The Dog Master: A Novel of the First Dog

The Dog Master: A Novel of the First Dog Set Against The Most Dramatic Time In Our Species History, The Dog Master Tells The Story Of One Tribe S Struggle For Survival And One Extraordinary Man S Bond With A Wolf A Friendship That Changed Mankind Forever Thirty Thousand Years Ago, Ice Was Storming The Planet Among The Species Forced Out Of The Trees And Onto The Steppes By The Advancing Cold Was Modern Man, Who Was Both Predator And PreyNo Stranger To The Experiences That Make Us Human A Mother S Love And A Father S Betrayal, Tribal War And Increasing Famine, Political Intrigue And Forbidden Love, Joy And Hope And Devastating Loss Our Ancestors Competed For Scant Resources In A Brutal LandscapeMankind Stood On The Cold Brink Of Extinctionbut They Had A Unique Advantage Over Other Species, A New Technology Domesticated WolvesOnly A Set Of Extraordinary Circumstances Could Have Transformed One Of These Fierce Creatures Into A Hunting Companion, A Bodyguard, A Soldier, And A Friend The Dog Master By W Bruce Cameron Is An Evocative Glimpse Of Prehistory, An Emotional Coming Of Age Saga, A Thrilling Tale Of Survival Against All Odds, And The Exciting, Imaginative Story Of The First Dog

I ve always loved dogs, which puts me in a unique category along with what, maybe two or three billion people What s not to love about an animal who will sit in your living room all day long, waiting for you to get home, and even if you need to work late and then stop for a stress relieving beverage on your way home, when you unlock that front door, is absolutely overjoyed to see you How could yo

[Read] ➬ The Dog Master: A Novel of the First Dog By W. Bruce Cameron –
  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • The Dog Master: A Novel of the First Dog
  • W. Bruce Cameron
  • English
  • 09 October 2019
  • 9780765374639

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    I suppose it is a bit ridiculous for me to review a novel that I wrote, but I did, in the process, read the thing, and I have a few thoughts.First, the author seems to be losing his hair In compensation, he s growing it longer and sort of swirling it around on his head, which looks ridiculous Second, while I would hand A Dog s Purpose to any child, even newborns, I wouldn t do that with The Dog Master This is an epic, sweeping tale of a pivotal point in human history the first domesticated wolf In other words, the first dog As such it takes place during a brutal time, even worse than middle school the paleolithic This is a time before written language, so instead of forcing a child to write I will not talk in class on the whiteboard 100 times, the teacher probably just hit the kid with a rock There is lust, violence, hunting, betrayal, murder, privation, and infection in The Dog Master, because these were things the people had to deal with every day I could not write a child safe novel and address such topics Though oddly the language is pretty PG using modern four letter words would have seemed pretty ridiculous.I spent many months doing research and losing hair as I prepared to write The Dog Master, and the result is, I think, my best effort yet If you loved A Dog s Purpose, I don t think I will be spoiling the plot for you if I tell you that some of my new novel is written from the perspective of the wolves who eventually threw their lot in with humans If you felt as if I got into the canine brain with A Dog s Purpose, in other words, you will not be disappointed with The Dog Master.

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    Just so you know, this review is not being written by the human who normally posts stuff here This review is being written by her dog Who better to review a book called The Dog Master Now before you go and think that dogs cannot write reviews, let me point out a few things First of all, I am a Border Collie, and even you humans have proven that we are most intelligent Also, what the heck do you think we do all day while you are at work Chase butterflies Sit at the door and eagerly await your return For HOURS No, we go read your books, listen to NPR, and talk to each other on Skype Ever go back to your book and feel like you re not quite at the spot you left off Well, now you know why.So anyway, back to the book The Dog Master combines 3 stories, all set in the Paleolithic era One story follows a mother wolf who is injured by a lion, and who is helped to raise her cubs by a lone man who has been cast out from his tribe Another storyline follows a group of people who call themselves the Kindred, but that name is deceptive as many of them act no better than a bunch of teenaged humans, and they allow themselves to be led by an evil woman who d make Cruella De Vil roll on her back and whimper The third storyline was my favorite, as it follows a group of humans who call themselves the Wolfen They venerate wolves and bring them hunks of meat on a regular basis, trying to learn from the ways of the wolves As the three stories weave together in an increasingly harrowing tale of survival, one possibility of the way that humans and canines learned to help one another survive is shown.I rate this book 4 strips of bacon out of 5, because at first it was a little hard to separate the 3 stories, but as the book progressed, it became clear The Dog Master was one of the better books my human has left around the house It was so good that I wanted to roll on it and drag it under the table that makes my den, but I restrained myself barely I enjoyed the descriptions of the early encounters between the humans and canines The constant struggle for survival on the part of all the creatures was exciting as well But most importantly, while my human was reading this book, I noticed that she followed the example of the Wolfen and I enjoyed several offerings of meat What better recommendation could this book bring Those humans who enjoyed The Story of Edgar Sawtelle would also find this book compelling.

