demands vengeance for three years of wet dreams Hurts girl Girl submits Husband admits he stalked her And that he wanted to kill her They both agree they re in love THE END.There Are Just So Many Things To Hate In This.Firstly The whole reason the husband wants his vengeance so bad is because Selina the girl was sexually assaulted and is afraid of intimacy Instead of talking it out during their first marriage, the husband tries REALLY REALLY HARD for SIX WHOLE MONTHS to understand her How Why by trying to bed her of course What s that saying about falling off a horse Anyway Coz she won t give it up THE SELFISH BITCH THEY RE MARRIED, SEX IS AUTOMATIC, RIGHT he goes elsewhere to get his jollies To make her jealous What a solid plan And then when that works, he leaves her after she attempts suicide And then is surprised when she files for divorce.Like, holy hell That is some f d up shit And thats the first marriage THEN, when he finally finds out why she s afraid of intimacy, he rapes her I feel like she should have just kept it a secret, because evidence suggests that he is aroused by force This basically sums up the action As if inflamed by her denial, he knelt over her, pinioning her below him, with his hands crushing her face between their palms His eyes flared, glittering at her like the points of knives She saw no tenderness, no love in his face That s a direct quote.She should have just pretended to be willing, then maybe he would have fucked off.What else do I want to rant aboutOh yes Sir Daniel Ravern.Defender of sexual assault and domestic abuse Also a potential love interest He admits he wanted her when she was 16 And that he believed she brought the assault on herself MMM he so dreamy There s this scene on the beach right, where Selina is thinking of killing herself because she admits to the hero she loves him and he s like, I am going to make your life a living hell, you bitch This Sir Daniel literally approaches her, says I had the most curious feeling, while I watched you, Selina, he said as he joined her I got the idea you were thinking of killing yourself To which she replies I was So he kisses her And then leaves her alone So she promptly swims out to sea and attempts suicide, a la Sylvia Plath.It s at this point in the book that she reveals her belief that her rapist domestically violent husband has powers that rival those of the Lord Almighty and is scared the he will come after her in death NO JOKE PEOPLE HERE S THE DIRECT FECKIN QUOTE His threat of following her even beyond death had made her shiver with fear, believing him He had meant it His desire for revenge was powerful enough to encompass his own death in order to punish her THEN SHE APOLOGISES FOR ATEMPTING TO KILL HERSELF And he slaps her before the apology actually This man sure has an interesting take on therapy I can tell you that much Their whole relationship is symbolic of that sad mentality contained within domestic abuse If you run away to him I ll find you if I have to tear London apart There s nowhere in this world you can hide from me, Selina Classic Don t call the cops, I ll find you and make your life hell Just wait until he starts hitting your kids.How Is This Romance.How For fuck s sake people, why the heck did you give it five stars Well, that s all I ve got time for folks Trust me though, there is much where this came from I ll leave you with some of my favourite quotes Warning, they may turn your heart to violence I want you so much I could break you in pieces You little bitch, he bit out between teeth which snapped together like a steel trap Some day I ll throttle you The strong brown hands encircled her throat as if he meant to fulfil the threat there and then He needed to see her suffer as he had suffered in the past nothing less would do Given half a chance I d have killed the brash idiot His brown hand tightened on her throat And then killed you You can t do this to me, he said thickly You aroused me deliberately, you little bitch I m sorry, she quavered, tears rising to her eyes at the impossibility of explaining the confusion of her feelings the struggle between love and fear exhausting her Sorry His voice was savage In a sudden vicious movement his hand slapped across her face, sending her head spinning That quote is especially significant coz he knows why she is so afraid of physical intimacy and hasn t told her I even had the man take pictures of you secretly I ve kept them all I used to stare at them endlessly I papered my bedroom with them You seemed to get lovelier with every month Don t read it Just don t Don t borrow it from the library, don t buy it for fun to read on your kindle, don t even download it illegally Writing like this shouldn t be supported, in any shape or form I let curiosity get the better of me, so read this review and be satisfied Don t let curiosity get the better of you coz this is some sick shit RUN FORREST RUN

