The Billionaire's Desire

The Billionaire's Desire This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For BUYPLG The Sizzling Adventure Continues In This Alpha Billionaire Romance Series The Scintillating, Steamy And Passionate Romance Between Ciara And Nikolaj Picks Up Where The Last Book Ended The Only Difference Is That Ciara Discovers Nikolaj S True Penchant For Domination And To Her Surprise, She Relishes Submitting Herself To Him Ciara Returns To New York And She S Trying Her Darnedest To Put Her Naughty Weekend In Toronto Behind Her By Immersing Herself Back Into Her Safe Routine Unfortunately For Her, The Dirty Talking Demi God Isn T Willing To Go Out Quietly The Second Book In This Series Will Satisfy The True Alpha Billionaire Romance Lover In You And Will Leave You EVEN MORE Hot Bothered The Seduction Factor Is A Series Of Books The Entire Series Has A HEA Ending

Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery s Book Boyfriends aren t like ANY others you ve ever cuddled to before.These dirty talking, DOMINEERING, saucy seducers will make you forget all the other ones Yeah, Scarlett s Alpha Males are that DANGEROUSLY HOT Be warned Her books have been dubbed, Epic Mind Blowing This Canadian romance author s books will melt your e readers and they will le

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  • 94 pages
  • The Billionaire's Desire
  • Scarlett Avery
  • English
  • 21 April 2017

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    EXCERPT 1 Why don t I start by getting you to sit on top of my face so I can lick your clit until you come all over my face, he whispers in my ear Christ.He tilts his head back and catches my gaze His electric blue eyes are eating me up You re going to lose it so much you won t have a choice but to bend over and grab my cock inside your mouth and suck me dry, he continues.

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    This fast paced kinky alpha male billionaire romance series and tumultuous coming of age novel picks up where the last book ended The only difference maybe that the themes of domination and submission are sure to leave you EVEN MORE hot bothered Ciara returns to New York and she s trying her darnedest to put her naughty wanton sex filled weekend in Toronto behind her by immersing herself back into her safe routine Unfortunately for her, the dirty talking sex of God isn t willing to go out quietly Desperate for some advice, she reaches out to her best friend, Harley After an evening of heart to heart chat and a few too many drinks, Ciara wakes up to a brutal reality Nikolaj has gotten under her skin The drop dead gorgeous billionaire masterminds a clever way to capture her attention and melt her heart Unable to withstand the distance between them, Nicolaj offers to fly Ciara to Japan to be with him for a few days Alas, while she was in Toronto, Ciara got a surprise visit from a VERY wealthy Spaniards, by the name of Mr Echev The tall and debonair Barcelonan is eager to hire her services at whatever cost The man means business and he insists on whisking Ciara to Barcelona for her to evaluate firsthand how she might be able to put her talent at work With Nicolaj in the Far East and Ciara in Spain, will the fifteen hour distance threaten their hot and steamy affair

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    Nice little surprise twisty ending in this one but this second installment didn t appeal to me as much as part one I just didn t really connect with Ciarra and Nicolaj this time There was way too much brand name dropping I don t do name brands myself so I don t really care what kind of shoes she s wearing or where she buys her underwear or the kind of watch she has on her wrist Ciarra is a very strong and independent woman but in all honesty I didn t like how she treated the guy in the beginning who wanted to have a drink with her He didn t deserve the mean treatment he got from her and her friend She came across as shallow and arrogant and I just didn t like her after that The sex got a bit rough for my own personal liking everybody has different tastes and that it not one of mine This did affect my rating so bear that in mind Anyway this one just missed the mark for me I might continue with the series but my dislike of Ciarra might be a deal breaker I do however, love the sexy Nicolaj so we ll see ARC was provided for review

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    I have to admit I was worried going into the 2nd book I will tell you I was wonderfully surprised Ms Avery, was able to continue the panty wetting factor in this book What a wonderful continuation of Ciara and Nikolaj s adventures This time Ciara is trying desperately to maintain some distance Then IT begins Nikolaj is determined to stay within Ciara s personal space so she has to face the feelings their time together has stirred up He is determined to not let her go At least not without a fight And fight he will Ciara is completely floored by the flowers, but then he shows up out of the blue and she can feel her walls crumbling What is a woman to do Again this is a MAJOR cliff hanger

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    Omg so hot hot hot I really love the author s alpha males.

