The Garden Gate (Threshold #4)

The Garden Gate (Threshold #4) The Pomeroys Pull Together In The Aftermath Of The Storm That Shook West Edinton And Prissie S Faith To Its Very Foundations Letting Go Proves Difficult, And Holding On Takes All Of Her Courage With The Encouragement Of A Brother Who S In On Her Secret, Prissie Finds Her Feet With The Help Of The Bane Who S Now A Brother, She Takes A Stand As Spring Comes To The Orchard, A Cryptic Remark From Abner Hints At West Edinton S Long Kept Secret A Beloved Aunt Returns From Overseas A Faded Angel Takes Up Residence Atop The Pomeroys Refrigerator A Treasured Friend Must Say Goodbye While Ranks Of The Faithful Rally To Defend What S Most Precious, Prissie Discovers That Angels Aren T The Only Ones Who Are Sent

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Garden Gate (Threshold #4) book, this is one of the most wanted Christa Kinde author readers around the world.

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  • The Garden Gate (Threshold #4)
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  • 21 March 2019
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    I will begin by saying that I had not read the three other books in the series before I started this one, and due to that I found this very hard to enjoy or get into, with that being said I ll do my best to do a review I must admit I just could not get into the story or find myself relating to Prissie and her set of angels, that only she and her brother can see This may have been different had I read the other three or at least one of the other books but as it was I didn t and so going on what I read I found the half of the book I read boring and I was completely lost.I m sure that this author is great, so nothing against her, and if I had known this was book 4 I would not have requested to review it, so I m guilty as well I think this would be a good series for an older teen as that is what the series is geared for but as an adult woman I just couldn t finish this although my oldest daughter may be interested if she starts with book 1 and works her way through the series as it s got a sci fi theme to it with the angels and demons and spiritual warfare but overall I just couldn t get into it as I had wanted I was given an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was given.

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    Copy was given by the publisher in exchange of an honest review One of the things that I realized when I received this book is that it was the forth book in the series and I have not read the first three I was very confused at first and couldn t get into the story as much because I didn t have very good background coming into it Once I got somewhat of a background and got caught up with the events, the rest of the book wasn t much satisfying for me The concept itself was intriguing since Prissie could see angels but her faith still struggled It was interesting to see the process of her faith grow but I was disappointed and pretty interrupted by the ending of the book Writing itself was unique and interesting and I m sure that if I read the first three books, it would make sense to me but either way, this book wasn t completely for me.

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    The Garden Gate is the fourth and final book in the Threshold Series but don t worry there s I cannot tell you how much I love this series, and I think the Garden Gate was a lovely book to end it with I have read this book multiple times, and I plan to read it again You will not regret reading this book.

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    This book made me cry It is so emotional and amazing Read the other books in the series first though.

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    It wasn t supposed to be like this The angelic battle Prissie alone could see tore up her bedroom, her family s orchard, and her father s bakery It destroyed much of what she treasured about her home and to make matters even worse, although Ephron was finally rescued, her own Guardian, Tamaes, was captured How can she move forward How can she trust But Prissie isn t facing anything alone This was just the perfect cap to an already amazing series Not much worked out how I expected, but there were plenty of surprises and laughs along the way Beau, Prissie s brother, is now in on the secret at least some of it I thought this would be a bigger thing, was surprised it wasn t, and then realized that fits perfectly with the kind of story this has always been Angels are here It isn t some big flashy fire and lightning, prophecies from heaven event, but something that fits so well into the ordinary everyday that it s hard to draw a line between the natural and the supernatural.That s not to say there aren t battles aplenty Tamaes is suffering Adin is scheming More is happening in heaven and on earth than Prissie has eyes to see Beau said Running is not my gift gimme books, Lord keyboard comfy chair and an angel on my fridge Any day of the week But the heart of this book is the relationships I was very surprised at how things ended up with Prissie s former friends they all moved on Separately The same way they ve been drifting apart for the last three books Even though Prissie could wish it were otherwise, no miraculous change of heart occurs, and the rift between them by now feels rather final Perhaps one day it will turn around again, but that was not this book.In their place, she has a growing friendship despite her best efforts, and because of his with Ransom Ransom feels like the real hero of these stories, to me He s been far better to her than she deserves, and his persistence finally bears fruit There it was Prissie dared to ask, Are you lonely Nope I ve got friends Ransom took the topmost box of leftovers from the stack Prissie carried and peeked under the lid There s still an opening if you re interested And of course, Ransom provides so many laughs They say this is a dream, and I ll forget everything in the morning Ransom edged closer to her Never had a dream that came with a disclaimer before Should I be worried What happens after this had me laughing until I cried Ransom decides to go for broke because he won t remember any of it anyway, so why should he care And I grew to like Marcus and over the series, but here he s just perfect I love how his character develops from barely talking tough guy that Prissie writes off as bad news to someone she trusts with her life This round, I m demoted to hand holder Without a trace of irritation, he admitted, There s a decent chance I ll be hiding behind you But it sounds better to say I ve got your back I m so glad we finally get to see Ephron, and that he s finally in a place where he can recover I liked Prissie s conflicted emotions around him It was her prayer that helped set him free, and it was a prayer she put off making for a long time Yet how the angels deal with the situation and how Prissie deals with it are totally different She has a lot of trouble with him because of her own guilt, and because she s not comfortable being confronted with real suffering and its aftermath.And Koji has been a faithful friend, but as the year turns, his time with her family is coming to an end The anticipation of loss is something both of them have a hard time bearing I really liked how that played out too.One final quote, because this is totally me too and made me laugh Which do you think a whole bagful of cheap chocolate, or a little box of the good stuff Prissie shook her head Depends on if you re asking me or Neil I prefer quality over quantity Don t underestimate Neil He just prefers quality in quantity All in all, these are delightful books I read this one twice in quick succession because I happened to discover a couple of free short stories on the author s website, and a few of them give so much context to certain characters that I just had to read this again to catch some of the deeper implications of certain scenes Highly, highly recommended.See my reviews and at