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    One can t help but notice a pattern in her books so far Gray eyed, jet haired hero Green eyed, red gold haired, calories counting heroine The punisher aka hero s overwhelming of BRRRutal kisses bestowed on terrified heroine, w a domino effect, inducing a vivid, disturbing visual of heroine s enhanced lips by end of the book Who needs collagen when U have hero s kisses as natural enhancer Insecure violently jealous possessive stalkerific hero who can t accept No Don t for an answer glares daggers any man who covets heroine The requisite slap forced seduction rape near rape Hero w a penchant for kicking closed doors calling heroine bitch Hero flinging dire threats on numerous occasions to kill her by methods of strangling wringing her neck 1 of these days A gamma hero Woof Hero laying the heavy guilt trip on heroine after the unspeakable deed, that heroine provokes hero to bitch slap and or stick his flagpole into her Hero scares the hit outta heroine yet she luvs the asscrack the end Outrageous, eyeball popping plot devices that should be horrifying yet I can t turn the pages fast enuff cuz I can t wait to see what comes up next Her gripping eventful writing style sucks a reader in like a vortex.When U have a tormented heroine who tries to commit suicide not just once, but twice, U know U got a massive thriller heart grinder in your paw Thru narration, we re informed that the frigid heroine took an overdose after rebuffing tipsy hubby s sexual advances 1 nite He rubbed it in her face that he d scratch his itch w another willing ho walked out The book opens 3 years after their disastrous marriage, w heroine going thru her daily routine comes across a shocking newspaper headline bout a plane crash 1 of the victims is heroine s ex hubby False alarm, it turns out, he escapes death cuz he had a change of plan the last min Heroine makes ends meet by singing Thru a smoky haze much to her dismay, ex hubby is in the audience she faints dead away Her younger bro is a leech who already got his ass kicked B4 yet never learned his lesson still treats sis as his ATM machine to feed his gambling addiction Days after telling ex hubby to get lost, heroine has no choice but to sell herself to ex hubby cuz he s the only 1 who can give her the 10,000 pounds pronto, or they ll beat the crap outta her bro again he guilt trips sis that he ll expire for sure this time if she doesn t save his ass for the umpteenth time That s what family s for, right To bleed ya dry This time around, heroine will have to dance to ex hubby s tune, for all her worth Off they go to a tumultuous honeymoon, where Hero reveals that he already pried the dark secret the same 1 that causes her to freeze up whenever he wanna sex her up outta bro in law He confronts his intimacy phobic wife to cauterize her wounds cuz otherwise, their marriage bed is a no go Hmmm he got a point there She s been bottling up her demons I thought the secret was much ado bout nuthin I could guess the secret from a mile away just from what someone says to heroine the v beginning I could understand why it s traumatizing but it ain t as crippling as what the heroine in DC THE LOVING TRAP went thru I let this set up slide, due to characters growth to reach long awaited HEA Heroine gets hit on not just 1 man but 2 1st is her bro s co worker 2nd is a magnetic prosecutor who had ruthlessly cross examined her triggered her nitemares He felt a slight attraction to then 16 y o heroine but put it on hold I thought that was kinda weird but whatever, it moved the plot along Hero fesses up that he s been a stalkerazzi, by hiring a P.I to follow her take pics of her during their 3 years of estrangement Obsessed much Bitter, conflicted, revenge driven hero vows to bring heroine to her knees cuz as he puts it, she emasculated him Now, payback time After heart to heart psycho babble from the prosecutor, heroine attempts to let go all her pain by drowning herself to oblivion gets rescued just in the nick of time by hero who gives her the tongue lashing of her life that he ll make her sorry Right, how dare she forget take the easy way out His mission in life is to use her to the max as his convenient pride inflater He ll follow her to the next life if that s what it takes He s not thru w her Back to home sweet home, much to hero s consternation, heroine charms wins over her chick hater jailer hero s chef butler valet chauffeur U notice how outdated this book is cuz the word Micro wave pops out.Another indescribable, unputdownable trainwreck y keeper Chugga chugga choo choo All aboard When a book has a Control freakish hero as the navigator, U re guaranteed to ignore your innumerable household chores mealtimes in honor of finishing it in 1 sitting I feel like hunting down every HP featuring bizarre, creepy, obsessive yet pitiful heroes now.

