The Jewel Series Bundle 2 (The Jewel Trilogy #2-3)

The Jewel Series Bundle 2 (The Jewel Trilogy #2-3) After reading the first two books in this series, I couldn t wait to find out about Maxine and Sarah Nth else are the type of uplifting, positive love stories that readers should immerse themselves in The characters not only love each other, but also respect one another A good example of how a couple should be I m looking forward tobooks from this author Through TBCN I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Emerald Fire continues the captivating Jewel Series, focusing on beautiful Maxine whose exotic look comes from her mother s one night stand, a man she called Crazy Horse The sisters childhood of abuse and poverty ends abruptly with the tragic murder of their drug addicted mother, and the girls are separated The middle half sister, Maxine, struggles with a series of foster home situations until the eldest sister, Robin, is able to become her guardian and finance her education Maxine becomes a successful career woman yet she is haunted by her past When she finally finds a man whom she loves, she faces an incredible challenge She must help him to bridge the chasm between his God and him to find the relationship that he once had.Topaz Heat centers around Sarah, the youngest of the half sisters in the Jewel Series She isfortunate than her sisters in that she is adopted by a wonderful couple who love and support her However, they do not have the finances for her college education so they allow her to live with Robin who works two jobs to fund her education Sarah becomes a successful nurse and finally has a fulfilling life centered around God and family Will her prejudice and judgmental attitude cost her the one person who is the perfect match for her The conclusion of The Jewel Series delivers a satisfying ending that includes all of the beloved characters and maintains the theme of a Godly love that redeems, restores, and reclaims. This is the first time I have read a book written by Hallee Bridgeman, but it will not be the last I enjoyed both stories Hallee develops her characters well, and includes humor, suspense and romance in each book The Jewel Series Bundle 2 follows the lives of two of three sisters, explaining their rough childhood, and their maturing and growth as adults They have each suffered varying degrees of childhood abuse, and are struggling to find where they belong in their families, in society and in relation to God Emerald Fire, is the story of Maxine s life Maxine has become an amazingly strong and resilient woman She has fears to overcome, obstacles in her path, and burdens to carry, as we all do I really enjoyed her male friend Barry s sense of humor, and typical cluelessness to the female emotions I feel these things help make the charactersreal Will she let God be in control of her life Can she overcome the fears that have kept her single You won t find out unless you read the book Sarah, the main character in Topaz Heat, has blanked out the abuses of her childhood She was adopted into a loving, Christian home when she was a child Topaz Heat has a lot of excitement and suspense mixed in with romance and real human emotions I think Sarah seems to see the world in black and white You are either good or bad, with no middle ground She needs to overcome her expectations and learn to allow other people to grow, mature, and she must learn to accept them the way they are flawed humans needing God s grace But will she Hallee s writing style is enjoyable, with smooth flowing chapters, strong main characters, and a strong emphasis put on the importance of having a strong relationship with God I received this book from Book Fun Network in exchange for my honest opinion The Jewel Series Bundle 2 Emerald Fire Topaz Heat This is the 2nd Jewel Series Bundle I have read, the first being The Jewel Series Bundle 1 Sapphire Ice and Greater Than Rubies I loved the first bundle from the very 1st page on, as I do the 2nd.Maxine is the second sister in line and has never let a man get close to her physically or otherwise, after leaving their mother s home and the foster homes She keeps herself under control at all times and that is why there is such an exciting twist that shows up right away in the book Maxine is a lot like Robin was at first about God and faith, she doesn t want to have anything to do with it, and you can understand why when you read their historyBarry is Tony s lawyer so Maxine has known him as long as Robin has known Tony Maxine was always drawn to Barry, but he is married so the only are together for sports, watching or events The story starts off with a real kick in the pants scene No one saw this coming And there aresurprises to come.What is really nice about each of these books are the