The Burgess Animal Book for Children

The Burgess Animal Book for Children When Jenny Wren Learns That Peter Rabbit Would Like To Know About The Four Footed Friends Who Share The Green Meadows And Green Forest With Him, She Encourages Him To Speak With Old Mother Nature Who Is Only Too Happy To Help During Their Classroom Chats, She Not Only Teaches Peter About Arctic Hare And Antelope Jack But Also Tells Him About Such Creatures As Flying Squirrel, Mountain Beaver, Pocket Gopher, Grasshopper Mouse, Silvery Bat, Mule Deer, And Grizzly BearTold With All The Warmth And Whimsy Of Burgess S Stories, This Engaging Book Acquaints Youngsters With Many Forms Of Wildlife And The Animals Relationships With One Another The Charming Collection Of Entertaining Tales Is Sure To Transport Today S Young Readers To The Same Captivating World Of Nature That Delighted Generations Of Children Before Them

Thornton W Waldo Burgess 1874 1965 , American author, naturalist and conservationist, wrote popular children s stories including the Old Mother West Wind 1910 series He would go on to write than 100 books and thousands of short stories during his lifetime.

[PDF / Epub] ☁ The Burgess Animal Book for Children By Thornton W. Burgess –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Burgess Animal Book for Children
  • Thornton W. Burgess
  • English
  • 15 December 2019
  • 9780486437453

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    Fantastic book of nature lore pertaining to North American animals Accessible and well written I dare say I liked it even better than his Bird Book AmblesideOnline year 2 book

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    I grant that this is a living book, but I just didn t enjoy it very much The Burgess books cover a LOT of ground, almost too much to really retain much It was usually one of my daughter s favorite school books at any given time, but she had trouble narrating it I will try something different for nature lore with my next student.

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    Although I ve posted this review on the readily accessible Dover reprint of this children s literature classic, that s not actually the version The Eight Year Old is reading I generally love the Dover reprints Most of our Burgess books are from the Dover collection But in the case of The Burgess Bird Book for Children and The Burgess Animal Book for Children, it s worth trying to find a copy from the 1940s and 1950s Part of the magic of these two Burgess books is seeing Louis Agassiz Fuertes illustrations of the birds and animals featured in the story in full color The illustrations in the Dover reprints are in black and white It keeps the cost down, certainly, but it s not the same.So while we have the Dover reprints for books like The Adventures of Happy Jack and Old Mother West Wind, I really wanted the Eight Year Old to read his longer nature books in an older version with color photographs.I had my copy of The Burgess Bird Book for Children from my childhood library already, and this past summer, The Eight Year Old and I stumbled across a 1950 edition of The Burgess Animal Book for Children in an antique store in upstate New York The cover is falling apart, but it has all of those glossy full color photograph pages Antique stores are one of my favorite places to shop for books for The Eight Year Old, btw Every once in a while you can find a surprisingly good selection of now out of print children s classics for 1 or 2, or if you re feeling especially profligate, as I clearly was in this case, 8 But then, I d been looking for this book for a very long time The Eight Year Old tells me that the Animal book isn t quite as engrossing as the Bird book was But The Burgess Animal Book for Children can t be all that bad, because she pulled it out again this week to read for at least the fifth time.See the original post on Caterpickles.

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    I am reading this with my 5 year old animal loving son We are having so much fun reading it He begs me to read We have both learned so much from it can t wait to read of Burgess books After each chapter we rush to the computer to look up pictures info on the animals we learned about.

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    Great book of knowledgeContains a fair amount of negative reference to hunters, which I chose to omit while reading aloud to my children Still the book is full of wonderful information about all the mammals that live in North America.

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    4.5 stars Seems like Burgess books have to grow on me At first I am always a little put off by the whole lessons through talking animals thing But by the end I really enjoyed this one and my kids ages 10 and 8 loved it.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of reading this to my boys for almost a year now It s packed with great sources of information on each mammal of North America I ll always treasure the memory of this book.

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    Great book, has lots of science Following the storyline of mother nature teaching Peter Rabbit and the other little critters all about mammals of America Each chapter is a different lesson that follows the scientific orders and families.

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    Charlie loved this book.

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    Gus and I listened to every book of Thornton W Burgess that is on Librivox Gus loves animals and nature and these are a favorite bedtime listen.

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