The Harmony Scroll (A Stella Hunter Mystery #2)

The Harmony Scroll (A Stella Hunter Mystery #2) Stella Hunter S Young Son Carries A Dormant Ancient Curse Within Him Though She S Destroyed The Amulets That Activate The Curse, Gabriel S Life Is Shadowed By The Dark Magic When She Learns The Contents Of A Golden Scroll Can Break The Curse Forever, Stella Goes After It With A Vengeanceand Heaven Help Anyone Who Gets In Her Way

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Harmony Scroll (A Stella Hunter Mystery #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Edita A. Petrick author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➹ The Harmony Scroll (A Stella Hunter Mystery #2)  Author Edita A. Petrick –
  • Paperback
  • 337 pages
  • The Harmony Scroll (A Stella Hunter Mystery #2)
  • Edita A. Petrick
  • English
  • 05 October 2019
  • 9780996637138

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    This is a fantastic follow on from Edita A Petrick first book Ribbons of Death which is a fabulous story and well worth a read Like the first book this one is full of mystery and intrigue, and I really enjoy the background on how the Peacetaker, Amulets and Scrolls came about many years ago Carter and Stella are also both great characters, and they are one of the many things that make this a wonderfully entertaining story Carter was certainly doing it tuff stuck in hospital It was great that he found a doctor that could fix his face at the Walter Reid Hospital, after it was damaged in the Cairo attack He just wasn t the sort of person that liked to lay around doing nothing The ironic thing was that he made it through being a Special Forces operator as a Ranger, going to some very hostile and violent areas, and he didn t once spend a day in hospital Carter is then on alert when a man pretends to pass himself off as a specialist that he is meant to see as part of his psychological healing Stella had eight year old Gabriel living with her, in the yellow house in the little town of Sunburst Gabriel maybe the Peacetaker, but fortunately that is only activated if he comes into contact with an amulet Otherwise he is just a normal kid, and this is the way Stella wants to keep it Unfortunately she s seen sitting in her house with Gabriel when it s blown sky high, with such a force that no one would be able to survive something like that Three men were also seen in the vicinity before the explosion Initially Carter is devastated when he turns up to investigate the explosion Red flags start popping up all over the place the he looks into Gabriel and Stella s stay in Sunburst It seems that there have been men watching Gabriel, and others looking into Stella, and this has been going on for months Moses maybe dead, but there are others out there that would do anything to get their hand on Gabriel Stella was looking into the Harmony Scroll as there was meant to be an incarnation on it that would neutralise the Peacetaker s curse This is such an easy book to read, and I quite enjoy that I never really know what s going to happen from one moment to the next I m definitely enjoying this series, and I would certainly recommend it as a very worthwhile read.

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    This was my first reading of Edita s Stella Hunter series Her research is meticulous, detailed and thorough I visit Italy regularly and her descriptions had me thinking I was there Her descriptions of London had me picturing the places I infrequently cycle past Her attention to detail is phenomenal so much so that when details are left out they stick in my mindall cars that Carter drives were intricately described, until he got into a Range Rover the new Range The details of the story surprised me that they didn t go further Eastwards Considering the historical context of the story, I was surprised that there wasn t mention of Sumerian gods, but that happens I found the most entrancing elements of the book we re around Carter s thought processes, albeit making the occasional heroic assumption, his motives were or less sound Some of the historical summaries came across as an opportunity to draw lines between histories simply for the sake of a story rather than actual relevance However there are great touch points in history which are true indicatons of cognitive dissonance experienced in many religions today I didn t feel that the Peacetaker mythos fit Perhaps it was the writing style, but there was something about it that didn t seem to resonate believably in the same way the other aspects of of the book does such as espionage and international politics Another thing that dates the book, unfortunately was the mention of technological developments in way that a 2Gig, enhanced, flash drive was supposed to be awe inspiring However these are minor things that brought my enjoyment of the book down just slightly I would ask why the book is called a Stella Hunter adventure when you rarely see the world from her viewpoint instead of Carter s Why I picked the 2nd book in a series is beyond me, perhaps I expected an Episode V effect but that effect can only happen in relation to the others Overall this is a good book it s definitely not one to read as a stand alone book Seek out the previous book first.

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    Author Edita A Petrick takes us on a treasure hunt that is a matter of life and death Carter and Hunter are back, and this time they re on the hunt to locate a scroll that has the power to break an ancient curse I read the first novel Ribbons of Death in the Stella Hunter series, so I had to check out The Harmony Scroll and yes, it was as good as the first one I m a bit of an ancient history buff and the life styles of the times appear to be well researched and accurate This to me, is very important when reading There is never a dull moment in the book, the author has crafted a story that any lover of historical fiction will delight in reading.