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    Upon hearing the news that W Bruce Cameron, the author A Dog s Purpose and A Dog s Journey two of my favorite novels , was releasing a book about the first dog ever, I couldn t have been excited I was lucky enough to win an advanced copy in a giveaway, though I would have been one of the first in line to purchase it upon it s release As a dog lover I often wondered about the origins of the wonderful and inexplicable relationship between human and dog From the moment I opened the cover to finishing the last paragraph of the Afterword, I was hooked Cameron does an amazing job of depicting such a unique time in history, as well as making his characters and story lines so identifiable This novel had everything I wanted from exciting battles to tales of forbidden love, and of course, the heartwarming story of the first domesticated wolf.The Dog Master tells the story of survival of two paleolithic tribes, interweaving their lives with a pack of wolves that bare the special hand print marking Not only are they faced with the dangers of hunger, lurking and ferocious wildlife, other vicious tribes of humans, but also the struggle for power amongst their own tribe members I loved A Dog s Purpose and A Dog s Journey so much because of Cameron s unique ability to write from the perspective of a dog, and thankfully there is of the same in this book In fact, the unique circumstances by which dog or in this case, wolf and human come together are truly amazing.If you loved any other book by W Bruce Cameron, you will love this book If you loved books like The Hobbit or The Game of Thrones, you will love this book If you enjoy novels with love stories, suspense, excitement, historical fiction, etc you will love this book I hate that it had to end, but I was encouraged by what I saw as a potential segue to a sequel.Don t hesitate to get a copy of this book and another as a gift I would have given it 10 stars if I could

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    Author W Bruce Cameron has called this book epic and a favorite of everything he has written, so I had to see for myself As usual, Cameron doesn t disappoint He has written so many books that I describe as favorites for me that I couldn t wait to get a copy of his latest book I was lucky enough to get an advance reading copy from the publisher I m not sure where Cameron gets his muse, but we are all so very lucky that he finds that muse and listens intently For The Dog Master A Novel of the First Dog, Cameron takes readers back 30,000 years to a world in the infancy of humanity Climates are changing, and people are finding their place in a harsh world And, as the title implies, man and dog well, wolf here, but every good story has a beginning are taking a journey that will span the ages The Dog Master is part Michael Crichton, part Jack London, but it s all W Bruce Cameron, full of well drawn characters, humor, relationships both human and canine , page turning events that somehow tie seamlessly together as the novel comes to its conclusion It s a survival story It s a history lesson It s literally a coming of age novel Truthfully, I wasn t sure how he could draw the different timelines of his novel together, but he did it page by page, chapter by chapter and creates just as he hoped an epic tale that shows, in myriad ways, how love, trust and companionship are timeless and imperative to the human and, yes, dog experience Five stars Hands down.

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    I loved this book, despite the fact that I am not a fan of dogs The story follows three timelines the present day life of a professor who believes humans succeeded because of their early relationship with dogs, the early life of Mal s mother, and Mal s attempts to survive with a wolf he names Dog The story opens with Mal struggling to survive on his own after being cast out of his tribe He finds a wounded wolf with three puppies and they bond together in a cave I was instantly hooked by this premise Every chapter ended with a cliffhanger that propelled me through the book I cared deeply about Mal s mother and both of her sons She is intelligent and resourceful, my favorite type of character The pre history setting was fascinating, in part because everything is truly life or death I also loved Clan of the Cave Bear, which I read as a teenager This book is better Although I m not a dog lover, I do love cats and volunteer at the SPCALA Reading this book made me appreciate my own furry friends I highly recommend this book and I can t wait for the sequel The ending is satisfactory but it s clear there is to this story Thank you to Netgalley for the ARC.

