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The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction This is a great resource to learn about new books in translation.It takes time to readbut for those who enjoy learning about new authors and books you ve never read about from all over the world, The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction , is a great treat to have at your finger tips I can t imagine the number of hours that went into writing this guideBut the author has saved us hours of timeyetI ve been reading this for over a month and I m still not done It wouldn t have to take as long as it is to read.but I keep looking up authors and books they ve written on the Internet TO READ MORE Once you begin to get curious about an author in depth and a book they wrote from reviews in here it s only natural to search out.One example I knew nothing about author, Peter Handke German Born, is an Austrian novelist He s written a great variety, having won numerous prizes A political activist and playwright One of his books that interests me is called A Sorrow Beyond Dreams It s a story he wrote after his mother died From what I learned about Peter Handkle the stages of his own life the books he s written..I ve become intrigued There are others tooElfriede Jelinekwrote a book called The Piano Teacher another Austrian author I was already somewhat smart haha I had recently purchased this book with interest to read soon a 1.99 Kindle special Lots and lots and lots others It s like digging through a Halloween bag, sorting out the candy into little piles with some type of orderlooking forward to the sweets a little at a time momma says you can t eat the entire bag in one night Well, you can t expect to read this collection in a night or even a weekBy owning it You can treat yourself to a yummy dessert every night And still have many saved for other nights Thank You for this book, it s really a gift to me , Columbia University Press, Netgalley, and M.A Orthofer a very interesting man avid book reviewerwhom was a pleasure to learn about Thank You For Than A Decade, The Complete Review Has Been An Essential Site For Readers Interested In Learning About New Books In Translation And Developments In Global Literature Expanding Upon The Site S Content, This Wide Ranging Yet User Friendly Resource Is The Perfect Guide For English Language Readers Eager To Explore Fiction From Around The World Profiling Hundreds Of Titles And Authors From To Today, With An Emphasis On Fiction Published In The Past Two Decades, This Reference Provides A Fascinating Portal Into The Styles, Trends, And Genres Of The World S Literatures, From Scandinavian Crime Thrillers And Cutting Edge Works In China To Latin American Narco Fiction And Award Winning French NovelsWhat Sets This Guide Apart Is Its Critical Selection Of Titles That Define The Arc Of A Nation S Literary Development, Paired With Lively Summaries That Convey Both The Enjoyment And Significance Of Each Work Arranged By Region, Country, And Language, Entries Illuminate The Fiction Of Individual Nations, Cultures, And Peoples, While Concise Biographies Sketch The Careers Of Noteworthy Authors Compiled By M A Orthofer, An Avid Book Reviewer And Founder Of The Complete Review, This Reference Will Benefit From An Actively Maintained Companion Site Featuring Additional Links And Resources And New Reviews As Contemporary Works Are Published The Complete Review Guide To Contemporary World Fiction Is Perfect For Readers Who Wish To Expand Their Reading Choices And Knowledge Of Contemporary World Fiction Rarely do I review a book before finishing it, but I have seen enough to know that not only is this the book i ve been looking for, it surpasses my expectations.One of the things I promised myself for 2016 was to try to expand my book choices beyond my comfort zone I knew that Goodreads would be a good tool for that, but I needed something I m an ex Waterstones bookseller so I know how to find books, yet even armed with that experience, it is difficult to find authors you don t even know you re looking for So when I saw this book, I knew I had to have it I assumed that it would give me a bit of background to various countries around the world and then some lists of authors and titles Instead, it presents a comprehensive discussion of literary styles, periods, and influences It includes sections on different genres, the history of certain authors, why or how they have or haven t been translated, and Even in the section on French writing, where I thought i d recognise the most names because I read in French and English, I was amazed to find that I only knew a tiny proportion of the authors listed Flicking forward to other chapters, I found this to be the case every time It is very clear that, even having worked in a university bookstore, I have seen only a limited selection of the available world fiction.For that reason, this is going to be an incredible and exciting resource Within the first chapter, there are enough references to keep me reading for the better part of next year I m also immediately signing up for the Complete Review blog run by the author, a much quicker fix for new fiction For the moment, I m than happy to place my trust in Orthofer to direct my reading experience, and I know that once I have worked through this book, I ll be in a much better place to find my own way in world fiction.Many thanks to M.A Orthofer, Columbia University Press, and Netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review. Seeing as I ve been copying down much of the list here onto Goodreads for the past two afternoons, you probably have a good idea about what I think of this book It s a treasure house, organized geographically, about the world s fiction and what is available in English translation, and some of what should be available The book is broad, with selections from the Inuit, Faroese, Malawians and Tongans, almost all from 1945 or later, with some guidelines about translations or publishers or where else to find books, all reading new books for the sake of reading new books The book is a useful reference, but there is really much up for free at the author s website, the complete review , which I ve followed for years Of course, this is only a guide to fiction, not an encyclopedia A prominent author might get a full page or two to himself, others have to make do with only a noun and an adjective describing them, or the phrase worth your reading , or not available in English , stuck in for their location and no help given about the