The Devil's Arms

The Devil's ArmsWe Both Know Who You Really Are Jake S Voice Was Harsh So Stop The Charade About Amnesia, Lyn I Don T Want To Hear Any Of Your Lies The Girl S Eyes Darkened With Hurt And Weariness What Did He Mean He Called Her Lyn, But She Didn T Really Know Who She Was Or Where She Had Come From He Said They Were Engaged, Yet He Treated Her With Savage Antagonism He Even Suspected Her Amnesia To Be A Lie Bewilderment And Unhappiness Fought In He Paleface If Only She Could Remember Read this years ago and went back and read it again recently Funny how time changes things Definitely doesn t gell with today s norms Still enjoyed it Nostalgia works wonders Edited to add See those boobs on the cover of the Harlquin Presents version Well, my mom saw those and almost took my book from me I was maybe 12 when I stole borrowed it from my aunt I had to do some fast talking If she only knew ROFL Hoo boy I can t add much that Naksed and StMargarets haven t already said Angsty goodness abounds with amnesia, forced seduction, cruel epithets, a disapproving mother, moors, marriage of convenience, and an evil twin Alfred Hitchcock would have had a field day with this one.I am happy to say that I bought the ending and the hero s love The heroine actually develops and shows off her spine when she challenges the hero, who is a portrait painter, to a paint off If he can prove that he really loves her in his painting, she ll have sex with him As he has already painted her evil sister in the nude she ll have something to compare to Nice twisted thinking.She is convinced, thank goodness, but is embarrassed when he drags her off in front of his now approving mother Awkward And Charlotte Lamb can write The mist moved softly, in lazy swirling eddies, like a slow running tide It covered the moor in pale, gauzy veils, which swathed trees, bushes, rocks, leaving them dark with moisture, sliding chill fingers, over a girl who lay on the grass As if she became aware of the cold touch of it, her eyelids flickered A moan came from her After a moment, the lids lifted, staring emptily at the silent, misty surroundings She frowned Where was she With difficulty she pulled herself to her feet Her head swam, and for a moment she leaned against the weather pitted boulder beside which she had lain. As OTT as the premise of this book was, I have to say I really liked this one I guess it s proof of just how skilled CL is at formulating plots that are so sinfully entertaining, you re willing to suspend disbelief and be happy about it too The story begins with a young woman lost on the moors of northern England Lynn has no memory of who she is and no idea how she got where she did There s mist and there s confusion till she s finally rescued by the H Jake and his faithful dog Sam Yet, her saviour isn t happy to see her and the h cannot fathom why that is so She is then taken to the hospital before finally being discharged in the care of the H H brings her home to his mother and his displeasure and loses no opportunity to make the h feel as unwelcome as possible while simultaneously insisting that she stay Jake s mother follows suit and is harsh with convalescing h as often as possible However, that soon changes when she discovers that Lynn is in fact, an accomplished cook and housekeeper The ice thaws then and the h has hope that she may win over the H as well and soon However, Jake is made of sterner stuff and gives her hell even after he s proposed and married her The cause, for such behaviour when it s finally revealed is a twist right out of a 90 s soap opera which is around the time this was written I guess The H and the h then discover several things about each other and work their way towards their HEA Here s one thing about this book When CL puts Devil in her book title a devil is what you get The H is decidedly devilish in his condemnation of the h and then almost satanic in his pursuit of her He is no angel in disguise however, he s not your usual slap the h H from other CL books either He was a damaged man who was looking to cause some damage of his own And so I could totally see the h s attraction to him The h was an interesting character as well started out nondescript but evolved into this self assured creature who wasn t just happy with the H s grovel She instead sets him a task worthy of Hercules and only promises to yield to him if he completes it to her satisfaction And I absolutely loved that bit of the story At the end, love wins out as always and I would have it no other way and CL manages to make magic with her words again with this one I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for an OTT angsty read on a rainy day at home And the only thing I could fault is probably the ever present mother mother in law who seemed to appear in chapters than was necessary Loved it I read this one back in the day As I was rereading yesterday, I remembered it as I went along in a hazy sort of way This one was very well done Angsty amnesia story What could be better The hero had been engaged to the heroine but they had split up He finds her wandering the moors and takes her in supposedly until she gets over her amnesia But of course he falls in love with the sweet girl she is now unlike the bitch she was before Even though he hated her before and struggled with trusting her again, he was never an ass to her Unlike a couple of books I read recently this one had a really good well filled out nice long ending. I m disappointed that I wasn t as crazy for this one as everyone else 1 The whole twin aspect was very obvious2 How he realized she was the twin, was predictable I anticipated that all the way back in chapter 2 3 There s a full on violent rape, where no jury would dare to convict her for trimming his man parts 4 The love didn t feel credible for either one and her willingness to go back to him without making him work for it, just let me down I m sorry painting her portrait for three days wasn t enough work for me There was no balance to the relationship He called all the shots and she just swooned I fear there is no HEA with these two 5 That whole MIL living situation was just too weird Since i knew about this book a few months ago,i have desperately wanted to read it,and i didn t get disappointed at all.Charlotte Lamb always surprise me with her fluently plot and beautiful language.The hero and heroine and their sexual chemistry were SO HIGH all over the story,and the angsty between Jake and Lyn her real name is Linda got me really intruged.I love angsty romances so much And Lamb are Prom at writing really sexy ones.I supected the twist halfway through the book but was surprised when it opened up anyway.Just love the natural way the hero and heroine fell in love,also love that the hero couldn t keep his