The Dichotomy of Angels

The Dichotomy of Angels I m always a bit flustered and somewhat speechless after reading one of Ms Walker s books I ve been trying to write this review for a couple of hours but was having a hard time getting started I can honestly say I thought the ending was going to be different than expected and I almost hoped for the unexpected and not so happy ending , which has never happened With any fated mates story, there is expected predictability, I assume so with angels However, I think I would have been ok ish if the book had ended differently than expected As always with her books, there are heavy emotions laughter too, but both characters pull out ALL the feels in this one I m not regurgitating the synopsis or really going to give any of the story away There are archangels and regular angels, both in Heaven and on Earth The dichotomy is not only the dark and grumpiness of Nathaniel opposing the light and happiness of Chasan, but also the dichotomy of Heaven as represented by the higher and lower ranking angels There is the subtle questioning of one s faith and the restoration thereof we are shown how true love stands the test of time even when you fight against it and don t feel worthy of it and most importantly, it is imparted no matter how much you plan or try to change your path everything happens for a reason.This is absolutely a must read for everyone. 4.25 stars This story had everything I love about NR Walker s books It was sweet, sexy, and surprisingly funny It also had angst than I was expecting I don t want to give anything away, so I don t want to say much I really enjoyed the story I received an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. Nathaniel And Chasan Are No Ordinary Angels Destiny Chose Them To Be Twin Flames, Fated Mates But Nathaniel Has Avoided Chasan For Nearly A Thousand Years When Sent To Earth On A Mission To Live And Work Together, Nathaniel Comes Face To Face With His Destiny Short Tempered, Petulant, And Grumpy, He Hates The Idea Of Being Fated To Anyone And Has Chosen An Existence Of Isolation Rather Than Spending Time With The Calm, Kind, And Serene Chasan But Now He Has No Choice One Is Fire, The Other Is Air A True Dichotomy Of Angels Together They Will Be Ignited, Or They Will Be Extinguished This Assignment Will Seal Their Fate Either Way , Words A Sometimes Funny, Sometimes Serious Story About Love, Destiny, And Other Heavenly Disasters I m finding it hard to describe this book I m in a bit of a stupor.I always love NR Walker s guys her angels are no different I adore the pairing of Chasan and Nathaniel they re different, but their differences make them strong together, they just have to get there.This story was touching, funny, heart wrenching, challenging, and I couldn t help but gobble it up. The Dichotomy of Angels is a new fantasy m m romance book by N.R Walker As a non native English speaker I want to speak a little bit about the title As I first started to read this book I didn t really realize that I didn t know the word dichotomy The book was about Angels and written by N.R Walker so that s was good enough for me But later as I checked was the meaning of dichotomy that btw means a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different the content of the book suddenly made much sense to me There was a division between the upper management of heaven and the working class Angels in the book and also a division between the two main characters The two main characters in the book are both angels Nathaniel and Chasan and they have been fated to be together since birth But then something went horribly wrong thousand years ago and Nathaniel has been avoiding Chasan ever since But St Peter can t help himself and wants to give the fated couple one chance to work out their differences Nathaniel ans Chasan are sent back to Earth on a mission to save a child They are to be husbands, live together in a one bedroom apartment and work as a kindergarten teachers together The mission is very vague and the men don t even know who the target child is but they soon realize that they start to enjoy their work, people and their new human bodies The guys might be different in looks and in temperament but even early on reader can sense that they would be so good together But as Nathaniel is slowly working to resolve his issues with the fated mates problem Chasan is quickly loosing his fate that Nathaniel would ever want to be bind to him like they were meant to be..What I liked about this book was the cleaver world building Even tough the main characters are angels story mostly happens on Earth and they are without any special powers And the way they talk about missing their powers, especially Nathaniel, is quite hilarious The storyline of the book was captivating I was very happy to be reading this book on my Christmas holiday as I didn t want to put this book down until I was able to finish it D I was rooting for the guys to get their acts together and finally be together and I was curious about the child who they were meant to save And in the end all the pieces of the puzzle come together beautifully What can I say The dichotomy of Angels was a book that left me a bit of spellbound and smiling to myself after finishing it I hope you enjoy it as much as I did Happy holidays from Finland 3 I