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The Craving A QUEST FOR HAPPINESSResigned To A Lonely Life After A Fierce Betrayal Of The Man Who Broke Her Spirit, Meg Alpin Retreats To Her Family S Castle In Her Pursuit To Move On With Her Life, She Uncovers Long Buried Secrets And Discovers Something Magical Amidst The Furniture In The Tower In One Instant, Her Dull World Is Given Bright New Meaning In The Form Of A Highlander Too Magnificent, Too Handsome To Be RealA DESIRE FOR FREEDOMCursed And Caged In A Mirror By A Gypsy, Ronan Galt S Existence Is Complete Darkness And Unquenchable Need When He S Brought Back Into The Light, His Distrust Of Women Is At Odds With His Instant Attraction To The Beautiful And Strong Meg In His Quest To Be Free Of His Prison, He Will Learn The True Meaning Of Love But Will It Be Too Late To Claim The Woman That Was Destined To Be His

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  • The Craving
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  • 11 July 2017
  • 9780991454204

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    It was a sweet story of a Highlander being cursed by a gypsy because of his wicked ways towards women and finding love against the odds of the curse It was not bad if not bad is only what you look for but I just couldn t find this highlander feeling that makes me come back to choosing highlander books again and againIt was like eating jello when all you craved was chocolate Both are good, depending on the craving of the time Well, I WANTED CHOCOLATE and.It is a matter of personal taste that has nothing to do with the author s writing skills I just couldn t feel the highlander it in this Nay, I didna find this lovely feeling.I won t cry any rivers, better luck next time

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    Donde hay que firmar para que se reescriba el libro y sea m s extenso Jajajaja Me record mucho a Amante de Ensue o de Sherrilyn creo que era, que el chico sal a de un libro Bueno pues esta historia es parecida solo que este es un Highlander maldecido por una gitana Jo en serio me hubiera gustado que fuese un poco m s largo porque me ten a totalmente enganchada Ronan es mucho

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    Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION s Pack Alpha Chelle eARC received from the authorThe Craving was a sweet and sexy tale Gypsy curses, hot men in kilts, medieval castles, and the kind of love that comes as a surprise, burrows deep within without being recognized, and then blossoms unexpectedly in breathtaking fashion I loved that both Meg and Ronan had some major issues with trust, and yet they grew with one another and learned to let someone else in while healing along the way I also loved that though this was a novella, it never once felt rushed to me The story was gripping, and the flow perfectly paced to a wonderful story.An easily earned 4 skulls

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    A quick and fun read for those who love steamy highland romance but don t have a lot of time or energy to invest in a full length novel The story, while not unique, was well told and the development was well done given the perimeters and length.

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    Originally Reviewed For Tea and BookDonna Grant understands the Scottish Heart and shows it once again in this delightful first book of her Rogues of Scotland Series The Rogues of Scotland, Four Highlanders whose bond of brotherhood finds each of them cursed It ll take special women willing to break the curse and bet on love The Rogues are four men connected by bonds of friendship so deep they consider each other brothers But when they are cursed into utter blackness, destined to remain in darkness until they redeemed themselves. Hard to do when bound by darkness..The Craving tells the story of Ronan Galt, nephew to the laird Ronan dallied where he shouldn t have Having spent time in a lovely Gypsy s arms, Ronan was besotted but figured that he would move on when the time was right Unknowingly to him, said gypsy was in love and expected marriage When he refused she killed herself and the gypsies instantly retaliated, blaming Ronan. A powerful gypsy cursed him into the darkness But there would be a chance to redeem himself Only Ronan had no clue what it was For two hundred years, he was released only twice and now, finally he has been released again Only this time he desires nothing than to remain and discover who the lovely woman who released him was It s not about sex, there is no sex, it s about discovering who this woman is. and why she attracts him so Meg Alpin was literally abandoned at the alter Totally shamed, Meg leaves home to live at her Aunt s castle Not knowing that magic literally lives there Well, a mirror that hides a gorgeous man When she unwittingly lets this gorgeous man out of the mirror, she is shall we say stunned A strange man from another time, alone Meg has a gentle heart and offers him a place to stay, a place to discover who he can be. Only all to soon, Meg discovers that she wants than a friend, she wants it all Ronan has to redeem himself but isn t sure even how to begin But eventually it doesn t matter. Ronan wants Meg, a life with her, a promise of forever Redemption is beyond him all he desires is Meg..This was a sweet story A man who finally chooses love A woman who is afraid to love because she has been abandoned and is unsure of who she is Both of these characters had to learn to trust To believe and yes, to love This book was a gift to us all Shauni