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    The Dog Master Review An Upper Paleolithic Soap OperaHave you ever found yourself sitting in an archeology class or an anthropology class and found that your mind was beginning to wander As your professor talked about the first humans and of our ancestors, it is only natural that your college aged, over worked, under rested mind would start to wander Who was the first person or tribe to make fire Who was the first person to create a weapon How about the first person to wear clothes What about the first dog Do you ever wonder how dogs came to be W Bruce Cameron has, and not only did he ask the question, but he provided an answer as well, in the form of his new novel, The Dog Master.The Dog Master is described as a novel of the first dog and while it is that, it is also much than that, and, unfortunately, that isn t always a good thing But let s start with the positive, which there is still plenty of in this book.First of all, the book is fantastically researched Cameron obviously spent an obscene amount of time researching things such as wolf behavior, the time period of the Upper Paleolithic, and the habits and ways of the humans alive during that time period This research gives a very authentic feel to the book.Now, there will always be people who like to nitpick and will be all too excited to point a stubby finger at the book and say, That isn t how they would have talked or, That right there, that is such an anachronism But Cameron is dealing with a time period before written history, a time period where the majority of what we know is just the best guesses of individuals trying to squeeze as much information out of fossils and things of that nature as possible.And in that sense, Cameron did a great job creating this world of the distant past and making the characters relatable without making them feel out of place for their time period.Another aspect of the novel where Cameron really shines is in his use of writing from the wolves point of view This is not an easy task, but Cameron manages to accomplish it without making the animals feel anthropomorphized as if they are straight out of a Disney movie It is communicated clearly the animals are not acting on some humanistic ability to reason, but instead, are acting on instinct.The wolf point of view parts are not found often throughout the book while I would have personally liked a little bit of these parts, I do not fault Cameron for not providing of them It would have been very easy to go overboard , but when they do make an appearance, they are always captivating.As I said, this book isn t just about the first dog, it is about a lot than that, and that is where the book falters.Now, perhaps I committed the cardinal sin of judging a book by its cover, but to call this story The Dog Master seems a bit generous.The book jumps back and forth between two tribes, the Kindred and the Wolfen, over multiple generations I understand the need for backstory, but there is a lot of backstory here, and there is also a lot of unnecessary detail.Again, perhaps this is my own fault, I went into this book thinking I was going to be reading a story about the first dog and how it came to be, and instead I was greeted with 300 pages of a Paleolithic soap opera don t take this in a pejorative context, because that isn t how it is meant, but calling it a soap opera is just the best way to describe what is going on before the dog story really began to hit its stride.This character wants to marry that character who is in love with this other character but is already married to that other character and so on We aren t dealing with a love triangle here, it is a love octagon And all the while I am just thinking, What does this have to do with the first dog Even in these sections of soap opera pregnancies and love affairs, Cameron s writing is strong and the story is still plenty interesting, it s just that it isn t exactly the story that was expected If you were to break it up, the book is about 85% Paleolithic soap opera and 15% about the first dog.The book also sets itself up nicely for a sequel, a sequel that seems as though it would be what was expected from The Dog Master Perhaps the percentages of paleolithic soap opera and the story of the first dog would flip.So what it comes down to is this this is a very interesting book about a time period of which very few authors attempt to write about So, Cameron should be commended for not only giving us something fresh, but also for doing so in such a genuine and well researched manner However, if you are looking for a story that revolves solely around how the first dog came to be, you might find this book wanting.If you go in understanding this is a story centered around the survival attempts of two tribes during a particularly uninviting time period in human history which just so happens to have a very solid B story about how a wolf came to be the first dog, you will probably enjoy the novel .However, what was marketed as being the main story of the book, the first dog, gets overshadowed by stories of love, marriage, and betrayal, meaning this book kind of misrepresents itself That might turn some readers off, especially if they picked up the book expecting to read about the first dog.Cameron s newest novel is an interesting, albeit, uneven read.2 1 2 starsCheck out of our book reviews, author interviews, and at Or follow me on twitter at DAM_malone

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    I received this author s bestseller A Dog s Purpose as a gift from a friend, when I lost my dog That book has stayed with me, and is one of the few books I actually think about as I move through my days Every time I greet a dog on the street and say, you re a good dog, I think about the book So I had really high expectations upon having received an advanced reader copy of this book via a giveaway on the author s Facebook page I was absolutely not disappointed In fact, and I am surprised to say this, this may be the best book I have ever read I know that sounds over the top, but today, having just finished it, that s how I feel For me, what defines a great book is when I am so obsessed with the reading of it that I cannot wait until I can find an excuse to get back to the book Lunch breaks get a little longer, I read instead of watching TV, it goes like that The idea of the book grabbed me right away, how did a wolf become a dog Then, the characters in this book, both the good and the bad, seemed so real and human that I felt like I knew them, and I cared deeply what was going to become of all of them From the fan page I know that A Dog s Purpose is set to become a blockbuster movie, I am guessing this on will as well I can t recommend it enough

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    No one knows for sure how the wolves evolved from predators to man s companion, but Cameron tells his version of how it happened I really enjoyed this book as I m a sucker for a dog story, but also Cameron s writing makes it seem as if his take on things could really be the way it happened.

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    This book is a must read for every dog lover It touches your heart and creates a bond between the reader and the book I could not put it down Mr Cameron writes in such a way that I felt like I was there and experiencing what was happening Please write a sequel, this book left me wanting

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    Caveat, I m a huge W Bruce Cameron fan, so they sent me an ARC of this book and I can honestly say that though I never thought he d write better books than the A Dog s Purpose two book series, this is by far and away Cameron s best book yet I was completely swept up into the massive, gorgeous story from page one It was completely unpredictable, and kept me up late into the night because I could not put it down, but Cameron is very good at that The writing from the wolf point of view was as arresting as the writing from the dog s point of view in A Dog s Purpose, but I would say that it was the human point of view that most blew me away There were characters in this book that I wanted to clutch to my heart, and characters so villainous that when their fortunes turned for ill, I literally cheered out loud I had read somewhere that this was being compared to Game of Thrones, of which I am an almost obsessed fan, and that gave me pause But the straight skinny from me is that it is as good as that and maybe gulp even better I can t believe I m saying that, but it s true This better be a series, and not just one book like he did with A Dog s Purpose.

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