content There is little comparison of translations, save only to note the difficulties of translating some patois or creole or dialect.To be candid, I feel a sense of loss at this, and all the novels forever out of my reach because life is too short to learn all the languages, or even just finding the ones available in translation I imagine Orthofer, who has spent decades at this work, feels that even so I ll never be able to read all the world s literature and neither will he, but that s fine I ll never worry about running out. Too short by a mile But you get an entire website, almost two decades deep, to supplement I d say one thing I noticed here to contrast with one other recent Massive Survey Work I missed the unbridled enthusiasm which Steven Moore put into his two volume History of the Novel I mean that Pantagruelism, that reine Begeisterung those lines where it s just, like, I love this guy re Jean Paul With Orthofer you get the cool informational tone much like with Frederick R Karl s tone in his massive two volume thing on north American Fiction another autobiographical comment of mine But again, that s just cuz the book is so damn short And like with Moore, there is the personality of the Reader evident on the page the massively prolific kind of reader both these guys are Both possessing that kind of literary authority which can only be earned by years and years of woodshedding But, like I said, absolutely Required Reference Work for any and all interested in either half of its title both the Contemporary and the World.Are you still waiting for Steven Moore s Volume IV of The Novel Well, there s this book Or you could just spend hours upon hours at The Complete Review 4 v r t nhi u th ng tin, tuy c l t y l cu n s ch t ng h p c c t c ph m ng i c c khu v c v r t c ch cho nh ng ai mu n t m hi u s qua v v n ch ng v ng mi n n o tr n th gi i d nhi n l ph i th ng qua b n d ch ph n Vi t Nam trong khu ng Nam th c nh c t i D ng Thu H ng l n i b t nh t, r i c nh c H Anh Th i etc c ng l i u d hi u, cho n n t n n l u r ng nh ng g c d ch kh ng ph i l hay nh t m n gi n l n c d t th d ch ng D There are few enough of us who could name a novelist from Djibouti or from The Faroe Islands or Mongolia, and very few who could name writers from all three, but M.A Orthofer can, and does in this very useful book, along with mentioning many though by no means all of the best writers, from every area of the world, who have had their work translated into English As such it is a great resource and anyone who peruses the book will find out about writers of whom they were hitherto unaware and, one hopes, will result in many of the novels mentioned being sought out and read But the book, to be an essential guide to the literature of the world, should be at least twice its length Too much of the book consists of rushed appearances by writers who deserve much greater consideration The brevity of some entries means that at times we learn nothing The novels of Jabra I Jabra are noteworthy Ludmila Ulitiskaya s fiction is worth a look Of course there are longer entries too, but even here there is too often the feeling of dashing around a particularly well stocked library with someone quickly pulling out books, saying a few words about them and rushing on to the next stack We re left too with the feeling that we ve passed by some very important writers without a mention of their books So, not a word about John Barth, Eimear McBride or Bogdan Suceav , although, in fairness, it is remarkably comprehensive in the authors it does mention The problem is that too often it seems to only be a mention And of course we can read this book with M.A Orthofer s invaluable website open beside us to read full length reviews of many of the books mentioned But I dislike this approach I want to read a book as something integral within itself If, as should be the case, new editions of this guide are published every two years, then I hope the next one will be much longer and include full reviews of, say, the 100 books the author considers to be the best and most important novels translated in the past 100 years, or some such arbitrary cut off point.This is a book that anyone with an interest in literature should have because there should be no boundaries in our reading and one of the most pleasing aspects of fiction is the way it eludes easy categorization, whether in stylistic, linguistic or geographical terms which is why Mr Orthofer has to explain his methodology in deciding where an author such as Nabakov should be placed, given that he wrote first in Russian while living in exile in Berlin and the in English after moving first to the United States and then to Switzerland The result is that he is mentioned, by name only, in the section devoted to writers from Russia and again in the US section, under Foreign Born Writers where only Lolita is mentioned as one of America s greatest novels The assessments of the books vary in quality and could have done with a little vigour and wit His judgement of Knausgaard s endless typing effort as being comparable to Proust is both a clich and a nonsense Proust wrote some of the best crafted sentences in all of literature Can anyone find me such a really well written sentence in all of Knausgaard I may have been spoiled by the astounding comprehensiveness of The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings which used to be published every two years, but I think the subject of world fiction deserves the kind of detailed analysis Brian Morton and the much missed Richard Cook gave to their subject The ninth edition, which came out just after Mr Cook s death was 1,600 pages long Orthofer lives in New York currently and was founder in 1999 of the complete review, a website dedicated to reviews of recent literature from around the world In 2002 Orthofer included a blog, The Literary Saloon, which carries news from interviews, reviews, and notes on awards, publication, items of interest from around the internet Orthofer has been updating it nearly every day The reach of Orthofer s interests is nothing short of astounding In this compendium of contemporary world literature he tries to include short mention of the work of leading litterateurs around the world and includes dates of publication and translation when a work is mentioned This is an indispensable guide for those interested in world literature for it introduces readers to new authors and commonalities among authors either in genre or style that allow us to find what suits our own voracious reading habits.This work can be read for