The Hanged Man

The Hanged ManThe Last Member Of A Murdered House Tries To Protect His Ward From Forced Marriage To A Monster While Uncovering Clues To His Own PastThe Tarot Sequence Imagines A Modern Day Atlantis Off The Coast Of Massachusetts, Governed By Powerful Courts Based On The Traditional Tarot Deck Rune Saint John, Last Child Of The Fallen Sun Throne, Is Backed Into A Fight Of High Court Magic And Political Appetites In A Desperate Bid To Protect His Ward, Max, From A Forced Marital Alliance With The Hanged ManRune S Resistance Will Take Him To The Island S Dankest Corners, Including A Red Light District Made Of Moored Ghost Ships A Surreal Skyscraper Farm And The Floor Of The Ruling Convocation, Where A Gathering Of Arcana Will Change Rune S Life ForeverKD Edwards Raises The Bar For Fantasy To Incredible Heights With The Hanged Man, A Story Full Of Life, Thrills, And Deep Compassion, Set Within A World So Utterly Convincing And Fabulous, It Took My Breath Away I Will Read Everything Edwards Writes Julie E Czerneda, Award Winning Author Of THE GOSSAMER MAGEEdwards Skillfully Blends Rigorous Characterization With Political Intrigue, Action, And Haunting Worldbuilding In The Exciting Follow Up To S The Last Sun Edwards Conjures A Believably Dangerous Setting Filled With Tarot Imagery And Supernatural Menaces Series Fans And New Readers Alike Will Be Hooked Publishers WeeklyThis Book Takes Everything You Loved About The Last Sun And Takes It Up A Level And Another And Another And Then Just When You Think, Well, That Has To Be The Peak, It Smiles And Takes You Up Into Another Building Stacked On Top Of This One Because The Last Of The Book F Cking Brace Yourselves Kathy Shin, Pages Below The Vaulted Sky Wow, okay Just Wow.The Hanged Man was such an amazing follow up to The Last Sun, I m not even sure where to begin While The Last Sun, in a way felt like the set up of a chess match, The Hanged Man is truly the start of the game and seeing the strategies of all the power and capabilities of those on the board.The stakes are higher, the magic stronger and the addition of so many new acting characters really highlights how strong and inclusive K.D s writing is There s a plethora of added elements to The Hanged Man that makes Rune s story even a twist and turn of who can you trust and who should we remain suspicious of.With an incredible look into the Arcanum, it was enlightening to get acquainted with them, the powers they have and which of them are likely to fall along side with their favor of Rune.Throughout the story, you can really see how the author took his time to research so much material to make sure a lot of areas reflected as accurately as possibly And that in itself shows the authors absolute dedication to making this story the best it can be.Emotions also run freely in The Hanged Man, and never once are any of the characters called out or shamed for this Spotlighting these moments is important A message That while these characters, thesemen never stop to think if they shouldn t feel these emotions freely because of who they are guys who like to blow up shit and kill enemies or what gender they are The lack of toxic masculinity in these men is refreshing They re open with their feelings, their worry, their relief and their love And that is truly beautiful.Another thing to note, is there is yet again so much humor Which at times surprised me The way the author weaves relief into moments where you don t think to find it, is something that made me smile so much Nothing can really compare to the companion bond Rune and Brand share and I d give my life to make sure we never lose that The character growth for the entire crew of The Hanged Man, I feel is also something I like to note Quinn, who may have been pushed aside slightly for his youth and his assumed inability to understand the depth of his capabilities by others, really really shines through Max, not one to be left out of such growth, shows that he s becoming a stronger and prepared young man thanks to the guidance of Rune and Brand And while these two are showing promise of the strong young men they ll become, there are definitely a lot of shenanigans left to be had I m absolutely in love with this world, these characters and this author and I can t wait to see what the future will bring for Rune and Brand and the rest of this crew I just can t ever get enough of Hey K.D Sequel Syndrome just called It wants you to send some pillows and blankets to the titanium coffin you just buried it in.Clearly The Hanged Man is the product of a mortal man making deals with a high demon, because it has no business none whatsoever being this damn good Disgusting, paradoxical levels of good.I mean, we ve seen New Atlantis before, we know these characters, so the honeymoon glow should have worn off at least a little, because that s how sequels tend to go The world shouldn t feel just as heartpounding and unexpected as the first time I read The Last Sun like the jolt of a first kiss experienced over and over again There is ZERO logic to that.And yet And yet.This book takes everything you loved about The Last Sun and takes it up a level And another And another And then just when you think, Well, that has to be the peak, it smiles and takes you up into another building stacked on top of this one Because the last 1 3 of the book Fucking brace yourselves It is an unending, head spinning series of revelations and backs against the wall and consequent choices choices that left me yelling and shaking with adrenaline and Atlantean magic pushed beyond limits to mesmerizing results It s characters navigating their vulnerabilities and fears with one another, and I lost track of the number of times I criedBrand said, fiercely, in a breaking voice You re my boy You can do anything Anything Things get darker so than I d expected Stakes are much higher The banter and the