hands off her and became so smitten against his will.It really shows,even when he is so cruel to her.Anyway,love all that the love and romance kept throwing..It was so beautiful and exceptionaljust love their romance so much She angrily felt warm pink creeping into her face She bit her lower lip It s none of your business, she said You re my wife, he said drily I don t have to remind you of that, do I You said marriages could be ended easily enough, she reminded him If both parties are willing, he said.She looked at him, her lashes stirring But we are Are we His eyes bored into hers As I said, tell me about Emilio, Linda She looked down, pausing to think He lives in Rimini, she said cautiously, I knew that from his address, Jake said tartly He works in the same firm as myself That s how we met She looked up, her face calm He s a few years older than I am He s a typical Italian, very dark, good looking, charming Jake leaned back in his chair, watching her with darkening eyes You know what I m asking you, Linda, he said grimly How involved with him are you Linda couldn t answer for a moment Her emotions fought with her brain Then she said quietly, Emilio wants to marry me Jake didn t say anything for a moment Then he said harshly, Poor.Emilio Considering you re married to me She flushed, unable to hold his gaze Only until we can get a divorce, she said huskily He s an Italian, isn t he Jake said mockingly And presumably a Catholic Catholics don t recognise divorce. 3 1 2 Stars Waking up on the cold misty moors, Lyn finds herself in a living nightmare She doesn t know where she is or why, and even alarming she doesn t know who she is and anything about herself She s relieved when a man and his dog come upon her and seeing the bloody gash on her head, the man takes her to his home and then to the hospital After a few days, with her head wound healing, her memory still eludes her Assuring her that her memory will return, the doctor releases her into the man on the moor s care Jake admits that he knows who she is, that she d once been his fiancee He tells her that she has no family and though he dislikes her tremendously he can t just leave her on her own without a memory Moving into his home with his mother, Lyn realizes that the woman they think she is is not the woman she wants to be The Lyn Jake and his mother describe is a selfish vain woman who insisted on being pampered As days pass into weeks, it becomes obvious that Lyn has had a personality change and the young woman she is now has a generous heart and a shy demeanor But Jake won t allow her to forget the bitch he knows her to be and he lashes out at her with bitter contempt I adore amnesia stories and especially when there s a mistaken identity involved as well This early story by Ms Lamb shows her talent for clever plots and for building strong tension between her hero and heroine Jake is obviously conflicted by the two Lyn s and fights his growing admiration for the Lyn he sees now Though I suspected who the new Lyn really was, I thought Ms Lamb did a wonderful job of building the suspense I m enjoying Ms Lamb s creative plots. All my troubles melted away Seriously This was so whackadoodle loony tunes that I couldn t help but be completely absorbed The story opens on the Yorkshire moors when the bleeding, amnesiac heroine is found by the artist hero, her ex fiance Heroine is shocked to discover she had a fiance and that she was a slutty mcslut in her former life It soon becomes obvious that there must be an evil twin out there since the heroine can cook, but can t swim, isn t allergic to cats, likes animals, and is modest and sweet She soon wins over the hero s mother and then the hero offers a MoC so the heroine won t have to look for a job while suffering from amnesia.The heroine is in love with the hero by now and marries him He s typically cruel as soon as the wedding ring is on telling her he married her as punishment since she ll have to keep up the pretense of being a nice girl.After a forced seduction the hero realizes she is a virgin Unpossible and has a birthmark on her back While he never had sex with his former fiance, he did paint her in the nude and this is not the same body They finally do the math and come up with twins.They eventually trace the evil twin to their childhood home and all the heroine s memories return While the heroine was working as a translator in Italy, her parents died in car accident Her sister inherited everything, but didn t come to the funeral The heroine was in York to confront her They were in a car together with the evil twin driving They had an accident and the heroine hit her head While the evil twin was trying to sweet talk the other driver, the heroine stumbled out of the car on to the moor Then she was mowed over by a wild pony and hit her head again Naksed s review covers the absurdity of this nicely Evil twin is evil and doesn t look for her or tell anyone her injured sister had wandered off Heroine is grief stricken all over again and realizes it s hopeless to have a relationship with the hero since she doesn t know if he can tell the difference between her and her sister Hero grovels about the forced seduction and wants to continue their marriage.Heroine asks him to paint of portrait of her so she can see how he views her If she can see his emotions in the portrait, she ll stay married otherwise she ll go back to Italy where she was living before her parents died They have a long week of Leonardo and Kate in Titanic It was the most erotic experience of my life silent posing and eye sex The portrait shows the heroine s sweetness and passion and loveliness The heroine will stay married, the hero will finally get to have sex again I love yous and a HEA If you are fond of amnesia stories and trainwrecks, you ll love this one. The Devils Arms is the story of Lyn and Jake.When Lyn wakes up one morning on a strange moor with amnesia, she realizes she doesn t know anything.Thankfully Jake rescues her and provides for her, while she realizes what a bitch she s been in the past to his mom, him and everybody in general.As the new Lyn reveals completely different identity traits, Jake blackmails her to marry him which she agrees to and then later we have a very uncomfortable scene of non con sex which finally reveals the truth her identity.Fast paced good read with an obvious mystery, good characters and one minor hitch I d have given it a higher rating but marital rape, even if regretted later and non explicit, removes a star.Totally enjoyed it Safe4 5

Sheila Holland,

[KINDLE] ❂ The Devil's Arms By Charlotte Lamb –
  • Hardcover
  • 190 pages
  • The Devil's Arms
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 18 June 2019
  • 9780263094015

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