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    This second book in the Stella Hunter series was of a good read for me than the first Once again though the excellent adventure was dragged down by the amount of archeological lecturing featured in the story The ending is ambiguous regarding the potential for a third book if there is one I will want to plow my way through it because the lead characters are a likeable pair.

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    This covers the first adventure of Dr Stella Hunter, a medieval history professor and expert, now disgraced and forced from the job she loves Also along for the ride is Carter not his real name, but one of many he has used over the years in his specialised working life He survives the first known incidence of the Peacetaker being activated, whilst in Cairo and searches out Stella, to find out what has actually happened and who is behind it Is it the suspected terrorist link he has been hunting down the past couple of years, or is it something new This offering, at such a good offer price at the moment, covers the first three books in the series, Ribbons of Death The Harmony Scroll and The Byzantine Connection which are all involved in the tracking of the Peacetaker of the title of the series The book mixes loads of ancient history, legends and very modern day worries of terrorist attacks and intelligence agencies It takes a long time to wade through some of this and each book in itself is a long read, but keep with it and you will become entranced by the main characters and the story being told Most of the books in the series are on offer just now and I for one, have gone and bought every book in the series, as well as the initial trilogy It is something I will certainly love to go back and read again The book needs to go through an English native for editing, as there are bits that show the author is not a native speaker Not too off putting and certainly didn t detract from the story itself It didn t put me off paying for books I had received for free nor from buying the rest of the series and some of the author s offerings.I received an ARC copy of this boxset from Hidden Gems and I have freely given my own opinion of the book above.

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    This was the second in the series and I have not read the first but can confirm that it is in no way essential to have read the first one in order to enjoy this installment The plot was re capped naturally and not as a clunky add on or aside as some authors insist upon At first sight this book was a thriller that had me gripped from page one Continued reading introduced the science fiction element and I was hooked I never watched The X Files but if it was something like The DaVinci Code meets Stranger Things then this ticks the same boxes for all of you X.F fans This also reminded me of Taken as well Usually I don t like to make comparisons with other work, but The Harmony Scroll has so many elements to it, it would be doing it an injustice to simply say this was an excellent sci fi thriller Stella has rescued Gabriel and given him a new life in upstate Montana A normal life.But then one night her house is blown to kingdom come and her friend Carter investigates her untimely end The story that unravels entwines intrigue and drama in a beautifully imagined real world setting It was so easy to get swept along by this that when the true nature of the Peacetaker and the Harmony Scroll became clear I was totally on board Let me know when Spielberg makes the film, I ll get the popcorn Rating 9 10 treat yourself to some luxury bubble bath, this book is worth it Review by Vikki Heaven Escapology Reviews dom

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    A dark, edgy adventure spanning the globe, readers of mystery and suspense alike will enjoy Edita A Petrick s second book in the Stella Hunter mystery series The novel follows the continuing adventures of scrappy, single minded American academic Stella Hunter and the ever resourceful Timothy J Carter, a career military man turned government contractor with ties to the FBI, in their search for the mythical Harmony Scroll, the legendary artifact rud to negate the Peacetaker curse, a ticking human time bomb in the form of eight year old Gabriel Kraft, and Stella s adopted son, which threatens the continued existence of all humanity The novel opens with Carter recovering from injuries sustained in Cairo in the previous novel Told from Carter s perspective, this sequel follows him on his journey for redemption and his quest to keep Stella and Gabriel safe as they search for the mythical Harmony Scroll from America, to France, to Great Britain The freak explosion of Stella s house and her presumed death sends Carter to Montana to investigate the circumstances of her demise During the course of his investigation he discovers clues that lead him to Seattle, and Stella and Gabriel, where he rescues them from the clutches of corporate magnates who want the Scroll for reasons of their own Old nemeses and new foes alike pepper the novel, providing plentiful action and dire straits for the titular characters Witty conversation and sharp verbal interchanges between Carter and Stella enable this novel shine, causing the reader to overlook several literary faux pas in the novel Scroll establishes Petrick as a deft dialogist and master of the one liner Of particular brilliance is an exchange in which Stella asks where they are eating McDonald s and she says, Is there a place in the world without and Carter cuts her off to say, No, Stella, I don t believe there is Despite the magnificent dialogue and solid characters, Scroll struggles to deliver in other areas such as pacing, which, for the most part, moves smoothly, with a few minor hiccups While fascinating and integral for the reader s understanding of the historical significance of the Harmony Scroll, the historical sections are often poorly timed and badly integrated, resulting in the reader being pulled from the story in confusion In some ways, Petrick s novel draws parallels to Rick Riordian s Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Tom Clancy s novels about the exploits and political intrigue of Jack Ryan However, Scroll is not kid friendly The first two thirds of the novel is an enjoyable, suspense filled adventure romp around the globe that quickly shifts to a serious tone rather abruptly The final third of the novel is riddled with excessive profanity that the novel could do without In addition, orthodox Evangelicals and Catholics alike may be offended by the characters controversial views on many religious doctrines A fun, engaging mystery, The Harmony Scroll examines complex religious, psychological, and relational themes a good novel for those who don t mind a few minor mistakes and enjoy the challenge of controversial religious elements.