laughed, I cried, I ponderedAs an atheist, I approached this book with caution I needn t have worried Might some people be offended by it Quite possibly Is it worth reading Absolutely.Now, I didn t come to that decision easily As the book progressed, I vacillated back and forth between loving it, feeling annoyed at it, and being confused by it I think, in the end, the humor helped win me over.Nathaniel grimaced I wish I could still swear and smite things He put his hand to his forehead They took all my angel powers and my ability to curse and smite Totally not fair It s like they re almost trying to tell you something about your behavior, Chasan said with a smirk.Nathaniel glowered at him.There is a lot of humor in this book Playing off the dichotomy between the dark Nathaniel and the light Chasan was an easy way to go, to be sure, but there were moments when sophisticated humor worked even better I don t know much about Heaven, but seeing it as an administrative endeavor was amusing The antics of various angels kept me grinning And Nathaniel I could relate to him perpetually grumpy, put upon, and generally tired of peopling Something tragic happened in his past and instead of dealing with it, he s buried himself in the administration of Hell Or what passes as Hell He s happy to smite the horrible people of this earth and frankly, I supported him in that endeavor When it became clear how much he was hurting Chasan, I was a little less in his corner It s one thing to close oneself off but being a twin flame means there are two people or angels involved That Chasan has kept such a positive attitude speaks to his strength of his character But this mission on earth is meant to make the two men face each other and resolve their differences once and for all.No pressure, eh There are also great moments of sadness in this book I m still at a bit of a loss why I felt things so profoundly It s just a book, right Yeah, but when penned by Ms Walker, you re never quite sure what you re going to get I know better than to read without tissue close at hand, but alas I did and was wiping my eyes with the back of my hands while sniffling Is it the time of year My own problems reconciling my religious past Or is it simply Ms Walker s perspective on our world that there is both great kindness and great cruelty that exist at the same time That dichotomy.I ll quickly recommend the book It surprised me, delighted me, challenged me, and truthfully made me feel Sometimes they were comfortable feelings and sometimes they made me decidedly uncomfortable That s what great books do make you think about your place in this world What can I do to make things a little better How can I be a little less churlish to those who love me I am Nathaniel but I aspire to be Chasan This is also a redemption story and I m a sucker for those.Bring tissue, bring your sense of humor, and expect the unexpected The perfect N.R Walker book. NR Walker has designed a fascinating concept of Angels running Heaven like an organisation and needing to take Assignments to earth to help guide the mortal humans to the right paths The Dichotomy of Angels is a thought provoking and enthralling story full of interesting characters who make me smile, laugh and gasp Nathaniel is a grumpy Angel who enjoys running the Hell Department and smiting worthy souls when the need arises He likes working alone and keeping to himself It is safe to say Nathaniel is NOT a people person Chasan is the complete opposite A bright and happy Angel who gets along with everyone and has a sweet disposition He spends most of his time helping others and always has a smile and a kind word Nathanial and Chasan are fated to be together in a very rare blending of twin souls However, Nathaniel resists this connection and keeps his distance from Chasan as much as he can When they are assigned to a mission together where they have to act as a married couple, things get tense and emotions, feelings and histories long buried are uncovered and left raw The Dichotomy of Angels is a captivating story with deep emotions, sweet moments, humour and tension I particularly loved the descriptions of the simple pleasures of the human body by the Angels not used to mortal flesh hot showers, food, the affects of alcohol all make for an enjoyable and delightful read NR Walker blends perfectly the sweet and sour, smiles and tears teasing her readers with enough tension to coil us tight before unleashing our hearts with sweetness and all the sexy hotness we come to expect from her brilliant writings I truly enjoyed The Dichotomy of Angels and Nathaniel and Chasan were easily became my favorite angels A thousand years neglected his fated mate with Chasan, finally St.Peter lost his patience, and put Nathaniel and Chasan on one assignment on earth To safe a kid.Assigned as kindergarten teachers, Nathaniel and Chasan started their new adventure together after a thousand years avoiding the assignment together for Nathaniel at least.Chasan loved Nathaniel forever, and Nathaniel afraid to admit that he loved Chasan too As human, those feelings became and showed and Nathaniel was just couldn t stay away from Chasan even for just for a while But a stubborn Nathaniel frustrated Chasan, it made Chasan exhausted and doubted that he ll survive this time.Should he wait for Nathaniel