jokes are even better And the worldbuilding is off the charts We also get to see Rune and Brand interacting with small children, to hilarious and surprisingly good results, and that s something I can t get enough of Oh, and for those who felt that TLS was a bit of a white sausage fest and I say that with affection rest assured Several new major characters make their appearance in this book, many of them female and or POC, and they re all written with exquisite care This beautiful, messy family just got a lot bigger and I cannot wait for everyone to experience it CW discussion and implications of sexual abuse, rape, and pedophilia Review copy provided by the publisher All opinions are my ownTwitter Blog Instagram Tumblr ARC received in exchange for an honest review Additionally, this review includes no spoilers for The Last Sun.After finishing, I had precisely one word Wow That s it That s the review Pack up, go home, we re done.More seriously, if the first book was pretty good, this one makes me want to read everything the author puts out The pacing is good, but the characters are perfect and it gave me all of the feels It s a perfect blend of action y and character focused and offers something for just about everyone Me, for one, included I don t want to say anything about the plot except that it involves the titular Hanged Man and that of course, Rune and Brand and their adorable chosen family find themselves in dire danger again The pacing is, naturally, breakneck and utterly compelling No surprises there.Just don t go in expecting a light read It s much darker, veering into straight up horror at points Shit gets real, fast The creepy atmosphere in a particular set of chapters is on point I had to put the book down for a little at a few points because I was afraid for the characters and the tension got too much Most of the time, with most books, you know it s going to end fine and that nothing really bad can really happen to the protagonists not here.Luckily, the horror and darkness are balanced out by an equal amount of heartwarming moments, which is what raised the rating compared to book 1 There were two scenes in particular that completely melted my heart I love found families, I love characters who genuinely care for each other, I have a massive weakness for broken protagonists and all of this plus banterperfect It took all that the first book did well and made it even better.It would probably be a little clich if I said I can t wait for the next book again, but, well, it s true I m in for the long haul now And I d highly recommend it to everyone even if you think you don t like Urban Fantasy.Enjoyment 4.5 5Execution 4.5 5Recommended to everyone who liked The Last Sun. actually, scratch that, I rec it to everyoneNot recommended to content warning sexual violence in flashbacks More reviews on my blog, To Other Worlds. The cover the Hanged Man shows Rune dangling hanging upside down But if you look at it another way it could almost be Rune reflected in still water, which is fitting because in many ways this book is the inverse reflection of the one that came before it Whereas the Last Sun was a mostly light read punctured by occasional darkness, Hanged Man is an extremely dark book with only brief moments of lightness to offer relief Brand, noting that shit must be real now because the Tower is wearing shoes Max, tipping a handful of dirty rice back into its bag Bright little asides that make you even desperate to see Rune come out of everything ok, with all of his ever growing family intact.So yes, a much, much, much darker book than The Last Sun But just as compelling, and the relationship between Addam and Rune remains the most precious thing I continued to enjoy the little history lessons that surround the derelict buildings New Atlantis collects, and I liked how the worldbuidling was expanded Even if it was in that way where you get five questions for every one answered, especially regarding the Companion bonds We got some little hints about where things might be headed, and I feel like the Companions are going to play a huge role in it I also appreciated that some female characters were introduced, as the lack of them was probably the only real complaint I had with Last Sun Also, Ciaran continues to exist, so Big plus But the Tartot Sequences biggest strength continues to be the way KD Edwards makes you care so completely for its characters As I read this book I wasn t just afraid for their physical safety though I was very afraid for their physical safety, especially as KD decided to reveal he s also a master of horror on top of all his other considerable talents I m not joking don t read this book late at night your dreams will be fuuuuucked , I was also deeply concerned about their emotional well being I don t just need these idiots to be whole, I need to them to be happy as well Which sucks for me, given how many reasons Rune and co have to be unhappy in this book, and the looming clouds of SHIT S GONNA GET SO MUCH WORSE BUCKLE IN LOSERS on horizon But at the same time, I trust KD Not to not let bad things happen to anyone, but I trust him not to be cheap about it Like, in this book when Rune and Brand are having one of those frustrating arguments where if they would just talk to each other it would be fine, and how many books have you read where that kind of bullshit is dragged out until the last chapter, but here instead they actually talk about it and it s actually mostly fine for now That s the kind of trust I m talking about He might break their and my hearts, but at least I can trust it will be earned.Unless Tower turns out to be a bad guy Then we revolt.

Author of THE LAST SUN and THE HANGED MAN Sept 2019 , the first two books in the Tarot Sequence Published by Pyr Reader of Sci Fi Fantasy, YA, Mystery, Graphic Novels, and LGBT.

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