The Lady And The Falconer (Zebra Splendor Historical Romances)

The Lady And The Falconer (Zebra Splendor Historical Romances) AVENGING WARRIORLogan Grey Was Just A Boy When He Barely Escaped The Massacre That Left His Family Murdered Now, After Thirteen Years, He Was Ready To Seek His Vengeance On Lord Farindale, The Man Responsible For Ruining His Life Logan Posed As A Falconer To Gain Entrance And Lay Siege From Within But As Castle Fulton Fell, Logan Was Betrayed By An Ally And By His Raging Desire For The Fiercely Beautiful Daughter Of The Enemy He Had Vowed To Destroy RAVISHING PRIZEWith Breathtaking Recklessness, Solace Farindale Declared Her Hatred For Logan Then Smuggled A Dagger To Him Through The Dungeon S Barred Door As He Made His Escape, She Followed, Running From A Forced Marriage But Even A Passion That Bordered On Madness Could Not Keep Her By Logan S Side The Nobleman Who Claimed Solace As The Spoils Of War Is Determined To Have Her, And Logan Must Risk His Life For The Seductive Beauty Who Ignited His Passion Perilous Than War

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Lady And The Falconer (Zebra Splendor Historical Romances) book, this is one of the most wanted Laurel O'Donnell author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 379 pages
  • The Lady And The Falconer (Zebra Splendor Historical Romances)
  • Laurel O'Donnell
  • English
  • 02 March 2019
  • 9780821759530

10 thoughts on “The Lady And The Falconer (Zebra Splendor Historical Romances)

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    My least favourite O Donnell book thus far.I found Solace to be annoying and honestly rather stupid, and Logan was a dick The only character I liked was Peter but he was hardly in it I also don t understand why romance characters never COMMUNICATE there isn t a hidden meaning behind everything or you should learn to listen and tell the freakin truth And view spoiler when your buddy is sitting on a horse near your girl and she s about to get shanked by some guy, be suspicious when he doesn t immediately save her and DO NOT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD leave her on her freakin death bed with the guy AND FOR CHRIST S SAKE IF SHE THINKS YOU KILLED HER FATHER TELL HER THE FREAKIN TRUTH TO SAVE HERS AND COUNTLESS OTHERS LIVES hide spoiler

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    This is dramatic, suspenseful, exciting, heartbreaking and romantic Logan is a cold, determined, unforgiving and charming man who is set on getting revenge against the man who killed his family Solace is a fierce, brave, kind and caring woman, and the daughter of the man who killed Logan s family 13 years after he lost his home and family, Logan infiltrates the castle, and gets distracted by Solace They re drawn closer to each other by attraction and circumstances, but life is ever evolving, and Logan can t give up the revenge he seeks There is so much heartache and betrayal throughout the story, and so many unexpected and unforseen twists, that it grabs your attention and keeps you riveted It s one of the best stories that I have read.

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    Justice is the winner in this delightful action romance Solace is a noble heroine, strong and sure, and deserving of every bit of happiness she could get Logan is a somewhat tortured hero, broody but with a heart of gold These two take on every obstacle, survive every unforeseen twist, and triumph over every villain as they seize their own HEA The story was enthralling, and the characters were memorable A terrific story start to finish I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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    An amazing tale spun of love not yet realized At first the lady despised the falconer Little did she know her knight in shining armor was there all along This story will leave you breathless and wanting

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    Didn t think I d be able to get into this story at first Felt slow in the beginning and like a million other stories Boy I was wrong This story took surprise turns and I loved it.

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    OkayThis is rather halfhearted effort at storytelling I wasnt impressed There are moments when the writing is pretty good, but overall I found it dull I also thought the book cover is horrid The clothing worn by the woman in the picture is contemporary not something one would wear in that era I was disappointed by this book I wouldnt recommend it.

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    Really I loved this story 4 and StarsAt times I wanted dialog, description of what was happening but Ms O Donnell writes well enough, she describes Solange and Logan s story really gut and the story capture me I recommend it

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    EnjoyedI enjoyed reading this book It was a book that you didn t tire from reading It kept me turning the page to see what was going to happen next It has a happy ending which is important

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    Magnificent Medieval Men Collection

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    Lady and the Falconer was a good medieval read with exciting characters I loved that Logan had a falcon Even the bird seemed to have a personality Excellent book

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