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    What WHY How can you just leave me hanging like that Scarlett This is the second book in the Seduction Factor series about Ciara Herrera It picks up exactly where book one left off Ciara is having a hard time getting the sexy Nikolaj out her mind after their amazing weekend together Get over it It was simply another weekend of debauchery with a sexy guy you don t have to see ever again And he is making it very hard for her to forget him.We get to meet one of her friends, Harley, and the bar scene is hilarious We also get to see Ciara travel to Spain to meet with another client Nikolaj continues to pursue Ciara and he is getting closer each time When they are together, the sparks fly He is a fantastic dirty talker Why don t I start by getting you to sit on top of my face so I can lick your clit until you come all over my face, he whispers in my ear.This story was HOT, sexy, and full of some twists I didn t expect I can t wait for the next installment Tiffany, 4 stars

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    Love Love Lovegotta click for the next to keep reading

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    Ok, I enjoy Scarlett s writing, just not this one, as much as the first Good characters, good story, good writing Love the secret chapters I m a fan.

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    Oh.My.God Are you serious Cliff Hanger

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    4 StarsWas given an ARC for an honest review.The story between Ciara and Nikolaj continues and we all know how Scarlett left Casual Encounter with a cliffhanger and this story leaves and even bigger cliff hanger Must say Scarlett is very good at this and she keeps getting better and better.Ciara is now back in New York after her amazing hot sex in Canada with the dirty talking hot passionate lover Nikolaj Ciara has been ignoring all texts and phone calls from Nikolaj and when she goes to work first thing in the morning after her trip her office is filled with 25 bunches of flowers with a note in a box personally written by Nikolaj himself Finally Ciara contacts Nikolaj and now knows how serious he is about her Still Ciara is scared and needs her BFF to confide in and needs to understand that she is not going stupid about what she is feeling.While Ciara was a away on her trip a guy by the name of Mr Echev who is a spaniard camped outside her office waiting for her Thinking it was kinda freaky but her assistant and another employee said that for being a man in his late fifties to early sixties wasn t so handsome and breath taking they wouldn t have allowed him to camp outside her office Mr Echev was desperate to meet up with Ciara that he booked a flight all the way to Barcelona, booked her in the best hotel and restaurant and spared no expense Once Ciara arrives in Barcelona she finds out that Mr Echev is actually a doctor and is the team surgeon for the Barcelona Soccer Football team Dr Echev has to fly out to do an emergency operation on a player and allows Ciara a day of sightseeing around the beautiful city until he gets back.Nikolaj surprises Ciara in Barcelona and is going to spend four days with her Ciara has had some amazing lovers and sex in the past but never has a guy flown across the world and put a hold on his business trip to spend the time with her Will Ciara let her feelings come to the surface and start letting admitting to herself that Nikolaj is not going anywhere as he is not afraid to admit how he feels.Ciara finally gets to having the meeting with Dr Echev and he kinda looks familiar but understands how her employees couldn t turn him away as he is breaktakely beautiful Ciara can t work out how she may know him but Dr Echev reveals that they met when she was 16 when her and her mother came to Barcelona Dr Echev reveals something to Ciara that has her storming out of his office Which leads to the cliffhangerThe relationship between Ciara and Nikolaj continues to become stronger but still face a lot battles Especially now what Dr Echev has revealed.The story is still going strong but what really annoyed me with this story is that Ciara is a beautiful person but was very vain about what she puts on I know she likes her high end fashion but did we really need to know that everything she puts on is from high end designers From the underwear, clothes, shoes, bags and even to the make up It would be nice that everything she puts on we don t need to know the designer Hope in the rest of the series that Scarlett writes less of that and of the emotional side of Ciara as materialistic things don t buy happiness and that deep down is what Ciara is chasing You come into the world with nothing and go out into the world with nothing Maybe too much emphasis on the brand names of what Ciara chooses to wear Overall can t wait to see what happens next with Ciara

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