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    THE CRAVING is the first book in Donna Grant s new series ROGUES OF SCOTLAND And what an introduction the book was.Ronan Galt and Meg Alphin are kindred spirits Both are wounded souls wronged in some way or fashion by the opposite sex This causes trust issues.Ronan s stems from his mother and sister while Meg was jilted at the altar with her groom to be running off with her dowry and another woman So I found the common ground between the two appropriate I felt that sometimes it takes two broken souls coming together to learn to heal and trust again That the two recognize a kindred spirit, one who understands the pain and hurt inflicted on them.And the healing and trust was not instant The romance was sweet and not rushed The story had a great steady pace Donna Grave has never failed to entrance me with her stories.She always manages to weave magic into each of her stories THE CRAVING was spellbinding with magic drench Scotland and the mysterious magic of the gypsies, a heedy combination.For years I thought it would be interesting to combine two spiritual magic minded people together, to mix the Scottish s belief with magic with the gypsies And I was guilty of making a role playing character with Scots blood, gypsy blood, and Native American.I read THE CRAVING in one setting unwilling and unable to put it down This is definitely a series that I will follow I got a feeling that Meg s three remaining sisters may be Ronan s three friends who I guessed also shared his fate redemption So I m excited to know if I was right.

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    The Craving by Donna Grant is the first book in the Rouges of Scotland series and it did not disappoint As always, Donna delivers a wonderful book that is full of love, adventure and magic The magic portrayed in The Craving is different from other magic we have seen in Donna s books This one is about the magic of a gypsy who sends Ronan to a world of darkness until his time comes to learn his destiny and give into love Meg is a woman hiding and trying to recover from the hurt of a man who did not deserve her Meg finds Ronan and is taken back just by looking at him, then by his far fetched story of how he came to be in the room with her The Craving will take you on a sexy adventure between two people who have to learn there is to people and love than what they both believe Donna has a great talent for writing and capturing her readers attention I finished this book in only a few hours because I was unable to put it down The Craving will leave you craving for in this series If you are looking for a sweet and sexy novella, with a sexy highlander, this one is for you Thank you Donna for a great book

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    I received an eArc from the author in exchange for an honest review This is the first book in Donna s Rogues of Scotland series and WOW I realize its a fast read and all, but I so loved this book Ronan and meg both have trust issues when it pertains to the opposite sex This book was so amazing to get to read as we went through the repair of the two working together to prove that everything has a reason I loved that this wasn t instant romance either though I have been getting quite bored with man meets woman, woman is swept off her feet, love at first sight, HEA. So the way Donna kept us on our toes with this one was very lovely.After the end of Donna s Dark Warrior Series, I was looking forward to this book as I can never get enough of Donna s Scottish Highlanders SWOON Anywho There is quite a bit I have guessed to be coming up in the next books but that is okay because it makes me want NEED I give this book 5 out of 5 shields LOOK FOR REVIEW GIVEAWAY ON BookwormBridgette s World March 13th 2014

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    Review will be posted at www.books n OF HEARTS 4 1 4 A broken heart A death and curse.When you live in the dark for so long it is easy to give up faith of ever seeing the sun again But when the chance at freedom presence itself Ronan is willing to do anything to gain his freedom again Meg knows about heartbreak and distrust While she was never giving a second chance, Meg is willing to give Ronan a chance to live And maybe love The Craving is first novella in Donna Grant s new the Rouges of Scotland series This was a great story And like any good novella it left me wanting and because this was a novella I am going to leave you wanting with my review If you love Donna s historical stories you will really want to grab a copy of this novella I am already looking forward to the next novella in this series REVIEW Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of the book from Donna Grant in exchange for an honest review This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

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    I enjoyed this sweet and passionate novella After being cursed to spend eternity trapped in darkness, highlander Ronan is finally granted his freedom by sweet, innocent Meg But unless he can prove his worth he is destined to be pulled back into his prison I enjoyed watching the spark grow between Ronan and Meg and look forward to the next book in this series.

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