itself, but it is likely to be used as a reference text for readers interested in contemporary world literature It can be downloaded as an ebook or referenced from the hardcopy Continents are broken into constituent parts and each countries authors are mentioned with reference to their major works While I have always thought myself interested in world literature, the range of this work makes me realize how parochial my reading has been, mostly limited to the overseas imaginings of writers of English I note a recent entry in The Literary Saloon claims there has been a huge outpouring of translations of contemporary Arabic literature, a trend surely long awaited.North American literature is not included in this work because the author is pointing to the need for American readers to vary their diet and expand their horizons Because American authors provide an enormous amount and variety of work, American readers are arguably spoiled for choice even without resorting to fiction from abroad In almost every other country, foreign literature occupies a central and prominent position, but in the United States it seems to sit far precariously on the fringes foreign literature can offer entirely new dimension and perspectives great literature knows no borders When I founded the Complete Review complete in 1999, one of my goals to to take advantage of the Internet s tremendous reach and connectivity Ironically, though, one of the shortcomings of this and most other Internet resources is its tremendous scope This book provides an entry point and general overview various nations literatures, as well as a foundation to help readers navigate what is available on the Internet from the IntroductionOrthofer has attempted something most of us might consider impossible, and he has done a convincing job of it If it lacks anything, it is up to us to help straighten it out I highly recommend everyone have a look at this book to see what you are missing If it seems overwhelming, I sympathize Imagine how Orthofer felt when he began. Orthorfer has read the world so you don t have to.No, wait, that s not true He s read the world so he can guide you through each region and country, pointing out the most important and interesting literary landmarks He s a master at it, making The Complete Review Guide readable both in chunks as mood dictates or straight through, as I devoured it.However you decide to read be sure to start with the introduction It lays out why there is so little translated literature in the US, the state of world literature today, and what to look out for when picking up a translation I knew to be wary of a book that doesn t have the translator s name featured on the cover but Orthofer adds, A red flag to look out for is the translation copyright in the name of the publisher, rather than that of the translator, which indicates that the translation was a work for hire, thus giving the translator no rights regarding the presentation of the text That s scary, especially as he goes on to talk about how translations are edited and sections, or even half the text, may be cut Good to know.Once you ve read the intro dip in to whatever region or country captures your fancy Each starts with an overview of the literary scene, both domestic and translated, and how events have shaped it over time I found it fascinating that globalization can lead to originally English language books entering a country, stifling the native language writers already there.The most important authors get several paragraphs outlining their life and their titles available in English Other authors get a few sentences each about their most influential or representative works Orthofer comes across as a wise guide, pointing you towards the best while not being afraid to warn about a clunker And he has a way of making a book irresistible in a single sentence Jang Eun Lin s b.1976 No One Writes Back 2009, English 2013 is a well crafted and moving road novel that slowly reveals itself to be than it initially seems Sold I especially appreciate the effort he makes to include writers outside of the mainstream If a country has a lot of expat authors writing in English he makes sure to include some that have been translated from native languages Women are woefully underrepresented in translations in general but he points out many, both those concentrating on the female experience and not Most of the books are literary fiction but crime, mystery, science fiction, and other genres get some well deserved love.Orthofer hints at novels that aren t translated yet but may be in the future, combining hope and a plea to the universe to make the translation of such worthy fiction happen And the reference section is a gold mine of websites and books about literature in translation My feed reader became interesting overnight The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction is an easy recommendation to anyone that s trying to diversify their reading But I d also recommend to people that are in a reading rut, have an interest in a particular part of the world, or simply want to try something different Going on a trip to Spain Want to read something from Brazil in time for the Olympics Orthofer has you covered This book instantly earned a spot on my reference shelf and I look forward to revisiting it in the years ahead Thanks to Columbia University Press and NetGalley for providing a review copy. I m sure lots of people have seen news stories etc about only 3% of books published in the US being in translation as a relatively globally minded person I just assumed that I was better at reading global literature So I was slightly horrified that of the 1300 books I ve read on goodreads, as of the beginning of this year only 65 were books in translation I decided to fix that, and this World Fiction Review is an incredibly useful aid in my goal The short introduction gives a very good overview of the importance of reading globally, and some of the associated issues and problems Then comes the guide, arranged by country or region It s very concise, only two of three sentences per author, but still manages to weave together a narrative of an area s literature as a whole It is, however, very dangerous for my to read shelf, and my inner control freak who used to stop my to read list from growing above 50 is crying Many thanks to netgalley for the chance to read this.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction book, this is one of the most wanted M.A. Orthofer author readers around the world.

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