recipes that are talked about in the story, and discussion questions.Sarah Thomas, the 3rd sister was taken to a home where she was adopted and grew up in a normal home,so than her other two sisters When Robin and Maxine are older they are able to find Sarah and bring her into their lives Sarah works as a nurse, and hasn t decided to go through further schooling yet.Derrick DiNunzio has been working for Tony ever since Tony rescued him from his former life Sometimes that life is hard to forget, for others anyway God had already forgiven Tony so he knew his sins had been put away from him Sometimes it s hard to not act like that young kid again when he gets around Sarah.The author has a great twist for you in the story it makes it really hard to put the book down until you are finished It was for me anyway.Again there are recipes and discussion questions, very good ones too.I loved reading these books, I m just sorry to see them end.I received this book from book fun network in exchange for an honest review. I read the first bundle and looked forward to reading the second one I loved this one too and would highly recommend it Be sure you read them in order In Emerald Fire, the second sister, Maxine, marries in haste and faces regrets and withdrawal from her new husband She had attended church with her sisters, but this situation brings her to her knees and a new relationship with God When God answers her prayer, she acts on it, and in the end receives His blessing on her life.In Topaz Heat, the third sister, Sarah, doesn t remember her early childhood in their dysfunctional family She enjoys her work as a nurse at the hospital She avoids Derrick, a street kid Tony helps with an education and a job They clash every time they meet, but she finally realizes he has changed Read her story to see what happens when she remembers her childhood and fully surrenders to God s will for her life The three sisters start out in a bad family situation, but through trusting and believing in God and helping each other, they are blessed by a large happy family in the end I received this book from in return for my honest opinion. EMERALD FIREMaxi, the middle sister of Robin and Sarah, finds her true love, which based upon her upbringing, is a miracle in itself BUT was it love Was it God s plan Maxi does attend church with her sisters, butfor them than God Will she learn that God does hear and answer prayer Her new hubby, Barry, finally has a prayer answered, or so he thinks, and it tears his life apart, and him away from God Is there any hope for this newly married couple Pick up the book today, put on your seat belt and enjoy the ride.TOPAZ HEATThe wonderful story of the youngest sister, Sarah, and her coming to the realization of true love, 10 years later With this also comes regret over times lost, especially when situations arrive that may keep these new found lovers apart, perhaps permanently.Prayer, trust in God, faith in one another as well as hands on Christian living, support during the tough times reminds us of what a Christian life should be I was extremely moved by the prayer time in the hospital waiting room Powerful I loved, loved, loved the epilogue Some real awesome writing and a great tribute to the sisters and the life God has blessed them with.You need to pick up this bundle and see for yourself Clear your schedule, you won t be able to put it down.Thank you to for the chance to read this awesome book in exchange for an honest review. Absolutely love The Jewel Series Bundle 2 Emerald Fire Topaz Heat The two books are each unique wonderful Couldn t sit them down Love seeing God work in these stories the great examples of seeking Gods direction If you can, read The Jewel Series Bundle 1 Sapphire Rubies first so their lives unfold in order If not they are complete beautiful on their own You can t help but love the characters that come alive struggle, survive celebrate in these books Hallee Bridgeman has been added to my favorite authors list She is sure to be one of yours as well I received this book from in return for my honest opinion. I received a free copy of this ebook courtesy of TCBN for my honest review Having been introduced to the three sisters in the first book of the series, Sapphire Ice and the novella, Greater Than Rubies, I was looking forward to readingof their story The author did not disappoint Emerald Fire sees Maxine through the fire and back again, showing how love can overcome all obstacles if we only give it all to the Lord Topaz Heat takes Sarah back in her memories, which were things her sisters never shared with her, wanting to shield her She realizes how much her repressed memories are affecting her actions All of this brings her to the realization of who she really is as well as learning much about love.I