The Last Valkyrie

The Last Valkyrie I wanted to like this book because I found the premise humanity as the inferior species, aliens as human in their destructiveness as we are down to the need to level the playing field and the concept of a species that has evolved beyond bodies both of which could have been explored in interesting ways.Sadly, the execution of these ideas is lacking, to say it in the nicest way possible The writing is flat and monotonous, reminding of a badly translated users manual meeting the kind of information dump every writing advice warns about I will leave you with a pretty good example of how this books reads as a whole Nakatomi invited Ronson back to her cramped quarters where they spent an hour talking about Val Ky Ree while consuming home made alcohol This was followed by 15 minutes of frantic sex Two minutes after that, both of them were asleep. Great ReadI choose 5 Stars because I felt that the Story deserved it It was a Great Read from the start, and for me to not be able to put it down for long is Saying Something Let me explain, I m a Stroke survivor and also a Disabled Veteran who suffers PTSD ,Severe Depression and Anxiety and lately I have been having real trouble with my concentration But this was a Book I didn t want to put down I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and looking forward to reading. I so wanted to like this book It has a good concept and decent plot, although it doesn t have a strong conclusion I enjoyed reading it, but throughout I felt it could have been better I was able to put it down and finish several other books including a 700 page David Weber before coming back to finish it The chemistry between the two main characters felt artificial and distant It was an okay read, but not great. Pretty good space opera with some flawsOverall a pretty good read if you approach it as a mindless action space drama If you tend to be a little critical in your reading though you will be disappointed There are small things that are jarring, like the silly pun around the AI s name or the fact that everyone always calls her by her full nickname and not just Val There are large things that are jarring, like the apparent lack of any human military force, despite knowing that the other races are incredibly hostile to humans, or how no one questioned whether the intergalactic vessel was hostile The abrupt ending didn t help things. A very good space opera The only thing I did not like about this book was the FAILURE to make it a series The author hooked me and at the end I was hoping he was continuing the story but alas not so If you like sci first you will enjoy this story I highly recommend it. Decidedly meh It s an interesting concept, but there is little to no characters development, huge plot holes and unresolved arcs, and the survival of the human race boils down to Deus Ex Machina The story had a lot of potential I could easily see it being done as a series similar to the Expanse but ultimately fell short It feels like an excellent 1st or 2nd draft that should have been refined. When The Synthetic Intelligence Val Ky Ree Wakes From Her Emergency Shut Down After A Climatic Battle, She Discovers Thousands Of Years Have Passed, And Her Creator Race, The Aesir, Have All Gone The Last Of Her Kind, She Finds A New Purpose In Protecting The Remaining Few Thousand Humans From The Hostile Alien Races Called The Compact As Humanity Teeters On The Edge Of Extinction, One Human Male Helps Her To Realize Her Destiny She Takes On A New Role As The Last Of The Mythical Valkyries Who Have Been Given The Power To Decide Who Lives And Who Dies She Will Need All That Power And Her Warrior Code Discipline When An Old Threat From The Past Re Emerges, A Threat That This Time, She Must Face Alone Excerpt A Double Ping Brought His Attention Back To The Display The Compact Fleet Had Just Crossed The Outer Boundary Of The Sphere He Watched As The Side Bar Data Showed Her Four Turrets Status Which Shifted From Tracking To Locked On He Shifted His Gaze Back To The Yellow Dots Just In Time To See Them Flash Brightly For Half A Second Before Becoming Very Faint Dots That Were Now Falling Behind The Rest Of The Still Advancing Fleet Targets Hit And Disabled, Said Val Ky Ree Before Ronson Could Say Anything, She Continued Val Ky Ree To Compact Fleet I Have Disabled The Three Trior Ships That Are Carrying Torsion Beam Weapons If You Board Those Ships And Examine Their Cargo Compartments, You Ll See What S Left Of Those Weapons I Could Have Destroyed Those Ships Completely, And I Can Destroy All Of Your Remaining Ships Just As Easily, But I Would Prefer Not To Do That You Are Being Used By The Trior For Their Own Ends Now That You Have Seen My Power, You Are Advised To Take Advantage Of My Patience And Immediately Decelerate To Zero Velocity If You Do Not Do So, I Will Take Whatever Measures Are Necessary To Defend The Humans If All Humans Are Killed, Either Now Or In The Future, The Race That Is Responsible For Their Elimination Will Face The Same Fate This I Swear As An Aesir Warrior Ronson Held His Breath As He Watched The Velocity Data Of The Compact Fleet It Wasn T Slowing Down Another Translated Text Message Scrolled Across The Display The Decision To Destroy All Humans Was Made By The Leaders Of Our Races Your Aesir Are Gone By What Authority Do You Interfere In Our Quest For Justice When Val Ky Ree Replied, The Volume Was Deafening I AM THE LAST OF THE VALKYRIES THE GODS GAVE US THE POWER TO DECIDE WHO LIVES AND WHO DIES YOU HAVE DETERMINED YOUR OWN FATE IN ORDER FOR MY HUMANS TO LIVE, YOU MUST DIE Keywords Space Opera, Military Science Fiction, Space Fleet, Galactic Empire, War 3.5 starsThis was definitely the spaceship sci fi fix I needed I will say that overall the story was too rushed and too open ended It probably should have been multiple books.The narration was great. Plenty of,action, and,suspense The last vikaree is among the best SF Operas I have read.The story is very well constructed and flows smoothly.The reader can easily feel coccected with the story.Looking for to your next SF Opera. Great story andWhen I started the story I was satisfied with the growing tale,but as it continues,I find myself wishing for a continued series The next chapter of there adventure Very great indeed.

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  • The Last Valkyrie
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  • 25 July 2019

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