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    Did not want to even rate it 1 starHero was a cruel cold mean abusive rapist monster and heroine taking all the blame for his behaviour and even taking his slappings and then she apologises cause she provoked him so he slapped her i was WTH Its the worst book i have readIgnore itDo Not Touch it

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    No Stars A truly terrible book with an absolutely rotten hero The H H have been previously married but due to an attempted rape by her stepfather, the heroine was afraid of sex and the marriage broke down The heroine s brother gets into gambling debt and she approaches her ex husband for the money He agrees to give her 10,000 pounds if she will remarry him He says he will own her for the rest of her life They go on honeymoon He treats the H like dirt One minute he says that he wants to give the H time to adjust, the next he makes a pass at her and when she starts to resist, he hits her He eventually stops and then admits he knows the reason for her fear He does not apologise for hitting her He is chronically jealous if any other man so much as says hello to her and seems to want to keep her locked up and not trust her outside the house this does not make any sense as the story is based on the premise that the is afraid of sex and accordingly there is no real risk of betrayal He then has sex with her It hurts her because she is a virgin However our creep feels no need to apologise and or sympathise with the H and he displays zero empathy stating instead that he will have her whenever and wherever he wants from now on The H meets the QC who cross examined her at her step father s trial and is confused by her emotions The a hole hero is furious and jealous he has sex with her again, which she actually enjoys i don t know how Instead of thinking that this is great and that the marriage is on track, the a hole creep then states that he has had enough of the H since she has submitted to him, that she will have to beg him forever , that he hates her, that he intends to punish her for emasculating him for the 3 years of the divorce etc The h tries to kill herself The hero rescues her but is again just vile The so called hero proceeds to controls the H s life he tells her what she must wear at any given time, he makes her wear a bikini, go to dinner, what to wear at dinner, that she must dance with him etc He threatens to beat her They return to London The H is not allowed to leave the house they have dinner and then sex Somehow in the middle of all the hatred they declare their mutual love This was not a romance The hero was a twisted hateful psycho and the heroine was a complete door mat Neither was particularly likeable I have a penchant for dominant and ruthless heros eg Judith McNaught, Anne Stuart etc but this guy was just awful His hatred of the heroine was palpable and the reconciliation at the end was unbelievable My lasting impression was that she would end up in Women s Aid at the end, after he beat the s out of her.Unremittingly Dreadful.

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    Okaaay Wow That was certainly a ride This was definitely a book for those with thick skins who like really really dark hmale leads I can t call this guy a hero He has to be one of the most manipulative, sociopathic, selfish, cruel, abusivefor no good reason, mind youmale characters I ve come across in a long time Not only did he not have a reason for his cruelty, it was perpetuated against someone who had sound logical reasons for her behavior towards him and who needed someone who was the exact opposite of him The things he did to her and the revenge he enacted was way over the top Some of the worst things he did was AFTER he discovered her history In addition to purposely engaging with another woman just to make her jealous and I think he might have even slept with her , he was verbally, physically and sexually abusive and downright mentally cruel Charlotte really pulled out the big guns with this one I don t see the story of these two ending in a HEA The h s life is going to be a hellish one with this crazy guy But you ll see that I gave it 3 stars That s because I actually like stories that are over the top, loaded with WTF , and OMG he didn t moments And those we have plenty of They just kept coming I could actually give it 4.5 stars for awfulness So be warned, that this story probably wouldn t appeal to very many and might even offend those who like dark, alpha males It s was almost too much for me.

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    Like a Tiger stalking his prey Ashley Brent have waited three long years to take his wife back Selina being afraid of the ultimation of his love making tries to fight against him along the wayand finally using blackmail through her brothers gambling debts does she have to marry him again.Ashleys violent treatment of her even knowing about her traumatic experience is the thing most readers mostly hated by this book I would be disgusted by it in real life, but this is Fantasy ya i put up with it.But what a story Charlotte Lamb never cease to amaze me with her dynamic and intense plots with VERY passionate characters.Selina is a singer, and a very beautiful one so She has endured the worst thing you could ever imagine as a young girl Finding her first love in Ashley Brent and later marries him But she never could make herself return his passion and never explaining herself either it all put a great strain to their marriage I could imagine both of them being so bitterly unhappy about it She asks for divorce and he angrily asks her if she ever loved him, which she answers no Do you know what you did to me he asked bitterly You bloody well emasculated me I destroyed my manhood over you I threw away my pride, my self control I despised myself, and I hated you for the way you made me feel AshleyAshley Brent may be a STUCK UP SON OF A BITCH DOUBLE ASS HOLE AND WORSEBut this man fascinated me WHY AM I SO WEAK FOR CL ASS HOLE HEROES He was so deeply and dangerously wrapped in Selina that it was impossible for me to actually hate him She were in his blood, his heart and soul He had practically stalked her for 3 years That s TOTALLY insane And WOHOW..Ashley were TOO jealous for his own good His jealousy were so LOCA and fierce that i was afraid it would kill him shudders He couldn t stand ANY man look at her way at all Wellas i said i am SUCH A SUCKER for Anti heroes like AshleyHe was a very violent force that dominated the story very well The Long Surrender is full of HIGH LOAD angst, pain, drama and amazing passion that burned the pages up I think i am a little traumatized by it all..Well its Charlotte Lamb after all, at her best