forever, or should he give up The Dichotomy of Angels was an adorable fantasy story I craved for to enjoy in the holiday season this year And Nathaniel and Chasan were really entertaining with all their interactions with the kids, each other and another angels All the questions in Nathaniel s head about the upper departement in heaven, and how they managed humans, to the point that Nathaniel slowly began to be a non believer.It was deep.Nic Walker wrote this story with lots of fun, but never left the seriousness behind.I laughed, I cried, and couldn t stop reading this beautiful story.Nic nailed it again with a different story than she used to write The Dichotomy of Angels was definitely an amazing refreshing story you need to read ASAP Highly recommended This was quite a read, overall I know as an atheist myself, I always go into anything with religion in it whether it be angels or gods or just really religious people with trepidation I just never want to be lectured at through the text or have characters who are atheists or not interested in religion all the sudden change their mind and go ah, this was the way all along because nah, I m not about that If a character gets there through means that makes sense and through good writing, that s something else entirely Anyway, I was just hoping for a love story about angels because for the most part I can separate my non belief with fiction And overall this definitely delivered on that It was even critical of how heaven was run by the higher ups in this, and I did find it fun how heaven had departments and lawyers and so on and such like it s a business, I found that funny This wasn t so much about religion although it has it in itas these are angels and all thatalthough instead of God there s just The Boss as it was about Nathaniel and Chasan, two angels who have been fated to be together, but there s some snafus along the way.Mainly, Nathaniel Who I had trouble liking a lot through the first 70% of this book He was the main reason I took a star off, too Like I loved him once he got his head out of his ass and was all in with Chasan and let his walls down to really let his true self shine and be happy and adorable But before that he refused to be around Chasan for 1000 years YEAH I know that isn t much for immortal beings, but that s crazy and ridiculous And he basically avoids Chasan for those 1000 years because he was refusing their soul bond or whatever it is A big part of his reasoning is that he thinks they should get a choice and he can t know if the feelings are real which, I generally agree with, actually but all he was doing was hurting Chasan and being oblivious to his hurt to focus on himself At least the books says he was selfish, which he was And he was so hot and cold with Chasan that it got tiring And Chasan lost his patience eventually, but he was wayyy to sweet and understanding about it all and so fucking patient 1000 years patient But, I meanangels, amiright I was happy when Chasan finally said enough is enough even though he took Nathaniel back although doe sit count as back when they weren t technically together before like right away Look all I was looking for was some hurting on Nathaniel s part I know he did somebut it wasn t enough Which I guess is why I m human and they re angels.but whatever and Nathaniel had to go to him and beg for a second first chance.Part of me giving another star off is alsothe story was unclear on how old these two were, specifically Like were they there from the start of everything If so, how long is that And if that is so, then did they only become randomly fated to be together 1000 years ago Because the story constantly talks about them being fated 1000 years ago and then Nathaniel didn t want it Although the story also isn t clear if Nathaniel just refused it after what happened in 980 and so he and Chasan were fine before that or if it happened shortly thereafter or But also the story says they ve never even kissed each other before, so if they were fated before what happens, then why wouldn t they have kissed So were they angels born around 1000 years ago or what It was confusing for me and I would have liked that cleared up, because it was just a little muddy and unclear Also in the end we find out Nathaniel was view spoiler really just scared of taking that leap to be with Chasan hide spoiler 4 starsThe Dichotomy of Angel swas a different book by N.R Walker It was something my heart really wanted to read since I hadn t read anything in about 2 weeks what felt like years I loved the 2 main characters and some of the side characters too The story was so cute and it made me really happy If you re looking to read a book of 2 angels then definitely give this a try.

A VoyeurN.R Walker is an Australian author, who loves her genre of gay romance She loves writing and spends far too much time doing it, but wouldn t have it any other way.She is many things a mother, a wife, a sister, a writer She has pretty, pretty boys who she gives them life with words.She likes it when they do dirty, dirty thingsbut likes it even when they fall in love She used to think having people in her head talking to her was weird, until one day she happened across other writers who told her it was normal.She s been writing ever since

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