greatly enjoyed both of these bundles and would recommend them for enjoyable reading that really does require some introspection on the readers part. The Jewel Series Bundle 2 Emerald Fire and Topaz Heat by Hallee Bridgeman The Jewel Series Bundle 2 is the first books I have read by Hallee Bridgeman, however I will definitely readEmerald Fire This story is about Maxine Bartlett, half sister to Robin and Sarah Because of their traumatic and abusive childhood, Maxine has trouble trusting others, especially men However she does become friends with Barry Anderson, an attorney and long time friend of Robin s husband Tony Viscollis Maxine often struggles with memories from her past, but she has made a life for herself alone She longs for love and family but is fearful to trust anyone enough to get that close But through some surprising events Maxine finds herself married married There are problems with her marriage that need working out But before that can happen Maxine is severely injured in an accident What does the future hold for her Can she turn her life over to God and trust Him to guide her each step of her life Barry has problems of his own, including an estranged wife As he is reevaluating his life, a sudden tragedy occurs throwing him in a tail spin Unexpected twists and turns follow as he tries to unravel his emotions and a longing to return to God and allow Him to heal his heart Topaz Heat Sarah Bartlett was adopted by Darlene and Charles Thomas and lived in a loving Christian home from an early age Sarah had blocked out her abusive childhood prior to coming to live with the Thomas s She is now a nurse working at the local hospital on the maternity unit delivering babies She has a loving relationship with her two half sisters but is searching for that someone who will love and cherish her As the story unfolds, events bring on her childhood memories Now she is struggling with those memories and what they mean for her.Derrick DeNunzio, a long time friend of her brother in law Tony returns to Boston to manage one of Tony s hotels He has been away for about ten years He is in love with Sarah, but she makes it clear she wants nothing to do with him All she sees is the street wise kid that Tony took in and nurtured and loved as a brother But Derrick has changed from the inside out when he came to faith in Jesus He is now a well respected and wealthy young man Derrick lets it slip that he loves Sarah while praying for her His past catches up to him and he is arrested The investigation takes some surprising and unexpected twists and turns Can he trust that God will take care of him during this difficult time What will Sarah think of him now After the prologue, the first several chapters of Emerald Fire were a little confusing, but things became clearer from chapter 11 on I love the way Hallee wove the main characters struggles, challenges, forgiveness, restoration, love and faith in the story that kept me on the edge of my seat Just as I thought I had it figured out, she threw in unexpected and surprising events taking the stories in a direction I would not have thought of Both books are well worth reading I received this book from in return for my honest opinion posted reviews on,, .com, Emerald Fire And Topaz Heat, The Complete Contemporary Christian Romance Novels And BooksAndOf The Critically Acclaimed Jewel Trilogy Are Bundled Together For The First Time Ever This Is The Complete Story Of Maxine Bartlett And Sarah Thomas, The Two Younger Of The Three Half Sisters Readers Around The World Have Come To Know And Adore These Are Stories Of Redemption And Transformation That Ultimately Lead To The Kind Of Love That Will Span All EternityIn Emerald Fire, Beautiful And Vivacious Maxine Finally Finds A Love That Will Release Her From The Prison Of Her Terrifying Past But, Will Her New Husband S Mistrust Of God Stand In The Way Of Their Happily Ever After From The Moment Derrick DiNunzio Meets Sarah Thomas, He Knows There Is No One Else For Him Once A Poor, Tough Street Kid, Derek Transformed Into A Life Of Wealth And Success Sarah Only Ever Sees The Unshaven Tatooed Tough Kid Covered And Shuts Down Every Advance Topaz Heat Opens A Decade Later Can Sarah Finally Set Aside Her Prejudices And Open Her Heart To True Love Or Will Dark Shadows From Their Long Forgotten Past Tear Them Apart Forever

With than half a million book sales, Hallee Bridgeman is a best selling Christian author who writes action packed romantic suspense focusing on realistic characters who face real world problems Her work has been described as everything from refreshing to heart stopping exciting and edgy.An Army brat turned Floridian, Hallee finally settled in central Kentucky with her family so that she coul

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