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    Tthiswashorrible, the most disgusting rubbish I ve read How a man can whine about the denial of his sexual needs when you KNOW your wife has been sexually abused as a child Don t get me wrong, it was a great build up and a riveting read. right up till that point Of course, I know we put aside our petty realisms when we read romance novels but this was absolute shit How can someone hit a woman and tell her she asked for it when you know the trauma she s been through This is train wreck, car crash, airplane bursting into flames utter fuckery Read it only for the sheer shock value of pure WTF disbelief.

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    Wow I loved this book what an obsessed stalkerfic hero he was so crazy for her Def this hero is one of the best crazy in love psycho hero I still love I really love the older HP books I really miss un PC hero s One of my fave CL books for sure.

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    Yikes The Long Obsession would have been a better title The H is totally obsessed with the heroine.I should give this one star,but it s so over the top I had to raise it up one.I ll address the purple elephant in the room Yes, as other reviewers have said the hero is a class grade A jackass He rapes the heroine as well as slaps her, deliberately makes her jealous and all around is an obsessive AH trope alert You know what, other than the rape, she deserved it all I wanted to slap her half way through the book The book cover says it all She really is a tease and on than one occasion enjoys making the hero suffer.Back story Abused and almost raped by her step father, she is tried for attempted murder Both her family life and the trial have damaged her emotionally So what does a shy, retiring essentially frigid young girl do She marries an alpha male with a libido then denies himsex, love, honesty, everything She really needed a nice starter boyfriend A beta.The story takes place 3 years after their divorce Marriage was never consummated as she could not get the gumption to do the deed She thinks he died in a plane crash he doesn t and it triggers FEELINGS oh, oh feelings Another trope alert.He gets back in her life via blackmail after having her watched EVERY SINGLE DAY since the divorce due to a conveniently weak brother with a gambling habit another trope alert , and proceeds to emotionally abuse her then physically abuse her She cries, she pouts, she stonewalls, she shivers, she tries to commit suicide The suicide attempt is as much about her trial and the shame than it is about the hero The trigger was the prosecuting attorney she kinds of had a thing for shows up in their honeymoon Honestly, I really did want to slug her at that point as she is such a do little whiner She finally has a positive sexual experience and Prince Charming decides it s time to deny her sexually for a change She doesn t much care for the shoe on the foot Ah, true love.They live HEA.

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    Charlotte Lamb could write a novel about watching paint dry and I will eat it up The rating I gave to The Long Surrender is not due to anything in her writing style, which is as crisp, refined and evocative as ever, it is because I disliked the characters and the story The plot is similar to her Night Music, with her signature, crazed, stalker, psycho, Alpha male forcing the h into giving him a second chance and the h fighting not only an outer battle with this overwhelming man but also an inner battle with The Great Big Trauma in Her Past However, CL went wayyyyyyy overboard with the assholish behavior of the H I lost count of how many times he slapped h around and called her a bitch, and not in the Kanye West way At the same time, she made her h a weak mess This is probably one of the weakest h I have read in her Harlequins To top it all off, there was a lot of bizarre OW OM drama view spoiler h has a weird connection with the criminal defense attorney who represented her would be rapist in court years ago, using victim blaming and slut shaming tactics to humiliate her Yet when the two of them meet up years later, and on h s honeymoon with H no less, they are both all googly eyes at each other For a second, I thought CL was going to pull the rug from under me and make the OM the real H because she definitely has a knack for twisting stale tropes around Frankly the OM seemed a better candidate to be the H than the H and it would have made for a better novel imho hide spoiler

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