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    A great combination of mixed history, supsense, paranormal and adventure.4.6 Stars Sometimes, a man s job gets too much for him to do it alone The Harmony Scroll features the characters from the first book Ribbons of Death of Agent Carter, Stella Hunter and Gabriel Its starts off with the Timothy J Carter being attacked from the first book and recovery in a hospital Carter a long military career including time in the Special Forces he is a contractor for the US government recovers in the hospital finds out the Stella Hunter and Gab have died in an house fire He goes to investigates and his leads takes him to Chicago where they been taken to be presume dead to the government Carter takes them to safety in which It continues about Gabriel with an ancient curse Peace taker on his head Stella Hunter believes she can break the curse by finding an amulet, but it seems like an impossible task to find it and severely dangerous to attain as there are others who are willing to do anything to get the scroll As Stella travels the globe to chase clues, legends, and answers to save her son, time is not on her side, she will do anything to protect her son, even if it costs the people she loves.Do you remember watching the Nicholas cage movies National Treasure and you would get this captivating epic rush when the character would be running from the bad guys, chasing and causing mayhem and of course, finding the lost secrets and treasure This second book of Stella Hunter Mystery made me feel like I wanted to become an archeologist because I wanted to goes on those dangerous adventures, find the missing treasure before the bad guys did and restore history and do research on ancient civilization In my honest opinion, it was well written and intelligent that made this fast pace turner suspenful and thrilling novel I love the character development of agent Carter and Stella Hunter and of course, Gabriel I could make a visual picture in my head as I read this book at night I could not stop reading this remarkable and suspenful novel I need of the harmony scroll Also, I love mysteries a lot I have been reading mostly fantasy this year and when this book was offered for me to give my opinion, I devoured it like it was my last supper Really, I did I m happy, it took four hours to read I have not read a very well mystery book in forever I been watching re runs of Bones and I just kept thinking of how much Agent Booth reminds me of Agent Carter Smart, protected, works in S F, train solider, protective of people he cares about I am just in love with this book I highly recommend readers who are looking for a quick, mystery and historical novel that they pick up the first book so you can get started on the awesome adventure

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    Great plot and believable characters Stella is one determined lady, and Carter has an amazing support system to help them on their quest Enjoyed all the medieval historical background information Lots of action and intrigue Well worth the read.I received a copy of this book from evoke Discovery for an honest review.

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    The Harmony Scroll is written from the perspective of Timothy J Carter, a contractor working for the US Government with contacts in the FBI The novel begins with Carter recovering in hospital from injuries sustained at the end of the previous book He is told Dr Stella Hunter s house in Montana has been destroyed by fire Two bodies found inside are identified as Dr Hunter and her adopted son Gabriel Carter quickly leaves for Montana and investigates the incident for himself, concluding that Stella and Gabe are still alive thanks to information provided by one of Gabe s friends After he saves Stella and Gabriel, they continue their search for the Harmony Scroll, a thousands year old document written in gold which contains an incantation to free Gabe from the Peacetaker curse Through Italy and France they are followed by Tanis DeVry and her associates who also want the scroll After an encounter with a former KGB Operative, they have enough information to track the Scroll to an English castle.I received a copy of the Harmony Scroll from the author in exchange for an honest review I haven t yet read the Ribbons of Death, the first book in the Stella Hunter series but I will The beginning of the Harmony Scroll was information overload I did have a little trouble placing some of the many characters and events mentioned I believe having read the first book would have helped with that, but it s not essential to be able to enjoy the Harmony Scroll Once I knew who the main characters were, and their goals, I easily slipped into the rhythm of the book.The mix of history, paranormal, mystery and suspense that Edita has woven into her story is wonderful There is a tremendous amount of historical information provided throughout the novel which gives it an authentic feel The interplay between Carter and Stella is wonderful and their dialogue is natural Gabe felt like your average eight year old boy I liked the way Carter took care of him and it brought up his own failings as a parent to the forefront I also liked the little twist of the scary KGB Agent being far less scary than you expect him to be However, the characterisation was one part of the story I felt a little underplayed, mainly the lack of emotion Otherwise, the suspense provided by the people tailing Carter, Stella, and Gabe worked well The level of violence was kept to a minimum and helped it feel realistic The ending suited the story perfectly The Harmony Scroll was a fun read, quick read one I recommend Now I ll be off to read the first in the series.

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