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    Christa KindeThe Garden GateA marvelous tale Where do I start Christa Kinde has woven a marvelous tale in The Garden Gate Prissie Pomeroy has come to terms with the fact that can she see angels But as she discovers in the third book,she can see the Fallen angels too This book delves heavily into the unseen world, than the past three books have Because you are reading this review, I ll assume you have read the other three, but first, a spoiler free recap for those of you who have not.First off, I reccommend that you read the first three books before diving into the fourth There is a lot of detail woven interconnectedly through the series Prissie Pomeroy is startled to discover she can see angels in The Blue Door, but she is even surprised to learn that many of the people in her communtiy, including her beloved mailman, are angels Grafted into Time In the second book, The Hidden Deep , Prissie learns of the other side of angels, the Fallen ones The Broken Window reaches ne whaights as Prissie longs to help her angelic friends and she wants most of all to matter to them as much as they matter to her Which brings us to The Garden Gate For those who have never read the first three, The Garden Gate is about Prissie Pomeroy striving to help her angelic friends It is about her maturing and realizing that her angel friends are not hers, they are God s Through wonderful storytelling, and craftsmanship, Christa Kinde weaves a fantastic tale of friendships and a glimpse of Heaven I strongly encourage you to read this book It will inspire you to think on a whole new level This is the review for those who have read the first three After finding her room in shambles,her father s bakery destroyed by a fire, one of her angel friends hurt, and her Guardian captured, Prissie can not handle anything else Finding out that her best friend Koji also an angel will be leaving her, seems too much to bear But Prissie is learning that her angel friends are not hers They are God s, just as she is With the help of her annoying classmate turned Christian Ransom, and his angelic friend Marcus,Prissie hopes she can face her upcoming loss.I have enjoyed watching Prissie grow and mature She has definitely come a long way There is so much action in this book,that it is literally packed with dramatic moments The best books are the ones that touch your heart and elicit emotion, and this is one of them I cried, laughed,gasped, and did all three at once while reading this book Christa Kinde has a gift for finding the heartstrings of her readers and pulling them at the right moments I was saddened to reach the end of this story, because the characters have become like family I VERY strongly encourage you to read this book It will uplift you, and inspire you to raise your thoughts higher Grasp hold of the knowledge that Heaven is near, and that you are a part of eternity.

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    When I first learned about the Threshold Series by Christa Kinde, I knew that I wanted to read it The appeal for me was two fold First, I love the concept of angels among us Second, I loved the idea of a young heroine learning about and growing through faith experiences So, when I was given the opportunity to review The Garden Gate, I jumped at the chance.The Garden Gate, in my opinion, was a mixture of the fantastical, the unbelievable, the poetic, and the remarkable It was a touching book that easily evoked compassion, inspired loyalty, and encouraged zeal Well written and comprehensive with regard to details, Kinde s story delivered a positive message about faith, family, and friendship.Although the beginning of this book was a bit of a challenge for me likely because I started with book four versus book one , I still found myself drawn in I wanted to find out about the characters, about the conflict, about the what s next I was captivated, to say the least, by the storyline It was peculiar and astonishing in the best of ways.Any book that can create a hunger to know , like this book did, is a good book It will cause you to both question and consider In the end, it will make you appreciate God and His plans for your life, as well as your own faith and walk.Favorite Quotes Do you ever wonder what God s up to Being Faithful isn t just about doing what you re told and going where you re Sent It s just as much about having faith in the One who s always Faithful Your mercy is lovelier than any crown Did you know the Bible says to be kind to strangers because they might actually be angels Never forget that we are God s servants, the same as you If we do a thing, it s at His prompting Shame is as necessary as tears Born from the knowledge of good and evil, it can guide you to the place where forgiveness waits Honor what is good Follow what is right Seek what is yours Hold what is true And when your Sending comes, go Fear not Favorite Chapters The Family Tree, The First Gate, The Good Fight, The Angel s Friend Rating 5 5Recommend YesBookshelf Worthy YesFaith Message Spiritual Growth Lesson YesAction Drama Suspense YesContent Clean, MatureBonus Material Discussion QuestionsSpecial Comment I must say that this is not necessarily the type of book that you can just pick up and go with In other words, it is not a clear stand alone Because it is part of a unique series, you would do better to start with book one and then work your way through to book four I believe that by doing this, it will eliminate any undue confusion and decrease any untimely frustrations.A complimentary copy of this title was made available by the publisher Zondervan Zonderkidz in exchange for an honest review The words I have expressed are my own I was neither required nor expected to submit a positive critique.

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    The Garden Gate B and N Prissie was frightened when Milo crashed through her beautiful stained glass window, carrying a terribly hurt Ephron She s also confused about what to do, now that her almost twin brother Beau has found out that things aren t at all as they seem Of course, Padgett replied, crossing to the Messenger, whose wings still provided the brightest light in the surrounding darkness Beau gawked up at the newcomer, Can you really help Milo Yes That s good Thanks Padgett s hands moved without haste smoothing, straightening, strengthening Do not thank me Thank God Have been Beau replied Padgett takes care of Milo and Ephron, but then Ephron goes to the place behind the blue door to heal completely Prissie soon goes to visit him, for he wants to greet her properly But while there, she learns that the demons took something very important when a group of angels went to rescue Ephron Ephron s head turned this way and that, and the downturn of his lips communicated his perplexity Prissie is here Where is Tamaes The answering silence was ominous, and he quietly added, Tamaes is the one who came for me That s right, Milo confirmed, He passed you along to me, and I carried you the rest of the way I wanted to see To thank him, Ephron explained, beginning to rub Prissie s hand with his thumbs Shouldn t he be here with me Prissie disliked the sudden tension in the air This must be it This must be the question she shouldn t have asked Her voice shook, Where is he Ephron s head swiveled, and he prompted, Milo I don t know, the Messenger admitted in a low voice Jedrick the blind Observer begged He was taken, their captain revealed, We could not find him Prissie had many things to be worried about, and also many things to be thankful for The thing she doesn t know is that something amazing is hiding close by Something the demons desperately want to get to, one demon in particular And it may be as close as her own backyard The Garden Gate is the fourth book in the Threshold series, and it is a great end to an awesome series It is probably my favorite book in the series If you liked all the other books in the series you will love this one I think it is written for all ages.

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    About the Book The Pomeroys pull together in the aftermath of the storm that shook West Edinton and Prissie s faith to its very foundations Letting go proves difficult, and holding on takes all of her courage With the encouragement of a brother who s in on her secret, Prissie finds her feet With the help of the bane who s now a brother, she takes a stand As spring comes to the orchard, a cryptic remark from Abner hints at West Edinton s long kept secret A beloved aunt returns from overseas A faded angel takes up residence atop the Pomeroys refrigerator A treasured friend must say goodbye While ranks of the Faithful rally to defend what s most precious, Prissie discovers that angels aren t the only ones who are Sent.About the Author Head in the clouds Feet on the ground Heart in the story Christa Kinde is a cheerful homebody whose imagination takes her to new places with every passing day Making her home between misty mornings and brimming bookshelves in Southern California, she keeps her lively family close and her trusty laptop closer Christa has been writing for than a decade, producing numerous workbooks and study guides for Max Lucado, John MacArthur, and Women of Faith.My Review Prissie never expected she would have to help find her guardian angel who recently got abducted by a demon Nor did she expect to find out one of the angels she has grown to love is blind But now that was all behind her, she has to find away to explain to her brother that she can see angels and even talk to them Even though he can only see few, he seems to understand she is telling him and wants to help find her guardian angel Her faith seems to be failing when someone she has known for a while has became a new christian an she doesn t even get excited for him With her guardian angel gone it seems her world is coming to an end She has to find him before she loses faith in God and everyone she loves No one has heard word from him, where could he be Disclosure This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher.

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    The Garden Gate is the first book I have read by this author When I chose this book to read in exchange for an honest review, I did not realize it was the 4th book in a series I also didn t realize it was listed as children YA book either I should pay attention when choosing a book to read I usually do.The cover of the book is pretty When I opened the book and started to read, I was totally lost The book starts with 2 angels battling in the snow One angel is a fallen angel, and the others name is Abner who is a good angel After the battle Prissie Beau Prissie s brother are helping the angel, because he is bleeding, and another angel steps into help The next thing I know the angel s name is Milo, and he is a Messenger angel He also happens to be the mailman By the time the first chapter ends, I had wrote down 13 different names I was lost That was to many for a first chapter.I do not usually start to read a book and then put it down, and not finish it I am sad to say that I read 3 chapters of this book, and that is it I had to put it down, it did not hold my interest, and like I said earlier I was lost In the description of the book it made me think that Prissie was in some kind of trouble, and her brother discovers her secret and helps her out It also made me believe that there was one angel that lived in the refrigerator So I thought maybe the angel was supposed to be a guardian angel for Prissie I will not ever assume again I will go find information on the book first.I am giving the book 3 stars, because from the little that I read the author writes well I could envision the opening battle in my mind Maybe if I had read the other books in the series I may have liked them, and been able to finish this one I enjoy reading some paranormal books, but this one seem to border on fantasy I received a copy of this book from Book Look Bloggers, on behalf of the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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